Rubber Bonds pt. 5

A familiar figure interrupts Todd’s and Chance’s moment together but one thing leads to another and everyone is happy in the end.

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Chance traced the back of his index finger down the side of Todd’s face and murmured, "Come back to me, please."

Todd groaned. The process was slower this time. Memories trickled into his mind as he regained his identity.

The sensation was always intense. It made his head go haywire and intensified all the sensations coursing through him. And as he’d been brought back just in time to feel Chance’s spent cock slip out of him, he couldn’t help but moan.

Todd clenched. He didn’t want to waste a single drop of Chance’s seed. He could feel the warmth sloshing around inside of him. He just wasn’t fast enough, though, and a little bit leaked from his fucked-out hole, dripping down the inside of his thigh.

He took a moment to catch his breath. He could feel the warmth of Chance’s body against his and the weight of Chance lying on top of him was oddly comforting.

"That was amazing," Todd breathed.

"Oh yeah?" Chance gave Todd a peck on the cheek. "I had fun, too."

Todd hummed. He was pleased. One thing did stick out to him, though. "How did you, uh… How did you manage to fuck me through the rubber?" he said. "I wasn’t imagining that, right?"

Chance laughed. It was a pretty sound that made Todd’s heart skip a beat. "I had you enchant our singlets to allow cocks to pass through."

"Oh, you little…" Todd shook his head and laughed. He hadn’t expected that but he wasn’t complaining. It was actually pretty hot. Knowing that his boyfriend was actively hypnotizing him and making him do things he had absolutely no recollection of was incredible.

Chance giggled and kissed the back of Todd’s neck. "Turns out magic is awfully convenient when you have a cute little pet to do it for you."

Todd gasped. "What did you just call me?" he laughed.

"My cute little pet," said Chance.

"Cute, yes. But little pet?" Todd shook his head. That was a challenge if he’d ever heard one. "We’ll see about that."

Todd mustered his strength in an attempt to throw Chance off and reverse their positions. The moment he tried, though, he couldn’t make Chance budge even an inch.

"It’s cute you think you’ll ever be able to beat me in a wrestling match, babe," said Chance.

Todd laughed in disbelief. "You didn’t, babe," he said.

Chance grabbed Todd’s wrists and pinned them against the mat. He rolled his hips, humping his crotch into Todd’s ass with impunity. "Oh yes, I did," said Chance.

Todd laughed. All the strength in his body, all the explosive power in his muscles, none of it was worth a damn against Chance. The best he could manage was to lie there and take the humiliation, which made his cheeks burn and his cock twitch. "Fuck!" he exclaimed.

"Again?" said Chance. "Guess you haven’t had enough, huh, babe?"

Cheeky bastard, Todd thought to himself. "I can never have enough of you, babe," he said. Every word was true.

Chance chuckled. "Aww. Thank you, babe. That’s so sweet. Now, how does it feel knowing you’ll never be able to win against a guy half your size?"

Todd closed his eyes and shivered. His cheeks warmed even more, his whole body flushing with arousal at the thought.

He was usually the strong guy. The muscle. The brawn. Not this time, though. Chance had him pinned and he was powerless to do anything about it. He’d never been so turned on in his life.

Chance leaned in. He whispered in Todd’s ear as he ground his hips against Todd’s ass. "It must be humiliating to know that even in the thing you’re most proud of, I’ll always be better than you."

"H-holy shit…" Todd moaned. His cock surged to full hardness. The sensation of his arousal sliding around against the inside surface of the rubber singlet, lubricated by his load, was almost too much.

"Yeah… I thought you’d like that… slut," said Chance, nipping at the lobe of Todd’s ear.

"F-fuck, babe," Todd said breathlessly. "Where the hell did you learn to talk like that?"

Chance shrugged. "Guess it just comes naturally, babe," he said.

Todd scoffed. "H-hang on…" The sensation of Chance’s hips bumping into his reminded him of something. "You said you had me enchant the singlets to open up for cocks? Any cocks? Not just ours?"

"You heard it right the first time," said Chance. There was a hint of mischief in his voice and Todd had to admit—he loved it.

Todd glanced over his shoulder at Chance. He licked his lips and hoped he wasn’t misinterpreting what was being implied. He said, "Y-you’re fine with sleeping around with other people?"

Chance shrugged. "I don’t mind," he said. "Do you?"

Todd shook his head. "No! No. Not at all," he said, with a smile. "Honestly, I think it’d be hot to watch your tight, smooth body fucking a big muscular guy into the dirt."

Chance chuckled. "Didn’t we just do that?" he said.

Todd rolled his eyes. "I said I wanted to watch, babe."

Chance laughed. "I’m just messing with you. I know. And between you and me? I want to see you bouncing on a real ass-buster of a cock."

"Fuck…" said Todd. He wasn’t usually a bottom but he had to admit, there was something incredibly hot about what Chance was proposing.

"And even better… I want to come right up to you while a big guy is splitting you open and slide my cock in right next to his."

Todd moaned. "You better be doing more than just fantasizing about this babe," he said. "Because I never knew I needed that and now, I do."

Chance hummed happily as he lowered himself on top of Todd. "I’ll work on it, babe," he said.

For a few minutes, the two of them just lay there. They were both pretty spent and the mat wasn’t the most uncomfortable place to be.

They just basked in each other’s presence, happy for the quiet moment together. It was nice. But it didn’t last.

Both jumped when the door to the training room—which should have been locked—suddenly opened.

Todd looked up to see who had entered, expecting that it was a janitor or a custodian but his eyes went wide when he realized just who had walked in.

"C-Coach!" he spluttered. He glanced at Chance over his shoulder. "I-it’s not what it looks like!"

Chance, uncharacteristically, was quiet.

Todd tried to get up but Chance’s weight made that impossible. "I-I can explain, Coach! We were just—"


Chance’s voice was so soft and so brittle and yet, somehow, the whole world seemed to go still at the utterance of that singular syllable.

Todd’s jaw hit the floor. It was already there, granted. He was pinned to the mat, after all. But it hit the floor, regardless, when he gawked at Coach. "Wait, what? Dad?!"

Instead of the skepticism Todd expected, Coach just chuckled.

"Hey there, son," said Coach. "You having fun?"

"But…" Chance spoke hesitantly. As if he couldn’t believe what was going on.

Little surprise there, though. Todd couldn’t believe what was going on. He was half-convinced he’d fallen asleep at some point while he and Chance were cuddling. That said, the feeling of Chance’s weight on top of him was a bit too realistic for the bizarre situation unfolding before him to be a dream.

"How… How are you here?"

Chance’s voice was so small and so fragile Todd wanted nothing more than to give him the biggest, warmest hug he could.

Coach smiled. It was the warmest expression he’d ever made, as far as Todd could remember. "I’ve always been watching," said Coach. "I’ve always been nearby."

Chance’s voice broke. "Y-you have?" The way Chance spoke almost sounded like someone who was trying to hold on to a dream, someone that didn’t want the miracle in front of them to fade away.

Coach nodded. "I… I watched as your mother did those things to you but I… I couldn’t interfere. She’d made sure of that. Still… Please forgive me."

Something broke. Chance sobbed. "I-I know," he stammered. "I-it’s okay. I forgive you. I-I know what she did."

Todd thought back to the day Chance had thrown his mother out. The will wasn’t the only thing they’d found. They’d also found documents pointing to a no-contact order that had been levied against Chance’s father, one of the many reasons Chance had been so furious with his mother.

Coach’s eyes shone with tears but he rubbed them away before long. "Thank you, son," he said. "I’m just sorry I couldn’t help you until now."

Chance frowned. "You… You helped me?"

Coach nodded. "Who do you think sent Todd your way?"

"Wait…" Todd squinted at the man he’d strongly idolized for the past few years, the second father figure in his life, and said, "You knew this would happen?"

Chance seemed similarly skeptical. But he didn’t know what Todd knew, and what Todd remembered vividly now. It was Coach that had planted the suggestion that he loosen the inhibitions that shackled Chance.

Coach shrugged. "I can’t see the future," he said. "So I hoped. Do either of you have any regrets?"

Chance and Todd shared a look. "No!" they said, in unison.

"I hoped not," said Coach.

"But wait… You make it sound as if you knew Todd could help me out of my shell… And not just by being a close friend…" said Chance.

Coach smirked. He walked into the room and flicked his wrist. The lights flickered and the door closed behind him as a chair slid from the side of the room and stopped right next to him. "Does this answer your question?"

Todd stared. "W-what?!"

Chance was equally baffled. "You have magic?!" He paused. He looked at Todd. He looked back at Coach. "Do I have magic?"

Todd looked at Coach. "Does he have magic?"

"Part of why I couldn’t take you from your mother, Chance, was because we didn’t think you had any magic," said Coach.

Todd frowned. "We? Who’s we?"

Coach quirked an eyebrow. "Do you have to ask, Todd?" he said. "We. Us. The Arch-Coven."

"Ah… I see…" said Todd.

Chance swatted him on the shoulder. "Don’t act like that made any sense! Wait… So why couldn’t you take me because I didn’t have magic?"

Coach sighed. He seemed sad but only for a moment. "Because your mother had full custody and an order against me," he said. "And we can’t just use our magic to contravene mortal laws. We can only do that to bring a Child of the Art back into the fold."

Chance seemed to deflate. "I-I see…" he said.

When Coach spoke again, his tone was gentle. Paternalistic. "I know, buddy. I know it’s unfair."

Chance sighed. "I get it, you know? That’s the kind of stuff secret societies do all the time. It just… It does feel unfair."

Coach nodded. "It’s different now, though," he said.

Chance frowned. "How?"

Coach grinned. "You have magic."


Todd, who’d been following along, had a sudden epiphany. "You have got to be shitting me," he said. "You’re not serious, are you?"

Coach chuckled but that seemed only to tick Chance off. "Care to let me in on the little secret?" said Chance. "Feeling a bit left out here. I thought you said I didn’t have magic. And now you’re telling me I do?"

Coach nodded toward Todd. "Why don’t you explain, son," he said.

Todd took a deep breath. He smiled at Chance, though quickly took it back when his boyfriend glared at him. "There’s a special kind of practitioner of the Art. A rare kind. They show absolutely no trace of magical potential, even as adults, until they fall in love with someone who has a sufficiently powerful spark."

Coach nodded and took over from Todd. "These practitioners are known as Cuori. From the Italian for ‘heart.’ When a cuore finds the right kind of lover, their sparks begin to resonate. Little by little, the cuore’s spark awakens until, one day, it ignites like a fiery star."

"So… Todd gave me magic?" said Chance.

Coach shrugged. "You could say that," he said. "More accurately, he brought out the magic that was in you all along. Well, he’s bringing it out. The process isn’t complete."

"Ah, shit," said Todd.

"Is… Is that a bad thing?" said Chance, sounding genuinely concerned.

"Only if you were in love with the wrong kind of person. Tell him why you’re scared shitless," Coach laughed.

Todd could feel Coach’s eyes on him. They were boring through his flesh and piercing straight through his soul. "Because Coach is going to be on my ass about you," he explained. "Since if a cuore’s heart is broken while their magic is still developing, it will kill the cuore’s latent spark altogether."

"Ah." Chance was silent for a moment. "Then I guess you better make sure you don’t break my heart, huh?"

Todd had to grant it to his boyfriend, he was taking all of this remarkably in stride.

"More importantly," said Coach. "Now that you are starting to come into your heritage. I can bring you back into the fold. I can get rid of all the obstacles and you can be my son again. I can be your dad again."

"That… That would be nice," said Chance.

Coach sat down. "I’m glad you think so," he said, as a somewhat awkward silence settled over them.

"What… What now?" said Todd.

Coach grinned. "I was hoping you’d ask that," he said. "You see, watching you boys play reminded me of my younger days."

Todd’s cock twitched. He was pretty sure he hadn’t misheard. There was definitely a seductive undertone to Coach’s words. Which was weird, considering Chance was his son.

Coach leaned back and spread his legs. He rubbed himself through his sweatpants, a massive bulge pressed up against the inside of his thigh. "You boys wouldn’t mind helping Dad out with his big problem, would you?"

It seemed Todd wasn’t the only one turned on by the situation. He could hear Chance’s shallow breathing. He could feel Chance’s erection pressing up against the back of his thigh.

"D-Dad, what are you…" Chance breathed.

Coach snapped his fingers. The clothes evaporated from his body, shreds of fabric dissolving into the air. They reappeared shortly thereafter, folded in a neat pile on the floor beside him.

Todd’s eyes widened at the sight of Coach’s naked body. The old man was hot. His muscles were large and well-defined. His biceps bulged, his pecs firm and pillowy. His shoulders were thick and corded with muscle, his abs rock-hard.

Coach’s legs were strong. He looked like he could crush a watermelon between his thighs, to say nothing of his solid calves. Coach was hairy in all the right places, too. Not to the point of excess, but exactly enough to be appealing.

The most prominent part of Coach’s body was his cock, though. Freed from the confines of his clothes, it stood proudly at attention between his legs. It was huge. Todd didn’t think he’d ever seen a fatter hog in his life.

Even Coach, with his large hands, could barely close his fingers around the formidable girth of his endowment. Todd’s mouth watered at the sight.

Coach snapped his fingers again. This time, a glossy, rubbery substance began to flow from the middle of his chest. It spread over his body, clinging tightly to his skin, covering his flesh in a thin film of supple rubber.

By the time the magic had finished its work, Coach was wearing a rubber singlet just like the boys. His was white with black accents, in contrast to the blue and red of the boys’.

"So, boys," said Coach. "Are you going to help Dad or what?"

Todd licked his lips. He wanted to. But he had to make sure Chance was onboard. He looked over his shoulder at his boyfriend and said, "I will if you do," he said.

Chance glanced at Todd. Their eyes met and they shared a meaningful look. "Is it weird that I want to? That’s my dad," he said in a hushed tone.

Todd grinned. "Not at all…" he said. "I know you, babe. I know you’re a pervert."

Chance laughed. "Oh my God, Todd! Okay. Let’s do it."

Once Chance had rolled off him, Todd was able to get up on his hands and knees. It seemed he and Chance had the same idea as they both crawled toward Coach on all fours.

They perched their hands on Coach’s knees, Chance on one side and Todd on the other, as they eyed the older man’s substantial endowment. "Such good boys you are," said Coach, running his fingers through their hair, rubbing and patting the tops of their heads.

Coach moved his hand down the side of Chance’s face. He grabbed him by the chin and tilted his head up so they could look each other in the eye. "Look how you’ve grown, baby," he said. "You’ve become such a beautiful young man."

Chance blushed. "T-thank you, Dad," he said.

Coach grinned. He then turned his attention to Todd. He tightened his grip on Todd’s hair and said, "I suppose you should call me Dad too since you’ll be my son when you and Todd decide to tie the knot."

"Fuck," Todd muttered under his breath. That was hot. "Y-yes, Dad," he said.

Dad patted him on the top of the head. "Good boy. Now. Why don’t the two of you use your hot tongues on Daddy? I could really use your help."

Todd and Chance shared a look. They crowded into the space between Dad’s legs and smiled at one another before they pressed their lips to the sides of Dad’s cock.

They pretended they were making out with one another, but with Dad’s cock between them. They slowly made their way up and down Dad’s length. If the low grunts of pleasure coming from the man in question were anything to go by, they were doing their job well.

They kept at it until Dad’s cock was thoroughly covered in spit. It glistened in the light and throbbed, leaking pre-cum that both boys greedily lapped up.

"Such talented mouths you have," said Dad with a boisterous and booming laugh that Todd could feel in his bones. "Let’s switch things up a bit, shall we?"

"Yes, Dad," said Todd and Chance in unison.

Dad laughed again. "Good boys. Such good boys. Now, why don’t you try and swallow Dad, Chance? And you, Todd, suck my balls. Make sure they’re nice and clean. I just had a workout."

Todd moaned. No sooner had Dad finished talking than did he move down and kiss both of Dad’s balls. He made love to them with his tongue, kissing and licking the loose skin of Dad’s sack, slathering them in his spit before sucking them into his mouth.

Above him, he could hear the sound of Chance choking on Dad’s cock. No surprise there since Dad was really big. He was surprised it could fit in Chance’s mouth, to begin with, but then again, with magic, everything was possible.

Todd gently suckled on one of Daddy’s nuts, really bathing it in the wet heat of his mouth. While he did that, he turned his gaze up and watched as Dad slowly pushed Chance down on his cock.

Dad didn’t let up at all. He stopped briefly whenever Chance choked but he didn’t let Chance pull away. Not even an inch. Instead, he said soothing, encouraging words. "You can do it, son," he said. "I know you’ve got it in you. Just relax. Swallow my cock like a good boy. That’s it. Little by little."

Dad wasn’t all gentle, though. The more of his cock Chance managed to swallow, the more demeaning his comments were. "See?" he said. "Soon you’ll have the whole thing buried down your throat, you filthy little incestuous pervert. Oh yeah. You love that, don’t you, baby? Choking down the cock that made you?"

If the massive bulge in the front of Chance’s singlet said anything, it was that his father’s dirty talk was turning him on. Hell, Todd was getting off on it. He couldn’t help but rub himself through his singlet, hearing Dad demean Chance like that.

Todd pulled off Dad’s nut with a wet slurp. He’d only been able to do one at a time so far but he wanted to do more. He wanted to make Dad proud.

He licked his lips and took a breath. He went back down, sucking one ball into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it. Then, he moved on to the other. It took a bit of work but he managed.

He moaned around Dad’s sack when both nuts popped into his mouth. It felt so good. It tasted so good. He made sure to suck on them well and give them the thorough tongue-bath they deserved.

Right about then, Todd heard a muffled gurgle from above. He looked up and saw that Chance had successfully swallowed his father’s cock right to the base.

It was a bit odd but he felt a bit proud. Chance was his boyfriend, after all. He couldn’t help but feel as if he had something to do with how talented of a cocksucker he’d turned out to be.

"Oh yeah, baby," Dad groaned. "Work your tongue over Dad’s cock. Just like that. Eager little cockslut."

Todd watched, entranced, as Dad slowly throat-fucked Chance. He saw the bulge of Dad’s cock moving up and down Chance’s throat and savored the gurgling, choking noises Chance made as Dad fucked his gullet.

Dad gradually increased the pace of his thrusting. Chance seemed to adjust but Dad was so big there was no way he would be able to keep up.

Chance gurgled around Dad’s dick, his muffled moans choked out by Dad’s hot meat. In and out. In and out. Faster and harder with every thrust until spit and throat slime were spilling out of the corners of his mouth and snot was bubbling out of his nose.

Dad fucked Chance’s face with quick, hard thrusts, filling the air with the sound of Chance choking on his cock and the desperate little noises of want that came with it.

"Yeah, baby," Dad panted. "Yeah, baby. Take Dad’s cock. Oh yeah. Choke on Dad’s meat. Just like that."

Dad kept it up for a few minutes until it looked like Chance was about ready to pass out. Then, he stopped. He grabbed Chance by the hair and pulled him off, spit and throat slime gushing out of Chance’s gullet as his cock slipped out of Chance’s mouth.

"Why don’t you boys present yourselves to Dad, hm?"

Todd and Chance scrambled to do as they were told. They got on all fours next to one another, knees spread, backs arched, asses in the air.

"Such good boys," said Dad as he walked over and caressed their asses.

"T-thank you, Dad," Chance moaned.

Todd gulped audibly. He could still taste Dad’s ballsack on his tongue. "Y-yeah…" he whined, pushing his hips back as Dad’s thumb rubbed up and down his asscrack. "T-thank you, Dad."

Dad grinned. He kicked Chance’s knees apart and knelt in the space he’d freed up. He thwacked his cock against Chance’s ass, the wet slap seemingly reverberating from the walls.

Todd watched with wide eyes as Dad teased Chance’s hole with the head of his cock. Dad’s massive hog would split his boyfriend in half and he loved the thought.

Dad seemed to notice Todd was watching. He grinned and pressed his hips against Chance’s ass. He pushed his cock down against Chance’s back, letting Todd get an idea of just how deep it would go.

Todd was sure Chance would feel Dad’s cock punching his stomach from the inside. He couldn’t wait to see it, and from the looks of it, neither Chance nor Dad could wait to actually experience it.

Dad rubbed his cock up and down along Chance’s rubber-clad ass crack a few times. He grabbed himself and pushed his cock against the rubber, which parted smoothly around him as he pressed against Chance’s hole.

Chance moaned, his eyes growing wide and his mouth forming an O as Dad entered him. The stretch must have been intense. Chance must have felt like he was breaking. It was evident in his expression.

Dad grunted and shoved his hips forward, forcing the head of his fat cock into Chance. In so doing, he elicited a strangled yelp that sent shivers down Todd’s spine.

Todd wasn’t neglected, though. As soon as the head was in and Dad could begin the process of forcing himself, inch by inch, into Chance’s asshole, Dad took the time to stroke and tease Todd’s hole through the rubber.

Dad’s thumb rubbed up and down along his crack, pressing down around his hole. He couldn’t help but moan and arch his back, bucking his ass into Dad’s hand. The rubber didn’t dampen the sensations at all. If anything, it intensified them.

"Let me just…" Dad grunted as he pushed his thumb properly hard against Todd’s hole. The rubber stretched, just like Todd’s entrance, and it enveloped Dad’s thumb as it slipped into him, slicked by the load Chance had left behind.

It felt great. Dad had big hands and proportionately thick fingers. His thumb, while not as big as a cock, still managed to stretch Todd’s hole somewhat, causing a low groan to spill from Todd’s lips.

Once Dad got his thumb firmly seated inside Todd, he turned his attention back to Chance. Todd did the same, having forgotten to focus on anything but his own pleasure while Dad was shoving a thumb into his ass.

Dad grinned. "Fuck, baby," he said. "You’re so tight and hot. Fuck yeah. Grip Dad’s cock. Just like that. Oh, you really are your mother’s son, baby. What an eager little whore you are, opening up for Dad’s cock just like that."

Chance moaned. "Dad, please…" he whined, rolling his hips and bucking his ass.

"Please, what, baby?" said Dad.

Chance reached out toward Todd. Their fingers interlaced as they held hands. He looked into Todd’s eyes, a desperate little moan spilling from his lips as he said, "Please breed me with your fat cock, Dad!"

Dad grinned. It was a feral, lupine expression that sent a shiver down Todd’s spine and made him clench around Dad’s thumb.

A low grunt issued from Chance as Dad adjusted his grip on Chance’s hips. "As you wish, baby," said Dad. And with no further warning than that, he slammed his cock home.

A hoarse cry was torn from Chance’s throat. His eyes went wide. His mouth hung open. His tongue lolled out as a delirious expression overtook his face.

Dad didn’t give Chance an opportunity to adjust afterwards. He pulled out—all the way out—and then slammed his cock right down to the hilt.

Todd watched Chance’s legs wobble. They were on the brink of giving out and, after the second thrust, they did. If not for Dad’s grip on his hips, Chance would have collapsed right onto the floor.

The fuck only got more brutal from there. Dad rutted like a man on a mission. He pounded his cock into Chance as if determined to rearrange his son’s insides. And he did it all without even breaking a sweat.

Thrust after thrust he went harder and faster. He destroyed Chance’s hole with sheer, brutal masculinity, filling the air with the plap, plap, plap of skin against skin.

Dad didn’t forget Todd either, though. That thumb did devilish things to him. Without missing a single beat, Dad managed to finger-fuck Todd, the pad of his thumb brushing back and forth over Todd’s prostate.

It didn’t take long before Dad managed to reduce both boys to the same state: moaning, writhing, mewling, and begging for more in a senseless, incoherent, and desperate babble.

Todd felt as if his senses had taken leave of him. The only thing he could think of, the only thing his mind could focus on, was Dad.

"I think," Dad grunted. "I’m about ready…"

Todd moaned. He wasn’t even the one being fucked but he could already feel his body tense to accept Dad’s orgasm.

Dad groaned and leaned over Chance. Sweat dripped from his brow onto Chance’s back. "Come for me, my sweet boys," he said. "Tighten those pussies. Milk Dad with those delicious fuckholes of yours."

Todd came hard. He filled his singlet with a second load. He could feel it squishing around, soaking into his jockstrap and coating his skin. It felt amazing.

Beside him, Chance’s whole body tensed up as he did the same. A shuddering groan escaped Chance as he unloaded into his singlet. Todd could see every spurt as the outline of Chance’s cock pressed up against the rubber pulsed with the waves of his orgasm.

And as Chance’s hole clenched tight, Dad drove his cock as deep as he could into Chance and came. Chance’s eyes rolled back in his head as a second orgasm hit him, one that seemed to tremble through his entire body as Dad unloaded inside him.

When the high of their mutual orgasms had finally tailed off, Dad pulled his thumb out of Todd and his cock out of Chance. He collapsed onto the mat between the two of them and gathered them into his arms.

"Did you enjoy that, my boys?" said Dad. He leaned in and pressed his lips against Todd’s.

The kiss that followed was sizzling hot. It was great. Amazing, even. It felt like someone had set off a bunch of fireworks in Todd’s skull, and was nearly as good as kisses he shared with Chance.

Todd was in a bit of a daze by the time Dad released him from the kiss. "Y-yeah…" he moaned, licking his lips for the last of Dad’s taste. "That was amazing, Dad…"

"And you, son?" said Dad, kissing Chance just as passionately as he had kissed Todd but with the bonus of sneaking his hand down to Chance’s ass and fingering him through the rubber.

Chance moaned, back arching as he pushed his ass against Dad’s fingers. "I loved it, Dad," he breathed. "I wish you could breed me more."

Dad chuckled. "Don’t you worry about that, sweetheart," he said. "But before we do that, I’ll have to load up your boyfriend just to be fair."

Todd grinned. "I’m looking forward to that, Dad."

Dad laughed. "I bet you are, slut."

Todd stood up at the head of the lecture hall. Across from him was Chance and they were killing their project presentation.

Both of them were dressed pretty sharply, too. The best-looking pair in the entire class, if Todd had to make comparisons.

The one thing no one else knew was that the two of them had a filthy little secret under the thin façade of professionalism they were putting on. Anyone paying attention, though, might catch just the slightest hint of it.

Both were hard, for one. It was a miracle the lumps in their pants weren’t more visible. And every time either Todd or Chance moved, there was the faintest creak of rubber as the skin-tight rubber suits they were wearing under their sharp clothing moved with them.

Finally, there was the faint buzz of the remote control vibrating plugs firmly seated in their asses. Those were Coach’s idea. Naturally, both plugs were hooked up to an app on Coach’s phone.

The man in question was seated at the back of the room, a small smirk plastered on his face. He was doing his best to make the boys lose their composure in front of the class. So far, he hadn’t succeeded.

Todd figured Coach was probably still enjoying the sight of them squirming, though.

It was odd, he had to admit. People wouldn’t approve of the little relationship they’d built. Ethics of a Coach sleeping with one of his players aside, there was also the matter that Coach was Chance’s dad.

It was a good time, though. That much was true. Todd didn’t think he’d ever been happier. And there wasn’t anywhere else he wanted to be.

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