Green Fairy’s Fate

Thought just occurred me. What ever happened to the Green Fairy? Not that he didn’t deserve what happened, but has anyone checked in on him lately?

Story Request by @blazefiresabre1

Ah, yes. The Green Fairy. Poor Verus. Couldn’t leave well enough alone. Couldn’t recognize that the Pink Fairy can do pretty much whatever he wants without consequence. That was the truth. Pity that the so-called Fairy of couldn’t accept it.

When last we left off with the Green Fairy, he was rather busily getting the last bits of his precious brains fucked out by a massive cock. Between you and me, it’s really rather difficult to imagine that he hasn’t just done basically more of the same since the last time we saw him. The thing with fucked-out, cock-obsessed sluts is that they don’t really have much in the way of creativity to speak of. It just comes with the territory, I suppose.

But I don’t think it would hurt to check in. Not that the Pink or Purple Fairies would mind either way. They taught the Green Fairy his lesson and as long as he doesn’t make any trouble (between you and me I doubt he’ll be able to find it in himself given how little is between those ears of his these days), they won’t pay him too much more attention.

Oh. Well. Would you look at that. Big surprise. He’s getting his ass cored out by a big man with a big cock. Yeah. That was really to be expected, don’t you think? But you have to admit. There’s something hot about watching that fat ass bounce. I think the Pink Fairy did quite the bang-up job with Verus’ ass. It’s almost difficult to believe that he was a bit more on the flat side before.

And those muscle tits, too. Watch them shake as he gets pounded by that fat fuckpole. I bet he loves to get those tits squeezed, those nipples twisted. Knowing the dumb slut he’s probably gotten fucked between the tits like a big-breasted bimbo already. And look at those eyes. So glassy, glazed over, and dull. And all that drool dribbling from his open mouth. Wow. There’s really not a scrap of intelligence left in that skull of his, is there? Fuck. That’s fucking hot.

Oh. Wait. Looks like the top’s done. Not even a kiss or a goodbye. Just a slap on the ass. Like he’s nothing more than a fucktoy. Bet the Pink Fairy would have a laugh at that if he could see it. Damn. How the not-so-mighty have fallen.

But you know, something’s weird about this for me. If that guy that just left wasn’t the sugar daddy, or the dom, or whatever you want to call it, and Verus isn’t getting up to leave, then it must mean that the empty-headed little slut lives here somehow. But this place is way too fancy for someone who probably can’t hold down even the most basic of labor jobs. I mean, I’m sure that he gets more than enough cash whoring out that sloppy little hole of his, but that’s assuming that he even had two brain cells to rub together to figure out that he could make money out of slutting it up like the the cock-hungry whore he is now.

Oh. Oh. I see. There he is. The man of the house. Big. Imposing. Muscular. Super masculine. I can see why the Green Fairy hasn’t recovered at all. Oh. Yeah, no. It was never meant to be permanent. If it was then both the Pink and Purple fairies would have been involved. That’s why Blue has been a fucked out little twink for the last seven hundred years. But I can see why Green still hasn’t seen a smidgen of his powers back.

You don’t get it? Well, fair enough. Not everyone has the Sight. See that man? That big sexy mountain of manliness that I would honestly be more than happy to throw myself at? Yeah. He’s a werewolf. An Alpha, no less. And they can be pretty brutal when they fuck. No wonder Verus here takes cock like a champ. Not that I doubt the Pink Fairy would have made him excellent at that anyway.

See? He’s getting mounted like a proper bitch. And watch how vicious and fast those thrusts are. It’s no wonder Verus is little more than a drooling broken little fuckbitch these days. Even if he did get his fairy powers back little by little, all that frantic, vigorous pounding that he’s probably getting on the regular from that hot werewolf daddy is battering it all into oblivion.

Well. That was interesting. Thank you for asking. Maybe we should check on the other fairies more often. Especially if the reason that none of them have come back yet is as entertaining as this. Have you cum yet? Oh. That’s too bad. I can see you’re rock hard though. Tell you what, as thanks for this fabulous idea, I’ll get you a muscle fuckbitch that you can brutalize with your cock as much as you want. For free. My treat. 😉

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