Teacher’s Fuckpet

With a little bit of help from his chemistry professor, Axel finds out what being a teacher’s pet really means.

Axel never would have imagined that his CHEM1300 professor, who looked not a day older than 25, was actually more than a hundred years old. It was simply not the kind of thought that crossed the mind of a stressed out, near-broke college kid. But the truth was that Dr. Rowan Fleming, PhD., was simply that good at chemistry.

Axel had been a teacher’s pet since high school, but even his familiarity with Rowan never once clued him in to the astonishing secret that the professor was hiding. He never once suspected that the professor had ulterior motives in giving him extra help whenever he needed it. He never realized just how literally he would become the teacher’s pet.

Having been a straight-A’s student in high school, the expectations on Axel’s shoulders were pretty high. But he had shrugged them off. He had tempered his own expectations. He was aware that college was an entirely different beast, and he trained himself not to get too caught up over B’s and C’s as long as he ultimately passed and got a degree.

Since he’d been focused on getting the good grades necessary to get into a good university, Axel had developed somewhat of a paunch during his senior year. With the liberty that his new outlook on grades afforded him, he decided to start going to the gym to work on the body that he had always wanted, but had never quite had the time or the motivation to get.

Even so, Axel managed to do pretty well in his classes in his freshman year. Chemistry was an area of struggle, but he made fast friends with Rowan, and the additional help was exactly what he needed to flourish in the class.

It was during CHEM1300 that Axel learned that Rowan made a bit of a living on the side as a personal trainer. He also learned that Rowan hadn’t taken on a client for a couple of months. Not sure that he was on good enough standing with his professor to inquire about rates, Rowan hemmed and hawwed on asking Rowan whether he would be willing to take him on as a client.

But when Axel realized that the workout and diet regiment that he had drawn up for himself wasn’t working, he decided that he had nothing to lose by asking. He got his chance, but Rowan beat him to it. Handing Axel the results of his final exam, Rowan offered to take on Axel as a trainer.

Axel was ecstatic, and he followed the workout regiment and diet plan that Rowan made up for him. It was quite similar to what he had been doing before, but the difference was that Rowan provided supplements that he said would guarantee quick results.

It worked, for a little while. Axel was definitely getting some definition. His body was growing. He was getting bigger. He had lost the thin layer of body fat that had been padding him out. But he felt that it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t satisfied.

Axel had only ever wanted to get lean, like the jocks that he used to admire during high school. But now that he had a body that was not only similar but better than theirs, he couldn’t get the idea of getting even bigger out of his head.

The backslide went relatively unnoticed at first. Axel started slacking in his classes, his thoughts often straying to the gym and what he could do to get himself bigger. He started going more and more, but every workout only ended in frustration.

Axel could still feel the burn, could still feel the strain in his muscles, but it wasn’t working. He even did the one thing that Rowan emphatically told him not to do and got himself some steroids. Those didn’t work, though.

The fact that he wasn’t getting any bigger caused Axel an untold amount of stress. It only made his grades suffer more. He blamed the stress, the frustration. But if he had only known that part of it was also because of a steadily diminishing cognitive capacity, he might have been able to salvage some part of the bright future that he might have had.

But by that point, Axel was too blinded by the desire to get bigger and too slow thanks to the existing effects, that he couldn’t make the connection.

Halfway through the first semester of his second year in college, Axel told Rowan about his frustrations. When Rowan offered a chance to participate in a clinical trial for an experimental new supplement, Axel blindly signed up.

The new supplement, supposedly, was going to promote muscle growth without the side-effects of anabolic steroids. Anyone with half a brain would have figured it out to be too good to be true, but Axel barely qualified for that proportion of the population anymore.

Axel’s old self would have asked for the research, the documentation that indicated there was potential for the supplement, but now more brawn than brains, Axel was only too happy to give over his body to his favorite professor.

Axel kept taking the old supplement. Rowan told him to keep going. He had no idea it was steadily chipping away at his intellect, gradually turning him dumber, making him lose all the precious knowledge he’d sequestered in his mind.

The new supplement worked as described. As the weeks went by, Axel noticed that he was packing on the muscle. He wasn’t getting freakishly big, but he had never wanted to be. He stayed in proportion, just as he desired. It was like his whole body was growing.

But as the days wore on, Axel started to notice that there were certain urges manifesting in the back of his mind. His libido was growing stronger. Where he had only masturbated sparingly before, now he couldn’t keep his hands off himself. Meanwhile, attending university lectures became a once-a-week kind of thing. And even then he spent most of his time in class daydreaming and rubbing himself through his pants.

Every night Axel laid in bed and jerked off. At first, the fantasy of other men using him as a sex toy was off-putting, but he had come to embrace it. He loved the way that the men threw him around, even though he was big and strong. Even though he could probably crush the men that had their way with him.

Axel loved to imagine the way that they would pin him down and shove a cock down his throat and up his ass. He dreamed of being spit-roasted, of being force-fed cum and having it drip between his legs.

Axel’s grades went from suffering to downright abysmal. He was failing classes that he had had no problem cruising through before. At first he forgot what 3 * 3 or 10 + 9 were only occasionally, but numbers were nigh-incomprehensible to him now.

Words weren’t coming as easily before, either. Technical terms that Axel used to use regularly were gibberish to him. Rowan wanted to talk to him the other day about his thoughts on cellular regeneration, but it had just made him feel stupid, being unable to muster his thoughts, much less the words that would have been necessary to render a cogent response.

In the meantime, though, Axel’s ass was getting bigger. It had always been flat. Even with the first set of supplements, it had only gotten somewhat bigger, but had still been relatively unimpressive compared to the rest of his frame. Now, though, it had ballooned out.

Axel had ripped a nice pair of sexy briefs just bending over. The only underwear that fit him now was jockstraps, though he could scarcely complain about them. He loved them. They framed his ass nicely, made it look bigger. It also pushed his ass up, making it jiggle whenever he walked.

In the back of his mind he had a faint inkling that something was wrong, that he wasn’t supposed to be this big, or this dumb. There was a small voice that kept telling him that he was supposed to be smart. But his new body felt so good, so amazing that he just let those thoughts go.

By the time that freshman year was over, Axel had gotten kicked out for ‘failing to meet academic expectations.’ But the truth was, and everyone knew it, he was just too stupid for college. Struggling to read his expulsion notice, realizing how dull and empty-headed he had become, Axel blew the biggest load he had ever blown in his pants.

For about a week after getting expelled, Axel ended up mooching off of random guys off the street. They let him stay a night or two in exchange for a blowjob or a go at his perfectly perky muscle ass. It turned out he was a pretty good whore. It was just that he was terrible with money. The numbers escaped him. And he loved getting out of his clothes so much that bills weren’t safe.

It wasn’t exactly the kind of life that Axel would have seen himself leading, but he loved it. He craved the feeling of guys ramming their cocks in his ass and rubbing their hands all over his pecs and his abs.

None of them cared about his thick cock, which had been enhanced by the supplements, too, but neither did Axel. He really didn’t mind. He preferred playing with other guys’ cocks, anyway. He loved to be reminded that he was practically just a cocksleeve, a cheap whore passed around from house to house because he was too stupid to stay in school or hold a job.

Axel particularly loved it when they were harsh, when they reminded him of how dumb he was, of how empty his skull was. It felt good. So good. It never failed to make his big cock twitch and his perfect muscle pussy to quiver.

Sure, it was humiliating. But it was also true. He tried to get on the computer once, when one of the guys he briefly "boarded" with let him. But it had taken him a few minutes to even figure out how to turn it on. Trying to move the "arrow-thingie" had stumped him altogether, and hearing the guy he’d spent the night with call him a stupid brute put an end to any hope that he would even be able to get past the log-in screen.

Rowan eventually found Axel and took him home. The place was huge. It had a library of its own, one that Rowan offered to take Axel around. Axel took one look at all the books and just chuckled, dumbly, saying that he could barely figure out numbers anymore, and that words were even more impossible.

Rowan had laughed and swatted Axel’s ass, telling the big dumb brute how much he loved the himbo that Axel had become.

With a confident smirk, Rowan walked over to a big chair in the library lounge. He unzipped his pants and brought out his cock. It made Axel drool instantly. It was big. Thick. Beautiful.

Axel fell to his knees, stripping off the meager clothing that he had on. He crawled to Rowan, spit dribbling out of the corners of his mouth like the braindead idiot that he had become.

Rowan chuckled at the sight of Axel. He told the brute how much he had been needing a boytoy for a while, now. He told Axel how it had always been a fantasy of his to take someone with so much potential for greatness and turn them into a dribbling, drooling, cockslut.

Axel didn’t even understand half the words his old professor told him, but he did grin when he was called a cockslut. He took it as a cue to shove his face into Rowan’s crotch, slobbering all over his old professor’s cock.

It was the beginning of a new life for Axel. The perfect cockwhore. A fucktoy for his immortal professor to use. He had gotten the body that he had always wanted, and all it had cost him was his intelligence and his future.

Not that Axel minded. He didn’t know any better. He loved being all big and stupid, too big and stupid to realize that he could have been so much more.

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