Rubber Bonds pt. 4

Todd comes clean to Chance about who he truly is and what he has done. As recompense, he gives Chance the opportunity to give him a taste of his own medicine.

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Chance sat on the edge of his bed. He had his elbows on his knees, his fingers steepled, and his chin resting on his thumbs. "So… Let me get this straight… Magic is… real."

Todd nodded. The little paper crane he’d enchanted was still flying around his head, which, honestly, made the question a bit silly.

"And you… You’re a warlock."


"And you and your family belong to an organization for people like yourselves known as the Arch-Coven of the Northern Reach?"

Todd smiled. "Yes," he said, glancing less than subtly at his membership badge—which he’d elected to wear just to make a point.

"And the reason I suddenly lost my inhibitions and had the guts to confront my mother was because you were sick of my attitude and used hypnosis, without consent and in contravention of all the laws of the Arch-Coven against using magic on unwilling mortals, to unburden me of them?"

Todd winced. Chance’s expression was inscrutable so he didn’t really know where he stood but he had figured they were getting serious enough that he had to tell the truth. The whole truth. "That about sums it up," he says.

There was a moment of pregnant silence that filled Todd with dread before Chance leaned back, put his hands on the edge of the bed, and took a deep breath. "Well, thank fuck for that," he said.

"You’re… You’re not mad?" said Todd in a hesitant and halting manner.

Chance cocked an eyebrow. "Bro," he said, a term of endearment Todd had come to understand Chance used whenever he felt Todd was being particularly dumb. "Do I look angry to you?"

Todd shrugged. "I don’t know," he said. "I figured a reasonable person might take exception to someone rooting around in their head against their will."

Chance scoffed. "Fuck, no. I’m glad you got me out of that shit headspace. Are you kidding me? And I’m gonna level with you, babe. Hypnosis is so fucking hot."

Todd managed a nervous little smile. He’d at least figured that out. "Alright," he said. "I’m glad you’re not mad. Um… About that other thing?"

Chance looked at Todd. He sighed, leaned forward, and said, "I wasn’t going to bring it up because I’m still not sure I entirely understand. You want me to hypnotize you, make you forget the time we spent together, and do whatever I want with you?"

Todd nodded. "Yeah," he said. "You can even make me struggle while you take full control of me."

That seemed to catch Chance’s attention. He licked his lips but it was clear he still had his reservations. "I dunno, babe," he said. "It feels kinda iffy to me to get rid of your memories of our time together just like that."

"I know." Todd had expected that. "But if you just follow the instructions and do as I say then getting those memories back should be as easy as you telling me that you’re giving them back."

"I-if you say so…" said Chance. "But are you sure this is safe? I’ve never done magic before, you know."

It was Todd’s turn to cock an eyebrow. "Bro," he said, to coopt the term. "Do you really think I would do this if I wasn’t completely sure? And don’t worry, I spent all of last month making sure the spellform is correct."

"Alright," said Chance. "I trust you. And not just because you hypnotized me to trust you—though how am I supposed to know, right?"

Todd shook his head. "Hey, fuck you," he said with all the affection that he could manage.

Chance took it in stride. "Well, I mean, if that’s what you want to do then we can forget about this whole thing…"

Todd laughed. "Cheeky little bugger. Okay. Are you ready?"

Chance rubbed his hands on his legs and sat up straight. "As I’ll ever be," he said.

Todd smiled. "You won’t feel a thing," he said. He came up to Chance, licked his thumb, and pressed it to the center of Chance’s forehead. He muttered a few words under his breath and enacted the spell he’d researched and rehearsed over and over again over the past month.

"Wow," said Chance. "This sounds really cool but also complex as shit. How come you never worked this hard on the project?"

"Shh," said Todd once he’d finished the incantations. "Don’t interrupt the process."


"Also. Because chemistry is boring, man."

A few minutes later, it was done.

"Is that it?" said Chance.

"Yep. How are you feeling?"

Chance grimaced. "Like a pamphlet was shoved into my head," he said. "But I’m pretty sure I understand what I have to do now."

"Great," said Todd. "Should we get started?"

Chance nodded and accepted the small pouch Todd pressed into the palm of his hand. He looked at it for a moment, and then back up at Todd.

When Chance spoke, his voice was tender and almost pleading. "Hey," he said. "One last kiss before I turn my boyfriend into a stranger?"

Todd nodded and leaned in. However, before he could get the sweet kiss he expected, specks of silver and shimmering motes of light sparkled before his eyes. He realized he’d been had.

"Oh you motherfu…" he trailed off as the moon magic began to take effect. His eyes slid half-shut as a powerful sense of relaxation washed over him. His whole body went limp and if not for Chance getting up to roll the computer chair behind him, he would have collapsed onto the floor before long.

The last thing he saw was Chance standing over him with a small smirk. "Well, babe, you did say you wanted to have no control over your situation at all."

Todd blearily opened his eyes. He wasn’t sure where he was or how he got there, only that he wasn’t home. The last thing he could remember was heading to the library to meet with Chance. After that was just a big blank.

That wasn’t the only gap in his memory. There were empty patches in his recollection that he couldn’t quite place.

There was supposed to be something important there. He knew it. He just… He couldn’t put his finger on it.

"Finally awake, are we?"

Todd’s blood ran cold in his veins. "You?" he said.

"Me." Chance smirked as he pulled up a chair. He sat on it backwards, resting his arms on the top of the backrest. "Weren’t expecting that, were you?"

"No shit," said Todd. "Where the hell am I?"

Chance laughed. "Wouldn’t you like to know." He smirked. "It doesn’t matter. Because I have you all to myself and no one’s coming to save you."

Todd knew there was something going on with Chance but he’d never imagined it would be something like this. He’d thought the guy was just a bit repressed or something, not full-on psychopathic.

Chance rolled his eyes. "I’m not going to kill you," he said.

"Oh. Good. You’re satisfied with just kidnapping me, then," Todd snarked.

Chance seemed to think about it. "No," he said. "No, I don’t think so."

Todd had had enough. He wasn’t tied down or anything, which he supposed was weird, but he didn’t have the time to think about it.

He had worried that Chance had some weapons on him, at first, but a cursory examination showed that Chance didn’t have anything in his hands or pockets. If that was the case, then the guy was the stupidest motherfucker Todd had ever known.

He didn’t know where Chance got the confidence to kidnap him without restraining him because he had no doubt he’d be able to take Chance down with a single hit. And if he did it fast, Chance wouldn’t even know what hit him.

Todd took a breath. Then, he exploded off the bed, arm already swinging for Chance’s stupid face.

Before his fist could land, though, Chance held up a hand and said, "Stop."

Todd would have laughed. No way a little gesture and a simple command would get him to stop. He was already relishing the sensation of his knuckles slamming into the side of Chance’s face but it never came.

He realized, rather belatedly, that every muscle in his body had locked in place. His eyes went wide. "W-what the fuck?" he stammered.

Chance smirked and waved Todd back toward the bed. "Sit back down," he said.

Todd’s body moved against his will. No matter how hard he tried to compel himself to stop, he couldn’t. Control only returned to him once he’d fully sat down on the bed.

As soon as he felt like he was piloting his body again, Todd geared up for another attempt. He was ready to lunge at Chance but he hesitated because he had no idea why he’d just suddenly obeyed the stupid fucker.

"I suggest you don’t do anything stupid," said Chance. He had the gall to sound bored. "And stay there, this time."

Despite himself, Todd could only obey. It boggled the mind. It wasn’t supposed to be possible. But it was like Chance had him in his thrall. "L-listen, man… W-what do you want?"

"It’s pretty simple," said Chance. He smirked as he stood up and spun the chair around. "I just want you to be more like me."

Todd’s heart hammered in his chest. Him? Become like this total bore? The very thought sent a chill down his spine. "Not a chance," he said.

Chance smirked. "You don’t get a say."

"Like hell I don’t!"

Chance just laughed. "You still don’t get it, do you?" he said. "I’m in charge here. Now, get up and stand still."

Todd’s body moved of its own accord. He stood up despite his best efforts to resist. He kept his hands at his sides and he stood stock still—just as he’d been commanded.

"I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I swear to God… As soon as I get free of this, I’m going to fucking destroy you," Todd hissed.

Chance ignored Todd. He went off to the side, out of sight, but he returned a few minutes later with an armload of clothes.

Todd tried to back away as Chance held a button-up shirt against his torso but his body refused to obey his command. "W-what the hell are you doing?"

Chance laughed. "Finding you a decent set of clothes, for once. Not this one, though," he said. He draped the rejected shirt over the chair as he held another up to Todd’s chest.

A few more shirts were discarded before Chance was satisfied. "Hold this," he said, as he set the rest of the shirts down and moved on to the slacks. He quickly settled on a pair he liked and gave those to Chance to hold, as well.

"What size shoes were you, again?" said Chance.

"I’m not fucking telling you."

Chance rolled his eyes. "Alright. You will answer honestly and truthfully when I ask you a question. What is your shoe size?"

This time, Todd dutifully provided the correct answer. Chance returned a few minutes later with a pair of leather shoes and said, "luckily I had these lying around."

Todd refused to respond.

"Nothing to say?" said Chance. "That’s alright. I don’t need you to speak. Give me those."

Todd handed the shirt and pants back to Chance. "You won’t get away with this," he said.

"Who’s going to stop me? You?" Chance smirked. "Go ahead and strip. And when you’re done, I want you to throw those rags you call clothes into the garbage where they belong."

Chance toed a metal basket toward Todd. "Here’s the bin."

"Why… Why are you doing this?" said Todd. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He crossed his arms in front of his body, grabbed the hem of his shirt, and pulled it off his torso in one smooth motion before dropping it unceremoniously into the waste basket.

Chance shrugged and watched as Todd hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his sweatpants. "For your own good, man," he said. "You’ve got so much potential. It’s such a pity you just don’t have the discipline to make anything of yourself."

"I-I have plenty of discipline, thank you," said Todd, fighting Chance’s compulsions with every fiber of his being and failing anyway. He pushed his sweatpants down his legs and off into the bin they went after he’d stepped out of them.

"Because you regularly go to training?" said Chance. "I mean, I’ll give you that. But you don’t have discipline literally anywhere else. You take shortcuts whenever you damn well please just because it’s convenient."

The only thing Todd had left to remove was his underwear—a nice fashion jockstrap that he liked to wear on days he felt particularly sexy. He was about to take it off when Chance said, "Stop. Those can stay."

Chance stepped into Todd’s personal space as he transferred the hanger with the button-up shirt to the same hand that was holding the hanger with the pants. He groped Todd through the pouch of his jockstrap and said, "Yeah. These can definitely stay."

"Pervert," Todd muttered disdainfully even though, for some godsforsaken reason, his cock twitched in response to Chance’s touch.

Chance shrugged and didn’t even deign to respond to the comment. "I mean, as I understand it, you’re pretty good at wrestling. But imagine if you put that much effort into everything else. I really hate it when people just waste their potential because they’re so lazy and undisciplined."

Todd sneered. "And what, making me wear a button-up shirt and slacks is going to change that?" he said. The very idea was laughable.

"No. I will make them change that," said Chance. He handed the pair of pants to Todd and said, "Put these on. Take your time."

Todd’s body moved against his will. He stepped into the pants one leg at a time and slowly pulled them up his legs.

"The more these pants cover your legs, the hornier you’ll get."

Sure enough, Todd’s cock twitched in the pouch of his jockstrap with every inch of skin that was covered up by the pants.

"And the hornier you get, the more eager you’ll become to follow the rules. Not to the point of blind obedience, of course, but the hornier you get, the more you’ll want to do things by the book as long as it’s reasonable to do so."

Todd bit back a moan. His body was responding against his will and already he was feeling the effect of the command. The harder his cock got the more he felt like he wanted to obey Chance’s orders.

"And every time you follow a rule or obey an order, you’ll feel just a tiny bit hornier. The hornier you get, the more you’ll want to follow the rules. And the more you follow the rules, the hornier you’ll get."

A whimper escaped Todd. His cock was getting so hard.

"And as you put these pants on, you’ll be trapped in a never-ending cycle. Being horny makes you obedient. Being obedient makes you horny. Rules will turn you on."

Todd pulled the pants over his straining bulge and looped the hook through the eye in the waistband, firmly securing the pants just above his hips. As he pulled the zipper up, he felt his cock throb, and he knew his fate was sealed.

Chance handed him the shirt next. "Put this on. Make sure you take your time."

"F-fuck…" Todd muttered under his breath. He was so horny. The only thing he wanted to do was follow his orders. To obey. Even though he knew it wasn’t going to end well for him.

He pulled the shirt on and started buttoning it up from the bottom.

"This shirt will serve to reinforce the effects of your pants. At the same time, the tighter it gets around your torso, the more focused and disciplined your mind becomes."

Todd could feel it. With every button he did up, the chaotic jumble of thoughts in his head slowly sorted themselves into a more orderly flow.

"The tighter the shirt gets, the better you are at resisting distraction. The tighter the shirt gets, the better you are at resisting temptation."

Todd’s attention was solely focused on Chance now. Stray thoughts were virtually non-existent as did up the button second from the top.

"And as you button up your collar you feel it wrap around your neck, reminding you to keep on task, to play by the rules, and to do tasks the way they’re meant to be done. No shortcuts."

Chance wheeled a full-length mirror up to Todd.

"Look at your reflection."

Todd did.

"You like what you see."

It wasn’t a question but a command. Not that Todd felt any different. He looked smart in slacks and a button-up shirt.

"Here," said Chance, giving Todd a pair of black stockings. "Put on your shoes."

Todd did as he was told.

Chance looked Todd up and down and smiled. "Look at your reflection."

Todd did.

"You like what you see."

Todd did.

"Stay still," said Chance as he retrieved a comb and a tube of gel. "Time to do something about that unruly nest of hair on your head."

Todd kept his eyes on his reflection as Chance came up behind him and lathered gel into his unkempt hair. With his fingers and the fine-toothed comb he held in his hands, Chance pulled Todd’s hair into an immaculate, perfectly coiffed do.

"There. You look smart, don’t you?" said Chance.

"I do…" Todd breathed. He didn’t even remember why he’d resisted so hard.

"Seeing yourself like this turns you on," said Chance.

"It does…" Todd murmured.

"And being turned on makes you want to see yourself like this."

"It does…"

"Are you feeling obedient?"

Todd nodded.

"Are you feeling disciplined?"

Todd stood straight. He corrected his posture. He cast a sidelong glance at Chance before turning his attention back to the mirror and nodding.

"Good," said Chance. "From now on, whenever you wear clothes like this, you’ll feel that way. And the more you wear these clothes, the more naturally obedient and disciplined you’ll become."

Todd nodded. Fuck. He loved this so much. This turned him on so much. He felt like his cock was going to explode.

Chance leaned in to whisper in Todd’s ear. "If you want these changes. If you want them to become permanent. Cum now. Cum for me. Cum and make yourself into the obedient and disciplined man you were meant to be."

Todd came. A large wet spot formed in his slacks and his legs trembled as his orgasm ripped through him like a tidal wave battering the shore. He gasped and whimpered as his knees threatened to give out but he kept his posture and stood straight, relishing the pleasure as he processed that his life had become irrevocably changed.

"Hey, babe."

Todd looked up and smiled, accepting the peck on the lips as Chance took a seat next to him in the back of the hall. It used to be a rare day that he arrived in class before his boyfriend but not anymore.

Chance looked fresh from the gym. So fresh he still had a whiff of sweat about him even though he’d clearly had a quick shower.

"Nice workout?" said Todd.

Chance nodded as he pulled out his notebook and got settled in. "Enjoying your discipline?" he said.

Todd nodded. "Oh yeah," he said. He hadn’t anticipated Chance would turn the tables on him like that but he wasn’t complaining. It was a blessing. He could actually focus on tasks now.

"That’s good to hear," said Chance.

Todd smiled tenderly at his boyfriend. "Man. You don’t even know how much of a help it’s been. I’m actually making progress on my… you know."

"No… I don’t know…"

Todd quirked an eyebrow.

"Oh. Oh! That thing!"

Todd nodded.

Chance grinned. "That’s great, babe."

Out of the corner of his eye, Todd caught sight of something glossy in Chance’s open gym bag. "Hey, babe…" he said, looking pointedly at the object in question. "What’s that?"

Chance followed Todd’s gaze and laughed when he saw what Todd was looking at. "Oh, that?" he said. "That’s for later."

Todd squinted at his boyfriend but figured he’d let it go. "Alright," he said. "Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask…"

Chance raised an eyebrow. "Yeah?"

Todd leaned in conspiratorially. "So… Wrestling season’s over, right?" he said.

Chance shrugged. "I wouldn’t know," he said.

"Well, it is," said Todd, shaking his head fondly. "And I’ve always wanted to fuck on the mat, you know? So I asked Coach if I could use the training room after class and he said I could."

"Oh that’s great," said Chance. "That actually plays into what I had planned really well."

"It does?" said Todd.

"Yep. But no more questions. You’ll just have to wait and see."

"Alright, babe," said Todd, standing on the wrestling mat as he watched Chance rummage in his gym bag. "What’s this about?"

Chance turned around and in his hands was a glossy rubber singlet. Todd’s cock stiffened instantly in his pants.

"I figured you’d like it," said Chance with a little chuckle.

Todd licked his lips. He grabbed his package and gave himself a little squeeze. "Well, I’m down, babe. Come on. You better have one yourself."

"I do," said Chance. "But this one isn’t for you."

Todd frowned. "Then who…"

Chance smirked. "Time to come out and play, jockboy."

"You fu—" Todd’s body went slack before he could get the words out. Not that he was complaining about being triggered, or anything. He just hadn’t expected it at all.

The sound of a fairly dense smack against the wrestling mat startled Todd out of his doze. He looked down and saw a rubber singlet at his feet. He looked up and across from him, in a wrestling stance, was Chance.

"You’re not chickening out, are you, Todd?" said Chance, giving Todd a challenging beckon.

It took a moment before Todd’s brain caught up with the rest of him. Chance had gotten fed up with him and challenged him to a wrestling match. He remembered now.

The rubber singlets were weird but he didn’t think they were worth complaining about. While Chance’s was white and blue, his was white and red. He snatched it up off the matt, looked at Chance, and said, "You know I’m going to wipe the floor with you, right?"

"We’ll see about that," said Chance. "I’ve been practicing."

Todd laughed. That was more unbelievable than the fact Chance had challenged him in the first place. "On what planet?" he said, as he stepped out of his leather shoes and neatly put them away beside a chair on the outside of the ring.

"Just suit up," said Chance.

Todd shrugged. "Your funeral," he said. He worked off his slacks and folded them up before placing them on the chair. He took just as much care with his button-up shirt, making sure it wouldn’t get too many wrinkles for when he pulled it back on.

He slipped into the singlet but not without a bit of effort that left him a bit winded by the time he returned to the ring. "Alright," he said. "Let’s do this. In three."

"Three," said Chance.

Todd dropped into his stance, placing his hands on Chance’s shoulders as Chance did the same. "Two."

Both of them tensed, ready to wrestle as soon as the countdown finished. "One!" they said in unison.

They clashed and the difference in skill was immediately palpable. If Todd had respected Chance’s abilities as a wrestler more, he’d have given it his all right away, but instead he chose to play with the arrogant bastard. That was his mistake.

"How you liking the rubber?" Chance grunted.

"It’s okay," said Todd. He hadn’t even broken a sweat yet and Chance was already straining against him. "Weird but not bad."

Chance smirked. "Turns you on, doesn’t it?"

Todd didn’t know where the confidence was coming from. Somehow, it didn’t look like Chance knew he was losing.

"The feeling of the rubber on your skin. The smell of it… I can feel you chubbing up."

Todd tried to ignore it but he hardly could. The rubber was tight against his skin. It felt amazing. He couldn’t help but moan, his cock swelling as blood rushed to his groin.

"And you know what?" said Chance.

"W-what?" said Todd, thoroughly distracted by his throbbing cock.

"I know your little secret." Chance fought back and somehow he was making headway. "I know the hornier you get, the weaker and more distracted you are."

Todd bit back a curse. "T-that’s…"

Chance took the opportunity to knock Todd to the ground. "Not true?" he said. "I can feel it, you know. Look how fucking hard your cock is."

Todd could barely even fight back as Chance pinned him. He couldn’t move. He didn’t have the strength. It was like every ounce of power in his muscles had gone straight to his rock-hard cock.

Chance had him in a headlock. He might have worked his way free if he was at his best, but he wasn’t. He struggled but it was fruitless. And he could feel Chance’s hardness pressing up against his back.

"Submit," said Chance.

"N-never," Todd gasped as one of Chance’s hands made its way down between his legs and squeezed his cock through the rubber.

"Submit," said Chance.

Todd moaned. Chance was stroking him. It was too much. "O-okay. Okay," he grunted, tapping the mat.

Before he could even react, Chance flipped him onto his stomach. "W-what are you doing?" he said.

Chance leaned down and said, in Todd’s ear. "I’m taking my prize."

Todd shivered. "H-hey, you can’t do that!" he protested. It was half-hearted at best, though. He instinctively arched his back and pushed his ass out as he felt Chance’s hardness rubbing up against his ass.

"Yes I can," said Chance. "And you’re going to like it."

It wasn’t that Todd didn’t like where things were going. Chance was a handsome guy. He just didn’t expect it. And he wasn’t prepared.

"How does it feel? To be beaten at your own sport by a nerd?" said Chance.

Todd shivered. His cheeks flushed. It was embarrassing. Humiliating. But he wasn’t about to admit that. "Y-you weren’t playing fair!" he complained instead.

"Sure, babe," said Chance. "Whatever you need to sleep at night."

Todd moaned as he felt Chance’s cock rubbing up and down along the cleft of his ass. He was sure there was supposed to be a layer of rubber between them but somehow he could feel Chance against his skin.

Even stranger, he could feel the head as Chance pushed against his hole. "H-how are you doing that?" he moaned as Chance pushed in, stretching Todd around his girth.

"I don’t know what you’re talking about," said Chance.

Somehow, the way Chance said it told Todd he knew exactly what he was talking about. He didn’t get the chance to press the issue as the head of Chance’s cock popped inside him.

Todd groaned. He could feel his hole burn from the stretch. Somehow, it hurt less than he expected, as if his hole was already lubed and prepared to take Chance.

It didn’t make any sense but it was what it was. He didn’t have the brainpower to question it as Chance’s cock sank into him.

It felt so good to be filled he barely even remembered the humiliation of being beaten by Chance. And the pleasures kept coming.

Chance didn’t give him a chance to adjust. For some reason, it didn’t even feel like he needed it. Chance went right on to the thrusting. He started slow, sure, but he quickly picked up the pace and had Todd writhing under him.

Todd squirmed, bucking his ass back onto Chance’s cock and grinding his own into the mat under him. It didn’t take long before he was close and a subtle shift in Chance’s angle of attack brought him right to the precipice.

Chance rammed his cock straight into Todd’s prostate, eliciting desperate moans and whimpers. He leaned over Todd, lowering his mouth to Todd’s ear as he whispered, "Come back to me."

Todd’s eyes refocused as his memories slammed back into him. Coupled with a particularly hard thrust, he saw stars and let out a hoarse scream. "P-put me back," he begged.

The confusion, the humiliation, and the utter pleasure at the hands of a rival that had defeated him were so exquisite Todd hadn’t wanted it to end. He could guess why Chance brought him out of the trance but he wanted back. He wanted back so bad.

Chance chuckled. "Alright. Then it’s time to come out and play, jockboy."

Todd slipped right back into his jockboy state as if Chance hadn’t woken him up at all. He scrabbled uselessly at the mat, his toes curling from the pleasure as Chance slammed his hole.

"Ready?" Chance grunted.

"For what?" Todd gasped.

Chance’s grip on Todd’s hips tightened. "Getting bred by the guy you lost to."

"Oh, fuck," Todd moaned as Chance rutted into him hard and fast. "Oh, fuck!"

"Come for me," said Chance.

And Todd did. He came. He came hard. He filled the crotch of his singlet his cock pulsing and throbbing and spurting as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through him.

As his hole clenched around Chance’s length, Chance’s orgasm hit, too. He moaned again, renewed pleasure ripping through his body as shot after shot of thick, warm cum flooded his insides.

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