To Walk a Mile

My husband and his brother have always had a bit of a strained relationship. My husband is intelligent and responsible; my brother in law is a stoner and sort of white trash.

My husband works hard while my brother in law would rather sit in his boxers drinking beer and searching his crotch. Could you bring them closer together?

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Ah. Family affairs. Always a hard thing to deal with. More often than not we toe around them, hoping that they go away. But when people get together and you can feel that they’re a misplaced word away from an outright fistfight, it becomes really old really quickly. Can’t blame you for wanting some resolution to what is obviously some unresolved emotional problems between the two men.

Whenever there are two people who seem to have fundamental differences in personality, it’ll be very difficult to bridge the gap between the two of them without help. Empathy is the key in situations like these. But more often than not, perceiving someone else as an “other,” makes empathy difficult. But I think I know how to change things up around here. Just go back to sleep. When you wake up, you might just be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll find.

Bright sunlight is streaming into the room, and the loud voices arguing exacerbate the pounding headache you can feel between your ears. You blink, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. You look around and spot your husband and your brother in law arguing at the foot of your bed. They look like they’re this close to biting each other’s heads off.

“What’s going on?” you say, turning your attention to your husband.

Your brother in law answers. Or at least the man wearing the face of your brother in law does. “I don’t know hun,” he says, “I woke up looking like this today.” You blink. You would have never suspected that this would be the Pink Fairy’s play. You didn’t take him to be one for body swaps, especially when it clearly wasn’t helping the two make nice.

You woke up like that?!” says the man wearing your husband’s face, with an accusatory tone. You can only assume he’s actually your brother in law. “Look at me! I look like a fucking pansy!” he says, before turning to you and adding, “no offense.”

“Excuse me?! Want me to fucking break your face?” says your husband, taking a threatening step forward. He raises his fist and then seems to realize what he’s doing halfway through it. He blinks, lowers his arm, and shakes his head. “I… I don’t know what’s come over me,” he says. His eyes glass over. “You know what, whatever. You guys figure this out. I’m gonna go watch TV.”

You look at your brother in law and raise an eyebrow. “Well, I need to go to work,” he says. He pauses as realization sweeps over his face. “Oh hell no!” he exclaims, but he’s already halfway through pulling slacks up over his legs. “Ugh. I can’t believe my good-for-nothing brother isn’t more worried about this. Fine. I guess I’ll have to be the responsible one for once.”

“I’m just gonna cover for his ass at work and I’m coming right back home so we can sort this out,” he says. You shrug, pretending not to smile because you’ve started to catch on to what’s happening. Your brother in law finishes dressing up and says, “well, see you later.”

As soon as he’s out the door, you smirk to yourself. You have to go to work, yourself. As you leave the house, you walk by your husband on the couch. He’s scratching his stomach, a hand stuck down the front of his boxer shorts. “Bye,” you say, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, whatever,” he says, with a shrug and a half-hearted kiss on your cheek.

Halfway through the workday you’re having problems with concentrating on the tasks that you have to complete. In fact, even thinking at all is difficult. Your mind keeps wandering back to your husband and your brother in law, wondering what they’re doing back at home, how they’re connecting.

You can almost see it now. Your husband, finally giving in to all the pent-up aggression in his brother’s psyche, fucking the ever-living daylights out of his own face, his own body. It makes you drool a little bit, makes the fog in your head thicken just so. You feel hazy,  but in a pleasant way. And your cock throbs against your leg in such a way that it makes you feel faint with pleasure.

You excuse yourself from your work area and head to the washroom. You look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you look different. You look younger. Your eyes, they seem unfocused, glassy, dazed. You can’t help but think that you look like such an airhead, and the thought makes your cock jump, makes you giggle softly to yourself.

Someone walks in. It’s a man. He’s wearing a suit, but it clings to every curve of his tight little body. He smiles at you, and his necktie, a hot bubblegum pink shimmers in the light by the mirror. He walks up to you and puts a hot pink snapback on your head. Backwards, of course, and he says, “All magic comes with a price. But don’t worry. Your husband and his brother are connecting very well right now… And soon you’ll join them,” he says. “Nothing to get the blood going like a good old threesome.”

You try to say something, anything, but you find that your thoughts keep slipping out of your grasp every time you try to voice them. All you can think of is cock and cum and cute bubble butts to bury your face in. Nice tight little behinds that you can pound as you fuck away your brains. Drool trickles from the corner of your lip and when the Pink Fairy tells you to go home, you do so without question.


When you get there you see your husband’s suit scattered on the floor, crusted with dried cum. You also see your brother in law’s boxers, soaked through with pre-cum and drool. The two men are nowhere to be seen, though, but you can hear giggling from the living room.

You make your way there and see the two brothers. They look different. They look like empty-headed little sluts, giggling at each other as they idly stroked their little cocks and fingered their holes. But they look like they’re bonding. And after all, that’s what you wished for.

It isn’t long before they spot you, and definitely not much longer after that when you’re sitting between them, giggling just as vapidly as they slobber all over your cock. A small part of you tries to fight back, but then again, you’ve never felt so good. And this is exactly what you wanted.

Eventually, your resistance dies away, along with the last of your intelligence. It’s your husband that you command to get on the floor first, on hands and knees. You tell your brother in law to do the same, but you just shove a few fingers in his eager hole. You want to have fun with your husband first.

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