The Missing Piece

What I loved about the Super Sucker series was that a guy was already into hypno before he was put under and felt dirty about it.

So, it might be fun to read about a guy, who had been mind-controlled by a supervillain in his highschool days along with his sports team, and is still carrying a torch for the man who had once enslaved him. And maybe that supervillain is getting released early from custody for good behavior.

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Thursday was a tough day. Well, most days were tough days, but Thursdays especially. It wasn’t that Eric didn’t appreciate the therapist that the government had assigned him for the last ten years, it was that talking at all about what he had gone through was difficult. But probably not for the reasons that his therapist thought.

A decade ago, now, Eric had been one of the jocks. He hadn’t been one of the popular jocks, but the swim team pulled some social clout. Maybe not as much as the football team, but they did enjoy their time in the spotlight every now and again, and he had exploited every little bit of that social credit whenever he could.

The old Eric would have wept to see what he had become in the years following graduation. But the truth was that his fall had occurred long before. He liked to think that he hadn’t really been that bigoted. Nothing in his upbringing had told him that gays were abominations. He had just been a teenager enjoying the privileges of being a jock, too fucking insecure in his own sexuality to leave well enough alone.

Eric was the one that triggered Jamie’s awakening. Just before the start of summer vacation, he’d dunked the nerd’s head in the toilet one last time. Little did he know what he had unleashed into the world. When school came back in session, someone "new" had usurped the entire social ladder. Jamie, the twerp, had turned into a jock, and the very first thing he’d done was steal the title of swim team captain from Eric.

It was only the first of many humiliations. Eric’s mind hadn’t been his own. Not during that time. And not fully ever since. It had started with embarrassing erections during swim meets before it progressed into random boners in the showers with the guys. By the time the first semester was over, Jamie had managed to convince the rest of the team that Eric had started "fagging out," and there wasn’t really anything that Eric could say or do to contest it once he was on his knees, lovingly slurping at Jamie’s big cock.

The rest of the team had followed suit soon after. And Jamie didn’t hesitate to have them all held back to continue their torment. The only reason that Eric had ever gotten free of Jamie’s control was the government cracking down on supers in a paranoid frenzy. The months after Jamie’s arrest were some of the haziest in Eric’s life.

Eric liked to think that he had managed to shake off the effects of Jamie’s influence on him, but it had been ten years since the last time he had popped an erection to a woman. It had been ten years since the last time he thought a girl was pretty. The truth was that Jamie had left a mark, and every fiber of his being longed to be put under that kind of control again. No matter how many times he insisted to his therapist that he was free of Jamie’s influence.

And now Jamie was coming back to society. From the day he had heard that Jamie, codename Mesmer, was to be released from custody for good behavior, Eric had been equal parts apprehensive and excited. Watching the announcement on the evening news had given him the biggest, hardest erection he’d had in the past ten years, and he had tranced to the filthiest MP3 that he could find online that same night.

Whatever Eric’s future might have been before he crossed paths with Jamie, it was irrevocably changed, now. Oh, he still had his charm, his charisma. He did pretty well at his job at the small computer repair company down the road. But he spent most of his days longing for something that he had never quite been able to find in the years since Jamie was put in prison: a master.

In the days since the fateful announcement, Eric had made himself scarce. He went to work, but clocked out as soon as he could every day. The few friends that he’d made were mostly ignored or given bare, perfunctory greetings when it couldn’t be avoided. He mostly stayed home, facedown on his mattress, a few fingers shoved in his hole while he stroked his hard cock.

It was a position that was familiar to Eric. He had spent much of the second semester after Jamie’s awakening in such a position. It made him crave Jamie’s familiar touch, the words spoken at first with scorn, and then later on with a strange gentleness. He longed for his master, who had never really been excised from his mind.

As he shuddered and came, splattering his sheets with thick white cum, Eric began to make plans for the day that Jamie was actually released. He needed to see his master. Needed to find out if Jamie would take him back. Because he was ready now. Ready in a way that he never was before.

Now, Eric was ready to give himself over to Jamie of his own free will. He wanted to surrender himself. Every part of him. Body. Mind. Soul.

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