Conversion Therapy

Hey Fairies, I’m in need of some back-up. A little friend of mine told me that his dad doesn’t clear the browser history and that it’s page after page of ‘gay conversion therapy’ this and ‘how to straighten out your gay son’ that.

He’s planned for both of them to go away for a weekend at their ‘cabin in the woods’. I’ve confronted his dad about it, but he’s playing innocent.

Whatever he has planned, I need to make sure it backfires. Spectacularly. In every way that he dreads. So, Purple & Pink, what could we do?

Story Request by @blazefiresabre1
(Source: @samthecumdump)

It turns out that the Purple and Pink Fairies have a twisted sense of humor. They don’t send you any sign that they’re helping, so you have to watch helplessly as your friend hops into a car with his dad to their cabin. He’s 18 now, so he has every right to decline, but the poor kid has been under his dad’s thumb for the longest time and can’t even think to rebel, even knowing what’s coming after him.

You have no idea that the Purple and Pink Fairies even helped until the pair return home from their vacation and your friend hops out of the car with a skip in his step, an older man that you don’t recognize, and a much younger, jockier version of his father in tow. It’s only then that you hear a giggle at your shoulder, as the Pink Fairy pats you on the back and tells you that they gave the boy’s father exactly what he wanted.

“It’s our dirty little secret, but we genuinely let them go to gay conversion therapy…” says the Pink Fairy. “Of course, no one told him that it would be for converting straight, religious, homophobic people gay rather than gay people straight. We had to take our usual price after that, so we aged him down a little bit and took all of the smarts he could offer us.”

The Purple Fairy manifests at your left side. “He’s dumb as a pile of rocks now, but I don’t think his son — excuse me, his little brother — is complaining by this point.” The Purple Fairy has a lopsided smirk on his face, one that makes you accept his invitation to come into the house without a second thought.

“How do you like it?” said the Pink Fairy, giggling as your friend moaned while sucking off the jock that had once been his father, while the new man in their lives, presumably their new “Daddy,” was languidly stroking his cock on a nearby love seat.

“Oh he struggled really prettily at first,” said the Purple Fairy, seemingly almost reminiscent, “but once I saw those perfect dick-sucking lips on the old man, I knew what we needed to do to him. Don’t let the display right now deceive you. Their new Daddy just likes to watch them fuck. But the truth is, the old man wants nothing more than a fat cock up his ass and down his throat.”

The Purple Fairy smacks you on the back, making you stumble forward from the force of the impact. “Go on. Give him what he wants. And trust me, he wants it rough. Make the bitch’s eyes water.”

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