An Image of Perfection

Hello Pink Fairy. I have a request. I remember hearing a story of a boy on a beach, a helpless statue who could only stand and feel as those around him used him for their own pleasure, completely aware as others made him feel unwanted pleasure.

I would like to experience something like that for a week, to be fully aware but helpless as others use me. I will pay the price you ask of me for such an experience. Thank you.

Story Request by @99shadowcat99
(Source: @hotzila)

A friend invites you to a nude beach one day, and even though you’ve never been before, the thought somewhat excites you. You don’t remember much of the trip over. You figure you’d fallen asleep in the car. In the back of your mind, the memory of a dream that you had is already rapidly fading.

As you step out of the car and feel the salty breeze on your face, you can’t help but feel your cock twitching in your shorts. You feel horny already, and you haven’t even stripped off. Not to mention the fact that there’s a pleasant fog in your head that’s making it easy to accept that you are having a hard-on in front of your friend.

The first thing that you do when you go down to the beach is walk right up to the edge of the ocean. The way that the waves lap at the shore is soothing, calming, and almost hypnotic. The cool breeze caressing your cock makes your spine tingle with pleasure and before you know it you’ve walked right into the water.

You stay there for only a few minutes. Your skin begins to tingle before long. You walk back up onto the beach as your friend tosses a towel at you. You grab it and face the waves, fully intending to dry off, only to find that your limbs refuse to obey your commands. Hard as you try, you can’t move your body, and as much as you want to cry out for help, even your throat refuses to obey you.

You can feel everything, the coarse fabric of the towel in your hands, the cold breeze against your skin, the droplets of water dipping down the curve of your spine and between your ass cheeks, but you just can’t move. You’re helpless when your friend comes up behind you and fondles your ass and whispers in your ear about how long he’s been waiting to get you like this.

You would shiver, if you could, but you are helpless to do anything when one of his fingers starts rubbing around your hole. He bends you over, kneading your ass cheeks. He tells you that he’s going to enjoy this as he presses his cock up against your hole. As he slides into you, the fog in your head thickens. The only thing that you can comprehend is the pleasure as he pumps in and out of you, fucking your frozen body with abandon.

You feel an orgasm coming on when he fills you up with his cum, but you can’t quite get there. You end up riding the edge, and even minutes later, when your friend is relaxing on the sand in front of you, your arousal hasn’t gone down.

At the end of the day he pats you on the shoulder and tells you that he’ll be back for you in a week. By then a couple other guys had come over and used you, your horniness rising higher and higher. You can scarcely even comprehend him. It’s impossible to think through the lust thrumming through your mind, melting your brains right out of your ears. You’re aware of what he’s doing and what he’s telling you, but you can hardly process it through how good you’re feeling.

When he comes back a week later, you’re no longer frozen, but you’re every bit as desperate for cum as you had become during your time as a statue. You can’t think of anything but cock, and when he gets you in the car, you immediately start sucking him off. This was your life now, after all.

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