Oh Captain, My Captain

I’ve always wanted to be a sailor, and there’s a ship that docks in my town regularly but it’s a bit weird. All the guys on board are handsome and ripped but they’re all kinda weird. Except the captain. He’s got such gorgeous eyes I see them in my dreams.

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There was always a bit of a kerfuffle down at the docks whenever the USS Exultant came in. Although it looked just like any of the hundreds of other cargo ships that docked in town, the Exultant was different. No one knew where it came from, or what its purpose was, but no one cared enough to ask.

Whenever the Exultant came in, the crowds gathered to see the new deals. More often than not there were medications, appliances, gadgets, and produce on sale for cheap. It was what granted the Exultant practical immunity in town. No one wanted to report the ship to the authorities because no one wanted to get rid of the brief bazaar that popped up whenever it docked.

Ian was… different from the rest of the townsfolk. Sure, he went with everyone to the docks whenever the Exultant was around. But he was never there for the goods. Except maybe for that one year when a crate of the phone model that he really wanted was on sale for a price that was practically theft.

No. Ian was there for other reasons. Ian was there for the crew. He didn’t think that he had ever seen a ship with a hotter, more attractive crew than the Exultant. Oh, sure, there were the occasional hotties. But only the Exultant seemed to be crewed by strippers and bodybuilders. More often than not, he was glad to just walk among the stalls of the bazaar, watching the crew go about in their daily business.

Ian had bumped into the captain before. The man left an impression. The first time, he hadn’t been watching where he was going and had accidentally spilled an iced tea on the man. He’d gone to apologize, but was immediately enthralled by the man’s gorgeous eyes, only realizing when he’d walked away that he had just bumped into the captain.

Those gorgeous eyes had been a feature in nearly each of his wet dreams since then. Ian was infatuated. A love-struck puppy. But he didn’t know what to do. Sure, he had always wanted to be a sailor, but he didn’t have the know-how or the experience to be one. And even if he did, there was no chance he would be a part of the Exultant‘s crew. Not looking the way he did.

As he was walking around, fantasizing about being onboard the Exultant as one of those hunky men, a smooth baritone voice startled him from his thoughts and sent a shiver up his spine. "Hello, Ian," said the voice.

Ian whirled around and came face-to-face with the captain. His mouth immediately went dry. His head felt like it had suddenly been stuffed with cotton. His mouth worked wordlessly as he gawked and stared at the captain. "Would you like to come aboard the ship? I would like to show you around. I’ve heard that you’ve always wanted to be a sailor."

The offer was one that Ian couldn’t refuse. He swallowed audibly and nodded. Just like that, the captain took him by the wrist. As they made their way down the dock, Ian’s heart pounded in his chest, and the strange looks and small smirks that he saw on the crew members’ faces as they passed by didn’t help his anxiety. Not even a little.

"Oh, I’m sorry," said the captain, as soon as the two of them were on board the ship. "I don’t think that I’ve introduced myself properly. I am captain Julius Mariner," said the captain, smiling as he squeezed Ian’s wrist gently.

"You don’t need to look so scared. I don’t bite!" said Julius. He tugged on Ian’s wrist, pulling Ian close. He leaned in and whispered, in Ian’s ear, "unless you want me to, that is."

Ian shivered, heat rushing to his cheeks and the tips of his ears. He was too stunned to say anything. He could only follow as Julius dragged him off to the bridge. Once inside, Ian took a deep breath to collect himself. He looked around and gasped. It was amazing. Marvelous. More advanced than any ship that he had ever seen before.

"This looks amazing!" Ian said, running to the console that had a holographic display of the surrounding topography. The nervousness he’d been feeling earlier had evaporated, replaced by a giddy eagerness to look around at all the strange and unfamiliar tech. "God, I could spend all day in here," he said.

"It is amazing," said Julius. His voice was low and laden with emotion. Ian looked at the captain, gazing into those gorgeous eyes. He took a deep breath and realized for the first time how good Julius smelled. His heart skipped a beat. "What if I told you you could? And that you could spend more than a day in here, if you wanted?"

"Y-You mean it?" said Ian.

Julius walked up to Ian, right into his personal space. He pinned Ian against the console with his weight. "Yes," said Julius, the feeling of his warm breath on Ian’s skin making Ian tingle. "Always."

"I am an Alpha," Julius explained. "My crew and I work for Hierarch Industries. We sail all around the country, delivering materials and supplies to our locations. And I didn’t know for sure until today. But I know it now. And I know you know it too. You are my destined mate."

"A-Am I?" Ian stammered. His cheeks felt like they were about to burst into flame. His cock felt like it was about to explode out of his pants. "B-But," he protested, "Look at me! I’m… I’m nothing like your crew… Why would you choose me when… When you have all those guys to pick from?"

Julius chuckled. "You’re adorable, you know," he said, sliding his hands under Ian’s shirt. Ian didn’t fight. He let the captain work the cloth over his flat torso and off the top of his head. "Don’t worry about that. About them. If there’s anything Hierarch Industries is good at, it’s changing lives. The question is… Do you accept me? Will you come with me? Become part of my crew?"

Ian whimpered, tears stinging his eyes. The emotion was almost painful in his chest. "Yes," he sobbed. This was a dream come true. Literally. "God, yes."

"Beautiful," Julius whispered, as he picked Ian up and sat him on top of the console. He reached over and deactivated the screen just to make sure they didn’t accidentally send the ship ramming through the dock. Then, he stripped off Ian’s pants and underwear, reaching underneath to work his fingers into Ian’s hole.

Ian moaned and whimpered, so turned on that Julius’ fingers breached him easily. He wrapped his arms around Julius’ shoulders, and his legs around Julius’ waist. He couldn’t believe he was joining Julius’ crew. He couldn’t believe he was with the captain. He couldn’t believe that he was getting fucked in the bridge, and on a console no less.

When Julius’ cock finally entered him, Ian couldn’t help himself. His toes curled. His fingers dug into Julius’ back. And then his own cock blasted hot cum all over his chest. It was the happiest day of his life.

By the time that the Exultant returned to town four months later, hardly anyone recognized Ian anymore. With his new bulging muscles and tight core, no one could say that he didn’t belong on the crew. He could carry as much as the others, and did pull a lot of his own weight.

But he did get a benefit that none of the other crewmembers had, a benefit that was made clear whenever the captain came by, gave him a kiss, and had him disappear into his quarters for at least a couple of hours.

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