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At first I thought my new physical trainer roommate was one of those quirky environmentalist health freaks. Shortly after he moved in, he threw out half my food and started meal prepping for the two of us. I did need to improve my diet, and it did save me money on eating out everyday at work so I went along with it.

A little later, he somehow got my gym membership cancelled, and signed us up for a dual membership at this specialist gym that has two sets of equipment at each station. We are able to workout at the same time, while allowing him to keep an eye on my form during the workout. It was cheaper than my old membership, and I wasn’t going as frequently as I should have, so I didn’t complain.

It wasn’t long after that, I came home to find him walking around the apartment naked. He claimed it saved water by reducing the amount of laundry. He got me to take my shirt off, and it was more comfortable. Now I can’t imagine not stripping down to my boxers first thing when I get home. I’m still too modest to go full buck, but recently he suggested I switch to a jock strap as it uses less fabric.

A couple weeks after that, I was shocked when he jumped in with me during my morning shower. Not only did he bring up conserving water again, but also cited it would easier for us to scrub each others backs and it was no different than showering together at the gym. His firm strokes felt more like a massage, and I was flattered when he praised my fitness progress so it quickly became the norm of our morning routine to shower together. He genuinely seemed to be concerned with my well being when he demonstrated how to do a monthly testicle self exam during one of our showers.

At this point I was thinking I had been too cynical and misjudged him when he first moved in. He really is so conscientious and really knows how to be efficient. So when he suggested we could get more bang for our rent money if we shared a bed in his bedroom, I trusted him and didn’t immediately balk. It makes so much sense that an office/webcam studio would be a much better use of the space. We’ll be making the transition Friday after work.

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The world has certainly changed a lot since Hierarch Industries came to power. While not everyone has been inducted into the new structure of society just yet, more and more people are introduced to the benefits of it with each passing year. You had no way of knowing, as it was privileged information outside of the Hierarchy, but your roommate was an Alpha. One of the first generation that had been born a biological Alpha.

While to you, your first meeting was when you guys met to discuss the details of being roommates, the fact of the matter is that this man had had his eye on you for a while. Maybe his assertiveness should have clued you in from the start, but really by the time that he threw out your food to start meal-prepping for the both of you, he had exposed you to his natural pheromones for long enough that you would not have been able to resist.

Certainly, to you, it felt like him taking charge of everything around your apartment was just right. You never questioned his leadership and accepted the choices that he made for you. If anything, deep down you must have liked it. Must have liked the simplicity of life just obeying someone who obviously knew better, who obviously had your best interests at heart. I’m sure that at some point during the weeks leading up to your decision to share a bed, you laid awake in your own at night, thinking about how you’ve never quite felt so liberated.

There’s a tension between the two of you, and it’s one that you notice once he starts getting you to wear a jock strap. It’s a tension that grows when you start sharing showers. You can feel his arousal, and you’re pretty sure that he can feel yours. But he never acts on it, and you never think of making the first move. Still, it’s like you’ve been holding your breath this whole time, waiting for something that you’re not sure will happen.

The first night that you spend in bed together is the first time that he lets you know what he thinks of you. You’re both lying there, staring up at the ceiling, when you feel his fingers cradle the side of your face. You feel your heart skip a beat when he pulls you toward him and presses a kiss to your lips. It’s like the breath that you’d been holding is suddenly released, and you can’t help but feel giddy about it.

In the days and weeks that follow you notice that you’re filling out the jockstraps he replaced your underwear with a lot more. It whittles away at your modesty. You start showing off more for him. It pleases you whenever you see him chub up at the sight of you. You want nothing more than to make him smile, and that’s when you realize that he’s your Alpha and that he has turned you into his omega.

Or rather, more correctly, he’s awakened the part of you that wanted to be his omega. It puzzles you, then, why he went through the trouble of slowly converting you over days, weeks, and months, when a trip to the local Hierarch Industries intake clinic would have done the same thing within hours.

So one day you muster up the courage to ask him. To your surprise he smiles. He walks up to you, cups your ass in his broad hands, and tells you that he’s been waiting for this. He leans in and whispers in your ear that he enjoys the thrill of the hunt, and that it was more romantic this way. They’re just the words that you want to hear, and you melt into his arms like wax.

Needless to say, by the time the sun rose the next morning, anyone who looked at you would know that you were owned, and that you belonged to your roommate, and that he, despite being an Alpha, belonged in all the same ways to you. Well, anyone that looked at you and anyone in a half mile radius that had a pair of ears given how loudly you’d screamed as he finally gave you what you had wanted all along.

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