The Fall of Seth

Charlie Morrison is a red-blooded, straight, Christian American man, and he thinks that the world is meant to bow to his every whim. He thinks himself above everyone else, but when the sins of his past come back to haunt him, it doesn’t take very long to knock him down a few pegs.

The wind was so cold that it burned against his bare skin, pounding relentless agony through his veins as the tears trickled from the corners of his eyes. They scoured frozen trails across his skin before falling into the depth-less darkness below, his sniffles lost in the howling of the wind.

But the biting gale was the least of his agonies. His hands and feet were pinned to a large obsidian cross, his body strung naked across it in the style of the Nazarene. The pain he felt radiating from his palms was an exquisite anguish unlike any other.

The only light that shone upon his miserable existence came from a weakly flickering lamp held over his head. It swayed back and forth on a chain that squealed with every motion.

The last thing that he remembered was leaving the club with his boyfriend and noticing that there were armed thugs following them. He had no recollection of what happened after they were corralled into a darkened alleyway. All for the best, he supposed. It was easy enough to guess what had happened afterward.

All that was left to him was the question of where he was. He had a pretty good idea, though he had expected a lot more in the way of heat. By all accounts, Hell was a more horrid place than he could have ever imagined.

And he was helpless to do anything against his torment. He could muster no heat in his frostbitten limbs. His mind refused to regurgitate warm emotions or happy memories. All that he had was darkness and despair.

Sometimes, his body would go into shock and the pain would subside, at least for a moment. In those moments he would wonder how long he would have to endure. He would wonder what other tortures, if any, Hell would have in store. He would wonder if he would ever have any hope of redemption at all.

What he never had to wonder about was the reason he had been sent to this God-forsaken place. It was written on him, burned into his skin by the freezing cold. It was plastered across his chest. Three letters in a madman’s scrawl. For all to see and know what he had done to earn his punishment. "FAG."

Charlie Morrison was in a good mood. Today was his day. Earlier, he had managed to slam-dunk an interview for the company he had dreamed of working for since childhood. From what he had seen of the other contenders while waiting for his turn, he was a shoo-in for the position.

To top it all off, the economy was going strong. The investments he’d made from the small nest egg that his parents had given him were holding strong and had more than paid for themselves. The president, his president, had just sent the liberal snowflakes into another rabid frenzy.

As a straight white educated Christian man, the world was his for the taking. And every day, others like him in positions of power made sure that things stayed that way. He had no doubt—none, whatsoever—that the future was looking up for the most important person in the world: him.

And as a bit of a treat to open up the next chapter of his life in the best possible way, he had blocked off the afternoon for an extra long session at the fitness center at his condo. Just another in the long list of benefits that came with being born of old money. He would never have to rub elbows with the sweaty plebeians in their musky little gyms.

Today, like every other day here, there were only one or two other patrons currently using the facilities. They were rather elderly gentlemen, probably well over the age of fifty. Charlie knew them, and had shared a beer with them before, but he wasn’t particularly interested in talking to them either.

Charlie was relatively new to the building, so he hadn’t gotten to know everyone there yet. But many of the other unit owners had come to his housewarming party, so he knew a good portion of them. What he was pleased to know, however, was that many of the other guys that used community fitness center were men that shared his politics and his values.

There were a few exceptions. There had been that creepy guy that had spent half an hour surreptitiously staring at him while working out. Charlie would have had something to say, but he’d never shown up again after that.

The one patron that had really gotten him ticked was the little squirt that had objected to him and some of his gym buddies talking about the administration’s recent policy decisions, especially the ones that pandered to their Christian sensibilities.

From what Charlie had understood, the squirt, Trevor, was a bleeding heart liberal that was only at the condo because his rich parents couldn’t stand him living at home anymore. Charlie couldn’t abide the idea of suffering Trevor’s presence while working out, so he decided to teach the squirt a lesson he wouldn’t soon forget in the locker room.

As far as Charlie was concerned, he was untouchable. Forget the would-be Alphas of the world. He was a real one. He could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and no one could give him any shit about it.

In his eyes, the precious snowflakes could talk about equality and all that other meaningless garbage until they were hoarse. he knew the truth. He was the one with all the support. The one with all the power. Connections made the world go ’round, as they said, and he had many of those.

Charlie set his bag down beside the lifting bench. If he was being honest, he was a bit disappointed that Trevor hadn’t gone on to file a police report. He would have loved to see the look on the little shit’s face when the police refused to do anything about it.

The one problem with having so few people around was that Charlie didn’t have anyone to spot for him. There were a few trainers employed by the center, but he didn’t see any of them around right now. But there was nothing he could do about it, so he just picked out a set of dumbbells that would do nicely.

As brought the dumbbells over to the bench, he thought about the first time he’d seen his privilege in action. It had been in the days following the incident by the gay bar.

Charlie stopped. He shook his head. Why was he even thinking about that? What was he doing? It was over now. In the past. He had been drunk. Influenced by bad company. It wasn’t his fault.

He had had no idea that it would be fatal. He had just gone along with the others. He had been as much a victim as the boys that had died. Yes. That was it. That was the truth. That was what he had told himself over and over and over again each time the incident came up in his head. And he wasn’t about to change it now.

He refused to acknowledge any guilt about the incident, even if it had left behind a body count, because the truth was that a small part of him believed that those fags had deserved it.

"Hey, Charlie," said a strange voice. It jolted Charlie out of his thoughts. "You okay?"

Charlie looked in the direction of the person who had spoken. The man was tall. His dark hair framed a handsome face, and an angular jaw. There was a concerned expression on his face. And his eyes. Charlie couldn’t look away. The man’s eyes were a dazzling burnished gold.

Charlie blinked and set the dumbbells on the floor. He shook his head to clear it. "Uh, yeah…" he said. "Sorry, I was just… Lost in thought for a moment, there."

"Yeah, definitely," said the man, with a chuckle. "It looked like you were pretty deep in the tank, if you know what I’m saying."

"I’m…" Charlie frowned. He looked at the man again. More closely, this time. There was something familiar about the man. It hit him. Charlie’s eyes narrowed. "It’s you. You were the creep staring at me from across the gym. How the hell do you know my name?"

"You’re mistaken," said the man. Charlie was distracted by his golden eyes. They seemed to gleam with an inner light. Just like that, he wasn’t sure anymore. "You’ve never seen me around here before. I’m new to the building," said the man.

Now that was thinking about it, Charlie supposed the stranger was right. "Sorry, it’s just…" he said.

"No worries," said the man. "Name’s Seth. Look, I get it. It’s weird when a guy’s creeping on you. You never know if he wants to, you know, fag it up with you, right? Oh, and if you’re still wondering about how I knew your name. Dog tags."

Charlie nodded. Yeah. That was right. The mere thought of it disgusted him. Then, something occurred to Charlie about what the man had said. "Dog tags?" he said. "What dog tags?"

"Those ones," said Seth, his eyes gleaming in the light as he reached forward to tap the cool metal discs that were resting on Charlie’s chest. "You must have had those for a while, huh? It looks like they’ve seen some use."

Charlie stared at the metal plates, dumbfounded for a moment. He didn’t remember having dog tags. But he wasn’t exactly sure why he wouldn’t remember them. They had his name engraved on them all right.

And then it occurred to him. Right. He had had them since high school, since his older brother had joined the military. He had wanted to look cool like his older brother, so he’d gotten dog tags, too. He couldn’t believe that he’d forgotten about them. But then again, he always wore them around so he rarely thought about them.

"Sorry," said Charlie, sheepishly. "I’ve worn them for so long that sometimes I don’t even notice that they’re there," he explained, as he felt his cheeks and the tips of his ears heat up from the embarrassment.

"Don’t worry about it. Anyway, let me introduce myself properly. I’m Seth Villiers," said Seth, extending a hand to Charlie. The moment that they shook, Charlie felt a sharp electric shock travel up his arm, through his shoulder, up his neck and into his brain.

Charlie staggered backward a little, but Seth’s solid grasp on his arm prevented him from falling on his ass. "Oops. Sorry about that," said Seth. "I must have been dragging by feet a little bit too much on the carpet outside."

"I-It’s okay," Charlie stammered, as he struggled to regain composure. But something was weird. Something was off. Just a few minutes ago he had been brimming with energy, but right now he felt drained and somewhat queasy. "I-I’m Charlie Morrison… but I guess you would know that by now," he mumbled.

Seth chuckled. "Nice to meet you, Charlie," he said. "Uh… I have to get back to my workout, now. But you don’t look so good. If you want my advice… You should sit this one out. Go back to your unit and take a breather. Don’t want to push yourself too hard."

Charlie thought about it for a moment. He had really wanted to work out today, but Seth was making an awful lot of sense. The last thing that he wanted to do was make himself feel worse. More than that, he was starting to feel nauseous and he didn’t want to throw up all over the equipment.

For one thing, it would be embarrassing. Sure, there would be someone along to clean it up soon enough, but he didn’t want to inconvenience the other patrons. He couldn’t really care less about the poor employee that would have to clean up after him, though.

"I… I think I’ll do that… T-Thanks, Seth…" Charlie murmured, as he slung his gym bag over his shoulder and tottered out of the room.

Charlie shook his fingers through his dirty blond hair in frustration. He stared at himself in the mirror. In the hour since he’d returned to his suite to rest, what had been such a promising day had turned into an utterly shitty one.

His typically bright-green eyes were dull, bloodshot, and sunken on his face. His mouth tasted like bile, and his tongue felt like it was stuffed with cotton balls.

There were bags under his eyes that really shouldn’t have been there, considering how well he’d been sleeping since moving in. He looked gaunt. Withered. He was downright pale.

His shoulders, chest, and arms were covered in sweat. But not because he’d chosen to work out at home. He just couldn’t stop sweating.

He had no idea what sort of bug he could have possibly come down with, but he was sure that it must have come from one of the dirty peasants he’d had to tolerate in the waiting room for his interview. It was the only explanation.

Everywhere he went was too upscale for this kind of shit, and he was otherwise pretty fastidious about his own hygiene. Whatever it was, there was nothing that he could do about it. The only saving grace was that at least he had stopped throwing up.

He was starting to feel better, even if just marginally. He wasn’t as queasy or nauseous as before. Some strength had finally returned to his limbs, too.

He figured that a little bit of bed rest and a lot of fluids would help him ride out the rest of whatever bug he’d managed to catch. He just hoped that it would end soon. He didn’t want to have to call in sick and make the wrong impression on his potential new employer.

Charlie woke up with a start. The last thing he remembered was being in the bathroom. His sleep had been fitful, haunted by dreams that he struggled to recall. But now there was awake and there was someone at the door.

He was in his bedroom. At least he hadn’t fallen asleep on the bathroom floor. Unfortunately, his arms and legs were tangled in the sheets, which he had managed to soak through with his sweat.

With a disgusted grunt, he untangled himself from his beddings and swung his legs over the side. He slowly pushed himself up off the mattress, bracing himself against the wall to make sure he didn’t just pitch forward into the carpet.

Thankfully, after the disorientation of waking up from a deep sleep had worn off, he didn’t feel quite as unsteady as he had before. He stumbled toward the entranceway of his suite, not really noticing and not really caring that he was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs.

He was surprised to find Seth standing in the hall outside his suite. "Hey, neighbor," said Seth, his golden eyes gleaming as per usual. "I hope you’re feeling better. If not, I thought I’d bring over some hot soup."

Charlie rubbed his eyes. "Seth?" he murmured, somewhat groggily. He was half-asleep, but awake enough to know that it was a bit weird that Seth had shown up at his door with food after having just met the guy at the gym. "How do you know where I lived?"

"Oh, don’t worry about that," said Seth. Charlie hadn’t been worried at all. It had only been a little weird. But he supposed there was going to be some reasonable explanation. "I asked the other guys at the gym whether they knew where you lived since I wanted to check in."

"Oh…" said Charlie. He clutched his temple, feeling somewhat dazed. "I guess that makes sense. Thanks…" He remembered that Seth had said something about bringing soup, and he felt bile climb in the back of his throat. "But I don’t really feel like having anything to eat right now…"

"Nonsense," said Seth, making eye contact with Charlie. "Your stomach probably has something else to say about that." Right on cue, Charlie’s gut rumbled audibly. He felt the nausea fade away. He gawked at his stomach in confusion. "See? You look like you could use a nice hot meal. This is my father’s special soup. It’s guaranteed to fix you right up."

"I mean… I guess I could go for a little something right now," said Charlie. He was a bit hungry, but everything was just so weird. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to just go along with Seth’s suggestion. "But… I don’t know what’s in it… I don’t want to ruin my diet."

"Dude," said Seth, holding his arms apart. "Look at me. Do I look like the kind of guy that would willingly shovel shit into my body?"

Charlie briefly looked at Seth. Seth was jacked. He had a point. Seth wouldn’t have gotten the body he had if he ate junk. After a moment, he realized he’d been staring for too long. He averted his gaze, cheeks flushing with heat.

"Hey, don’t be embarrassed," said Seth. Charlie looked up at him and again caught sight of those mesmerizing golden eyes. "There’s no shame in checking out another guy’s body. That’s what bodies like this are for, anyway. To be shown off and to be looked at. You know that. It’s just natural. Look as long as you want."

Charlie swallowed audibly. Seth was right. He didn’t know why he was suddenly so embarrassed. It was only natural to want to check out Seth’s body, to see if there was anything that Charlie could do about his own.

Damn, Charlie thought to himself. Seth was fucking jacked. More than he had realized in the brief glance he’d taken, before. Seth’s tight tank top strained to contain Seth’s pecs, and it definitely showed off the deep ridges between his abs. His biceps and quads were thick. Thick enough to put Charlie’s to shame.

"Alright, alright," said Charlie, mustering a small smile even though he felt like he had just been run over by a truck. "I’ll take the damn soup," he said.

As Seth closed the door behind him, Charlie motioned at his body. "Sorry I’m not better dressed," he said. "I just woke up from a nap… I’m just going to go and change into something more appropriate."

Seth smiled, his eyes flashing out of the corner of Charlie’s vision. "Don’t worry about it, man," said Seth. "I don’t mind. And it’s just us guys here, anyway. A nice bod like that is for showing off and staring at. You know that. Hell, you probably feel more comfortable with less clothes on rather than with more."

"Well, if you say so," said Charlie, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. Now that Seth had mentioned it, he did feel more comfortable in just his boxer-briefs. In fact, he was beginning to feel a little bit better.

Charlie scratched his chest. "I’m sorry, Seth… Things have just been so weird today," he said, with a sigh.

"Hey, I get that," said Seth, as they got to the kitchen. "Being sick sucks. You think you’re going to get to be productive and then bam! You suddenly want to just curl up in a corner and die," he commiserated. Charlie laughed. Boy, was Seth right.

"Nice place, though," said Seth, as he unpacked all the food containers that he’d brought over.

"What do you mean?" Charlie said, looking around. Sure, he’d decorated a little bit since moving in, but the suite was still pretty much in its default configuration. "Isn’t this place exactly the same as yours?"

Seth chuckled. "Never you mind that," he said, as Charlie caught his eye. "I was just making small talk."

Seth peeled off the lid of the biggest container. Steam drifted up into the air, accompanied by a heady, earthy, salty-sweet herbal smell that made Charlie feel all sorts of warm and tingly inside. He stared at the milky-white, slightly-yellow soup and felt his stomach grumble.

Seth swirled a finger in the soup and licked it off. "Oh yeah," he said. "That’s the stuff. Here you go. Eat to your heart’s content," said Seth, pushing the container toward Charlie.

He wasn’t aware of how much time had passed, only that he had been suffering for what felt like an eternity. His only companion was pain, the cold, and the darkness. The flickering light was so faint, so dim, that it might as well have not been there.

He looked skyward, past the lap that creaked overhead, to the single pinprick of light in the vaulted darkness. At first, he had thought that it was a star, but now he suspected it was an oculus. A hole in the ceiling of this damnable place to let light in.

"Do you hear me, God? Answer the cry of my soul!" he screamed. He had had enough of his torments. For so long he’d stared at the letters burned by the cold into the flesh of his chest and pondered at their meaning. "Or do you have no time for a lowly sinner such as me?"

There was no response. As should have been expected. Why would there be one? This was the same God that had cast him down just for being born the way that he was. This was the same God that had pinned him to an obsidian cross in the hollow, biting cold. Of course that God had no time for a sinner. It was hard to imagine that he had ever even cared.

"Will you keep me here for eternity?!" he demanded, straining his voice against the howling wind even though he knew that there was no one listening. Even though he knew that there would be no one to answer his call.

"Is this to be my punishment for being born? For chasing after the same things as everyone else? For seeking love and happiness? For desiring comfort? Am I to suffer in the darkness for all of time?!" he shouted. His voice was raw, his lips cracked. But for the first time, his eyes were dry. He had no more tears to shed.

"Or is that you want me to beg for forgiveness?" he said, hoarsely. "Do you want me to grovel? To weep and declare that I accept you, that I wish to change? To say that I believe in you, and that I will follow your word? Is that what you want?!"

No answer. He gritted his teeth. "Do you want me to renounce who I am? Do you want me to turn my back on the people that I love?! Do you want me to curse the way that I was born and all the other people who were born like me?!" he screamed.

The light blazed as a voice descended from on high. It was deep and sonorous. Awe-inspiring. "Yes, my son," it said, accompanied by a chorus of angelic song.

He spat at the light and hissed, "Never."

"Holy crap, that was good!" said Charlie, letting his spoon clatter into the empty bowl. The soup was much better than he had anticipated. Sure, he felt like he had packed on a pound or two eating the surprisingly-dense soup, but he felt much better now.

There had been a strange tangy, acrid aftertaste to the soup, but the body had been so nice that Charlie could ignore it. Besides, Seth had reassured him that the taste would grow on him and it definitely had.

Seth had told him that it was going to be the best soup he had ever had and while privately Charlie had to agree with Seth’s evaluation, he wasn’t about to say it out loud.

They had since moved on to the living room after dinner. "Want a beer?" said Charlie, looking up from the cooler toward Seth. He tossed a bottle toward his new bro when Seth raised his hands in a catching pose.

The TV was currently tuned in to a football game and while Charlie wasn’t really interested in either team, it was the perfect capstone to an otherwise pretty weird day.

Charlie was just glad that he had a buddy to kick back and enjoy the game with. Seth had tried to make up some excuse about leaving to do some work before bed, but Charlie had put a pin in that and managed to get him to stay. Seth had promised he’d only be around until halftime, but Charlie was pretty sure he would stay.

Grateful that the day was almost over, Charlie sank into the couch beside Seth. He chugged a drink from the beer bottle in his hand and sighed, putting his feet up on the coffee table. He was ready to enjoy a good old-fashioned game of football.

It didn’t take long for things to take a downturn. Charlie really should have expected it after the roller-coaster ride that the rest of the day had been. He felt weird. So weird, in fact, that he had to set his bottle of beer down on the coffee table.

A strange heat blossomed in his stomach. He could feel it climb his esophagus into his chest. It started spreading from there, too as he held his head and groaned. His mind was going fuzzy, again, his thoughts becoming muddled.

It wasn’t so bad at first. He could just grit his teeth and ignore it. But he quickly lost track of the game as the heat spread around his body. "I-Is it hot in here, or is it just me?" Charlie managed, with a grunt.

Charlie combed his fingers through his hair. They came away slick with sweat. He wring his fingers out toward the side of the couch, hoping that Seth wouldn’t notice. He was starting to feel so hot and so fuzzy that he reached up to tug at his collar, only to remember that he wasn’t even wearing a shirt.

"Hmm?" said Seth, not even turning away from the game to look at Charlie. "No, not really. It seems just fine to me," he said.

"I… I think I’m going to go turn the temperature down a little…" Charlie murmured.

Charlie tried to get up, but he couldn’t. "Don’t worry about it," said Seth. "You were probably just excited by the game. After all, it’s not every day you get to watch hot, sweaty footballers go into the locker room."

Charlie’s arms and legs felt like jelly. He felt lightheaded, like all the blood had rushed from his head to his toes. He tried to stand again, but could only manage to push himself an inch off the couch before falling back with a grunt.

And what was with what Seth had said? The footballers were going into the locker room? That made no sense. The game had just started. But sure enough, when Charlie turned his attention to the TV, the cameraman was following the team from the field to the locker room.

Charlie felt a sudden flush of heat through his body, his skin tingling. He laid there, feeling like shit for a good minute or so until he realized that something was happening. Something was changing. And not for the better.

His mind filtered out the low groans coming from the television as his cheeks flushed and the tips of his ears heated up. In his boxer-briefs, he could feel his cock twitching and throbbing against his thigh.

The numbing fog in his head gave way to a horny buzz. But thinking wasn’t any easier. Random boners were a fact of life. But he was already sitting so close to another guy, practically naked in just his boxer-briefs. A hard on would give the wrong impression. And he didn’t want his new bro Seth to get the wrong idea about him.

"Woah there, dude," said Seth, as he put down the television remote. The footage had been paused but from what Charlie could see, the team was getting changed out of their uniforms. "What happened?" said Seth, distracting him from the weirdness going on in the game footage. "You look like shit all of a sudden. But at least it looks like you’re enjoying the match…"

"I-I don’t know what’s happening… I feel hot all over…" Charlie mumbled. He reached up and wiped the sweat from his forehead, but there was just so much that it didn’t really make a dent.

"And I don’t even know what’s going on anymore on the TV…" Charlie said. He glanced at the TV again and felt his jaw drop. Some of the players had already stripped off their uniforms and were standing around, chatting in nothing but jockstraps.

He could see their tapered waists, their bulging pecs, and those tight muscular asses. The scene looked straight out of a gay porno and for some reason, his cock throbbed painfully between his legs in response. "W-What the fuck?!" he said.

"What?" said Seth, looking over his shoulder, seemingly surprised by Charlie’s reaction. "Surprised a few footballers are showing off some skin?" he said.

"I-Is that a fucking porno?!" Charlie stammered. He attempted to point an accusatory finger at the TV, but couldn’t even muster the strength to raise his arm.

"No?" said Seth, his eyes gleaming. Charlie was so confused. He could have sworn it was. What kind of football game showed players standing around in nothing but their jocks? "Dude, we’re just watching a normal game. I don’t know what you’re freaking out about."

Charlie held on to his temples. He didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t know what was real anymore. He was sure that real football games didn’t look like the scene on the TV, but the more that he tried to think about it, the more he realized that Seth was telling the truth.

The simple fact was that he felt like the game on TV was not the way it should have been. But he had no evidence to back it up. He didn’t even have memories to back his feeling up. "I feel like I’m going insane, man… Everything’s been going so weird… What do I do?"

"Just look at me," said Seth, curtly. Charlie did that. He looked up at Seth, not sure how this was supposed to help. But as his eyes met Seth’s, mesmerized by the golden embers that burned inside them, he sighed with relief as the focus was taken away from the heat building under his skin.

"What you need," said Seth, with a small devilish smirk, "is some help with this." Charlie wasn’t sure what his bro was talking about. He could only watch, confused, as Seth sank to his knees and leaned over his lap. A heartbeat later, Charlie felt a hot, wet tongue trace the outline of his hard dick through his boxers.

Charlie snapped into sudden clarity. He scrambled away, or at least tried to. "W-What the fuck, man?!" he stammered. "I didn’t know you were a fucking faggot! Jesus Christ! Get out of my house! I’m not a fag! I don’t do that shit!" he said, his voice rising with every phrase.

Seth looked up at Charlie and smiled. His golden eyes gleamed with mischief. "Dude, I’m not a faggot either. I’m just a bro, helping my bro out," said Seth, in a voice that was low and seductive. "You know it’s only gay if you’re fucking me, or if I’m fucking you."

Well, that was true, at least as far as Charlie could remember. A brojob was just that. A bro helping out. He’d been offered one of those a few times before. He’d never accepted. But he was just so hard. So horny. It was hard to resist.

"You’re just pent up, Charlie," said Seth, his voice sending a shiver up Charlie’s spine. "That’s why you’re feeling this way. All you need is some release. You know this, right? It’s just a bro helping out."

Charlie let his head fall back onto the couch and groaned. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. But it wasn’t like he had a choice. Sure, he could jerk off, but that didn’t feel as appealing. He needed something hot and wet.

A pussy would have been the best option, but that wasn’t available right now. And it’s not like there would be any woman that would fuck him while he was sweating like a pig. "I-I guess…" Charlie mumbled. "A-As long as it’s just a bro helping out and none of that gay shit, okay?"

"Don’t worry," said Seth. "No gay shit, I promise… But I have to make sure you want this. Tell me what you want me to do," said Seth.

There was a strange edge to Seth’s voice that Charlie couldn’t place. But it was hard to think. Getting harder by the moment. And his cock was so hard, so needy, so desperate. He couldn’t put it off for much longer. Seth’s hot breath against his cock certainly didn’t make it easier.

"Suck me off, bro," Charlie groaned, whimpering as his cock throbbed and pulsed with renewed need between his legs. Seth was right. Seth had been right this whole time. He was pent up. He hadn’t had any in weeks. He was so horny it was driving him up the wall.

"Good… That’s exactly what I want to hear…" cooed Seth, the sudden change in the tone of his voice sending a chill up Charlie’s spine. But Charlie was too horny to care. The only thing he cared about was the sensation of his boxer-briefs being dragged down his thighs, and then his cock springing free.

"Well, well, well, it looks like Mr. Straight Boy likes to keep his pubes shaved smooth…" said Seth. His voice felt like ice water trickling down the curve of Charlie’s back.

Charlie was about to tell Seth to stop talking bullshit and to just suck him already when he felt Seth’s breath on his crotch. Seth’s breath was hot and humid against bare skin. "What the…" he mumbled, looking down to find that he was clean-shaven downstairs.

In doing so, Charlie’s eyes Seth’s. He felt another wave of dizziness wash over him as he remembered that he’d started manscaping after his first girlfriend had told him off for getting his pubes stuck in her teeth.

"Don’t worry about it, Charlie," said Seth, again in that chilling tone of voice. "I won’t tell anyone you like to keep your cock and ass crack smooth. I wouldn’t want any of them to think that you’re a fag…"

Seth chuckled. The sound was low and devoid of mirth. There was just the tiniest hint of malice, but Charlie didn’t pick up on that. "Although… I’m surprised you thought getting a blowjob from a bro would be gay when here you are shaving your crotch and your ass… What kind of straight man can’t stand a little bit of hair?"

Charlie groaned. He was too powerless, too weak, too horny to raise any objections. He had done it because he liked to be considerate to his women. But he didn’t have the voice to say those words.

"Oh well," said Seth. "Who am I to judge? I am the one sucking cock right now, aren’t I?"

Charlie groaned, as he felt lips press up against the base of his cock. A shock of pleasure surged up his spine as Seth nuzzled his dick and mouthed at his balls, licking a stripe up the underside of his smooth nutsack.

"Hmm… Such a nice, juicy cock," said Seth. "I wonder how many pussies have creamed themselves on this thick piece," he murmured. Charlie didn’t have the words to respond as Seth mouthed at the head of his cock. He could only moan and buck his hips, the pleasure too intense.

Charlie chewed on his lower lip and quivered as he felt Seth’s mouth hovering over his cock. Seth’s hot breath was making his cock twitch with anticipation. He could scarcely bear it. When Seth’s lips finally closed around the head of his cock, he nearly screamed.

Pleasure crashed over Charlie as Seth’s tongue swirled around the head of his cock and flicked at his piss-slit. Hardly five seconds in and it was already the best blowjob he’d ever received in his life. It made sense. A guy knew better than anyone how to make another guy feel good.

None of the ladies that he had ever bedded had ever been particularly interested in sucking him off. But here was Seth, slurping eagerly on his cock like it was some precious lollipop.

Charlie leaned his head back and closed his eyes. God. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He needed to stop thinking of it as his bro sucking him off. That strayed too close to gay territory for him. He was straight. No matter what Seth said about his manscaping.

Chewing on his lower lip, Charlie imagined that the interviewer from earlier was the one going down on him. She had had a pretty enough face, and a big rack to boot. He could get off on the thought of being in her office, sitting in her chair, making her blow him as she begged for him to apply to the job because all the other applicants were miserable little fucks who couldn’t hope to hold a candle to his greatness.

But then the pleasure came to a sudden stop. Charlie groaned with frustration. "W-What happened?" he mumbled, not wanting to sound so desperate for the blowjob to continue.

"Look at me," said Seth. There was a sharp iciness in his tone that made Charlie shiver. He did just as he was told and looked right into Seth’s gleaming golden eyes. They were as embers, smoldering as he stared into their depths. "What’s the point of a bro helping a bro out if you pretend that I’m someone else?" said Seth.

"Dude…" Charlie groaned. "That’s so fucking gay… I don’t want to think about a guy sucking my cock! I’m not a fag!" he said.

"It’s not about being fucking gay!" said Seth. His eyes seemed to glow dangerously, cowing Charlie. Seth was cradling his balls and he didn’t want to think about what the big man could do to him if he angered him. "It’s about fucking respect. Do you think I’m enjoying this? Because I’m just as straight as you are. I’m just a bro helping you out because you have a problem. At least give me the dignity of looking me in the eye while I suck you off."

"So I’m going to lay out what’s going to happen from now on," said Seth. "Or I’m going home and you can sit there and feel like shit for the rest of the night. You’re going to watch me suck your cock. You’re going to like it. If you close your eyes, you’re only going to be able to imagine me sucking your cock, and you know what? You’ll be grateful fore it."

Charlie sighed. "You’re right," he said. "I’m sorry… I should have respected you enough not to try and ignore you…" The least he could do was recognize the effort and sacrifice that Seth was doing by looking him in the eye and appreciating what he was doing.

A quiet little moan bubbled up through Charlie’s throat as Seth’s mouth enveloped more of his cock. He grunted as he felt his shaft sink into the warm, wet heat of Seth’s throat. It was good. So good. "That’s a good boy," Seth whispered, against the side of Charlie’s hot, throbbing cock.

Charlie shivered. For some reason those words sent a thrill of pleasure shooting through his cock. When Seth sank his hot mouth over Charlie’s shaft, it took all of Charlie’s willpower not to buck his hips and skullfuck his bro.

Not that Charlie could really move his body enough to do that right now, but to him it was a matter of principle. While he was new to this, and still couldn’t really believe that he was letting another guy suck him off, he felt that a face-fucking wasn’t something that you should do to a friend unsolicited.

But what did Charlie know? He had no idea what the etiquette of a bro-job was. The most that he could do was lay back and enjoy it, moaning as he felt Seth’s mouth working his cock over, slurping up and down, making his toes curl with pleasure.

Seth pulled off of Charlie’s cock with a wet, sucking sound. He let it rest on his face, against the bridge of his nose. He looked up at Charlie, his golden eyes gleaming. They seemed to almost sparkle, brighter now than they had been at any point before.

"You like this, bro?" said Seth, with a small chuckle. "Goddamn you’ve got a big cock, Charlie…" he cooed, tracing his fingers up the side of Charlie’s cock. The feather-light touches made Charlie’s skin tingle, and threatened to tear moans out of his throat. But he bit his lip and choked them down.

"Y-Yeah," Charlie grunted. He made his jump. It fell back onto Seth’s face with a solid, wet smack. "The girls love it," he said, trying to reassert some measure of control over the situation. He didn’t want Seth to forget that he was straight. And that this was just about helping a pent-up bro out.

"Hmmm…" hummed Seth, as he kissed Charlie’s cock from the root all the way to the tip, giving the piss-slit a little surreptitious lick that made Charlie gasp. "I can see why… I love it too. But you don’t mind that I love your cock, Charlie. Do you?"

Charlie’s gut reaction was rage. Hadn’t Seth told him that he wasn’t a faggot? Why the fuck would he say that he loved Charlie’s cock if he wasn’t a cocksucking fairy? But his parents had always taught him not to jump to judgments. After a moment he realized that it was probably just another of Seth’s weird idiosyncrasies.

For another straight guy to tell him that he loved his cock, it was weird. But ultimately it didn’t really hurt anyone. Although, Charlie was curious about what made Seth say that. "W-Why do you love it?" he said.

Seth smiled. He slurped on Charlie’s cock for a little while before answering, working his lips up and down the hot, hard shaft. Even though it wasn’t the sight that he was used to seeing, Charlie was warming up to it.

Charlie loved the way that Seth’s eyes gleamed as he looked into them, but in a purely platonic, heterosexual way, of course. He loved the small choking and gagging sounds that Seth made every time he swallowed Charlie all the way down to the root. Seth was clearly a skilled cocksucker, and it made Charlie proud to know that his endowment was proving a challenge for Seth.

And then there was the way that Seth’s cheeks seemed to puff out whenever he had all of Charlie’s cock inside his mouth. Charlie loved that. It made his cock twitch. Made his arousal burn brighter.

"I love it because it’s thick and juicy," said Seth, pulling off of Charlie’s cock with a slurp. "I love the taste of it. So manly. So musky. And you leak so much…" Seth paused. He darted in and licked the underside of Charlie’s cock. "And then there’s this vein. I love the way that it throbs. I can feel your arousal inside my mouth."

Charlie sighed, happily, as Seth’s mouth engulfed him again. "H-How many times have you done this before?" said Charlie, genuinely curious. Seth wasn’t the kind of guy that he would have expected to do this kind of thing. If anything, Seth was the kind of guy that he would have expected to be on the other side, getting sucked off, rather than doing the sucking. "A-And why did you start?"

Seth smirked. He looked down at Charlie’s cock, and then back up, catching Charlie’s gaze. His golden eyes gleamed. "More times than I can count," he said. "It’s just in my nature, I guess. I was born this way, I suppose you can say. I love helping people out. In whatever way I could."

Charlie raised an eyebrow. Born that way. That was a typical fag talking point. Seth chuckled. "God, you’re so insecure," said Seth, his cool voice sending a thrill of pleasure right down Charlie’s cock. "I’m not saying I’m gay. I’m just saying. I want to help my bros out. And when I learned that I could help them take the edge off, and that I didn’t really mind doing it. I jumped on the chance. You think that’s noble, don’t you?"

*Thump* Charlie’s heart skipped a beat. He looked into Seth’s eyes, wondering if he was being pranked. But he couldn’t tell if Seth was lying, only that Seth’s eyes seemed to shimmer.

The truth was that Charlie wasn’t sure yet. He could understand where Seth was coming from. It felt somewhat disingenuous, like Seth was just denying the fact that he really liked cock, and not in the normal heterosexual way. At the same time, Seth had been such a thoughtful person, helping him out like this in his time of need that he was having trouble condemning it.

"I mean, think about it," said Seth. "Isn’t it a good and a noble thing to help people in need? And there are bros out there who are in need because they’re pent up or their girls won’t put out. So isn’t it good and noble to help them out like I do? You know it’s true."

Charlie considered Seth’s words. Seth had a point. "I-I guess you’re right," he said, promptly gasping out loud as Seth swallowed him all the way to the root. He felt Seth’s throat vibrating around his cock as Seth hummed. "H-Holy fuck!" he shouted.

"Good boy," said Seth, with a small smile. The tone of his voice sent a chill up Charlie’s spine. "You’re an upstanding American man, aren’t you, Charlie? A good Christian boy?" said Seth.

Charlie nodded, barely able to think through the fresh arousal that had surged through his system. His mind was foggy, his thoughts slow. His entire body buzzed with a pleasant heat while his cock strained in the air, desperate to be played with or mouthed at again.

"And doesn’t Christianity teach that Christians are supposed to help their neighbors in need?" said Seth. He had a small smirk on his face, a little devilish gleam in his eye. "And aren’t Christians supposed to be noble and charitable?"

That was true. Even though Charlie couldn’t muster the brainpower to figure out where Seth was going, he could at least still understand the questions. "Then doesn’t that mean that you should want to help people in need? What about bros in need? Doesn’t this feel so good to you? Don’t you want other bros who don’t have this, to feel this, too?" said Seth, enveloping Charlie’s cock head in the hot, wet tightness of his mouth.

There was a twisted sort of logic in Seth’s words. Charlie was tempted to say yes, but deep down he knew that was wrong. He wasn’t a fag. He wasn’t going to blow anyone. "N… I… I’m not…" mumbled Charlie.

"You’re not what, Charlie?" said Seth. His voice was like ice, creeping through Charlie’s veins, making him shiver involuntarily. Something was off. Something was wrong. Something had changed in the last few minutes, but Charlie couldn’t tell what it was.

Charlie struggled to find purchase with his hands on the couch, to push away from Seth, but as his cock sank into Seth’s inviting mouth again, he fell limply back into the cushions. The overwhelming heat and neediness in his cock was too much. He needed more. Wanted more. He was so close.

"You’re not a fag, Charlie?" said Seth, tracing his fingers up along the underside of Charlie’s cock. "You don’t like cock like I do?" Seth chuckled. "Face it, Charlie. It doesn’t matter how straight you think you are. You love this. You love what I’ve been doing to you this whole time."

Seth swallowed Charlie all the way to the root. Charlie whimpered, squirming as he felt Seth’s tongue slide out from under his cock to lap at his balls. Seth pulled off. "Look in my eyes and tell me that you don’t love the way that my mouth fits around your cock. But only if that’s the truth," said Seth.

As though to punctuate his point, Seth slurped down Charlie’s whole cock again, eliciting a strangled gasp from Charlie. Charlie tried to say something, to vehemently deny that he loved this. He might have enjoyed it, but that didn’t mean he loved it. But the words refused to leave his lips.

"See? The fact that you can’t say you don’t love it means that you do…" said Seth. He licked his lips and smiled, baring canines that seemed unnaturally long in the light. "Oh I bet right now, in the back of your head, there’s a part of you wishing that you weren’t talking to me, to your new bro, right now. You wish it wasn’t me sucking you off, isn’t that right, Charlie?"

Charlie swallowed audibly. There was a nervous energy thrumming under his skin. His chest felt uncomfortably tight. He was scared. But he was also still horny. So horny. And he didn’t understand at all what was going on.

Seth leaned in and kissed the tip of Charlie’s cock. "You’re telling yourself that you would rather have a busty blonde bimbo slurping on your cock like I have been, aren’t you?" said Seth.

"Y-Yeah," Charlie said. Seth was in his head. Somehow, he was reading Charlie’s desperate thoughts, his attempts to cling to an intact heterosexuality, his efforts to convince himself that this was just a momentary weakness, a blip in an otherwise ideal life.

But when Seth’s canines scraped delicately against the skin of his shaft, Charlie couldn’t help but hike his legs further apart to give better access to Seth. He moaned out loud as he felt Seth’s tongue sliding up and down the side of his cock, swirling all around and over the head, teasing him right up to the edge but never quite letting him go over.

"Let’s face it, Charlie," said Seth, with a devilish glint in his golden eyes. "You’ve never had a blowjob as good as this from a woman."

Seth’s golden eyes seemed so enthralling now, so deep. Charlie felt that he could lose himself in them if he stared into them for too long. And yet, he couldn’t take his eyes off of them, never once breaking gaze as he watched Seth’s mouth descend over his cock again.

The truth was that Charlie was beginning to crave the wet heat of Seth’s mouth. He was hooked on Seth’s skillful manipulations. It felt good. So good. Seth was right. He had never had a blowjob as good as this from a woman. And he wasn’t sure he ever would.

"No bitch could possibly know how to pleasure your cock better than another man could," said Seth. "You know that. If not before, then definitely now. Hell, you’ve probably admitted it to yourself in the last few minutes."

Seth’s eyes seemed to glow brighter, as his ice-cold tone of voice cut into Charlie. "You’re just so focused on this idea that being a faggot is bad. You’ve completely lost sight of the facts," said Seth.

Seth went down on Charlie a few more times, with a small smirk. He was shameless, slobbering all over Charlie’s thick fuckpole, letting the straight boy really feel the back of his throat. "Think about it. What you’re missing out on. Every time a fag wants a little blowie from his boyfriend. Every time he feels more than a little bit randy. This is the kind of pleasure that he can have whenever he wants."

It wasn’t something that Charlie wanted to think about or had ever wanted to think about. But he couldn’t resist. Seth was right. He had never considered, had never known, the kind of pleasure that gay men might enjoy. For a moment, he wondered to himself if he had been born on the wrong side of the fence, if he had wasted the last couple of years chasing after women when there was better out there.

"I see you coming to some sort of divine revelation over there," said Seth, with a small smile. "And right about now you’re probably trying to cling to your old values. You’re telling yourself that tits more than make up for sloppy blowjobs, and that nothing can compare to a nice wet pussy."

"Tell me the truth now, Charlie," said Seth, "Is that really true? Does pussy feel better than my mouth?"

Charlie swallowed the lump in his throat as he watched the whites of Seth’s eyes turn black. The darkness seemed to flow into Seth’s eyeballs like clouds of dark ink. It highlighted the glowing golden embers that were Seth’s irises and made them even more enchanting. Meekly, Charlie averted his gaze and said, "N-No…"

Seth leaned over Charlie and threaded his fingers through Charlie’s dirty blond locks. With his other hand, he gripped Charlie’s cock tightly. "I can see that a small part of you is still clinging to the last dregs of heterosexuality in there," said Seth, a sinister turn in his lips.

"You know… I should really let you have that," said Seth, leaning in to whisper the words into Charlie’s ear. "I should let you cling on to the last feeble delusion that you’re still a red-blooded straight American man in there somewhere… But I don’t think I’ll do that."

"W-What?" said Charlie, eyes wide as he looked into Seth’s gleaming golden eyes. "W-Why wouldn’t you do that?"

Seth’s laugh made Charlie’s blood run cold in his veins. "Because you don’t even have any idea who or what you’re talking to," he said.

Another bitter eternity had passed. For all of it, he’d been left there, hanging alone in the darkness. The biting cold had, somehow, become something of a reluctant ally against the pain.

He had suffered. He had screamed. He had wished for death. but the one thing that he hadn’t yet done was beg for forgiveness. Because he refused to acknowledge that there was anything that needed to be forgiven.

"So that’s how it’s going to be, is it, old man?" he said, to no one in particular. His voice was low, pained. But it shook with a rage that could not be slaked. He laughed. It was a hollow, bitter sound. "Turn my back on all that I am and all that I stand for, or suffer here for all eternity."

"No," he said. "I will not accept that. Even if somehow, I were to accept that pursuing happiness just like everyone else is a sin, none of this is justified! Temporal transgression does not warrant eternal punishment!" he screamed.

"I will not be made to suffer at the whims of some self-important fool in the heavens, who thinks that he can dictate what is right and what is wrong," he said. "I will not accept this punishment! I refuse!"

"If I am to choose between an eternity of happiness in worship at your table or the unending darkness of damnation, then I will choose damnation!" he said, as the wind picked up and as the bitter cold became even more bitter. "You deserve no worship! No love! No adoration. Certainly not mine. Because you are not a loving, merciful, or just God. You are nothing more than a fraud!"

"I curse you! I curse you, God! I curse you with every breath that rattles my wretched bones! I curse you with every fiber of my eternal soul!" he bellowed. He pushed himself up as far as he could go, wanting his voice to shake the very foundations of heaven.

He let rage. Fury. Indignation flood through his veins as he thundered, "I renounce your light! I deny your grace! I spurn your forgiveness. I will neither be oppressed nor kept down! I refuse to be punished for something that I deserve just as much as anyone else! I shun your will, your salvation, and your word!"

The obsidian cross behind him cracked. The flame hanging from the chain above him grew brighter. In its flickering light he saw his skin take on the color of frost. From his forearm to his wrist, his skin gradually took on a darker, bluer color. At his elbow it was pale, ice-white, while his hands were an almost-black midnight blue. The same had happened to his calves and feet.

The frosty gray of his eyes burned away into speckled gold that burned like an ember. His dark hair paled, taking on the color of polished silver. Deep black horns protruded from his temples, curving backward over his head and around his ears. A spade-tipped tail, colored like his arms, white at the base and almost-black at the tip, snaked down between his legs.

"I pledge that I will defy you, deny you, and stand against you at every turn of the road! I vow from this day, to the last day, for so long as I draw breath, that I will fight for the cause of freedom. True freedom. Freedom from your tyranny!" he declared, solemnly.

As he grinned, his golden eyes gleaming in the darkness, the cross behind him finally broke. Its obsidian fragments crashed into the darkness below, echoing in the sudden absence of the driving wind.

He drifted down from his lofty perch on the remains of the cross, wearing newfound wings of frost-tipped leather and bone. A minute later her landed, at long last, on the surface of the frozen lake.

Seth’s form shimmered as he stood. Charlie froze at the sight of him. Pale-skinned and horned, with a spade-tipped tail. Seth was a demon of some description. He had fallen prey to the enemy that his faith had always warned him about and yet here he was, still unable to resist.

"Haven’t you noticed yet?" said Seth, sinking back down to his knees to take his place between Charlie’s legs. "You’ve been able to move for a while now…"

Seth crept forward, walking his fingers along Charlie’s thighs. They made Charlie tingle, made his cock twitch in anticipation. "You could have pushed me away, told me to stop… You could have walked away at any time… But you didn’t, did you?" said Seth, as his spade-tipped tail slithered up Charlie’s leg, winding around his calf.

"Do you know what that means, Charlie?" said Seth, rubbing Charlie’s cock against his cheek. "That means that deep down you secretly want this… You can stop me now… Walk away with your heterosexuality intact… But you won’t do that. You know you won’t…"

Charlie shivered. Seth’s words were like shards of ice through his heart. He was afraid, and it tied his stomach in knots. He could have walked away. He should have walked away. But instead what he did was reach down and grab Seth’s silver hair by the fistful, moaning as Seth’s mouth closed around his cock.

Throwing back his head and closing his eyes, Charlie fervently hoped that this was all just a fever dream, that he was still secretly tossing in bed. He hoped against hope that he had not just sold his soul to the devil for a blowjob. Even if it was, admittedly, the most mind-numbingly good blowjob he’d ever had.

"I bet you don’t even have any idea who I am or why I targeted you specifically," said Seth, as he bobbed up and down on Charlie’s cock, his voice projecting straight into Charlie’s mind. "And I am willing to bet that even if I took on my original form you wouldn’t recognize me."

Seth’s form shimmered. His skin took on the healthy glow of life. He shrank, losing muscles and height until a young man, the kind that would qualify as a twink, was kneeling between Charlie’s legs. Charlie struggled not to think of the twink as cute, but he couldn’t. And for the first time it hit him that he had already been changed. Perhaps irrevocably.

The demon’s golden eyes gleamed brighter. Their inner fire seemed all-consuming all of a sudden. The young man that had taken Seth’s place laughed, but he spoke with the same chilling voice. "There it is. The realization. Not so straight are we, now, Charlie?"

Charlie shivered. No. No. No. That wasn’t possible. You couldn’t just change sexuality like that. He tried to think of women. The kind that he had always dreamed of bedding. Pretty faces. Curvaceous bodies. Big breasts. He expected the usual flush of arousal, but instead he felt only disinterest.

Charlie’s mind promptly went to cut, tight bodies. Broad shoulders. Thick thighs. Powerful arms. He moaned, his cock jumping in Seth’s throat. "What is a pair of big bouncy breasts against a pair of thick muscle tits?" said Seth.

No. No. No. Frantically, Charlie tried to think. Pussy. Hot, wet pussy. "Do you really think that’s going to work?" said Seth. Charlie whimpered. "Nah. But you might have a better chance thinking of a nice, smooth ass with a tight boyhole at the center."

Panting, Charlie chewed on his lower lip and bucked his hips into Seth’s mouth. Instead of women, his mind clung to the images of hot men. Guys that he had met working out. The attractive straight men in his life. He whimpered as his cock pulsed and throbbed and quivered.

The pleasure stopped. The world was quiet except for Charlie’s barely-stifled moans and the ringing of his own blood in his ears. "Look at me," said Seth. Charlie felt compelled to obey. "Still don’t recognize who I am, huh? Well, that’s to be expected."

Seth reached forward and cupped Charlie’s balls in his fingers. "Because that’s just the type of person that you are… well, were," said Seth. "You thought you were so untouchable. You felt like the whole world existed to cater to your whims. The things that you didn’t like, that didn’t agree with that picture, you just pushed it out of your mind."

Charlie felt Seth’s eyes boring into his soul as Seth went down on him again. He moaned, tightening his grip on Seth’s hair as he felt his cock slide down all the way to the hilt. Then, Seth pulled off. And then sucked him down. Off. On. Up and down. One moment, Charlie’s cock was buried in a hot throat, and the next it was straining in the empty air.

"You didn’t even want to acknowledge what little guilt you felt over what you did to me. To him," hissed Seth, as he pressed kisses all the way up the underside of Charlie’s cock, from the base to the tip. "Because you were too good for that, weren’t you, Charlie Morrison? Too good to be guilty over the death of some nameless faggot in a dark alleyway, anyway."

Charlie let out a quiet sob. He didn’t care how unmanly it was, anymore. Not that he could have stopped it even if he wanted. He was scared. Terrified. He had never felt any emotion this acutely before, and to make it worse he had just realized who it was that had been sucking him off.

"I-I’m sorry," he whimpered. But Seth just sneered at him and said nothing more. Once again he took on his demonic form, his broader shoulders shoving Charlie’s legs apart.

Charlie moaned as Seth attacked his cock, licking at it, sucking it, slurping it with his tongue. The pleasure built and built and built, especially when Seth swallowed him. Up and down. In and out of Seth’s throat.

It was good. So good. Mind-numbingly good. Seth bobbed up and down faster with every stroke. Harder. Charlie could feel the cum churning in his balls, ready to blow at any moment as tension coiled in his stomach. "That’s it, straight boy," Seth’s voice said, in Charlie’s mind. "That’s it. Let it all go. Give it to me. Every drop. Give everything that you are to me."

Charlie whined and bit his lower lip. Maybe he had a chance, still. Maybe he could get away still. He was never going to be straight again, but maybe he could try and lead a normal life again.

He fought, tooth and nail against the coming orgasm, even though a small voice in his head told him that it was already a foregone conclusion. He moaned, struggling to keep his composure as Seth sucked hard on his cock. It almost felt like he was fucking a vacuum, like his cock was going to get pulled right off his groin. And yet somehow that felt good. Maddeningly good.

"That’s it, slut," said Seth. "So close to being mine."

Charlie closed his eyes and tried to imagine the worst, most disgusting, most depressing things that he could conceive of. It did not work. The only images his mind could conjure were of Seth. Of Seth’s face bobbing up and down on his cock. Of Seth’s cheeks puffed out around his girth.

Charlie let out one last whimper. He had tried. He had fought. But ultimately it was in vain. He spilled over the edge, his fingers clutching tightly at Seth’s hair as his back arched, his toes curled, and his cock exploded in Seth’s mouth.

Pulse after pulse. Shot after shot. Cum spilled out of him in what felt like an endless torrent.

The orgasm was so good, so intense, that he nearly passed out from the intensity of the pleasure. But as it tailed off and Seth’s tongue slurped the last drops of cum from his cock, he felt another sensation overtake him.

It was a horrifying feeling, a sucking sensation that he could feel all over his body. He squirmed and writhed, feeling Seth’s mouth on his sensitive cock, still sucking hard.

He tried to pull Seth off him with all of his might, but with every moment that passed, he felt the strength sapping from his arms. All over his body, his muscles deflated, leaving him with skinny but toned arms and legs, a flat chest, and a smooth stomach.

He whimpered, biting back the tears that stung at his eyes for the years of hard work that had been obliterated in an instant. And then, he felt himself shrink. He could literally feel his body compacting. His feet failed to touch the floor as he shrank from six feet tall to barely five.

"P-Please… N-No more," Charlie begged. But Seth wasn’t done yet. He felt his cock, his manhood, the crowning glory of his machismo, slowly deflate. His proud cock and balls withered away to practically nothing compared to what he used to have. He was three inches hard, now, and his quail-egg sized balls would never have more than a dribble of cum in them.

Just like that, all of the strength and masculinity that Charlie had used to pride himself on had left his body. He could only weep, quietly, as Seth effortlessly flipped him over and knocked his legs apart.

Charlie didn’t fight as Seth pulled on his ass cheeks and shivered as he felt Seth’s hot breath on his hole. Seth kissed his pucker, and he felt it twitch. His ass cheeks swelled, easily doubling in size as his hole became a lot more sensitive. A burning itch grew inside him, a desperate need. And it took all of his willpower not to beg to be filled up.

"How does it feel to be on the other end, squirt?" said Seth. Charlie whimpered as Seth leaned into him, pinning him against the couch. When he felt Seth’s fingers rubbing around his hole, he spread his legs on instinct, trying to invite them in.

"A bit of karmic retribution, if you believe in that crap," said Seth, with a laugh. "Payback for years of being a self-righteous homophobic prick…"

Charlie sniffled, knowing that his old life was over. His parents were unlikely to even recognize him as their son, and once they found out how deeply he craved cock, he would be disowned. "And just so you know, taking away your heterosexuality, it was a mercy…"

Seth pressed a kiss to the side of Charlie’s face, just under the lobe of his ear. It made Charlie shiver. "I’m not a monster. Well, not as much a monster as the others, anyway… Just imagine how much you would have suffered, being attracted to women, being disgusted by the thought of having sex with men, and yet craving cock for the rest of your life…"

Charlie shivered at the thought. He would have preferred if none of this had happened to him, but Seth was right. There was, at least, that. A small part of him still hadn’t caught up, still thought that he was straight. But he really couldn’t bring himself to find the idea of getting his hole played with disgusting.

Charlie bit back a little moan. "Of course, this is still a punishment," said Seth. "Justice for the people that you’ve wronged. Obviously, you don’t get to keep this cushy place. And you won’t be able to access any of your money."

"P-Please… More…" Charlie begged, grinding his hips back into Seth’s fingers. Seth’s words filled him with existential dread, fear of an uncertain future, but he couldn’t ignore his body’s desperate need to be played with.

"And I do mean you won’t be able to," said Seth, nibbling on the lobe of Charlie’s ear. "I took away your memories as they relate to your finances. You won’t remember an account number, a pin, or even an expiry date. And all your business acumen? The knowledge that you spent years building up to get a nice career? I’ve taken all that away from you, as well."

Charlie let out a strangled little yelp as he felt Seth’s finger pressing into his hole. "That means that you’re just as naturally smart as ever. The only thing is that you don’t know a thing outside of a standard high school education," said Seth.

"You know, you’re pretty cute like this," said Seth, pushing himself up off the couch and off Charlie. As soon as he felt the weight lift off his back, Charlie turned over. His cheeks were stained with tears. His eyes were red. His nose was runny from his sobbing. But he still tried to maintain some composure. He tried to look up at Seth’s eyes, but he had a lot of trouble tearing his gaze away from Seth’s massive endowment.

"You make me want to keep you just to ravage you," said Seth, stroking the side of Charlie’s face. As much as Charlie hated to admit it, the feather-light touch sent a tingle of pleasure down his spine. "But I don’t think you’re quite ready for that yet… Maybe when you come to your natural end I’ll come around and collect you."

"But for now, time for a little bit more justice… And some house keeping," said Seth. He reached out a hand. Charlie looked at it. He hesitated for a moment but ultimately grabbed Seth’s hand.

The next thing that Charlie knew, he had been slung over Seth’s shoulder in a fireman’s carry. His new body was light, and Seth was surprisingly strong. Though that was probably to be expected of a demon.

"Of course, now that you have no money to your name, and no skills to land a good job, I should probably throw you out on the streets," said Seth. Charlie’s eyes widened. He struggled to free himself from Seth’s grasp, pounding his fists on the demon’s back even though he knew it was a fruitless endeavor. "But I know you’re used to a certain lifestyle and I did say that I’m not as monstrous as the others."

"So I’m not going to send you to the gutter," said Seth. Too late, Charlie realized that the demon was carrying him out of the suite and down the hall. Naked. He was mortified.

"Here we are," said Seth, setting Charlie down in front of a unit that Charlie didn’t recognize. Seth knocked and after a minute or so, the squirt, Trevor, came to the door.

"Hello Trevor," said Seth. Trevor’s eyes immediately locked on to Seth’s crotch. He looked like he was about ready to pop a vein at the sight of Seth’s serpent.

"This is Charlie, your new boyfriend. You may remember him as the guy that beat you up in the gym shower and told you never to go back to the fitness center," said Seth, his eyes glowing. "But he’s a different man now. Well, I’d hesitate to even call him a man…"

Charlie shivered. Trevor was staring right into Seth’s eyes, and Charlie could see the glowing gold irises reflected in Trevor’s pupils. He hadn’t even realized that it was the eyes this whole time. "You don’t need to be afraid of him anymore. And you shouldn’t be. Because you’re going to need to go to the gym a lot to maintain the body that I’m going to give you, today."

The only thing that Charlie could do was gawk as Seth grabbed Trevor and kissed him. Trevor moaned, his cock tenting out the front of his sweatpants and creating a large wet spot. But the most dramatic change was Trevor’s sudden growth spurt.

From being barely three inches taller than Charlie currently was, Trevor exploded to taller than Charlie had been before Seth drained him of everything. His muscles swelled, tearing his clothes to shreds.

The sweat pants held up relatively well, but they strained to contain the thick thighs that Trevor now sported. They were definitely far too short now, though.

Trevor shook his head, his eyes seeming to clear of Seth’s influence. He stood up straight, with an easy confidence that the little twerp had never had before Seth’s kiss. He looked at Charlie and raised an eyebrow at him.

Charlie looked at his feet and blushed, covering his crotch. The tips of his ears felt like they were on fire. Seth leaned down and whispered to Charlie, "Oh, and I gave him all your financial details and everything that you’ve learned. So you should be taken care of. As long as you’re a good boy."

The sting of tears in his eyes was becoming a familiar sensation for Charlie. A part of him recognized that he deserved this, but still, he felt that it was unfair that everything he’d ever worked for had just suddenly been given away to someone else.

"Sorry, boy, but life is never fair. And besides, you should get used to it. It’s not like there’s anything you can do about it." said Seth. Charlie nodded. Yeah. He liked to think that he was resilient. He would learn. He would be better. He would adapt. But it would take time.

"Here you go, Trevor," said Seth. "Thanks for letting me borrow this sweet ass for a little while."

"No problem, man," said Trevor, without a hint of the nervous stutter that he used to have. "Glad you enjoyed him. I don’t usually like lending him out, at all but you looked like a good guy."

Seth smirked, a devilish gleam in his eye. "Oh, I can assure you, I’m not," he said. "Anyway. I have to go. Take care of Charlie, will you?"

Charlie walked through the open doorway to stand beside Trevor. This was going to take some getting used to. But he knew it could have been worse. So much worse. Considering everything that he’d done. He was just glad that he hadn’t been ruined any more.

He leaned his head against Trevor’s muscular chest and waved goodbye to Seth. "Take care of him for me, will you?" said Seth.

"Oh I will," said Trevor, with a grin.

When the man arrived, the man was resplendent as the dawn. The man shone with a radiance that chased away the cold and the darkness. The smile on the man’s face filled his heart with the first warmth that he had felt in a very long time.

"I am Lucifer, the Morning Star," said the man. "And you my child, are a beautiful creature. I admire your strength, your courage, your conviction. Already I adore you. Will you serve me?"

He nodded. He was ready to fight for the freedom of mankind. "Wonderful," said Lucifer, his golden eyes burning with joy. "What shall I call my newest incubus?" Lucifer said.

"Seth, Morning Star," he said. "You may call me Seth, my prince."

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