Rubber Bonds pt. 3

Chance confronts his demons—specifically, the one that’s living in his house—and later has a bit of naughty fun with Todd in the House of the Lord.

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Todd chewed on his lower lip as he finished the document with a final, embellished keystroke. "There," he said. "How’s that?"

"Pretty good, I think," said Chance.

Todd raised his hand. "Put ’em here, bro," he said.

"You did a great job," said Chance, giving Todd the high-five he’d wanted. "Ah, shit. I think my mother’s home."

"Showtime, bud," said Todd, glancing over to the small bag of tools on the bed. They’d installed a lock on Chance’s door but that had hardly been the highlight of the day’s activities.

"I guess so," said Chance, flashing a nervous grin just as a shrill voice called out from downstairs.

"Emmanuel Chance Roberts!" screeched the unholy abomination that had no doubt just entered the living room to find things were not as they had once been.

Todd had to laugh. "Shit. You weren’t kidding," he said.

Chance snickered. "Told you."

Todd was on the brink of losing his shit. In seven syllables, Chance’s mom had demonstrated that she was the archetypal Karen. "Holy crap. She should audition for the next Jurassic Park movie."

"Shh. She’s coming," said Chance.

Sure enough, Todd could hear the sound of someone stomping up the stairs. It transitioned into the sound of someone stomping down the hallway before being cut off by the most dramatic offended gasp Todd had ever heard in his life.

"Emmanuel Chance Roberts! Is that a closed door? What have I told you about closed doors in my house?"

"About that," said Chance. He grinned at Todd. "I needed my birth certificate for something so I was looking through our documents. I found the most interesting thing tucked away in the back."

There was a pause from behind the door. "Didn’t I tell you you weren’t allowed to go through the documents without my permission? You don’t have a right to go through my private information!"

Chance scoffed. "Funny how that works," he said.

"What was that, young man?" screeched Karen.

Todd knew that wasn’t her name but boy did she ever act like a Karen.

Chance licked his lips. He had a bit of a wild look in his eyes but he was smiling. He was enjoying himself.

And Todd could see why. After living so long under Karen’s heel, he couldn’t even begin to imagine how liberating it must have felt for Chance to stand up for himself.

"I’m just saying. It’s funny how privacy doesn’t matter as long as it’s not your privacy," said Chance, as he walked up to the door.

"Is that any way to talk to your mother, young man?" Karen screeched.

Chance shrugged. "If you’re looking for anyone to blame, mother, blame yourself. You taught me to be honest."

Todd could practically hear the fuming from outside.

"I’m pretty sure I didn’t raise you to be a disrespectful brat!" Karen shouted.

"Respect is earned, mother," said Chance. "Back to the point I was making. I found gramps’s will."

It was one of the discoveries Todd and Chance had made while moving Chance’s important documents out of the shared storage and into his room. The silence from outside was deafening.

Chance smirked. "Do you want to know what was so interesting, mother?"

"I-I don’t know what you’re talking about," said Karen. "Now you open this door right this instant, Chance, and we’re going to have a talk about that attitude of yours."

"I found out that the house was willed to me and that you and dad were only supposed to manage it for me until I became an adult."

Even Todd flinched when Karen banged on the door. "I did not raise you to tell lies, Chance! Open this door right now!"

"No," said Chance.

It was such a simple response and yet it filled Todd with such an odd sense of pride. Just a few days ago, Chance would have cowered at the sound of his mother’s fury. Not anymore.

"Emmanuel Chance Roberts! I am your mother! You listen to me! Open this door right now!"

Chance crossed his arms over his chest. "I said no."

"Young man. As long as you live under my roof, eating my food, using my money, you will listen to me! Do you understand?"

Chance scoffed. "But it’s not your roof, is it?" he said. "The house has been mine for the last three years. And it’s not even your food because gramps left me an investment portfolio that should have been turned over to me when I turned 18."

He looked over his shoulder at Todd, who gave him thumbs up and a big grin. He grinned back.

The doorknob rattled. "You did not lock this door! What did I say about locks? Families don’t hide secrets from one another!"

"Yes, I did," said Chance. "I have a right to privacy in my own home."

"It is not your home!" Karen screeched. "It’s mine!"

Chance took a step back when there was a sudden loud bang as something collided with the door.

"Yo. She didn’t," said Todd in wide-eyed disbelief.

"I think she did," said Chance. "Glad the door’s sturdy. Jesus Christ."

Chance turned back to the door and said, "Except it is. According to gramps’ will."

Todd could hear Karen seethe from outside the room. "How dare you spout such lies! That document is fake! You have no proof! The house is mine! And the money was meant to pay for the both of us!"

Chance took a deep breath. "Except I do have proof, mother," he said. "I called the attorney."

"Mr. Levesque?" said Karen. The faint panic in her voice seemed to have disappeared. She scoffed. "I don’t believe you. There’s no way Adrian would tell you that will is real."

Chance shook his head. "Of course he wouldn’t," said Chance. "That’s why I called gramps’ attorney."

Todd could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed. He and Chance shared a look.

The quiet was shattered by the sound of something slamming hard into the door. The doorframe shook from the impact. "You give that document back right now, young man! That is my private property! You have no right to take it from my documents!"

Chance seemed a bit shaken at Karen’s aggressiveness but he stood his ground. "You know what? I tried to give you a chance to tell the truth, mother. I don’t know what I expected since you’ve been lying to me my whole life."

"I’m not going to stand here and take that kind of talk from you, young man," said Karen.

"Actually, I would rather you didn’t stand there at all, mother," said Chance.

"What are you—"

"I’m telling you to fuck off! Learn to take a hint, bitch!" Chance snapped.

"How dare—"

"How dare you?" Charles hissed. "Be glad I’m not suing your ass for all the money you’ve been stealing from me for God knows how long."

"I am your mother. The way you’re talking to me right now is unacceptable!"

Charles took a deep breath. "If you don’t fuck off right now, I’m going to sue you for every penny you owe me. And you and I both know I’m going to win."

Karen spluttered. "Y-you… This isn’t the end of this, Chance!" she yelled as she scurried away.

Chance didn’t relax again until a minute or so later when they heard the sound of a car aggressively peeling out of the driveway.

"Not gonna lie, it was kinda hot watching that," said Todd. "Did it feel good?"

Chance collapsed on top of his bed with a grunt. "You have no idea how good it felt," he said. "And I kinda felt powerful, you know? Kinda gave me a chub."

Todd laughed. "Me too," he said.

Chance sat up in bed and smirked as Todd swiveled the office chair to face him. "You wanna…"

Todd chuckled. "Not tonight," he said. "I’ve got other plans."

"That’s too bad," said Chance, openly rubbing himself through his sweat pants in front of Todd.

"Tempting," Todd admitted. He picked up his phone and pretended to glance at something. "I gotta go now, though. You gonna be okay?"

Chance nodded. "Yeah. I don’t think she’s gonna come back any time soon."

Todd nodded and got up. "Then you should probably rest."

Chance fell back into bed and said, "Yeah… I definitely need it after that."

Todd smirked. "Go to sleep, golden boy."

As expected, he did not receive a response. Chance was out like a light and already deep into trance.

Todd couldn’t help but smile. He’d found himself such a good subject. "I’ll make this quick," he said.

It had been a few days since he had Chance jerk off in the library for him. Now that Chance was free of his inhibitions, Todd wanted to know what he would get up to if he thought no one was watching.

Todd cradled the side of Chance’s face. "When I wake you up, you won’t be able to perceive me. You won’t be able to see, hear, smell, or feel me and your conscious mind will think that I’ve gone home already."

"You will know that you are alone in the privacy of your own home for the first time. You will know that you are free to do whatever you want."

Todd reached between Chance’s legs. He rubbed Chance’s cock through his sweat pants, feeling it harden under his touch. "And you will feel safe enough to indulge your darkest fantasies."

He leaned in and murmured in Chance’s ear. "But your subconscious will be aware of me. It will always be listening. Ready to drop back into this deep, deep state of trance when I say so."

Todd straightened. "Do you understand your instructions?" he said.

Chance nodded. "I do."

Todd smirked. "Good." Satisfied that the suggestion had properly settled, he brought Chance out of trance. He stood back to watch as Chance blinked blearily and looked around.

Chance stretched his arms over his head. "Guess he went home," he mumbled. "Fuck. I’m so horny."

He remained in bed, idly rubbing his cock through his sweat pants until, ostensibly, he couldn’t take the self-teasing anymore.

Chance sat up briefly to strip his shirt off. Then, he worked his sweat pants down his legs to free his cock.

He tossed his head back and groaned as he wrapped his fingers around his cock. And it looked, to Todd, that he’d learned something new in the days since their library visit.

Chance stroked himself languidly. He didn’t seem to be in any particular hurry. He moved his hand up and down his shaft but now and then he’d add a bit of a twist to the motion and groan.

Todd was surprised to see how well Chance was holding himself back from orgasm. It was a pleasant one, though, considering how the guy had come in just under a minute at the library.

He supposed it was only to be expected. Chance was finally getting to know himself, understanding what worked for him and what didn’t.

"Damn," said Chance after a few minutes of idle stroking. "I can’t believe I finally have the house to myself…"

Chance ran his free hand up and down his body. He was fairly slim. The typical twink with hardly any definition at all and smooth all over. But even Todd had to admit something was appealing about all of it.

"Todd…" Chance whined.

It caught Todd off-guard. At first, he thought that Chance was somehow aware of his presence but it didn’t turn out to be that at all.

"Todd… Fuck…" Chance groaned as his fingers drifted to his chest and tweaked at his nipple. "I wish you were here…"

Todd’s heart skipped a beat. That was unexpected. Not unwelcome, though.

Chance’s eyes drifted shut. "Fuck, Todd… Kiss me…" he breathed.

Shaking his head, Todd had to laugh. He’d never imagined that Chance might have had the hots for him. He’d always thought the two of them were meant to be mortal enemies. Chance had always treated him more harshly than the rest, after all.

It was almost cliché, being mean to the person one likes. But then again, Todd had his doubts Chance had any good role models, in that regard, growing up.

"Fuck. Please. Todd… I… I want you so badly…" Chance gasped as he writhed on the bed, tracing his hand down along the side of his neck and over the center of his chest.

Todd smiled. This kid wasn’t as bad as he’d originally thought. And he was glad for it. He wouldn’t exactly mind if Chance wanted to be his boyfriend.

Before Todd could dwell on the matter for too long, though, Chance swung his legs off the side of the bed. He stripped off his sweat pants and walked over to his computer, naked. "I don’t know what’s come over me all of a sudden but fuck. I love it."

He didn’t even let go of his cock for a second as he sat down. He typed remarkably fast for someone using only one hand and he brought up—predictably—a fairly mainstream porn site.

What Chance searched for, however, was something Todd didn’t expect: erotic hypnosis. And as if that weren’t surprising enough, Chance seemed to gravitate to a particular kind of video: ones that played to loss of control and inhibition fantasies.

Todd stood beside the desk and watched the titles scroll past as Chance searched for a video that suited him. Popperbator training. Popper pig training. Porn addiction hypnosis. Pornpumper mindfuck.

Chance settled for one that was called Slave to Penis.

A spiral swirled in the background as images, video clips, and text flashed across the foreground. The scenes depicted were so hot Todd couldn’t help but feel himself through his pants.

The video was filthy and raunchy in all the best ways. And it really leaned into the idea of losing inhibitions, of giving one’s life over to porn and perversion.

And Todd was so engrossed in the images flashing across the screen he almost forgot to pay attention to Chance. And boy was it a sight.

Chance looked blissed out of his mind. He had his legs perched on his computer desk, his hand pumping furiously up and down along his length while the fingers of his other hand played with his smooth pink pucker.

Drool was dripping from Chance’s chin all over his chest. His tongue was lolling out. His mouth was wide open as he made noises like a brute.

It was so hot Todd couldn’t help but fish his own cock out. He stroked himself off, switching his attention between Chance and the video on the screen.

He could scarcely get enough. It was so hot watching Chance zonk himself out. And to think that Chance had wanted to get rid of his own inhibitions all along.

Todd supposed he should have seen it coming. He knew, from anecdotes, that it was the repressed ones that usually went the wildest. How he didn’t make the connection when it came to Chance was a bit of a failure on his part.

Not that it mattered much. He sat on the bed and jerked off. It felt oddly peaceful despite the filthy, depraved noises issuing from the speakers and the words flashing on-screen.

It wasn’t long before Todd was riding the edge. He could tell Chance was, too. No way he wasn’t given how his toes were curling and how desperate the noises spilling from him had become.

The video onscreen was supposedly three hours long but Chance didn’t last nearly that much. Half an hour was the best he could manage, and by then he was panting and babbling, completely gooned out on his penis as he drooled all over himself and repeated over and over again how his dong felt so good.

Seeing Chance cum all over himself sent Todd over the edge. He gripped the sheets tightly as he came into his fist, spraying his face and chest with his own seed.

Now that he had a better idea of just how perverted Chance was, deep down, there were so many things he wanted to try out.

"Did you get that thing I recommended?" Todd murmured.

Chance glanced at him and smirked. "Yep," he said. He leaned in to whisper in Todd’s ear. "It arrived yesterday, actually."

"Saturday delivery? Fancy."

Chance stifled a laugh. An old woman a few pews down shot them a dirty look. "I’m surprised you wanted to come to church with me," he said.

Todd smirked. ‘I’m surprised you were willing to come," he said.

Chance placed a hand on Todd’s knee. He had become a lot more forward over the last couple of days and it was a rather nice change of pace. "I wasn’t planning to until you asked to come with," he murmured.

"That’s sweet," said Todd. His tone was sardonic but he had to admit that Chance’s words had made his heart skip a beat.

"I bet…" said Chance. "So. What’s your game?"

Todd pretended at offense. It was a good thing no one else was seated with them in the back pew. "Can’t I innocently want to celebrate in the house of the Lord with a good friend?" he said.

Chance smirked. "Innocent, huh? Like anyone would believe that,"

Todd laughed. "You know me so well…" he said. "So, tell me… Have you tried out your new toy yet?"

Chance turned to face Todd. "Tried it?" he said, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "I’m wearing it right now."

Todd gasped. "No… Really?"

He searched Chance’s eyes for any sign of deception or any hint of mischief but if Chance was just pulling his leg, he certainly wasn’t showing it. "You’re serious."

Chance leaned in. "Why don’t you see for yourself," he said, placing his hand on Todd’s and tugging it behind him.

"Fuck," Todd whispered under his breath as he slipped his hand down the back of Chance’s pants. "I never would have pegged you for such a pervert. And in front of the Lord, too… Shame on you, you naughty boy."

Chance chuckled. "What are you gonna do about it? Are you going to… Punish me?"

The first thing Todd noticed was that past the waistband, there wasn’t any fabric down the back of Chance’s underwear. "Are you wearing a jockstrap?" he said.

Chance just smirked.

Todd laughed. "Slut." He worked his fingers down Chance’s crack until his fingertips brushed against the base of the polished metal plug that was firmly seated in Chance’s ass. "Wow. It’s actually there."

Licking his lips, Todd kept going. He rubbed the smooth, glossy base of the plug and realized that Chance had gone for the jeweled version. "You little fucker. Got some fancy tastes now that you have money, didn’t you?"

Chance grinned. "Nothing wrong with splurging a little," he said. "I think I’ve earned it after having to put up with that bitch for so long, don’t you think?"

Todd laughed. "Can’t argue with that," he said.

He looked into Chance’s eyes for a few seconds, a smile playing on his lips before he caught sight of the old woman glaring at them again. "Hey. Wanna get out of here? I think we might burst into flames if that old lady glares at us any harder. Don’t look."

Chance looked. Naturally. He chuckled and said, "C’mon. I know a place we can do dirty stuff," he said.

Todd grabbed his heart. "Chance, you shouldn’t have," he said, in a mockingly grateful tone.

Chance snickered. He got up and grabbed Todd by the wrist. "Come on," he said.

Chance closed the door to the bathroom behind them. It was immaculately kept. Everything was practically sparkling. The perfect place to do filthy, degenerate things.

One thing of note was that the bathroom was supposed to be single-occupancy. Not that it mattered to Todd. Nor to Chance, for that matter.

Todd looked around for a minute before he turned to Chance and said, with a smirk, "What do you want to do?"

"What do you want to do?"

Todd licked his lips. He looked Chance up and down. The guy was as fashionable as ever but his sense of style had changed.

Chance didn’t look so stuck-up anymore. He came across more as fashionable and comfortable in his own skin. It was a good thing. But it also meant there was no missing sizable lump pressing up against the fabric of his tight, tight jeans.

Todd walked up to Chance. He wrapped his arms around Chance’s waist and smiled as he looked into those green eyes.

There wasn’t anything official between the two of them but it felt like there was. They were in sync, somehow. Even without considering Todd’s control.

Things had kicked off a few nights ago, while they were working on their project. It was as if something unspoken had changed. They’d made out and frotted against one another until they came.

"I want to see that cute ass," said Todd, smacking both hands on Chance’s rump. "Wanna see the progress you’ve been so proud of these past couple of weeks."

"Yeah?" said Chance, his cheeks a very pretty shade of pink. "It’s not much but…"

Todd grinned. "I don’t care," he said. "It’s a cute ass, regardless. Now go bend over the toilet." He felt Chance’s cock throb against his thigh at that and he knew he was on the right track.

Chance wasted no time. He went over to the toilet and braced one arm against the wall while he undid his pants and pushed them down his legs with the other.

As Todd had suspected, Chance was wearing a jockstrap. It was a sporty one. With a white-and-blue waistband, white straps, and a blue pouch that seemed strained to just about breaking.

Peeking out from between Chance’s smooth, round buttocks was the glint of his buttplug. It was a fairly simple one, made of polished metal with a fake gemstone embedded in the base.

Todd sucked in a sharp breath as he knelt behind Chance and spread those cheeks. "Fuck," he muttered. "So beautiful."

Chance shivered. "You think so?" he said, arching his back and pushing his ass out.

"Slut," Todd laughed. "And yeah. I do. Makes me want to fucking ravish you."

"Fuck. Do it," said Chance.

Todd smirked. "Since you asked so nicely…"

He traced his index finger down Chance’s crack. He pushed on the plug before hooking his fingers under the flared base and tugging on it.

He watched, entranced, as Chance’s tight pink hole stretched around the bulb of the plug. It was beautiful, particularly the way it almost winked at him once he managed to wrest the plug free.

"I suppose it would be stupid to ask whether you’ve ever been rimmed before," said Todd.

"Oh shit," Chance moaned as Todd stuck his face in between his cheeks.

Todd swirled his tongue around and around Chance’s quivering asshole. He loved the texture, the clean taste of it, the way it trembled on the tip of his tongue as he slowly traced the slight gape of it.

He worked his way in. It was easier than he expected. Chance’s hole was nice and soft. It yielded to him easily, opened up to accept him at the same time a desperate groan spilled from Chance’s lips.

He kept Chance’s ass cheeks spread with one hand so that he could get as deep as he possibly could. With his other, he reached between Chance’s legs and groped him through the pouch of his jockstrap.

As he slowly picked up the pace of his tongue-fucking, swirling his tongue around and savoring the taste of Chance’s hot, tight asshole, Chance’s hips began to move of their own accord.

"Fuck. Todd. Please…" Chance whined, fucking himself on Todd’s tongue as he pulled the pouch of his jockstrap to the side and grabbed himself.

Chance’s full balls dangled out of the pouch as he stroked himself and Todd took advantage of the opportunity to cradle them in his fingers.

Todd gently rolled Chance’s balls around in their sack. He tugged on them. Squeezed them. And every time, Chance would groan and beg for more.

It didn’t take long before Todd felt Chance’s hole quivering on his tongue. He tongue-fucked him in earnest, then, really shoving his nose as deep into that smooth, faintly-musky crack as he could.

Chance moaned. "I’m gonna come!"

Todd pulled away for a moment. He said only two words. "Do it." And he watched Chance’s pucker twitch for a heartbeat before diving back in.

With a low groan, Chance came. His balls pulled up tight against his body. His legs trembled. His hole clenched tight around Todd’s tongue and shot after shot of thick white cum splattered the wall, tank, and seat of the toilet.

"Holy shit," Chance moaned as Todd pulled out of his ass with a final lick. "That was… intense."

Todd grinned as he got up. "That it was," he said.

He placed his hands on Chance’s hips and spun him around, holding him there for a moment before saying, "Enjoy busting your load, babe?"

"Babe, huh?" said Chance, quirking an eyebrow.

Todd flushed. "Yeah. Don’t like it?" he said.

Chance took a moment to respond. It looked like he was really mulling it over and that made Todd tenser than he was willing to admit. "No," he said. "I do. want to make it official?"

Todd’s heart skipped a beat. "Hell yeah," he said. A few weeks ago, he wouldn’t have imagined this was where he and Chance would stand but here they were.

"Kiss me then."

Todd leaned in and caught Chance’s lips in his. It was chaste at first but as he felt Chance’s spent cock slowly plump up against his leg, it turned into something a lot more passionate

"Fuck," he breathed as they broke apart. "I want to fuck you breathless right now but… We should probably head out."

Chance chuckled. "Why?" he said. "I thought you wanted to do filthy things in church."

Todd rolled his eyes and smiled. "I did. But I can hear the closing hymn so…"

Chance’s eyes widened. For all his bravado it was clear he wasn’t ready to be caught out just yet, either. "Right… We probably should go," he said.

"You go first," said Todd.

Chance nodded and pulled his pants back up. He stepped out of the bathroom but before Todd could hear the footsteps leading away, he heard voices talking just outside.

He crept closer to the door to listen in. It was Chance. There was another man out there, apparently, but he didn’t recognize the voice.

"I went to the bathroom, pastor," said Chance. "You’re not telling me there’s something wrong about that, are you?"

"No, there isn’t. It’s just that one of the staff members reported that they were hearing some weird sounds coming from in there."

"I was having stomach issues. What of it?"

"They also mentioned that you were seen leaving the main hall with another young man."

"Are you trying to say something, pastor?"

"No need to get aggressive, son. I’m just concerned that you might be heading down the wrong path and I wanted to make sure you weren’t doing anything sinful in there."

There was a thump against the door. Chance had probably leaned against it.

"Trust me, pastor. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more sure that I’m on the right path in my life," said Chance.

Todd felt warm about that. It was odd. But he couldn’t deny it was nice to know Chance thought he was right for him.

On some level, he knew that. Chance wouldn’t have broken out of his mother’s clutches if not for him, after all. But it was another thing hearing it from the guy himself.

"I’m not sure about that, son. Your mother has been talking to me of late… Is it true you kicked her out of her own house?"

The door rattled as Chance’s weight on it shifted. Todd was pretty sure he’d straightened up.

"Oh you’ve been talking to her, have you?" said Chance. The contempt in his voice was palpable.

"I have," said the pastor.

"Well, first of all, sir. The house is mine. My paternal grandfather willed it to me and it was supposed to be transferred to my name when I turned 18."

"Your moth—"

"Don’t interrupt me!" Chance snapped. "Second of all, it’s none of your fucking business so why don’t you fuck off?"

"Now, listen here young man. I will not tolerate that kind of language—"

"Can anyone who cares raise their hand? Oh. Would you look at that? No hands."

Todd had to stifle a laugh at that one. He had to give it to Chance. The boy had a sharp tongue on him once he was allowed to actually express what was on his mind.

As entertaining as it was to listen to, Todd figured the good boyfriend thing to do was to rescue Chance before things turned ugly.

He wrenched the door open and slung an arm over Chance’s shoulders. "Hey, babe," he said, a small smirk playing on his lips as he looked the pastor up and down. "You find us someone to play with tonight?"

Chance looked at him as if he’d grown two heads but then scoffed and said, "No. We were just having a nice little conversation."

Todd laughed. "Pity," he said. "He looks like he’d be fun in bed."

"Oh yeah, how do you know?" said Chance.

Todd traced a finger down the side of Chance’s cheek. "It’s the repressed ones that make the best lays. I happen to know from experience."

Chance laughed. "Alright. You’re gonna get it now," he said.

"Is that a threat?" said Todd. "Or a promise?"

Chance pecked him on the lips. "Anything you want it to be, babe," he said.

Todd grinned at the wide-eyed, speechless pastor. "Hey. We’re gonna go have filthy sodomite sex now. Sure you don’t want to join? No? Oh well. Your loss."

Chance laughed as the two of them made their way out of the church in high spirits.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

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