Bubble Bottom Thongs

After Frankie received a pretty pink thong from his boyfriend Gino, his booty and his sex-life dramatically improved. But now that he’s regularly getting plowed by his boyfriend and a bunch of other guys besides, he’s starting to think that Gino, with his disappointingly-flat ass, is getting a little boring.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to the problem that Frankie finds out about from one of his hookups: all he has to do is get Gino one of those thongs, too!

Story Request by @weresharkpuppyaidan

"So, like… My boyfriend got me this really hot…"

Frankie had to take a moment. He lowered the phone and chewed on his lower lip. It was so difficult to think. Like, super difficult. He couldn’t even remember what the type of underwear he was wearing was called.

"Ugh. Whatever… It’ll come to me," said Frankie, putting his phone back up to capture his beautiful face in frame. He swung it around behind him and angled it to show off his perky bubble butt and the bright pink scrap of fabric that did nothing to hide it.

As Frankie was looking at the brand company logo, "DIQ," printed prominently on the small triangle of cloth just above his ass crack, it hit him. "Hey, guys, this is like… A thong, right?"

Frankie let out a vapid little giggle. Eh. I dunno! Doesn’t matter," said Frankie, with a shrug. He didn’t care if he was right or wrong. He didn’t want to keep thinking about it, anyway. Thinking was just so difficult it made his head hurt. It felt so much better just letting go, letting the thought slip away, feeling his mind nice and empty as he spoke to his camera and his adoring fans.

"Anyway, my boyfriend got me these… God, guys, like, I love him so much. I’m so happy he introduced me to this brand!" Frankie gushed. DIQ was, like, the best and he would fight anyone who said otherwise. Like, there wasn’t even any question about it.

Andrew Christian? Frankie thought to himself. Step aside, bitch! There’s a new king on the block and his name is DIQ.

Frankie giggled again. He’d almost forgotten what he was going to say. God. He was such a fucking airhead. "Like, I know you guys have, like, seen the pictures, like, a thousand times already but I can’t stress enough how much of a life-changer DIQ has been."

With his free hand, Frankie slapped his ample rump. The supple meat of his ass jiggled from the impact. "Like, seriously, guys. Look what it did to my ass? I used to, like, have something so normal and, like, boring but look at it now, it’s like, so totes fuckable, right?"

Frankie palmed one of his asscheeks and gave it a squeeze. He didn’t even fight the moan that bubbled up out of his throat. He pulled the round, meaty cheek to the side to give his audience a peek at the thin pink strand wedged tightly up his crack.

"Like, trust me, guys, it will, like, change your life," said Frankie. He giggled, mind getting even foggier as he kneaded his asscheek. It wasn’t the same as when someone else did it, but it was still so fucking good he couldn’t stop.

It took a moment before Frankie realized he was still live. "Sorry about that, guys. DIQ just, like, gets me all horned up all the time. Like, it feels so good, guys. Like, I can’t even recommend it enough!"

Frankie frowned. He couldn’t remember what he was going to say. It happened more and more often these days and every time just made him even hornier. It felt so good to be an airhead. He remembered when his brain used to be stuffed full of all this useless stuff like math and science and worries about rent and taxes. Nowadays he felt like a ton of weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

"Where was I? Oh yeah! Anyway, like… Honestly, guys. My boyfriend, like, hasn’t been able to, like, keep his hands off me ever since he got these for me. And I’m always so fucking horned up he can’t keep up anymore! So, like, he’s been letting me hook up with guys and stuff and, like, it feels so good, you guys," said Frankie. He hadn’t even realized that the camera was still pointing at his ass.

"Problem is, my boyfriend’s like, kinda super boring now? Like, I like that he loves me enough to, like, play with my butt a lot, but like, he keeps wanting to do these romantic things like watching a movie or going out to eat, and I’m just, like, can’t we just fuck?"

Frankie rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Anyway, like, that’s not even the worst of it? Now that I have, like, such a nice and fuckable bubble butt, I kind of want to share how good it feels with him, but like, he’s so flat!" Frankie bemoaned.

"But, like, I think I might have the solution," said Frankie. "One of the guys I hooked up with said that, like, if I really wanted Frankie to be able to experience what having a butt like mine feels like, I just have to give him the same thong he gave me."

Frankie giggled. "And I was like, ‘OMG! Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?’ and like, of course, I didn’t think of that! Thinking is, like, so hard you guys. I’m just so glad I’m surrounded by, like, smart guys, like you, who can do all the thinking for me."

With a grin, Frankie turned the phone away from his ass and toward a small gift-wrapped box with a bright pink thong resting on top of it in place of a bow. "So, anyway, it’s, like, my boyfriend’s birthday today, and, like, I got something special from DIQ as a surprise!"

Frankie turned the phone back to his face and put a finger over his lips. "We gotta, like, be quiet, though, guys. Like, I actually asked Gino last time if he wanted a thong like the one he gave me, and like, he said it just wasn’t his style! Like, can you even believe it?"

Frankie shook his head. "But like, we’re in luck, guys. Gino’s, like, such a heavy sleeper. And I mean, like, heavy sleeper.

"Like, Mt. St. Ellen could explode in our backyard and he’d, like, sleep right through it.

"So here’s the plan, you guys. I’m gonna, like, put the thong on him while he’s like, asleep? I’m sure he’ll change his mind about wearing it once he’s experienced the way it feels on his stuff."

With yet another vapid giggle, Frankie grabbed the package and took it with him into the master bedroom. He was so excited but he couldn’t get ahead of himself. Even if Gino was a heavy sleeper, he still had to be quiet. He didn’t want to wake his boyfriend up until the surprise was ready.

Once he was inside the bedroom, Frankie winked at the camera and grabbed the phone tripod from the nightstand. After a little finagling, he managed to get it to stick and he set the phone down some distance away so that his fans could watch the whole thing play out.

Luckily for the plan, Gino slept naked. He didn’t always, but Frankie had managed to talk him into it and Gino hadn’t gone back since. Frankie didn’t even remember what he’d said. He just knew that sleeping naked felt so good.

Cradling the thong in his fingers, Frankie turned to the camera, held it up, and grinned. He stuck his tongue through one of the leg holes and waggled it up and down, giggling quietly at how dumb he looked on the camera.

Frankie crept toward the bed, stopping briefly when Gino groaned and shifted in his sleep. Gino rolled over onto his back, arm flopping toward Frankie’s side of the bed as he scratched his chest and snorted in his sleep.

Frankie’s fans were treated to the glorious sight of his hot Latino boyfriend, with his lean body, hefty, juicy balls, and thick, uncut cock that looked intimidating even when soft.

As Gino settled into his new position, one of his legs dangled off the edge of the bed. Frankie took advantage and slid one side of the thong over it. Seeing no reaction from Gino, Frankie worked the other half of the thong up Gino’s other leg and managed to get the bright pink scrap of fabric up to Gino’s knees before he shifted again.

Frankie’s heart was beating hard in his chest. His cock was hard, straining in the pouch of his thong. Once Gino stopped moving, he worked the thong the most of the rest of the way up. The only problem was that he couldn’t get the back in quite the right place because Gino was lying on his back.

Luckily, it seemed the universe was smiling down on Frankie as no sooner had he thought about how he was going to solve this, Gino rolled over onto his stomach with a grunt. Frankie giggled and pulled the back of the thong into place. The bright pink strap down the middle settled nicely between Gino’s disappointingly-flat asscheeks.

Gino’s face scrunched up briefly as the thong seemed to tighten against his body, the small triangle of fabric with the DIQ logo pressing flush against the bottom of his spine. He groaned, legs inching apart, as he arched his back in his sleep.

Frankie’s audience was treated to the sight of the DIQ thong as a slipped from Gino’s lips. The effects were immediate and rather prominent. Gino pushed his ass into the air as the otherwise-unimpressive ass cheeks swelled with meat.

A low, rather sultry moan issued from Gino’s mouth as the thin pink string of the thong disappeared between his swelling asscheeks. He bucked his hips into the air, the pouch of the thong straining to contain his growing erection.

"W-what the fuck?" Gino groaned, blearily, as the rest of his body grew to match his ballooning ass in proportion. His arms and legs bulged with muscle as the lines of his back became meatier and more defined. He grunted, asscheeks jiggling up and down as he tried to fuck the air to no avail. "W-what did you do to me, Frankie?"

"Happy birthday, baby!" Frankie squealed, in delight. "I just wanted you to know how good it feels to have a fuckable bubble butt like I do! Do you like my present?"

Gino moaned, his eyes rolling back into his head as he reached back with both hands to palm and knead and squeeze his juicy new rear. He planted his knees on the bed, pushing his ass even higher into the air, grunting and groaning in an increasingly deep, increasingly dull voice as he played with his ass cheeks.

"F-fuck, Frankie," Gino drawled, voice sounding increasingly devoid of intelligence. He looked over his shoulder at Frankie, clear signs of a losing fight against the pleasure of his brand-new bubble butt in his eyes.

The bright pink pouch of Gino’s thong, stretched away from his crotch by his rock-hard cock, was soaked through with pre-cum. It was so drenched that pre-cum was dripping from the bottom.

"I don’t want to be a braindead cock-whore, Frankie," Gino moaned, spreading his asscheeks to show off his twitching brown hole which seemed to be hungrily trying to suck the string of the thong inside. "I don’t want to spend the rest of my days getting my fat fuckable ass stuffed with big, juicy cocks!"

Frankie couldn’t help but rub himself through the pouch of his. He remembered the day he’d put on the thong like it was yesterday.

"Unf… Frankie… What the fuck… Why would you do this? Unh… I feel like my mind’s turning to mush."

Frankie moaned. His hole twitched. His cock throbbed. Living vicariously through his hot boyfriend’s transformation made his already-empty head feel even emptier still. It felt so good.

"Oh fuck, Frankie. Oh fuck. My brain’s melting!"

Yes. Yes. Frankie groaned. He loved it. Every word coming out of Gino’s mouth made him so horny. He was supposed to keep the present in the box a surprise for after Gino was finished transforming but he couldn’t resist anymore.

Frankie tore the gift-wrapping off the box and opened the sleek, black, wood-paneled box to get at the wrist-thick, 2-foot long double-ended dildo inside.

"Frankie. Oh, fuck, Frankie. My brains are leaking out! My brains are leaking out of my cock, Frankie!" Gino whimper-moaned in an increasingly desperate, increasingly-unintelligent voice.

Frankie hopped on the bed and sat facing Gino and the camera. He lowered one end of the double-headed dildo into his mouth and swallowed it, moaning and groaning and grunting around the girth of it as it slid into his throat.

"I don’t wanna be dumb, Frankie," Gino pleaded. "I don’t want all my smarts to drain out of me!"

It wasn’t going to be long, now. Frankie was sure of it. The last dregs of Gino’s resistance were going to be gone, soon, leaked out like the rest of his brains.

"Oh, fuck, Frankie. Why is it so hard to think? Why does it feel so good that my head is getting empty?" Gino moaned.

Frankie couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled the dildo out of his throat with a wet pop. It dripped with spit and throat slime. He pulled the string of his thong aside and pushed it in, swinging his legs into the air and groaning as the dildo wedged him open and slid into his guts.

"Frankie!" Gino begged. "Frankie help me! Help me keep my smarts in!" he moaned.

Frankie couldn’t respond. He could only moan. It was so hot to watch the intelligence drain out of Gino’s eyes. His hole clenched tight around the dildo in his ass as he slowly worked in and out. In and out. In and out.

"Oh, fuck, Frankie. I’m gonna cum. Frankie, I’m gonna cum! I don’t want to cum all my brains out, Frankie! But it feels so good! Oh my god!" Gino moaned, getting louder and louder as his ass cheeks shook and his legs trembled and his cock strained in the pouch of his thong.

"Oh—Oh fuck, it’s coming. Oh, fuck, it’s coming!" Gino gasped. He let out a long, low moan as thick white cream shot out through the fabric of his thong, dribbling onto the bed underneath him. It was done. "Oh, fuck, Frankie… My head… It feels so empty… And it feels so good…"

"I feel so dumb… And I feel so fucking horny…" Gino groaned.

As soon as he got his strength back, Gino crawled over to where Frankie was. He grabbed the double dildo and swallowed the other end, even while Frankie was still fucking himself on it.

Gino choked down the dildo, sucking and slurping and slobbering on its length until it was slippery with the mess he’d made. Then, he got on his back like Frankie, lifted his legs in the air, and impaled himself on the dildo until their asses were touching.

Frankie moaned. It was the hottest thing he’d ever experienced, and it was only the beginning of his and Gino’s journey together as dumb, slutty, horny bubble boys.

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