On the Wings of Love

Dear Purple and Pink Fairies, is it possible I’m a descendant of Eros or Cupid?

It’s hard to explain, but I fall in love with every guy I meet at first sight. My hottest fantasy is to have a threesome, and the two guys remain a couple after our tryst. The only thing is, I’m always welcomed to rejoin them.

I am also so desperate to have wings that I’ve been considering getting a large back tattoo of them. It’d be amazing to have a real set I could cocoon my lovers with in a warm, feathery embrace.

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(Source: photographer Célio Said)

You blink away the tears stinging your eyes from the bright sunlight streaming down from the heavens. The heat of the sun is mellow against your naked flesh, and a warm breeze caresses your body, making waves across the sea of verdant grass that covers the rolling hills around you. Behind you is the intersection of two packed dirt roads and an indecipherable sign. In front of you, at the crest of the tallest hill for leagues around, is a temple of gold and marble.

Your feet take you, unbidden, to the temple steps. The acolytes greet you, all in various states of undress. Some are wearing their togas, but in such a way as to expose their firm chests, their bulging biceps, their turgid cocks, and their muscular asses. Others are practically wearing nothing at all, sheer silks clinging to the curves of their effete bodies, golden tassels sparkling against smooth, unblemished skin.

You feel your sex rousing between your legs as you make your way up to the temple door. They swing open noiselessly on well-oiled hinges. Beyond is a throne room furnished with exquisite pieces and luxurious draperies in shimmering reds, golds, and purples. Sitting on high-backed chairs at the far end of the room are two men. One, wearing practically nothing to hide his slender body but the sheer pink silks that highlight the soft parts of his slender physique, and the other dressed in a deep purple toga edged with gold, with a head bobbing up and down between his powerful spread legs.

“So, Eros or Cupid, eh,” says the man in purple, with a powerful voice that reverberates down the entirety of the hall, making your bones shiver with the sheer authority that is behind it. “Who’d want to be associated with those runts?” he adds, with a small smirk.

He beckons you forward. Your feet walk you down the hall of their own accord. “Don’t be mean, darling,” says the smaller of the two as he gets up from his throne and walks over to you. You feel his slender fingers moving up and down your sides, sending shocks of pleasure through the core of your being. You shiver, your cock leaking pre-cum onto the floor. “Why don’t we see if you do have the blood of gods in you?” he whispers, in your ear as he presses an arrow into the palm of your right hand and the middle of a bow in your left.

The Pink Fairy snaps his fingers, and one of the slender attendants descends from the platform with the thrones. The Pink Fairy places his hands on your shoulders and smirks as the attendant falls to his hands and knees just in front of the temple doors. He reaches back and spreads his cheeks, revealing a hairless pink hole. “If you really are their descendant,” the Pink Fairy whispers in your ear, “You’ll find a way to give him pleasure with these.”

You gulp audibly and line up the shot. “He’s never going to do it,” the Purple Fairy booms. You swallow your apprehension and force yourself to focus on the task at hand. You nock the arrow. You draw the string. In between heartbeats, you fire. The arrow flies through, the sharp arrowhead glinting in the sunlight streaming through the temple’s windows.

Halfway down the hall, the arrowhead turns into a silver phallus and it slides into the attendant’s hole. The whore’s rapturous shriek echoes in the hall, and his cock sprays cum all over the floor. The Purple Fairy claps a hand on your shoulder. “Good job,” he says, with a deep chuckle. “We’ll awaken your demigod blood.”

The Pink Fairy walks up to you and presses a finger to your lips. “But it isn’t for free,” he says. “You’re going to owe us a favor.”

When you wake up, you feel totally different. Your body is lighter. Your build is a lot more slender, more streamlined than you remember it being. But most of all, the distribution of your weight is different. There’s a pair of wings on your back, big, feathery, and warm to the touch. You shiver with pleasure as you brush your fingers through the feathers. This is better than your wildest dreams.

Something bothers you about the Fairies’ statement that you would owe them a favor, but it slips from your mind as easily as your cock jumps to full hardness when you see a couple, holding hands, stroll through the nearby woods. You walk up to the couple. They appear scandalized by your nudity and awestruck by your beautiful wings, at first, but their gazes turn quickly to lustful ones as they rake their eyes over your body.

“Hey,” one of them says breathlessly.

“Hey,” you say to them, with a small playful smile on your lips. “I think I might be a little lost…”

“O-Oh!” says the other one, slapping his boyfriend on the shoulder. You don’t know how you know it, but you are instinctively aware that these two are committed to one another, but are not yet due to be wed. “We would be more than happy to help… Um… We live nearby. Would you like to…”

You smile, and you can see their hearts melt as you do. “It would be my pleasure,” you say. 

You fold your wings against your back, knowing that as beautiful as they are, they will likely prove troublesome as you come into more populated areas. They melt into your skin. When you look over your shoulder, you see in the reflection of a nearby pond that your wings have turned into a beautiful back tattoo. That, and you also see that your ass has turned into a tight little bubble. Now that you see your new endowment, you can’t wait to bounce it on a thick dick.

After some time the three of you make it back to their apartment. They may have overstated the proximity of their house. They make a nominal attempt at informing you of where you are, but you don’t care. They don’t care. The tension becomes thick as molasses in the air, but it doesn’t last for long as you all fall into a tangle of limbs, hot skin, and leaking erections.

When the evening is over and done with you cradle your new lovers with your feathery wings, shivering with pleasure at their contented sighs as they lay against you, one on either side. You could get used to this. But you know that you can’t stay. You have other things to do, other places to visit, other people to experience.

“We know you’re going to leave,” says one of your new lovers, as you lay there in the silence.

The other completes his sentence. “But please don’t forget us. You’re always welcome to come back.”

You smile. Yes. You definitely think you’ll come back. Not just to them. But to everyone that you manage to find.

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