The Taste of Purple

I know the Purple Fairy is the epitome of the Alpha male, a cosmic entity who comes and goes. But does he ever wish for a constant slave? A faggot who has no powers (unlike the Pink Fairy), but who is constantly at his service whenever he needs it?

A faggot who would no longer have a life or an identity beyond serving the Purple Fairy for eternity? If it pleases him and the gods, I would like to ask to be made into this faggot so he may always have the pleasure he deserves.

Story Request by @charlesfaggot2
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On the Wings of Love

Dear Purple and Pink Fairies, is it possible I’m a descendant of Eros or Cupid?

It’s hard to explain, but I fall in love with every guy I meet at first sight. My hottest fantasy is to have a threesome, and the two guys remain a couple after our tryst. The only thing is, I’m always welcomed to rejoin them.

I am also so desperate to have wings that I’ve been considering getting a large back tattoo of them. It’d be amazing to have a real set I could cocoon my lovers with in a warm, feathery embrace.

Beta Patron Request by @trekoid-pr0n
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