A Rubbery Fate

I want a story, oh mighty Fairy — a story about an innocent virgin boy finding his purpose and becoming a chastity-wearing rubber puppy where I am unable to remove my suit and I am forever fed cocks and cum of my master and the strangers he presents me to.

Story Request by @silentronin
(Source: @rubberslavebutters)

One night you awaken with a start, a cold sweat trickling down your back. You didn’t realize that you’d fallen asleep in front of your computer. On the bright screen, displayed for anyone walking past to see, are pictures, gifs, and videos of rubber pups eagerly wagging their tails and humping the air for their masters. It’s not a fetish that you ever thought you’d fall into, but you don’t regret any of it.

If anything, you wish that you could be like those pups. But you haven’t had any luck. For one, you don’t quite have the body for it. For another, you haven’t talked to anyone who seems interested in you as a pup. Or at least that’s what you think when you receive a text on your phone that says, “Hey, pup. I know it’s late. But something just got here and I’m really excited about it. I think you’re going to like it.”

You stare at the text for a moment, uncomprehending. You’re not sure if this is just a prank or if you’ve just completely forgotten meeting someone. In the back of your mind, right next to the fading memories of standing in front of a sex store that shouldn’t exist, new memories assert themselves. Of meeting someone right out of college. Of being a blushing virgin when you first meet him. Of hitting it off with your master. Of being his pup.

Your cock bones up as you eagerly think of what your owner might have for you. A happy haze descends over your thoughts, making it difficult to comprehend the world around you. You feel a lot more simple all of a sudden, your human worries disappearing. You walk out of your room, go down to your car, and drive off into the night. Somehow, you know that you’re never going to come back to your place as a human.

You’re conscious of how to drive for only how long it takes to get to your master’s house. The moment you pull up the driveway, you completely forget how a car works. You remember how to open a car door, but only until you open it and get out. You kick it closed behind you and crawl, on hands and knees to the front door.

You bump the doorbell with your nose and keep your position on your knees, your hands folded in front of your body. Your master comes out, with a smile on his face. He lets you in. You scamper into his living room. You hardly notice as your clothes dissolve off your back, reality shifting and rearranging around you.

You almost climb up on the sofa when your master clucks his tongue. You stop and sit. You look up at him with wide pleading eyes as he reaches behind the couch and says, “Here’s your surprise, boy. Do you want it?” He brings out a wood-paneled box and opens it. Inside is a sleek black collar that makes your little puppy dick stir.

Before you can get erect, a metal chastity cage materializes around your nub. You moan, your cock pressing up against the cold metal bars, your balls heavy from weeks of pent-up cum. You nod and bark, exposing your neck for your master to collar you. He laughs and fastens the collar around your neck.

It feels good. So good. Your body tingles all over as what little fat you have remaining on you melts away. Your proportions tighten up, your muscles becoming a little bit more pronounced. You feel your face shifting, your eyes getting bigger, becoming cuter.

You hardly notice when the rubber spreads across you, merging with your skin, a hood forming around your head. Tendrils work their way into your head, overtaking your brain, melting away the parts that you don’t need. Memories, intelligence, human knowledge, it all disappears, leaking out of your locked cock, dripping out onto the floor.

Your tongue flops out as you bark and wag your butt, the rubber spreading across your butt cheeks and caressing your hole before slipping inside and filling you. You squeal as your tail is pressed into your hole, but you love the feeling of being so full. You wag your butt from side to side, feeling the tail flop around.

Your master chuckles and sits on the couch. He fishes his cock out. “Puppy want a bone?” he says. You do want a bone. You scampered over to him and slobber all over his cock. “That’s a good boy… That’s all you’re going to want from now on,” he says. “My sexy little rubber pup.”

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