Magical Obedience Training

Purple Fairy, I take great pride in my training of pups. I strive to be the very best. Not for the prestige, but to help these suppressed pups flourish and grow into the faithful, loving dogs I know they can be for their handlers and owners.

Pup play is very gear-dependent but, really, it can get in the way. Pup personalities vary, and he may not be into leather or latex. The gear is a poor physical approximation of the pup’s mental identity… Thus, I wish my training was so effective that it induced physical changes so at the end, the boy would become a real kemonomimi.

In other words, the boy’s ears would change into dog ears, he’d sprout a real dog tail, and his canines would lengthen a bit. Depending on the pup, he might grow some dainty claws, his penis might attach to his belly in a supple teeth, or his feet might reshape into paws.

All in all, the trainee’s physical appearance would accurately represent the duality of his mental being. So, Purple Fairy, is it possible to bestow such a power upon me?

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He was your personal pup. One of the few that you had selected to stay with you after their training. You named him Aspen, because his favorite place to lounge was under the boughs of the wide aspen tree in the woods behind your estate. He was so cute. So adorable. Especially ever since that fateful night a few weeks ago, when you had dreamed of the Purple Fairy and his temple, when you had surrendered yourself to him in order to obtain the power that now thrummed at your fingertips.

It had been weeks since the last time that Aspen walked on his own two legs, and you weren’t surprised that he’d turned out this way. He had always preferred to crawl around the house. Not that you minded, of course. It meant that his ass was always out on display, and always ready to be fucked whenever you felt like. There was never question of consent, because of all your personal pups, Aspen was the sluttiest and most eager to please. One need not look any further than how he lies on one of the fallen logs near his favorite tree to see that that hole is always ready for some action.

At first you had been worried that your boys would be seen as freaks by the outside world, but your concerns were stymied by the enthusiastic acceptance of one of the younger Alphas that had hired you for your services. In fact, he’d left quite the generous tip. That had been the first time you glimpsed the fact that reality had changed around you to accommodate your pups and their new forms, to protect them from the often-mean-spirited judgment of other people.

But you were still getting used to your powers. It was difficult to figure out exactly how far they extended, especially since each pup was different from the next one. Aspen for instance, grew his dog ears two days after you received the Purple Fairy’s gift but had yet to grow a tail. Mallow, on the other hand, has been gnawing on his own new tail for the last three weeks.

One thing that you hadn’t expected was the way that your pups would change mentally. In the past, they’d always had trouble staying away from their human words. You couldn’t blame them. They were boys after all, not actual pups, and humans by nature were a social creature. But ever since you got your powers, your pups have been acting more and more like actual pups. It has been weeks since the last time you heard even a whispered conversation between two of them.

There were times when you wanted to sit down and take it all in, but being a pup trainer has never been more difficult. You barely have a moment to think. The pups are good and obedient. But they’re playful and rowdy and randy. God are they horny little bastards. You thought you’d seen them at their worst when you locked them up in chastity, but now it’s endless humping and whining and butt-presenting.

Not that you minded, of course. Fucking was an important part of teaching a pup his place. And you definitely had the equipment to help them along. Your powers came with a couple of physical improvements, after all. For one, your refraction period was practically gone at this point. Which meant that you could fuck your pups silly at the end of the day — because gods know how else you’d get them into bed.

Your balls also produced copious amounts of cum now. Which meant that you could use your cock as more of a special treat for your pups than you could before. Whenever one of them did well, you didn’t hesitate to feed them a dollop of cream anymore.

But above all of that, you were nearly as horny as all the rest of your pups. You were glad that you had so many. Both the ones that you keep and the ones that you train. Because gods know you probably wouldn’t be able to make it through the day if you couldn’t take out your libido on all these eager, slutty little pups.

The way that they shiver and whimper and spill their seed whenever you pull on their sensitive tails or rub their tender ears is just the cherry on top of the little slice of paradise you’d somehow managed to find yourself in.

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