In the Short Term

Memory and intelligence is such an interesting multifaceted subject. Had a great time discussing it during Psychology lectures.

The reason I bring it up is because Tom Holland cannot remember not to spoil the endings of his movies. Every interview he forgets to stop talking but doesn’t forget the story.

Episodic vs Semantic memory, explicit vs implicit. Question to the Pink Fairy. How much damage can it do to a boys intelligence if you surgically remove their ability to remember events of their lives, but leave the rest of their cognitive facilities intact? Present your findings to the group.

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Conversion Therapy

Hey Fairies, I’m in need of some back-up. A little friend of mine told me that his dad doesn’t clear the browser history and that it’s page after page of ‘gay conversion therapy’ this and ‘how to straighten out your gay son’ that.

He’s planned for both of them to go away for a weekend at their ‘cabin in the woods’. I’ve confronted his dad about it, but he’s playing innocent.

Whatever he has planned, I need to make sure it backfires. Spectacularly. In every way that he dreads. So, Purple & Pink, what could we do?

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