Swapped Into Servitude

Uh, what was the name? Oh, Pink Fairy, I’m not sure if you’re there, but if you are, my school really needs your help. I’m a senior in high school and have been a punching bag for too long. A lot of us have. The jocks at my school constantly bully any and everyone they don’t see as one of them or as someone to sleep with.

I want to request that you take the bullies, and give the bullying victims their bodies. Make me and my friends into their image, but with our personalities so we can keep the school bully free. I especially want Kyle Smith’s body. He is the varsity quarterback and the biggest bully of them all. And also the only one hot enough for me to still find attractive despite how much of an asshole he is.

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Source: @maxwyatt_

Michael, or "little Mikey" as the jocks liked to call him, felt incredibly put off by the sensation of waking up in a body that he instinctively knew wasn’t his. Somehow, the wish that he had made jokingly, on the off-chance that it might actually work had come true. If he hadn’t been convinced of the power of the Pink Fairy before, he certainly believed now.

Sitting up in bed, letting the blankets fall away and pool at his waist, Mike raised his hands in front of his face. They were so big, his palms so broad, his fingers so thick. His arms were huge, too, and a firm slab of meat hung off his chest alongside washboard ripples on his stomach.

Mike felt amazing. Far more amazing than he had felt in his entire life. He could feel the energy coursing in his veins, the lightness of his body, the spring in his every movement. It was hard not to understand how the jocks thought that they were the kings of the world knowing now how their bodies felt.

But the jocks had been unjust kings. They had been tyrants. They had used their power, their charm, their looks, and their popularity to beat down the guys whose only sin was being "different." Mike had had enough. It was why he had done the research. Science had failed him, offered nothing up but platitudes that things would get better over time. It wasn’t enough.

Mike wanted things to be better now. So he turned to the misunderstood parts of the world. The occult. The mysteries. And so it was that he stumbled upon a strange name in a strange old book in the library that none of the library staff could explain. The Cael Sídhe. The Pink Fairy. Someone who could bring about the change that he wanted… for a price.

Although he had been convinced that he had driven himself to madness trying to find a way to get back at his tormentors, Mike had still made the wish on the off-chance that it would work. And it had worked. Now he was in the body of his mortal enemy. In his mortal enemy’s bed. Wearing his mortal enemy’s underwear.

Mike moaned as a flush of arousal surged through him. His cock was hard and pressed up against the inside of his thigh by the tight boxer briefs that Kyle had clearly gone to bed wearing. He swung his legs off the side of the bed just as the door opened and Kyle’s mom peeked into the room. "Honey, there’s a kid outside looking for you. I think he’s a bit special. He’s been trying to tell me that he’s you, really. Could you just talk to him? He’s starting to scare me a bit."

"’Course mom," Mike said, Kyle’s standard drawl seeming to come naturally to him as he brushed his way past Kyle’s mother. "Oh, by the way, you should probably tell dad. I’m gay," he said.

Kyle’s mom looked surprised, but only somewhat. It wasn’t the expression that Mike had expected. "Well," she said, "I had always thought that you were overcompensating for something, bringing all those silly girls over and making sure that we, uh, heard the things that went on in your room."

Mike didn’t know how to respond to that, so he just said, "thanks, mom," with a small smile. Even if it wasn’t true, it was clear that Kyle’s mother believed him. And there was no taking that back. If he ever wound up back in his body, Kyle would have to deal with the fact that his parents thought he was gay.

Not that Mike thought the spell would ever reverse itself unless he wanted it to. Mike opened the door and even though he knew what he would find, it was still a bit disorientating to see his old body standing there on the porch. He fixed the biggest shit-eating grin on his face that he could muster and he said, "Sup, twerp?"

"Y-You!!" Kyle screamed. He lunged forward, beating his fists against Mike’s chest. But it was useless. "Give me back my body!" Kyle shouted.

Mike was able to easily restrain Kyle. The strength of his new body continued to astound him. "Not gonna happen," he drawled. "This is payback for all the shit that you put me through so you better get used to your new life," he said, with a sneer.

"But unlike you, I’m not a monster," said Mike. He wrapped his arms around Kyle and pulled the jock-turned-nerd into a tight embrace. He could feel Kyle’s cock harden against his thigh. "Play along and maybe I’ll teach you how you can enjoy your new life."

Kyle looked like he was about to cry, but it was clear that he could do nothing about his situation. He bit his lower lip and nodded, at which point Mike lowered him to the floor and grabbed him by the hand. He led Kyle back up toward his bedroom, and when he met Kyle’s mom on the way up, he said, "This is my boyfriend. He just has trouble saying what he means sometimes. We’re gonna go up to my room."

Kyle’s mom just smiled. "Alright, honey. Have fun. Remember, you don’t need to be so loud."

"I’ll try, mom," said Mike, with sardonic grin directed more at Kyle than at Kyle’s mother. Kyle was at least wise enough to keep his trap shut until Mike closed the door to Kyle’s room behind them.

"What the fuck was that?!" said Kyle. "My mom thinks I’m gay!?"

"Well, it’s true," said Mike, sitting down on the bed and folding his arms behind his head. "At least, it’s true now. Get used to it."

Kyle fumed silently for a few seconds, but the change was palpable as the anger faded. Mike watched as Kyle’s eyes went from dark and furious to unfocused and glassy. Kyle’s lips parted ever so slightly as Mike flexed, his eyes running up and down his old body’s trim, muscular physique.

"Like what you see, boy?" said Mike, hiking his legs apart to show off the sizable bulge nestled between his legs. "Why don’t you come closer and let me teach you something that you can spend your time doing instead of being so angry at the world and at people who are smaller than you," he said. "You know it’s what you want to do."

A quiet little moan escaped Kyle as his knees buckled and he sank to the floor. He crawled across the bedroom floor to the bed. He practically shoved his face into Mike’s crotch as he whined and pushed his ass out.

Mike reached down and threaded his fingers through the fallen jock’s hair and grinned. "That’s it," he said. "That’s a good boy."

*bang* *bang* *bang*

The headboard of Kyle’s bed thumped against the wall over and over and over again in a steady rhythm, punctuated by the high-pitched squeals and moans of Kyle in his new body. Kyle was on his back, his legs in the air, while Mike was using his newfound jock body and strength to drill his cock into Kyle’s tight hole.

It felt good. So good. Mike regretted having not started earlier. He had wanted to tease and edge Kyle for a while. He had been delighted to find out that Kyle couldn’t cum. No matter how long or how hard he jerked off the twerp’s cock, all Kyle could do was moan and whimper and beg for Mike to fuck him with his big fat cock.

Mike figured that maybe he should have held back a little bit, but it was just so fucking fun watching the intelligence drain right out of Kyle’s eyes, reducing the once-proud jock into a blubbering, unintelligent, empty-headed little cock-slut. His big new cock must have fucked Kyle’s brain into mush.

Grunting, Mike felt himself approach orgasm. He was so close. Riding the edge. The cum was churning in his balls, ready to release at any moment. But he couldn’t. He just couldn’t. No matter how hard he tried, how furiously he thrust, he couldn’t get there.

"Ah, ah, ah," said a quiet voice in his ear. "Not until payment is made," said the Pink Fairy, with a devilish grin as he materialized beside Mike. "I believe I’m owed a fair bit of intelligence… but it doesn’t look like there’s any left in this twink you’re rawing… So I guess I’ll just have to take it all from you."

Mike’s eyes grew wide in surprise. He tried to back away, but the Pink Fairy was fast. Faster than any human could have hoped to react. His fingers darted out and tapped Mike on the forehead and just like that, he felt memories, knowledge, intelligence, evaporate, popping away like delicate little soap bubbles.

"Now cum for me, my good little jockboy. I hope you enjoy your new life!" said the Pink Fairy, patting Mike on the head as a trickle of drool dribbled from the corner of his lip. With a guttural, primal roar, he slid his cock one last time into Kyle and came, sealing his fate.

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