The Taste of Purple

I know the Purple Fairy is the epitome of the Alpha male, a cosmic entity who comes and goes. But does he ever wish for a constant slave? A faggot who has no powers (unlike the Pink Fairy), but who is constantly at his service whenever he needs it?

A faggot who would no longer have a life or an identity beyond serving the Purple Fairy for eternity? If it pleases him and the gods, I would like to ask to be made into this faggot so he may always have the pleasure he deserves.

Story Request by @charlesfaggot2

Are you seriously calling the Pink Fairy a faggot? Not that he’s offended or anything. It’s the truth, after all. But it is still a bit presumptuous, don’t you think?

And besides, what makes you think that the Purple Fairy wants a permanent faggot boytoy anyway? He can have anyone he wants. He’s an Alpha male. The Alpha male. He knows exactly what he deserves — everything — and if he sees something that he wants, he will take it. It doesn’t matter if the guy’s some pansy ass faggot or the most masculine, musclebound stud. If the Purple Fairy wants a man to suck his cock, no man could resist his power.

Certain self-proclaimed Alphas on the net might believe that fags are theirs to use and abuse without restraint. They’re wrong. What sort of true Alpha just throws around their property, and treats it without care? Those “Alphas” are just pretending to be manly men when the truth is that deep down, all they are is simpering little bitches that are waiting for a real man to bring out the faggots they’re hiding inside of themselves.

The Purple Fairy isn’t interested in having a stay-at-home faggot. But if you want to serve him, then we’re going to give you that opportunity. Not that you were leaving here without being changed, anyway. Don’t worry. The Purple Fairy will use you when he wants to, but the best way that you can serve him is by being the best fag you can be for other real Alpha men. Because nothing brings him more pleasure than Alphas being elevated to their rightful place in the cosmos, and eager little fags like you are an important part of that process.

Now the Purple Fairy likes a muscle fag as much as the next man, but that’s not quite what he has in mind for you. Can you feel yourself shrinking? Your body taking on the profile of a horny little twink with a tight sexy body and a hungry little bubble butt? Yes. It feels good, doesn’t it? That’s not where the changes are going to stop.

I bet you can feel your cock and balls getting bigger. From four inches flaccid you go to five. Six. Seven. Erect you’re pretty sure you’re more than eleven inches long. And there is no questioning your girth. Your balls swell, too, perfect for playing with. But cold metal wraps around your groin, your cock and balls trapped behind a solid steel chastity cage that you’re never going to be able to take off on your own.

Horniness floods into you. It’s sharp as it crashes against your brain, washing away your memories, thoughts, and identity, leaving nothing but a pulsing, throbbing desire to serve the cocks of real Alpha men. To worship them in veneration of the Purple Fairy. This might not be the fate that you wanted, but you’re not one to question the wisdom of the ultimate Alpha.

If this is what you have to be, if you have to serve as an empty-headed eager little slut for Alpha men, then that is what you will do.

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