His New Endowment

Pink Fairy, I love my boyfriend. At 6’4″ and 235 lbs of sculpted muscle, he is my idea of a dream man. And we have a wonderful relationship! It’s just… Well, he is very hung up about the size of his cock.

Given his height, build, and especially his big, thick, muscular thighs, his 5-inch cock isn’t exactly proportional and he thinks he is woefully under-hung. Personally, I think his cock is perfect. It fits beautifully in all the places I like to put it. I actually think it is really hot that this big hunk has kind of a tiny cock…

I hate that he feels badly about this part of himself, though. Is there anything you can do to help him be more excited about the endowment he has?

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If it’s any consolation, at least once you get your boyfriend started, he fucks like a machine. He’s self-conscious about his cock; he complains a lot about how disproportionate it is to the rest of his body. And sure, it isn’t the biggest cock you’ve ever seen, or ever taken, but god does he know how to use it. Every time he snaps his hips forward, he drives the blunt head into your prostate, and it makes your entire body quiver with delight.

You might enjoy his size just fine, but you don’t like seeing your man dealing with anxiety right before sex. You don’t like the fact that he avoids showering at the gym, just because he’s embarrassed about his endowment even if his muscles are superior to nearly every other guy that works out with him. You just want him to be happy and comfortable with his body. Is that too much to ask?

That’s the question that’s on your mind one night as you go to sleep. And the next day, when you wake up, you feel like you got an answer. No. It’s not too much to ask. But only if you’re willing to pay the price. It’s a strange sensation. Almost like a half-forgotten conversation. You wrack your brain, trying to think of the strange dream that you had in that half-asleep state in early dawn. But the only memories you have, of that sex shop at the intersection of two roads that shouldn’t exist, are rapidly fading.

You groan and shake your head, blinking sleep out of your eyes. Your boyfriend is lying in bed next to you, and he grunts as he rolls over and drapes an arm over your body. “Ugh… My head feels funny,” he mumbles. At first you’re worried, but then you feel a kiss on nape of your neck. Not a chaste kiss. It is a passionate kiss. You feel his tongue swipe across your skin, leaving a lingering trail of heat against your sensitive skin.

He leans in, nuzzles your neck, and whispers, just loud enough for you to hear, “Wanna fuck?” You’re surprised. He’s not the type to initiate sex. But it’s a pleasant surprise. You grind your ass backward into his groin, and you can feel his modest endowment poking at your ass cheeks. “Ugh… So horny…” he mutters, his voice sounding lower and duller as he slides his cock up and down your crack. “Can’t think…”

Some small part of you recognizes that this is the price that you have to pay. His smarts for his comfort. But as a pleasant haze descends over your brain, leaving you warm and tingly all over, your own cock achingly hard between your legs, you realize that you don’t mind. You don’t mind that he won’t be as intelligent if it means that he doesn’t overthink his body as much. You don’t mind that your conversations are probably going to start focusing on bodybuilding and working out, if it means that he’ll be much more enthusiastic about sex.

“Yeah?” you say, almost breathless as your own thoughts slow down, as arousal takes over. “You want to fuck me silly with that tiny little cock of yours?” you whisper.

He groans. You feel pre-cum drip against your skin. Words that would have shut him down just last night seemed to only stoke his arousal this time. “Gonna pound my hole with that silly little pecker?” you grunt, as he flips you over onto your back and clambers over you.

“Yeah,” he growls, raking his fingers through your hair and pulling your head up as he knocks your legs apart. He lines his cock up with your hole. You can feel the blunt head at your entrance, slowly prying you open. “Gonna show you who’s boss with my small cock,” he grunts, his voice faltering as you feel another bead of pre-cum drip onto your hole the moment he disparages his endowment.

Your mind goes blank as he slides into you. Utter pleasure wipes out memories, thoughts. In that moment you’re nothing but a hole. Desperate for his cock. “Yeah!” you scream, your back arching, your toes curling. “Fuck my pussy with that tiny dick!”

“Keep talking like that,” your boyfriend gasps in your ear, “and I will!”

Hours later, when you both finally stumble out of bed, exhausted but satisfied, you realize that you still can’t think well. But it doesn’t matter. All you can do is chuckle dumbly as you feel his cum trickling out of your hole. He might not be well-endowed, but he sure cums like a hose.

And for the first time since you’ve known him, you watch him stand in front of the mirror to admire himself, slowly jerking his cock with three thick fingers that almost cover half his length. “Yeah, babe,” you whisper, grabbing handfuls of his ass from behind, “show off that little pecker.”

He grunts, a droplet of pearlescent cum dripping from the tip of his cock. He seems happy. You’re happy that he’s happy. What does it matter that neither of you can think well anymore? This all feels so much better.

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