Redressed For Success

Hey, I’ve recently started at a new job. Personal assistant… But you gotta do what you gotta do in this economy.

I have to work in the boss’s office and he has a bit of an issue with control. He’s the one that sets my schedule, the hours that I work, when, how many, and how long my breaks are… At first I thought it was really freaky, but I think I’m starting to appreciate it. I like the structure. The discipline… It’s actually helped me start going to the gym again…

But a small part of me wants him to take even more control… I want him to tell me what to do and how to do it… How to dress… It’s weird… But I want him to tell me what to think, now, too…

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Given that Hierarch Industries was one of the hottest conglomerates in the global market at the moment, Chris had applied for a job at one of their locations purely on the off chance that he would get in to start building a career from the ground up. He had a university degree and had briefly considered pursuing post-graduate studies but he had taken one look at the competition in his field of choice and had reconsidered.

Chris had thought he would find gainful employment in something adjacent to his field, but he didn’t have any such luck. He had been desperate when he signed up for Hierarch Industries, never once thinking that he would get the job. It had been a relief to know that he would be employed, but still he hadn’t been too keen on becoming a personal assistant.

It wasn’t that following instructions was difficult for Chris, or somehow antithetical to the way that he lived his life. In fact, for many of the years he had spent on this earth, he had been something of a follower. It was just that he had thought he would make more out of his degree than this, but he supposed that if he worked hard enough he could get his foot in the door for something greater than personal assistant. From what he had heard, Hierarch Industries was pretty good at promoting people who showed initiative and skill.

Considering the job he had applied for, Chris had expected that he would be running around the office, getting coffee, making sure schedules were straightened out, and fielding calls for his boss. He had expected that he would be haggard at the end of every day and exhausted enough to drop straight to sleep by the time that he got home. But his expectations hadn’t exactly panned out.

In fact, the position of personal assistant had seemed to be something of a formality. Chris’ boss, Aleph, had been pretty on top of things and had barely had any need for him. But that hadn’t changed the fact that Aleph had been controlling. More so than Chris had even expected. To the point that his schedule was dictated by his boss, regardless of where he thought he was needed, or what his boss’s schedule was like.

Chris had had no choice but to suck it up, of course. He hadn’t wanted to do anything to get fired. But it had still chafed, being made to feel like a piece of furniture, not really doing anything but having no choice but to do exactly as he was told to. As the days and weeks wore on, though, he started to appreciate the routine more and more.

The benefits had even extended to Chris’ home life, having learned significant time management skills thanks to his boss’s strict schedule. He had even found the time to go to the gym after his boss suggested that he should go. It had sounded like such a bad idea before but he had realized that he didn’t really have anything better to do, and that it would be a good look if he got back into his fitness.

Somehow, the discipline had started to feel comfortable. Right. Good. It was like Chris had suddenly found what was missing in his life and it was this. Strict control. Rules. Following orders. Had he done his research he might have recognized his increasing submissiveness as a telltale sign of his conversion into an omega, thanks in no small part to the very deliberate amounts of exposure to his soon-to-be-Alpha he was receiving through work.

It hadn’t taken long after that before Aleph asked Chris out on a date, commenting on how he’d improved a lot since the first day he walked into the office. Chris had blushed at the compliment and had shivered at the gentle touch that had followed it. It hadn’t even been a question. Chris would have never said no. Not if he had thought it would disappoint Aleph.

The change was precipitous from there. Chris really did try to hold out, clinging to some final shred of independence. But he had a new psychology, and a physiology to match it. He couldn’t resist the control. The order. The Hierarchy. He moved in with Aleph as soon as the subject was breached.

Chris quit as Personal Assistant soon after that, but it wasn’t like anything had changed. He was still doing things for his Alpha, and still following a strict schedule. He just understood his role as Aleph’s omega and knew his place. He loved it. He loved being taken care of. Loved the feeling of Aleph’s arms around him every night as they slept.

Chris also loved the way that Aleph took control of his life, from dictating what he wore (usually some of Aleph’s clothes to make sure he had his Alpha’s scent on him all the time), to how to style his hair, to the things that he needed to think about and the things that he didn’t.

At first Chris had thought that he would have some problems with it all, but he found that he liked it. He found it easier. Less stressful. He didn’t have to take initiative or make plans for his own future. Aleph was there to do that for him. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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