Gooner’s Grievance

Hey Pink Fairy, my roommate is a complete asshole and I need your help. We’re both seniors living in the athletic dorm on campus. John’s in football while I’m a gymnast. Most of this year the situation has been good but not great. I’m out and John has made it clear that he’s not all that cool living with a gay guy. Mostly his animosity was limited to muttered remarks, snide comments, and jokes whispered to his other football buddies.

Until last week.

Unbeknownst to me, John used his webcam to secretly record me enjoying some “alone time” in the room jerking off. Now look, I’m a healthy, fit, red-blooded young guy who enjoys sex with myself as much as I enjoy it with another guy. And I kinda get into it, moaning, playing with my nips, fingering myself, sometimes even feeling up my own muscles. Anyway, that day happened to be a major session where I went all out and finished with a loud, powerful orgasm.

When John saw what he had captured he wasted no time in showing it to his buddies who, in turn, encouraged him to post it to our campus social media. Five minutes after that I was a laughing stock. Everywhere I went people pointed and laughed. I went into the student union and felt a cold chill run down my spine when I heard my own lusty moaning coming out of some guy’s phone. I ran back to the dorm, only to find John and his buddies hanging out in our room laughing. I had nowhere to go…and I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

Pink Fairy, we need to take this asshole down. Will you help me?

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The surge of pleasure that shot down Ash’s back as he huffed a hit of poppers brought with it a strange clarity that somewhat pierced the thick fog in his head. For a few moments, he became acutely aware of the heady scent of sweat, sex, and cum that hung in the air. Of the feeling of the coarse bed sheet under his ass. Of his legs spread wide, toes barely catching on the carpeted floor.

Ash became aware of the heavy body sat on the edge of the bed beside him. The rhythmic shaking of the bed. The steady, intense pleasure that radiated out from his crotch as he and his companion stroked their thick, meaty cocks while drool trickled from the corners of their mouths onto their chests.

In front of them, balanced with surprising delicateness on a stack of college textbooks, none of which looked like they had ever been cracked open, on top of a stool, was a webcam on a small, shitty tripod. On the floor beside the chair was a laptop cracked open so that Ash could clearly see himself and his companion on the feed.

Ash moaned, a low and guttural sound. His cock glistened in his fist as he pumped it up and down. The fog was starting to creep back in, and his attention was being drawn back to the slideshow of porn playing on the big screen behind the camera. But for a moment he remembered how it had transpired that he ended up like this.

The days following his humiliation were some of the worst for Ash. He couldn’t even bear to go to his lectures because of the looks that he got in the hallways, and the sniggers that he often heard behind his back.

One thing that Ash did know was that he couldn’t let it get to him. There was no reason to jeopardize his future because of one jackass being a jackass. After a few days he finally mustered the confidence to step out of his room without immediately dashing back in. He withered the looks and the self-satisfied smirks that were shot his way.

As it turned out, though, the clip was probably one of the best things to happen to his sex life. Ash never wanted to bring any guys to his dorm room because of obvious reasons, but he was stopped in the halls a few times by hot fratboys wanting to see the little guy for themselves. In fact, some seemed to take it as a challenge, whether they could make him moan louder than he had in the video.

Knowing that he had at least gotten some admirers out of the whole damn thing helped Ash feel better about it. In fact, most other people forgot about it soon after. The only one who wouldn’t let it go was John, but even he started to change after a week or two. At first Ash thought it was just because the prank had lost its novelty once Ash wasn’t suffering from it, but John started acting weird.

It wasn’t all that noticeable at first, but it became more and more apparent as the days went by. Ash had always made it a point to avoid the common areas of their dorm suite because of John, but he started spending more time there once he realized that it was John that was avoiding the common areas.

At first, there were all sorts of muttered excuses. Homework. Naps. But those tapered off after another week. John spent nearly all of his time in his room. And whenever he walked past John’s door, Ash thought he could hear moaning coming from inside. Which was priceless considering how much John liked to talk about how jerking off was for losers who couldn’t get laid.

Every day that went by, John looked more and more haggard. His hair was mussed up, his clothes bedraggled. There was a crazed look in his eyes. By the time that Ash came home to find John sitting on the couch, jerking his furiously pounding his cock as the sounds of loud gay porn blasted from the TV, he was hardly surprised.

From then, Ash kept a close eye on his roommate. He didn’t know why. Something compelled him to. Every since he got a good look at John furiously pumping his meaty cock, he couldn’t stop thinking about it. The mixture of desperate horniness and fear on John’s face when he had opened the door had made his cock hard in his pants.

Ash was there when John jerked off in the locker room after football practice. None of the jocks seemed to find it odd, but John looked mortified as his hand slowly crept down the front of his pants and fished his cock out of his jockstrap. By the time that he had wrapped his fingers around his throbbing shaft, though, his eyes had glassed over, and he was open-mouthed panting as he jerked off.

The dorm shower was one of John’s favorite places to jerk off. He didn’t even bother hiding it anymore. As soon as he stepped into the water, his hand was around his hard cock. He had never taken comprehensive notes in lectures before, but that stopped altogether now that his right hand spent more time under his desk, stroking his cock through his jeans until he blew thick creamy load after thick creamy load into his pants.

And there was no mistaking when John was hard. His cock had grown in the weeks since he’d humiliated Ash. It wasn’t enough that he could hardly keep his hands off himself as soon as he got even moderately aroused, but the whole world knew because his sizable endowment tented out the front of any pants that he wore, leaving little to the imagination.

John’s already-terrible grades, that were only propped up by rushed tutoring sessions and nerds bullied into submission, rapidly plummeted. He was facing expulsion, and the football team wasn’t going to defend him. It wasn’t like he didn’t go to practices anymore. It was just that he never seemed to leave the locker room, preferring to spend the time drilling in the lockers jerking.

One time, Ash heard John moaning out the name of his musclehead friends. It was hilarious. As soon as John noticed him, John begged him not to tell the muscleheads, offering to do anything that Ash wanted in exchange for his secrecy.

Ash loved the power. At first, he loved the thought of humiliating John by forcing him to masturbate in the quad, or bent over the bench at the next football match. But as Ash watched John stroke his cock while streaking across the field in front of the local news, with a look of perverted bliss on his face, he realized that the bastard was enjoying it.

But the day came that the enjoyment came to a grinding halt. Ash came home to an empty dorm room, though the smell of cum was thick in the air. He was ambushed as he dropped his bag to take a seat on the couch.

Naked, John pinned him down to the floor with his weight. John straddled his chest, cock hard and leaking. He had a strange look in his eyes, a madness. His mouth was open, and drool was dripping from his chin onto Ash. He masturbated, moaning and groaning and grinding his naked ass onto Ash’s chest.

Ash was powerless. His arms and legs felt like lead weights. He stayed there, entranced by the sight of John’s hand sliding up and down his thick, slick, meaty cock. And he stayed there until John let out a guttural roar and came, his thick cock spraying ribbons of cum all over Ash’s face.

Soon after, Ash followed in John’s steps, losing himself to the pleasure of masturbation. It wasn’t at all surprising that they got kicked out soon after. But they were in luck. They had fans. And, as they found out, there were people more than happy to throw money at them trying to break their gooning on stream.

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