Putting On A Few Pounds

Sorry to bother, but I have a problem that I think the Pink Fairy can help me with.

Recently, my boyfriend has been frustrated with my lack of dominance in the relationship. It’s been putting a strain on both of us. I would give anything to become a big, strong, dominant man that can put him in his place and fill him up, even at the cost of my intelligence.

Can you please help me?

Story Request by @owmysoulhurts
(Source: @the_superboy)

You wake up one day, feeling heavier than usual. For a moment you’re afraid that you’ve caught the flu, but that can’t be the case. You feel much better than you’ve ever felt in your life. Your body feels strong. Filled with energy. It’s just that there’s bulk there that you’re not used to.

You grunt and sit up, your hard cock sticking up between your legs. It’s an insistent, throbbing need that’s hard to ignore. Made even more irresistible by the haze hanging over your mind like a pleasant blanket, making it difficult to string together even the most simple of thoughts. Only three things are clear in your addled mind: you need to eat, you need to work out, and you need to get your cock serviced.

With a grunt, you rub your hands all over your chest and shake your boyfriend awake. “Wake up,” you tell him. “Suck my dick.” Your voice is so low and dull that you sound like a caveman. You feel dumb, too, but if anything that just makes you hornier. You look at the digital clock beside the bed, and even reading the numbers displayed there is a struggle.

You chuckle, the dumb sound inciting your arousal. You grunt as you grab your boyfriend by the back of the head and force his face into your crotch. He struggles for a moment, but you can feel his body go slack the moment he takes a deep breath of your intoxicating musk. He moans, his back arching, his ass pushing out into the air, presenting for you to stick your fingers into his hole.

“Fuck yeah,” you grunt, letting your finger swirl around his tight entrance. “Suck that fucking cock,” you say. No more than half a second later, you feel his nose buried in your pubes. He moans around your cock, sending electric shocks of pleasure up your spine.

Your boyfriend always complained about you being more dominant, but you’re pretty sure that once you’re done fucking his brains out like you gave up yours to be this big strong man that he had always wanted you to be, he won’t have any more complaints. Not that you would have cared even if he had kept bitching at you after the Purple Fairy gave you his gift.

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