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Hey, I was wondering, if I were to flip-flop fuck with the pink fairy and we breed each other could I get some sort of power? Maybe that I can turn into whoever breeds me, at the cost of their intelligence, and when I breed someone, they lose their intelligence and become my sub?

Story Request by @gay-horny-andnearlyhard

This story is a rewrite of a request I wrote on my old Tumblr blog, posted on June 03, 2018

See, there’s just a teensy problem with that concept: the Pink Fairy, as you know him, isn’t all that interested in doing any fucking. I don’t think your idea is going to work out the way you think it is, if you insist on just doing him.

However, if you’re open to a threesome, then I can think of some way to make it work. Take your time. Think about it. It’s not like the rain is going to let up any time soon, and it’s probably for the best you don’t wander out there while it’s pouring.

One has to wonder, though, just what kind of price are you willing to pay to fulfill this fantasy? I know it’s just a hypothetical, but you should probably think about that, too. I mean, you’re already here, aren’t you? Do you really want to leave without making your dream come true?

Heh. I figured it was only a matter of time before you gave in. Your kind always do.

You sure you’ve figured out how much you’re willing to give up?

Haha. I suspected you wouldn’t have given it too much thought. Well, in any case, our good friends have just arrived. May I introduce you to the Purple Fairy? He’ll be the third party involved in this fantasy of yours.

I hope your ass is ready because that thick ass of his does things to people. Judging from how hard your cock is already, though, I don’t think there’s much to worry about there.

You wake up with a start. You can feel the trickle of cold sweat down the curve of your spine. The memory of the previous night is already fading, slipping from you like water through a sieve, but the pleasant ache in your groin and in your ass reminds you of the adventure that you had embarked upon in your dreams.

You have a vague recollection of a strange sex shop at the corner of two streets that shouldn’t exist. You shiver at the faint reminiscence of icy rain pelting your naked flesh.

You remember a large, luxurious four-poster bed draped with pink and purple silks. You remember the feeling of the sheets on your skin, smooth and electric.

There had been a twink wearing nothing but a pink jockstrap on the bed. He had been on all fours, resting on his elbows and knees as he arched his back and pushed his ass out. You remember his hole winking at you, inviting you to plunge your thick fuckpole into his boypussy to show him what it means to be a man.

You remember the raw, brutal savagery of the fuck that followed—the way you blanked out as you pounded your cock into him, completely overwhelmed by the pleasure of his velvety heat gripping you tightly.

Your ass tingles at the memory of what happened next. You can still feel the thick arms winding around your waist, the feeling of a massive cock sliding up and down between your flexing ass cheeks. You can’t help but part your legs at the memory, reaching under your hefty balls to roughly rub your fingers on your twitching, slightly-gaped hole.

You remember the way that the third man’s weight pushes you down on top of the twink, the way that his thick, musky scent inspires a sublime sort of submissiveness inside you. You remember how you spread your legs for him, how you begged for him to breed you like a whore.

Most of all you remember having the biggest dick you’ve ever felt get unceremoniously shoved into your eager hole. The pleasure of getting split in half by that exquisite cock is scorched into your mind. It made you cum instantaneously, pumping your seed into the tight heat of the twink underneath you as the pole pushed deeper, dislodging precious thoughts and memories and knowledge from your head even before the real pounding happened.

Your cock is already hard, just thinking about it. It had felt like there was a jackhammer drilling into your ass at the time. The phantom of the sensation lingers even now. You can feel it, a faint pounding in your head, the way that his massive, glorious cock bounced your brain around in your skull until it turned to mush.

You can only moan. There’s a fog in your head that isn’t going away. Thinking is difficult—if not outright impossible—in all but one case. The only thing you can think of with any modicum of clarity is sex.

Sex and hot men.

Twinks and hunks.

Fucking and getting fucked.

Bred like the whore that you really are, deep inside.

You toss the blankets off your naked body. You swing your legs in the air. You roughly shove your fingers in your slick hole and grab your thick cock to give it a few tugs. You moan, long and low, playing with yourself until you lose yourself to the pleasure.

You almost miss the sound of the doorbell ringing the first time. The second one interrupts you just as you’re getting into the groove. The third one annoys you so much you pull your fingers out of your ass and let go of your throbbing rod to jump out of your bed and give whoever’s pounding at your door a piece of your mind.

You grab a pair of boxer briefs as an afterthought as you storm through the house. It’s mostly for modesty as it does nothing to hide your raging erection.

You wrench open the door, nearly pulling it off its hinges. You are ready to snarl, to deliver a few choice words to whoever it is for disturbing your pleasure but what few words you can muster die in your throat at the sight of your unwelcome visitor.

It’s your hot next-door neighbor. You’ve caught him looking at you a couple of times since he moved in, though he’s never approached you to make any moves.

Today, though, he looks concerned. He asks if you’re okay, though his eyes drift inevitably down to the massive tent in your underwear. He claims he heard a commotion in your house last night, but all you can think about is how good the sizable lump between his legs looks.

You tell him it was nothing, that you just had a rough night. You ask if he wants to come in and turn around to walk back into the house without waiting for a response.

He follows you. How could he not? You know his eyes are riveted on your ass. You tell him that you could use a big, strong man to help you out with a little problem of yours and the next thing you know you’re being slammed against the wall by the neighbor, who tells you that your problem doesn’t look too little to him.

You grin as you feel his hands on your ass. He grabs handfuls of your underwear and with a loud, caveman roar he tears through the flimsy fabric.

You close your eyes and moan as he jams his cock into your hole with no preamble. He thrusts into you, huffing and puffing as he does his best to plow your ass into oblivion.

It doesn’t take long before he cums. You do, too, splattering the wall with your white jism. He groans as he empties his thick bull balls into your ass, and it sounds so devoid of intelligence, like he spewed all of his brains into your hungry asshole.

The neighbor falls on his ass, his cock still hard and throbbing after it slips out of you with a wet pop. His body swells with muscle, tearing through his shirt and the pants clumsily pushed halfway down his legs.

The neighbor grabs his rod, wordlessly grunting and moaning as he fists it. He’s been reduced to a mindless muscle beast, you can tell.

As you watch your neighbor, you feel that your own body is changing. Your muscles bulge. Your limbs get thicker. Your whole body feels heavier and stronger. A conveniently placed mirror nearby shows you that your face is changing, too, blurring into your handsome neighbor’s.

You grin at your reflection. Your eyes are dull and unintelligent. You know you’re not as smart as you used to be, but at least you’re not completely stupid like the ape frantically jerking himself off halfway to your living room.

Your cock needs more, though, and this time you feel like doing the fucking, yourself. Luckily, you know just the place to get yourself a nice slave with a sweet asspussy to service your cock.

The gym is your next destination. Looking as you do, you’re spoiled for choice. More than a few glances are cast your way, some out of lust, some out of envy. All the same, you were going to get whoever you picked out, and they were going to love it.

One guy catches your attention, in particular: a muscular twunk that stares at you and licks his lips whenever he thinks you’re not paying attention. You follow him into the shower and pick him up, manhandling him with ease.

You’re not sure where you’re going to put him to core out his ass, but neither do you care. He puts up a nominal struggle, but even if it were genuine it wouldn’t matter. By the time that you’re done with him, he’ll have forgotten all about his dreams and ambitions.

Not that the perfect dumb little slut you’re turning him into is going to know any better.

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