Pool Boy, Pool Toy

Some neighbors came by the other day to invite me to a pool party. They owned a greenhouse pool, apparently. I wore my some shorts to their house but at the party, what I found was strong men in sexy trunks standing at three of the corners of the pool.

They asked me to join them and gave me a pair of those skimpy trunks. The neighbors said I should wear them, so I tried them on. After getting home, clothes have been a bit of a pain so I’ve been spending the days naked at home, staring in the mirror and imagining myself as a pool boy.

The neighbors have just come by again. They are wearing their trunks. They’re asking me if I’m ready to be their permanent poolboy.

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The words "greenhouse pool" had scarcely been out of the neighbor’s mouths before Mason made up his mind about going to the party. Sure, some small part of him had quibbles about going to a pool party in the middle of January, during what was probably one of the harshest, coldest winters of his young life. But he wasn’t about to let two feet of fresh snowfall dissuade him.

If anything, the crappy weather was all the more reason to go to a pool party. Especially one that was going to be in a greenhouse, where it was probably going to be all kinds of toasty. Mason was totally up for pretending it was summer. Even for just a few hours.

The only thing was that he wasn’t sure what kind of apparel would be appropriate for the party. He had been to a few pool parties in his life. Many of them, with flamboyant gay friends who were there more to cruise than to swim. So, suffice to say, his experience in the field was a bit skewed.

It was not to say that he was ashamed of his sexuality. Hardly anyone really gave a toss these days. Only the conservative pricks who lived down the road really gave anything worth a damn what people stuck their knobs into, but he had no idea who else would be there. And besides, being proud of one’s sexuality did not preclude one from being a prude about swimwear. The kind of person one wanted to bang wasn’t necessarily an indicator of the kind of swimsuit one would tolerate.

Erring on the side of caution, Mason settled on a pair of shorts. Something that wasn’t so boring as to give the wrong impression, but nothing so revealing that he wouldn’t be taken for a slut the moment he walked into the pool.

As it turned out, he needn’t have worried about his swimsuit. When he got there he saw quite a number of hot and handsome men standing around the pool, most of them at the corners talking. They were all wearing tight, sexy little speedos that left very little to the imagination and made Mason consider going back home to fetch one of his more revealing pairs.

But when some of the men called out to him and told him to join them in the pool, he could scarcely deny the invitation. Luckily, the hosts were able to rescue him, giving him a pair of speedos that looked suspiciously new, and suspiciously in his size. But he didn’t even think twice about trying it on, finding it wonderfully snug and comfortable around his junk.

He felt a bit of a sting as he entered the water, particularly around his crotch area, but he didn’t pay it too much mind. He submerged himself as he walked off the stairs and towards the guys that had called him into the pool. He introduced himself. They introduced themselves. And before long they were talking.

Time passed quickly after that. It was all a bit hazy in Mason’s mind. He had been having a lot of fun. Had even participated in a game of water polo. His mind had been so full of muscular men with straining speedos. The random erections he could see throbbing in those tight little swimsuits were absolutely divine. But then someone had brought out the strong drinks and everything went downhill in terms of sobriety from there.

Mason had no doubts that the party had only gotten better from that point, since he could feel himself vibrating with excitement. But after the alcohol, everything had been a bit of a blur. He hardly even remembered getting home, or taking off his clothes, or slipping under the sheets. But he did remember that he had work the next day and that he really should be going to sleep.

Sleep deprivation, as it turned out, would be the least of his problems. No matter what kind of underwear he tried on, what kind of pants, what kind of shirt, it was all itchy. He tried to bear it, but just really couldn’t. Even the thought of clothes made his skin crawl. He had no idea what was going on, or what was happening to him, but he did the only right thing and called in sick.

He was bound to get an earful for it, but he decided that it would be better than going to work and suffering in clothes for eight hours. Retail was bad enough.

He went to the bathroom to take a look at himself and see if he had broken out in some sort of a rash from the pool water yesterday, but his skin looked fine. It looked better than fine, actually. It looked beautiful. Not only had he lost all the blemishes from adolescent years that had been filled with more pimples than necessary, his otherwise pasty skin had developed something of a pretty golden tone to it.

It wasn’t just his skin that had changed. His entire body had, too. His face was very similar, but he could tell there was a difference. It was subtle, but it was there. He looked perfect. Like all the imperfections, the asymmetries of his features, had been smoothed away.

His body had undergone the brunt of changes, though. While before he’d been lean, now he was tight. His biceps, traps, pecs, abs, and quads were all beautifully designed. He could scarcely contain himself as he rubbed his fingers all over the grooves on his stomach, feeling pleasure tingle up and down his spine.

His ass was big, too. Bigger than he remembered it being. It was so round and smooth. It was perky. Bubbly. Perfect. It also was very sensitive to the touch. He had to bite back a moan as he rubbed one of those beautifully fat cheeks.

His cock was better, too. Bigger, now. Thicker. His balls were nice and full. The thought occurred to him that he would fill a speedo very nicely. So he grabbed one from his closet. It was the only piece of clothing that didn’t make him itch. And he was right. He looked so much better in it now than he ever had before.

Thoughts of the pool party asserted themselves in Mason’s mind. He remembered how much fun he had had there. How much he had loved feeling the warmth of the sun on his back, the water, the men ogling him and feeling him up.

The more that he thought about it, the more that he wished it hadn’t ended. He wanted to go back. Wanted to stay there forever. As a pool boy. And he knew that he would look good in that role, too. He would be the model pool boy. More a piece of candy than anything else. There to supposedly help maintain the pool, but really just being there to look pretty.

That was something that he could do. Forget the fact that he had a degree in engineering. Standing around a pool and looking pretty sounded like a much more fun way to spend his time. Not to mention getting all the attention from handsome men like the ones that had been at the party yesterday.

Mason began to drool as he thought about life as a pool boy. If he had been able to pay attention, he would have noticed that he had put on the pair of speedos that the neighbors had given him. He would have noticed the way that its surface rippled and pulsed. He would have noticed the trillions of tiny little needles pumping him full of a proprietary formula that had been activated by yesterday’s soak.

But he was too far gone. The more that he thought about the water, about being a pool boy, the more that his mind wasted away to nothing. Shriveling away into useful mass that the nanobots being injected into his bloodstream could use to make him even prettier. Even more perfect as a toy.

He didn’t move from the spot until a few days later, when the neighbors came by to ask him if he wanted to be their permanent pool boy. By then, so little remained of his brain that he really didn’t have a choice but to say yes.

And as the neighbors talked to him about his new role, he felt his hole leak from excitement. It was just another change that the nanobots had worked on his body to prepare him for his future. From now on he was going to be a pool boy.

But more importantly, he was going to be a pool toy for all those men who just needed to blow off some steam. And for that to happen, he needed to be ready for any cock at any time. From now on, he certainly would be.

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