Omega Enrichment

Liam graduated almost a year ago, yet he hasn’t found a position to start his career. Interviews never seem to go anywhere. He’s also quite lonely, as he has a hard time getting outside his head and hasn’t connected well with others. Still a virgin, he hasn’t dated at all. Like job interviews, online dating interactions fizzle out. All that is about to change when Liam decides to apply for a position at Hierarch Industries.

Beta Patron Request by @trekoid-pr0n

> 08/08/2031
6:02 PM
LiamMcGrath: So, uh
LiamMcGrath: It’s been nice talking to you
LiamMcGrath: We should have coffee sometime
LiamMcGrath: Or something

6:18 PM
Tuffman07: yea yea
Tuffman07: for sure
Tuffman07: just tell me when n where

6:19 PM
LiamMcGrath: Oh! Okay!
LiamMcGrath: Um, when are you available?

6:42 PM
Tuffman07: Uh. whenevers good dude
Tuffman07: ill figure summin’ out

6:44 PM
LiamMcGrath: Alright!
LiamMcGrath: I’ll get back to you on that!
LiamMcGrath: There’s a nice restaurant I know nearby
LiamMcGrath: Do you have any preferences?

7:23 PM
Tuffman07: nah man
Tuffman07: dont stress about it lol
Tuffman07: its just coffee

7:30 PM
LiamMcGrath: Sorry for the late response
LiamMcGrath: I was eating dinner
LiamMcGrath: But alright, I’ll, uh, take it easy?

7:49 PM
Tuffman07: no worries man

7:50 PM
LiamMcGrath: Anyway, I enjoyed our chat
LiamMcGrath: But I have to do some work now
LiamMcGrath: I’ll talk to you later?

8:04 PM
Tuffman07: yea man it was nice
Tuffman07: seeya

8:04 PM
LiamMcGrath: You have a good rest of the evening


> 09/08/2031
11:54 AM
LiamMcGrath: Hey there!
LiamMcGrath: I’m thinking maybe we could go on the 13th
LiamMcGrath: Do you think you’ll be available then?

6:22 PM
LiamMcGrath: If that doesn’t work I can also do the 15th


> 10/08/2031
2:46 PM
LiamMcGrath: Hey, how are you?


> 11/08/2031
10:13 PM
LiamMcGrath: Hey, I was just wondering…
LiamMcGrath: Do you still want to go have that coffee?

Liam grimaced as he read back up the text conversation he’d had with "Tuffman07." It was now the 26th. It had been over two weeks since the last message was sent between the two of them. The evidence suggested one of two conclusions: Tuffman07 had vanished off the face of the planet, or, as was more likely, Liam had gotten ghosted yet again.

It wasn’t surprising that yet another attempt at online dating had fizzled out. Liam had experienced rejection regularly enough over the last couple of months that by this point he was used to it though that didn’t mean it stung any less.

Tuffman07, in particular, hurt. As far as Liam was able to tell, he and Tuffman07 shared quite a few hobbies. He thought they’d hit it off well enough. That Tuffman07 didn’t even deign to give him a proper rejection stung.

It was a major blow to Liam’s confidence—not that he had much of that these days. To make matters even worse, he hadn’t realized that "Tuffman" wasn’t a surname but a mangled contraction of the phrase "Tough Man" until now.

Liam gazed up at the façade of the local Hierarch Industries branch headquarters in downtown Pittsburgh. On any other day, it would have been a gleaming edifice of success, of progress, of a responsible capitalist endeavor. Today, however, it was nothing short of terrifying.

It had been a year since Liam graduated from university. Apart from a few freelance opportunities here and there, he had not managed to find stable, gainful employment since. It wasn’t that there weren’t many positions open—he just tended to freeze up a little during the application process. Interviews were petrifying.

Liam fidgeted with the button on his left cuff as he walked into the spacious lobby. He kept his head down, examining his suit for any imperfections. As he came up to the receptionist’s desk, he’d taken to picking barely-visible pieces of lint from the shoulders of his suit.

"Good morning, sir! What might I help you with?" said the receptionist, in a soft, soothing voice.

Liam flinched. He glanced at the receptionist and did a double-take. Behind the desk was the prettiest blond boy that Liam had ever had the pleasure of laying eyes upon. His bright blue eyes seemed to glimmer in the morning light streaming into the lobby through the wide glass windows.

"U-u-um… I-I-I’m h-here f-f-for a-an i-i-interview," Liam stammered. Blood rushed to his cheeks. It was embarrassing. He had a sinking feeling that today was going to be another big bust; he couldn’t even fucking talk properly to the receptionist.

"Ah, very good, sir," said the receptionist with a genuine gentleness in his voice that went a long way toward helping assuage Liam’s anxiety. "Would you happen to know who your interviewer is today?"

Liam blinked. He hadn’t been aware he was supposed to know who his interviewer was. He tried to say as much but the words died in his throat. Cheeks burning, Liam pursed his lips and shook his head.

"Ah, I see. That’s alright, sir. Might I have your name, in that case?" said the receptionist.

"L-L-Liam McGrath!" Liam stammered.

"Mr. McGrath… Ah! Yes. I see, now. Your interview is in about half an hour in room 306 with Mr. Haddock," said the receptionist. His eyes were as bright as his smile and completely devoid of any judgment.

Liam nodded. "T-Thank you," he said, quietly.

"You’re welcome! I’m more than happy to help. For what it’s worth, Mr. McGrath, I’m sure you’ll do great!"

Liam’s heart skipped a beat. He forced a smile at the receptionist. "T-Thank you," he said. He was glad that the guy thought he’d do well but, in truth, now he felt that he was going to be disappointing the guy if he didn’t do well in the interview.

Swallowing his anxieties, Liam looked around and spotted the elevators. There was a steady stream of traffic coming and going that Liam didn’t look forward to plunging into but it needed to be done so he took a deep breath to settle his nerves and marched forward.

Liam had been so worried about the upcoming interview that he didn’t notice he was surrounded by sinfully attractive men until he was stuck in an elevator with them. He could feel their eyes on him and he had never felt so self-conscious before.

Keeping his head down so as to not attract even more attention, Liam scurried out of the elevator and took off down the hallway as soon as he was able. A short while later he emerged into what appeared to be a lounge of some sort. The room was large and spacious. Bright light streamed in from the tall floor-to-ceiling windows along the right-hand and back walls.

A few U-shaped couches around glass coffee tables were in the center of the room. A handful of individuals were seated there. Some were dressed much like Liam, in a suit and tie, while others were dressed more casually.

All in all, the atmosphere was surprisingly calming. Some of Liam’s anxiety was alleviated as he sat down at one of the couches, some distance away from the nearest other person. He took a moment to close his eyes and breathe. It helped, somewhat.

The fragile peace that Liam had managed to cultivate was disrupted by the sound of someone’s name being called out. He cracked an eye open and saw a handsome Asian man leaning out of the door of Room 304. One of the men on a nearby couch got up and walked over, shaking hands with what Liam could only assume was the interviewer.

It wasn’t much longer until it was time for Liam’s interview. Right on cue, the door to room 306 opened. A handsome Eastern-European man called out, "Liam McGrath?"

All the tension in Liam’s body released in a single moment as he shot out of his seat. "That’s me!" he said, perhaps a hair too loudly. It prompted a quiet chuckle from one of the other guys seated on the couches.

The dark look that Mr. Haddock got made Liam’s stomach churn. The hawk-like glare of those stormy gray eyes wasn’t directed at him but it seemed to make the very air quiver. The guy that had chuckled earlier laughed nervously and averted his gaze.

Cheeks burning, Liam tried his best to push the embarrassment out of his head for the time being. He was sure it would come back to haunt him as he lay in bed to sleep but he didn’t need to dwell on it for now. He made his way over to the man he assumed was Mr. Haddock and tried not to meet his gaze.

"Nice to meet you, Liam," said Mr. Haddock, holding out a hand.

Mr. Haddock’s hand was huge—it dwarfed Liam’s—but his grip was surprisingly gentle. His eyes that just earlier had seemed capable of boring straight through a sheet of lead were also unexpectedly kind.

"N-Nice to see you too, sir," said Liam, feeling rather small as he walked into the nicely furnished office.

"Please, take a seat," said Mr. Haddock, gesturing toward one of the chairs in front of his desk.

"T-thank you," said Liam, not quite able to quell the thumping of his heart against his chest. He was a bundle of nerves and though the atmosphere helped somewhat, he still felt the urge to bolt.

As Liam sat down on the chair, Mr. Haddock patted him on the shoulder and said, "I know job interviews pretty tough on the nerves but I want you to just take a deep breath and relax, Liam. Do you think you can do that for me?"

Mr. Haddock’s grip on Liam’s shoulder was firm and solid. It anchored him, strangely enough. "I-I’ll try," he said. He took a deep breath, just as instructed. A faint scent that Liam couldn’t quite describe filled his nostrils.

It was… nice.

Liam slumped in his seat as the tension that had been gripping his entire body for the last couple of days finally loosened.

"Good boy," said Mr. Haddock and in the space of a heartbeat, Liam’s entire body flushed with a strange heat. He nearly let out a moan but he managed to bite it down.

Liam’s head was spinning. He couldn’t even begin to imagine how or why two simple words spoken so nonchalantly could provoke such a visceral reaction. Not that he would have minded hearing those words again…

"Honestly, this whole thing is more of a formality," said Mr. Haddock. "We’ve reviewed your resume and we think that credentials-wise you’re a good fit for our company but we’d like to talk to you in a more candid way to make sure you can flourish in our environment."

Liam looked up at Mr. Haddock. He’d heard similar spiels before. The applications he got responses on were always great until he started talking. It was a lot of pressure. He wasn’t sure he could take it.

"It’s okay. It’s okay," said Mr. Haddock, softly, squeezing Liam’s shoulder. "Just relax. There’s no need to be nervous or tense or worried. This is just to make sure that we can put you somewhere with lots of opportunity for professional and personal growth."

Liam wanted to curl up in a corner and hide. He didn’t know what to say, though he didn’t think he could have been able to speak anyway.

"Breathe, Liam, breathe," said Mr. Haddock.

Liam closed his eyes and did as he was told. He took a deep breath and once again that strange soothing scent filled his lungs. He sighed, shoulders sagging as the tension melted out of his muscles.

"Good boy," said Mr. Haddock.

Liam shivered.

"Now, why don’t you talk to me a little bit? Why did you choose Hierarch Industries? What sort of future do you have in mind?" said Mr. Haddock.

Liam chewed on his lower lip. Those weren’t the questions he’d expected. He didn’t know how to answer.

"Don’t worry too much about it. We want to hear what you think. What you feel. Just be yourself! We want to hear about the genuine you."

It had been two weeks since Liam was hired by Hierarch Industries. The interview had gone well—better than he could have ever imagined. Though Mr. Haddock had dropped a few bombshells at the end of the interview that he was still reeling from, Liam wasn’t having as difficult of a time adjusting to the company culture as he’d expected.

When Mr. Haddock had told him about the Hierarchy that gave Hierarch Industries its name, Liam had been skeptical. He had been willing to admit that he had a predilection toward sexual submission. The suggestion that it was an inborn predisposition owing to his being a different breed of man—an omega—had been too difficult to believe.

What had truly pushed the concept to the absurd was the idea that, as an omega, Liam had some sort of ‘fated’ mate. Mr. Haddock hadn’t said so in as many words but he might as well have.

Liam had rebelled against the idea of having a soul mate. He did not believe that there was such a thing. Some part of him, having suffered through so much rejection, did desperately hope that soul mates were real but that only served to make him more suspicious because he didn’t want to get his hopes up.

The way Mr. Haddock had put it, Alphas and omegas had a certain intrinsic compatibility rating with one another. He had alleged that, of all the people in the world, Alphas and omegas would have a handful of "optimum compatibility partners."

It was ridiculous. It was ludicrous. Liam didn’t think he’d ever heard something so unscientific and yet deep down it strangely rang true. Mr. Haddock had said "optimum compatibility partner," but what he’d heard was "soul mate."

Liam wasn’t proud of the obstinance he’d displayed but what was a rational human being to do when confronted with allegations that went counter to everything he’d known up until that point? He’d refused to believe a single word Mr. Haddock had been saying. And yet, despite threatening to leave if Mr. Haddock didn’t start making more sense, something had kept him firmly in his place.

Little had Liam known that the biggest shock of the day had yet to come.

In the end, Mr. Haddock had relented. He admitted that while Liam’s resumé made him a wonderful match for Hierarch Industries, one of the reasons he was being considered for a permanent position right away was because the system had determined he was an ‘optimum compatibility partner’ for an Alpha already employed by the company.

Liam would have been insulted if he hadn’t been so shocked. The old insecurities had bubbled up to the surface in the few seconds it had taken Mr. Haddock to speak those words.

That someone like Liam—a lanky, awkward, and anxious mess of a person—would be considered a match for one of the countless drop-dead-gorgeous men in the employ of Hierarch Industries had seemed almost too good to be true. In truth, he had half-expected to wake up and realize that it had all been a dream.

The possibility that Mr. Haddock had not been lying through his teeth the whole time, however, had made Liam linger just long enough for Mr. Haddock to make him the offer that would change his life.

Liam could still remember it like it was yesterday.

"How would you like to meet the man who would be your mate, if you accept him?" Mr. Haddock had said.

Liam’s cheeks warmed. He remembered how all the thoughts in his head had ground to a halt as soon as Mr. Haddock said those words. He remembered the pathetically quiet "Y-yes," he’d managed to squeak in the aftermath.

"Oh, God," Liam muttered, burying his face in his hands. It had been so embarrassing but he didn’t regret anything for one second.

"Liam!" someone called from across the office.

The tips of Liam’s ears burned. Maybe he did regret one thing. Not in any serious way but he just didn’t particularly like feeling like a schoolgirl with her first crush. "H-hey, Keith," he muttered, looking up from his work toward the unreasonably-hot young man who was supposedly his "optimally compatible partner."

Liam didn’t believe in love at first sight. It was an absurdity. Love was something that bloomed between two people after they got to know each other. And yet, the moment he’d laid eyes on Keith, he felt like a bolt of lightning struck him.

"Working late again?" said Keith, a small frown sullying his otherwise stupidly-perfect face. "That’s the fifth night in a row this week. Is your supervisor making you do this? Because I wouldn’t mind having a word with him if he is. You just have to give me a sign that you want me to."


Liam flushed and shook his head. "No," he said. "I-I’m here of my own volition. There’s just a lot of work that I want to get done."

Keith leaned on the wall of Liam’s cubicle. He was easily tall enough that he was able to do so without any inconvenience. "Why are you doing this to yourself, Liam?" said Keith. His tone was soft and gentle, concern palpable in every syllable.

"I’m not doing anything to myself," Liam insisted. He tried to keep working while talking to Keith but the Alpha was too good a distraction from his work.

It wasn’t anything that Liam would have admitted to just anyone but Keith was such a warm and reassuring presence that he couldn’t help but vent. All the stress and anxiety he’d been shouldering over the past two weeks spilled out before he could think twice about what he was saying.

"I just… I don’t want to show everyone that I’m a good worker and that I deserve to be in this position. I don’t want anyone thinking that I’m just here because I’m allegedly your mate."

Liam clapped a hand over his mouth as soon as he realized what he’d said and how it could be taken. "I-I’m sorry," he stammered. He looked away. The last thing he wanted was to see hurt and disappointment on Keith’s face.

As Liam had discovered over the last two weeks, most of the other paired omegas in his department had ‘mated’ with their Alphas pretty much right away. They were all starry-eyed and moonstruck whenever they talked about the experience.

While yes, it made Liam incredibly curious as to how it felt and why they remembered it with such fondness, it also scared him. He wasn’t that kind of person. He didn’t gush about anything. He was afraid that mating with Keith, doing this thing with lifelong consequences he knew barely anything about, would change him.

Liam was incredibly attracted to Keith and his heart seemed to want to burst out of his chest every time he saw the Alpha but he didn’t want to change. He didn’t want to lose himself by mating with Keith before he was ready—before he knew that he wasn’t going to turn into a moon-eyed idiot at the mere mention of his Alpha.

"It’s okay," said Keith, shaking his head. If he was hurt by Liam’s comment, he didn’t let it on. "I get that. But there’s more to being a good employee than working yourself to death, you know?"

Liam opened his mouth to protest but Keith’s finger pressed to his lips stopped the words dead in his throat.

"I think you need to loosen up a bit," said Keith. "Ah. Ah. No buts about it. Look, Project Ophiuchus is on track to meet the projected timeline. Relax a little."

Liam pouted.

"And besides," said Keith. "Didn’t you want to get to know me better before we mated? Here’s your chance."

Liam considered the offer for a moment. He’d been throwing himself so hard into work that he’d barely given Keith the time of day over the past two weeks. Part of it was wanting to prove himself. Part of it was guilt.

As Liam understood it, Keith had grown up in the Hierarch Industries ecosystem. He was someone that wholly believed in the Hierarchy and this whole ‘destined mate’ thing they had going on. There was a way these things were supposed to go: the omegas would be introduced to the Alphas, they would get mutually overwhelmed by their pheromones, they would fuck, and then they would be mated for life.

Liam felt bad that he’d done none of those things.

Sure, Liam had felt as though he was struck by lightning the moment he locked eyes with Keith but he’d resisted the urge to throw himself at the man. It was becoming more difficult by the day but he stuck to his principles. He didn’t want to do anything, to commit to anything, before he was sure that he wanted this of his own volition.

As a result, Liam couldn’t help but push Keith away.

Not this time. If Liam was going to make Keith wait so that they could get to know each other better before making any decisions, he wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity that had presented itself. "W-what did you have in mind?" he said.

"This might be weird but I was thinking of inviting you to play a game of racquetball," said Keith.

Liam perked up. "Racquetball?" he said. The last time he’d played it with any sort of seriousness was in high school. University hadn’t afforded him much free time and, as a result, he’d only played once every few months.

"Yeah," said Keith. "What do you say?"

Liam pursed his lips. His heart fluttered in his chest. He wanted to believe that this was some thread of commonality between him and Keith but he also knew that Hierarch Industries kept comprehensive records of pretty much everyone in the world. He’d seen the database!

"Before I say anything, could you answer one question honestly for me?" said Liam.

"Sure," said Keith. "What do you want to know?"

Liam took a deep breath. "Was that in my file?"

"Your file?" said Keith, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah. The file that Hierarch Industries has on me. About who I am. My history. The things I like and dislike. You know, the one they use to evaluate compatibility between Alphas and omegas?" Liam tried not to sound too harsh but it was the reality. There was no skirting around it.

"Oh, I see," said Keith. He shrugged. "I wouldn’t know. I haven’t seen it."

Liam blinked. He looked up into Keith’s amber eyes. They seemed to shine with sincerity, but he had no idea if that was just his body being biased toward seeing Keith in a positive light. "Really?" he said.

"Yep. You know, they don’t give those files out to just anyone who requests them, right?" said Keith.

Liam shrugged. There were many scummy companies out there that would do such things. Granted, Hierarch Industries was an exemplar of the industry, but that didn’t mean it was perfect.

"They’re only really given out if the system thinks that the Alpha knowing more about his omega would help them bond. I didn’t bother asking," said Keith.

Liam blinked again. He wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. "S-should I be insulted?" he said, slowly.

"No, not at all!" said Keith, a tinge of pink blossoming on his cheeks. "I just meant that you were right about wanting to do this the ‘normal’ way. I want to get to know you, not some profile that a computer has put together about you."

Thump. Liam’s heart hammered in his chest. He could scarcely hear past the thundering of blood in his ears. "T-thank you," he stammered. "B-but why racquetball, then?"

"I love playing!" said Keith. "And I thought you might appreciate finding something out about me."

Liam nearly melted at the incredibly heartwarming smile that Keith gave him. "A-alright," he said. "I-I love playing, too."

Liam rolled his shoulder as he sat on the bench, waiting for Keith to come back. Their otherwise-pleasant first date, if Liam could even consider it that, had come to an unceremonious, abrupt, and utterly humiliating end with him tripping over his own feet and planting his face right on the court.

"How are you feeling?" said Keith, setting the first aid kit he’d returned with down on the bench beside Liam as he got down on his knees.

"Like a big old idiot," said Liam. He was mostly fine, really. He hadn’t sprained his ankle, thankfully. All he had to show for his epic dive was a few scrapes and a bruised ego.

"It happens," said Keith, with a quiet laugh. "See that spot over there where the paint on the wall isn’t quite the same color as the rest?"

Liam had to squint to see it but it was there. "Are you telling me you had something to do with that?" he said.

"Yup," said Keith, with a laugh.

Liam hissed as Keith dabbed disinfectant on the large scrape on his forearm. "What happened?" he said.

"I’m only telling you to make you feel better," said Keith, a faint pink tinge on his cheeks. "It was a pretty intense rally. Matchpoint, I think. I got a bit too ahead of myself and, uh, took a headfirst dive into the wall."

Liam blinked. "How are you not dead?" he blurted out, without thinking.

Keith chuckled. "The miracle of modern medicine," he said. "That, and my dad always told me that I had a bit of a hard head. Perks of being an Alpha, I guess."

Liam rolled his eyes. "So, earlier, you told me that I might appreciate learning something about you…"

"Yeah?" said Keith, raising an eyebrow.

"Was that something the fact that you’re a hyper-competitive son of a bitch?" said Liam, cracking a grin. It was a strange sensation to be so comfortable with someone he barely knew but deep down he felt that he could trust Keith and, for once in the past two weeks, there wasn’t a nagging voice in the back of his head that made him doubt what he was feeling.

"Uh… You’re one to talk," said Keith. "Mr. ‘I’m gonna injure myself by chasing after what was clearly a lost ball.’"

"That was not—Ow! Shit! Watch it! Christ. That hurts more than the scrape," Liam complained, as Keith applied more disinfectant to the other big scrape he’d managed to sustain from his dive.

"Sore loser, too, huh?" said Keith, with a cocky grin that made Liam bristle.

"Loser, huh? I would have smoked you if I hadn’t tripped over my own feet!" said Liam.

Keith looked up after placing a bandage on the scrape. "Oh yeah? Think you can win against me? Wanna bet on it, McGrath?" he said, getting in Liam’s face.

"I don’t think I can win," Liam snarled. "I know I will."

A heavy quiet filled the room as the two stared into each other’s eyes. The only sound that could be heard between them was their heavy breathing.

The tension in the air was palpable. Their faces were so close barely an inch separated them. Liam could feel Keith’s hot breath on his lips, making them tingle.

Keith was the one who broke the silence. "I’m sorry. Maybe I am—"

Liam couldn’t resist anymore. Whatever else the Alpha was about to say died in his throat as Liam grabbed him by the back of his head and kissed him.

It wasn’t until some time later—Liam wasn’t sure how much time later—that they broke apart for breath. His head was swimming and his blood was singing. Every nerve in his body felt like it was on fire, and not in a bad way at all.

Liam didn’t even know why he had waited so long, why he had let his doubts and reservations delay something that felt so good it couldn’t possibly be wrong. There were fireworks still going off in his head and his lips were still tingling.

"Let’s do it," said Liam, feeling strangely resolute.

Keith seemed taken aback. "Here?" he said, in a low voice. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah," said Liam, tugging at the collar of Keith’s shirt. "I’ve made you wait long enough."

"You don’t have to feel any pressure, Liam," said Keith, gently. "Tonight wasn’t about this. I just wanted us to spend some quality time together."

"I know," said Liam. He leaned forward and rested his forehead against Keith’s. "But I want this. I want you. Don’t let me change my mind."

Keith caught Liam’s lips in his own. Liam didn’t fight it; he just wished that it lasted longer.

Pulling away after the brief, chaste kiss, Keith looked Liam in the eye. He was flushed, but his expression was serious. "I’m not going to ask again, Liam," he murmured, placing his hand on top of Liam’s and gently squeezing it. "Are you sure you’re ready for this?"

"More than I’ve ever been for anything," said Liam, again tugging on Keith’s shirt.

"Oh, no, pet," said Keith, in a low, gravelly voice that sent a chill right up Liam’s spine. "That’s going to be too slow."

Keith gently pushed Liam’s hands away. He puffed out his chest, grabbing fistfuls of his shirt. With a grunt, he pulled his hands apart, tearing the shirt in half.

Liam stared at the Alpha, slack-jawed. His cock throbbed at the display of sheer strength. No doubt, if Keith wanted to pick him up and toss him against the wall like a racquetball, he would be able to do it.

Keith rose to his full height. He looked even more imposing than before. Standing as close as he was to Liam, his head blocked the overhead light, casting Liam in shadow, and making his head glow like he had a halo around it.

"Fuck," said Liam, under his breath. "I never realized you were this big." No wonder, then, that his arm had felt like it was about to fall off while they were playing racquetball. The whole time he’d thought he had just misremembered how hard the ball hit but no, he’d just underestimated Keith’s strength.

Without saying a word, Keith pulled his shorts down, stepped out of them, and tossed them aside. He was left in nothing but a sleek black jockstrap with a matte finish and lime green accents. The cotton pouch seemed strained to breaking as it struggled to contain the large beast that it cradled.

The whole bench shook as Keith planted his foot beside Liam.

Liam’s heart pounded in his chest. He licked his lips as a drop of sweat trickled down the side of his face. He felt hot—like he was burning up from the inside. "Fuck, Keith," Liam breathed, as his head and lungs filled with the faintly-spicy musk of the Alpha, "you smell so good!"

Keith grinned as he placed a hand on top of Liam’s head. Liam moaned as he felt the Alpha’s fingers thread through his dark locks. "Not as good as you smell to me, baby," said Keith.

Liam whined. He was stuck in a dilemma. Keith’s throbbing bulge in front of his face was incredibly appealing. He not only wanted to touch it, he also wanted to rub his whole face in it. The only thing was, he wasn’t sure if that would be okay.

The last thing Liam wanted to do was be too forward. Just because Keith was practically thrusting it in his face didn’t mean that it was alright to just… touch it in any way he wanted. It was possible that Keith was just teasing him. He’d watched porn before. He’d seen scenes where the master got angry at the sub for touching him without permission.

To make matters worse, Liam wasn’t even sure if he was just overthinking things. He really didn’t have much experience with this whole sex thing. Maybe he wasn’t ready after all. He could probably still back out. Keith was a nice guy. He probably wouldn’t mind if Liam said outright that he’d been wrong about being ready.

But then again, Keith had ripped his shirt off for this. Liam didn’t know if the shirt had any special meaning to Keith, but it was a possibility. And wouldn’t it be a waste if Keith had ripped his favorite shirt to shreds on the false promise that he was going to get to mate with Liam? Liam wasn’t sure he could survive that particular guilt.

Liam whined again. This time, he was sure he was overthinking things. But he couldn’t stop. He looked up at Keith. He didn’t know what to do and he was going crazy concocting crazy scenarios in his head.

Keith seemed to understand what was going on. His fingers tightened in Liam’s hair. Strangely, the tug on Liam’s scalp, firm but not painful, helped calm his frayed nerves. "Bit too much for you, pup?" said Keith.

Liam hesitated for a moment. He nodded.

"Want me to… take charge?" said Keith.

Liam flushed. Keith’s voice dripped with seduction. He couldn’t help but shiver.

"Want me to tell you what to do?" said Keith.

Chewing on his lower lip, Liam whined. "Y-yeah," he said. "P-please. I-It’s a bit overwhelming. I-I think it might h-help…"

Something mischievous glinted in Keith’s amber eyes. "Alright, pet. Why don’t I help you get better acquainted with my little friend?" he murmured, as he pulled Liam’s face into his crotch.

Liam moaned. The musk was even more intense. It was intoxicating. He could scarcely think. "D-doesn’t seem very little to me," he mumbled, through the thick fog that was smothering his mind.

Keith chuckled. "I suppose you’re right… Well, go on, let him out. I’m sure he’s eager to see you."

Liam licked his lips furtively as he reached up and tugged on the side of the jockstrap pouch. It was stretched so taut, pulled so tight by Keith’s growing erection, that it caught on the half-rigid shaft for a moment.

As soon as Liam managed to free it from the confines of the cotton pouch, Keith’s cock sprang up and flung a glistening strand of pre-cum into his face. It was hot and tingly as it landed on his cheek, draping across his nose and over his eyebrow.

Liam panted. The smell of Keith’s musk now that his manhood was free was even more overpowering than before. His whole body felt like it was on fire. Every breath felt like he was guzzling down liquid heat.

Keith’s cock was monstrous. Liam had never thought of himself as a size queen before but the sight of that delicious piece of meat made him salivate. It was about as long as his forearm and nearly as thick around as his wrist. He couldn’t imagine being satisfied with anything smaller.

The rational part of Liam balked at the size of Keith’s endowment. A nagging voice in the back of his head told him that it would never fit, that it would split him in two and break him. And yet, somehow, even that seemed appealing.

No. Liam wasn’t afraid of Keith’s cock. He moaned as he grabbed it by the base, his fingers barely able to close around the prodigious girth. He rubbed it on his face, nuzzling it as pre-cum dribbled from the tip and onto his forehead.

Deep down, in a place he didn’t know he even had, Liam knew that he would be okay. He knew that Keith would never hurt him—not unless he wanted it. He knew that his body was made for this, that his body would find a way to accommodate the monstrous thing that swung from between Keith’s legs.

"Oh yeah, you like that, don’t you, baby?" said Keith, as Liam leaned forward and sucked on his balls. "Treat them well ‘cos they’re gonna fill you up nice and good later."

Liam did just that. He suckled tenderly and lovingly on Keith’s balls, even managing to take both into his mouth at some point.

The taste was unlike anything Liam could have imagined. They were earthy, musky, and a little salty. It drove him crazy. He lapped at and slobbered over Keith’s balls until his jaw ached and Keith gently pulled them out with a loud, wet slurping noise.

"Fuck, baby, my nuts are dripping," Keith grunted. "Why don’t you use that sexy, sloppy mouth of yours to polish my pole before I slide in that tight little asshole?"

Liam groaned. The dirty talk was almost too much. He grabbed the base of Liam’s cock with his hand and pressed his lips to the tip. The taste of the salty-sweet pre-cum exploded in his mouth and all he could do for a good few seconds was stab his tongue into the slit for more.

"Mm. As much as I like that, pet, you’re not doing a very good job of preparing my cock for you," Keith hummed. "Open up!"

Eyes glassy from the thick musk in the air, Liam did as he was told without a second thought. He opened his mouth, tongue hanging out, and wrapped his lips around Keith’s cock as the Alpha’s hand pushed him down into his crotch.

Liam’s jaw ached. Keith was huge. His thick member wedged Liam’s mouth open and even so he had to stretch his lips around it to accommodate its girth.

The taste of Keith’s cock was even better than the taste of his balls. Liam couldn’t help but moan, eyes rolling back in his head. For a short while, Keith let him be, bobbing his head up and down the first two or three inches of its rigid length but both knew it wasn’t enough.

The pressure of Keith’s hand on the back of Liam’s head pushed the Alpha’s cock deeper into his mouth. His cheeks puffed out and snot dribbled from his nose as he struggled to accommodate the massive rod but he voiced no complaints—not that he could have even if he wanted to.

Liam choking around his cock elicited a low grunt from Keith as his cock hit the back of Liam’s throat. He didn’t let up on the pressure. Instead, he pushed down even harder. Liam choked again. And again. Tears welled in the poor omega’s eyes but neither did Liam show any signs of wanting to give up.

The pre-cum dribbling from the tip of Keith’s cock seemed to double in volume while buried in his warm, wet mouth. He could feel it sliding down the back of his throat, dripping into his stomach. It made his insides tingle with heat.

A heartbeat later, Liam’s eyes went wide. The tightness in his throat vanished as if it had never been there, to begin with. He moaned around Keith’s cock as it slid down his throat. He half-expected he would choke at any time but he didn’t. It went down smoothly until his nose pressed right up against Keith’s crotch.

"Ah, fuck, you feel so good," Keith muttered, his fingers tightening in Liam’s hair as he rolled his hips.

The slow, gentle fuck of his throat felt better than Liam imagined it would be. He felt like he was being stroked from the inside and the way that his throat squeezed around the heat of Keith’s rod was sublime.

It didn’t take long for the pace to pick up. Liam didn’t mind it, either. It felt good. He didn’t know why it did, but it felt good. The fact that his face was getting impaled on Keith’s cock wasn’t uncomfortable at all. If anything, it only got hotter with every pump of the Alpha’s hips.

In and out. Harder and faster. With every thrust more and more of the rough, primal nature of the Alpha came out.

Keith put both hands on Liam’s head to keep him in place. Liam could only moan, his fingers uselessly scrabbling at Keith’s waist and ass as the Alpha fucked his throat with increasing abandon.

It felt good. So good. Liam had watched porn where poor guys got skull-fucked with massive dicks and he never imagined how they enjoyed it but the truth was undeniable. He moaned and gurgled and groaned as Keith’s beast pounded down his throat, spit, slobber, and throat slime bubbling out of the corners of his mouth and dripping from his chin.

By the time that Keith pulled out with an almighty roar, chest heaving, Liam was a mess. His mouth, cheeks, and chin were smeared with the sloppy aftermath. He was normally a clean and fastidious person but he didn’t mind this particular mess. If anything it only made his hard cock even harder.

Liam had no fight in him when Keith’s hands slid under his armpits and lifted him off the bench with ease. He shivered at how effortless the Alpha made it seem.

"I’m gonna mate you," Keith growled, as he turned Liam around and pushed him up against the wall.

"Fuck," Liam breathed. "Please!" he said.

"Oh yeah. That’s right. Fuck is what I’m going to do to you," said Keith, pinning Liam against the wall with his weight.

Heat pooled in Liam’s belly as Keith sniffed his shoulder. He shivered as he felt Keith’s tongue on his nape, hot and wet tracing up along the curve of his neck.

Liam flinched as Keith tore the back of his shorts out with raw strength. It sent a shiver up his spine. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He moaned, spreading his legs further apart to give the Alpha easier access. Keith took the opportunity to tear a hole in the back of his briefs.

A deep shudder tore through Liam’s body. His eyes widened as something strange happened to him. He clutched his stomach as it churned, sweat dripping from his brow as he leaned on the wall.

Something was threatening to come out of Liam. He squeezed his eyes shut and groaned. He clenched his asshole as tightly as he could, not wanting to embarrass himself, even as he felt Keith’s massive endowment rest in the cleft of his ass cheeks.

"K-Keith, I-I-I think something’s wrong," Liam grunted, as another wave of cramps in his stomach hit.

"What is it?" said Keith, snapping out of the aggressively-horny mode that he’d been in for the last few minutes in an instant.

Liam would have found it funny if he weren’t in so much intestinal distress. Every wave was worse than the last. He was afraid he wasn’t going to make it to a restroom before he blew. He let out a long, low whine and nearly doubled over, eliciting a flurry of worried fussing from Keith.

The sensation wasn’t so much painful as it was profoundly uncomfortable. It was strange, too. Liam didn’t think he’d ever had hot cramps.

Liam could only groan, supporting himself against the wall with one arm while he had the other wrapped around his midriff. Whatever Keith was saying wasn’t getting to him. He was sweating bullets just trying to prevent what would surely be the most humiliating moment of his life.

As hard as Liam fought against his body, though, he ultimately could not prevail against himself. "I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry," he muttered, under his breath, tears welling in his eyes as the floodgates burst open.

Liam’s asshole fluttered. He braced himself for the utter mess he was about to make. He could feel it coming. It was rushing out of him and Keith would be the unfortunate recipient.

A long, low moan escaped Liam as whatever he’d been holding back flooded out of him. Wet splattering noises issued from his backside as he failed in his last-ditched effort to contain it and yet, the disgust that he expected to hear from Keith never came.

The air filled with a delicate, sweet scent that seemed to drive Keith mad. Like a switch had been flipped, the worry and concern in Keith’s voice evaporated. "Oh yeah," he grunted, as he grabbed Liam by the hips and slid his cock up and down the crack of Liam’s ass. "I’m gonna pound your tight little hole until it breaks."

The low, gruff tone of Keith’s voice sent another tremor through Liam’s body. More of that stuff dribbled out of him, leaking out of his ass. He was mortified, horrified that Keith was still as horny as before until his addled mind finally realized that he hadn’t soiled himself.

It was the sudden spike in the intensity of that strange sweet scent that gave Liam the epiphany. His eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets in shock. His ass was self-lubricating. The discomfort he’d felt earlier was the feeling of his body starting up a brand new function.

At the realization, Liam’s whole body flushed. He moaned. His cock throbbed. His body was made to take Keith’s cock.

"You want that, pet?" Keith growled, right into Liam’s ear. "Want me to plow this hole? Want me to split you in half?"

"Oh, God, yes, please!" Liam whimpered.

No sooner had the words left his lips than Liam felt the blunt head of Keith’s cock at his hole. He let out a grunt as it pushed in. It burned as he stretched to accommodate it but the pain was nothing compared to the pleasure.

More and more slick rushed out of Liam to ease the way and before too long the head popped inside. Liam groaned. He felt so full already and there was still the rest of Keith’s cock to come.

"So fucking tight," Keith growled.

Liam whimpered as Keith’s fingers tightened around his waist. His insides were fluttering. His hole was clamping down on Keith’s length as it slid in inch by inch. It felt so good. More than once he didn’t think he could take any more and yet somehow he always could.

The sensation was so intense Liam could scarcely think of anything other than the cock sliding into him. He had no idea how much time had passed when Keith finally bottomed out.

Liam groaned. He was so full. The feeling of Keith’s cock buried inside of him was profound. He didn’t have the words to describe it, only that it felt right. It was as if he’d finally found his purpose; Keith’s cock was made for his ass, and his ass was made for Keith’s cock.

A few precious moments of respite were all Liam had before Keith started moving his cock. He moaned. Keith was so big that every motion brushed against his prostate and sent an electric shock through his whole body. He felt like he was going to come apart already and Keith wasn’t even moving more than an inch in either direction yet. He couldn’t imagine what it would feel like once Keith really got into it.

Not that Liam would have to imagine for long.

"I’ve wanted to breed this tight little ass since the moment I laid eyes on you, do you know that?" Keith growled, nibbling on the lobe of Liam’s ear.

The additional stimulation was almost overwhelming. To make matters worse, every thrust of Keith’s hips was coming faster and harder than the last.

Liam felt like his whole body was on fire. Molten heat pooled in his stomach. His insides fluttered with every thrust, squeezing and clenching around Keith’s colossal cock.

Keith was gentle at first, but as Liam got used to having him inside, he became bolder. Rougher. The more confident Keith got that he wasn’t going to break Liam, the more he let his inner beast out.

All Liam could do was cling to the wall for dear life. His back arched as the pleasure proved almost too much to bear. His fingers scrabbled uselessly at the wall.

Keith’s thrusting pushed Liam up to the tips of his toes even as his eyes rolled back in his head and drool dribbled out of the corner of his mouth from the pleasure. In and out. In and out. Harder and faster with every thrust until Keith’s hips were jackhammering into his.

Thinking became outright impossible. Every thrust scattered Liam’s thoughts, and the next thrust would come before the next thought could even begin to form.

For however long it was that Keith fucked him, the only thing that Liam could think of was the massive cock stretching him. The only thing that mattered was that cock. The whole world had shrunk down to just him on the tips of his toes and Keith pummeling his insides with every slap of his hips against his.

In and out. Faster and harder. Liam moaned while Keith grunted and growled and nibbled on the back of his neck and shoulders like a wild beast.

Keith fucked Liam with the ferocity of a wild animal for what felt like an eternity before the rhythm of his thrusting faltered. "I’m gonna pump you full of cum," Keith growled. "I’m gonna flood your guts with my seed."

Liam, somehow, managed to find his voice. "P-please!" he begged, hoarsely. "Knock me up!"

"Don’t worry, pet. I’ll make sure I fuck a baby into you," said Keith, teeth grazing the sensitive skin where Liam’s neck met his shoulder. "No matter how many times it takes."

Liam whined, words failing him again.

"Are you ready, baby?"

Liam’s hole clenched. He could feel Keith’s cock pulsing inside of him. It swelled and throbbed. His hole clamped around the base, his insides milking Keith for every drop in his hefty, juicy balls.

"Here it comes!" Keith roared, biting down with enough force that his teeth broke skin as he slammed his cock home one last time.

Liam’s mind went blank as the first shot of molten-hot cum blasted into his insides. A tsunami of pleasure washed over him. It was an orgasm unlike any he’d experienced before, centered on his ass.

Liam’s cock throbbed and spurted into his underwear but the pleasure couldn’t even hold a candle to what he was feeling from his ass. It was like wave after wave after wave of sheer ecstasy was washing over him. Each wave rolled into the other, blending together into one long, rapturous orgasm that lasted for what felt like minutes.

By the time Liam came back to his senses, he was draped over the bench, legs akimbo. He felt fucked out. His hole twitched, refusing to close all the way as slick and cum dribbled out of him and pooled on the floor underneath.

Neither Liam’s arms nor legs worked for him as he tried to get up. Keith was nowhere to be found but, thankfully, the Alpha returned before Liam could get too worried.

Liam felt strangely satisfied. It was a good feeling. He felt sated and happy in a way that he hadn’t known possible. There was a warmth in his belly that made him giggle as Keith picked him up and, despite his efforts, he failed to do anything but lie in the Alpha’s arms like a limp rag.

"We should do that again…" Liam muttered, weakly, as Keith carried him into the showers.

"Don’t worry, baby. We definitely will."

"So this is where you’ve been hiding."

Liam flinched. He’d lost track of the time trying to sort out the latest data report from Hierarch Industries’ Ohio River monitoring stations. It was well into the evening, now, and chances were that he’d missed dinner.

"Sorry," Liam said, sheepishly. He looked around and saw that the rest of the office was deserted. "I just wanted to make sure the data was good as it was coming in and I—"

Keith leaned over the wall of Liam’s cubicle and pressed a finger to his lips. "It’s fine, baby," he purred. "You don’t need to justify yourself to me. I’m not angry, just disappointed."

Liam whined. "I promise I didn’t mean to, I just lost track of time and—"

"Ah. Ah," said Keith.

Liam clamped his mouth shut, though he did it with a quiet huff.

"Just because you didn’t do it deliberately doesn’t make it any better," said Keith.

Liam pouted. He just wanted to do a good job. There was no way that was a bad thing. Sure, sometimes it meant having a few late nights but that didn’t make it wrong to work hard. He just couldn’t understand why Keith didn’t see it that way.

It was part of the reason Liam hadn’t yet moved in with Keith. Even though it had been a couple of weeks since the mating, Liam’s skin still buzzed from it. It had been revelatory and he was glad that they’d taken the next step in their relationship but he wasn’t quite ready to take the next, next step of moving in together.

For one thing, Liam valued his privacy. As things currently were, he was living in the Hierarch Industries dormitory next door to the main office building. He liked having his space and it let him set his own schedule without inconveniencing everyone else.

He and Keith were unlikely to ever see eye-to-eye on the working late thing so Liam was sure that once he moved in, he would have to cut back a fair bit. It wasn’t such a bad thing but at the same time, there were just days that he wanted to finish all the work on his plate even if it meant staying an extra couple of hours after work.

"It’s not about working hard, you know," said Keith.

Liam looked at his Alpha. He had no idea what else it could be about. Growing up, his parents had always impressed upon him the importance of being industrious, of putting 110% of his energy into anything worthwhile that he did.

"It’s about having a proper work-life balance, pet," said Keith, cupping the side of Liam’s face and rubbing his cheek with his thumb.

"We’re all glad to have a genius data analyst like you on the team but you don’t have to keep trying to prove your worth. There’s more to life than your job—you gotta work hard at everything else, too."

Liam grunted. When he thought about it, he guessed Keith had a point. He didn’t want to admit it but in the end, he relented. "Let me just close everything out," he said, turning back to his computer to do just that.

"Great!" said Keith. "Good boy."

Liam shivered. Damn him, he thought. He loved Keith. Genuinely did. The Alpha was intelligent, kind, considerate, affectionate, funny, and a great lay but Keith was also incorrigible and mischievous, never hesitating to weaponize Liam’s buttons against him.

As punishment, Liam pointedly ignored his Alpha’s overtures until he was finished wrapping everything up on the computer. "All done," he said, flushing deeply as Keith reached up and over the cubicle divider to ruffle his hair and call him a good boy.

"Great!" said Keith. "Now, I really want to sign you up for a program that should help you maintain a healthier work-life balance but I would never do that without your consent so… What do you say, will you give it a shot?"

Liam’s face scrunched up. He didn’t know if he should be insulted or touched. He was aware that Keith was only concerned and wanted what was best for him but at the same time, Keith was basically saying that Liam had a problem. "I don’t know if I’m quite at the point of needing therapy," said Liam.

Keith pinched the bridge of his nose. "Liam, it’s already 10 in the evening. You took an hour to ‘close everything up.’ Now, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I think you have a problem."

Liam blinked. He looked at the clock in the corner of the computer screen. It couldn’t be right. "You’re pulling my leg, aren’t you?" he said. "No way you just stood there for an hour waiting for me."

"Baby, I would wait a thousand years for you if you asked me but no. I didn’t just stand here. I was trying to get your attention but it was like talking to a brick wall. You didn’t even notice when I licked the back of your ear," said Keith.

Liam’s eyes widened. His hand flew up to his neck and sure enough, the back of his ear was damp. He sighed and closed his eyes. Maybe he did have a problem. "Alright," he said, slowly. "I’ll give it a shot."

"Awesome!" said Keith. "Now, come on! Let’s get you signed up. Then, as a reward, I’m going to fuck you until you forget your name. How does that sound?"

"Weren’t you going to do that already, anyway?" said Liam, gathering his stuff from his desk as he got up.

"You don’t have to say it out loud," Keith pouted.

"What’s this program called, anyway?" said Liam.

"It’s called the Holistic Omega Lifestyle Enrichment Program."

Liam raised an eyebrow. "Are you fucking with me?" he said.

Keith frowned. "No?"

"The Holistic Omega Lifestyle Enrichment Program. The HOLE program. How have you not noticed that?"

Keith blinked. "Huh."

Liam shook his head. "I can already guess what kind of ‘treatment’ plans they’ll be suggesting," he said. He would never say it out loud to Keith, but he had to admit that a part of him thought the idea was hot.

Keith shrugged. "I mean, yeah. Sexual activity is a part of most Alpha/omega relationships. You have to take it into account when trying to foster a healthy work-life balance." He flashed a knowing smirk at Liam.

Liam rolled his eyes. "Moving on… Just a thousand years? What if I asked you to wait ten thousand years for me? What about a million years?"

Keith chuckled. "Hell no, baby. Your ass ain’t that good."

Liam punched Keith in the arm. He made sure not to hold back but the big brute didn’t even budge.

"Maybe I don’t let you fuck me until I forget my name tonight, how does that sound?" Liam said, as they walked out of the office.

"Woah now, we don’t need to resort to such extreme measures," said Keith, raising his hands in surrender.

Liam was hard at work at his station when he felt a deep buzzing in the seat of his pants. He clutched the edge of his desk and bit back a moan as the vibrator in his ass rubbed against his prostate. To make matters worse, the ring around the base of his cock was doing the same thing.

Sweat beaded on Liam’s brow as he struggled to ride out the wave of arousal that washed over him. Thankfully, the vibrations faded away after a minute or so.

It was one of the work-life balancing strategies that Liam’s counselor had suggested. The vibrators in his ass and around his cock were hooked up to his phone and set up to receive remote commands from Keith.

Liam had made clear that whatever happened, he would still want to stay late at work on at least some days. He just functioned better later in the day and usually ended up getting more work done in the few hours before the end of the workday. Since he wasn’t budging on that, the counselor had suggested that maybe he should spread recreational and leisure activities throughout the workday instead.

The point of the vibrators was to let Liam know that it was about time for a break. Just in time, too. He’d just hit a natural breakpoint in his work.

Liam got up from his desk. He walked out of the office on unsteady legs as the vibrator revved back up. Keith was waiting outside, a shit-eating grin on his face.

"I like that this is working so well," said Keith, sliding a hand down the back of Liam’s pants to check that the vibrator was still firmly inside of him.

"S-shut up," Liam muttered, face flushed a deep red.

"Now let’s find a nice, peaceful place to eat lunch, yeah?" said Keith.

Liam’s eyes were riveted to the Alpha’s crotch.

"Wanna know what I prepared for you?"

Liam gulped and nodded. He let out a little whine as Keith grabbed his package and gave it a shake.

"I’ll give you a hint. There’s a lot of meat," said Keith, sporting a wolfish grin as he gave Liam’s ass a quick squeeze.

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