Fitting in With the Jocks

I need a bit of help. I am a complete nerd and I hate that. Not to mention the low self-esteem that I have since I go to a pretty much all-jock college…

My small package doesn’t help, either. I have tried working out and nothing changes. Could you please change me into a jock?

It’s funny how much a little shove at just the right point in time can change so much. What will it take to turn you into a jock? Who knows. But I know at least one place that we can start. The first book that you read, the one that got you interested in reading, that sparked your inner curiosity, that steered you toward a life of academics. Let’s just pluck it out of the timeline, and let’s see how much changes.

Look at you! You’re already improved. Your tight abs, those firm pecs, that nice pair of biceps. Sure, you’re not the brightest bulb in the bunch anymore, but you made do. You still managed to get into university. And you ended up getting exactly the kind of attention that you always wanted. You’re a bit of a jock now. We can stop here. But we won’t.

You have what you want now, but there’s still the matter of the price that you need to pay. And I have decided that the price is letting me make a few more changes to the timeline. Oh, don’t worry, you’re going to like these changes. Not necessarily because they’re good changes, but because you won’t know any better by the time that I’m done with you.

Ah. Here. Let’s see. The book didn’t pique your interest in academics in this timeline, letting you develop more of a love for the outdoors and physical activity. But in middle school you get assigned a project that piques your interest in learning. Can’t have that happening anymore. Let’s give you one of the most boring countries in the world instead of one of the fascinating ones.

Oh. Would you look at that? You’re looking even better. That body of yours is even hotter now. And I can just tell that you’re packing a little bit less weight between those ears of yours. Unfortunately, doing it this way isn’t going to do anything about your endowment, but I’m pretty sure that in this new timeline, you’ve learned that there are other ways to take pleasure. I mean, otherwise why would you have such a nice tight ass?

One last change and then we’re done. Let’s make sure that you don’t get exposed to anything educational in your formative years. Bye bye documentary channels, hello reality TV. Goodbye dictionaries and encyclopedias, hello dad’s magazines. Damn. You’re looking hot. And from what I gather, there’s probably no brainpower left in that empty skull of yours.

But at least you’re pretty. And horny. I doubt you’re going to have a tough time getting sex now. You’re always up for it. You are right now, actually. Very up if you get my drift. So let’s send you back. To this new world. This changed world. Where you never stimulated your mind enough to become the bright little nerd that you were before you came to me, where you let your academic potential rot away in favor of a rocking body, a fantastic sex life, and morals that are more than a little bit loose.

Would you have it any other way? I don’t know. You probably don’t know. You’re too dumb to know any better by this point. But what does it matter? As long as you have cock to suck or cock to get fucked by, you’re good, right? And it’s not like you ever need to worry about anything at this point. Your boyfriend likes taking care of you, after all, and you’re more than glad to give up your muscular little jock ass to him.

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