Ill-Gotten Gains

I haven’t had any complaints about what I’m packing. In fact everyone is impressed how big it is, even if is just a little too big for most.

I just want some assurance that it is one of the biggest out there. Can you make that happen?

Supporter Request by @blazefiresabre1

Reid had a big cock.

Reid was proud of his big cock.

Nothing got Reid’s blood hotter than when he conquered a big man with his big cock. Nothing was more satisfying than betting his ass on being bigger than the next man with an inflated ego who thought they would be the one to conquer him.

By now, Reid knew for certain that he had the biggest cock in his gym. He knew he had the biggest cock for a couple of blocks around his apartment. A couple of blocks around his workplace.

Reid was king, and he’d broken many a man with his mighty scepter. He’d split open more muscle cunts and bubble butts with the veritable weapon between his legs than he could count, reducing their owners into blubbering cock-hungry wrecks or flustered bottoms-in-denial.

Though he was king, Reid had no real power of any consequence. Other than, perhaps, the power to call upon any man within a handful of mines whenever he needed to dump a big sticky load down a throat or up an asshole.

Naturally, Reid wasn’t satisfied with his lot in life. He might have been well-endowed, but he wasn’t content with being just the king of his neighborhood, his gym, and his workplace.

Reid had higher ambitions. He wanted to be the king of his city. Of his country. Of the world. He needed to know that he had the biggest cock around, and if not, he needed the power to make it so.

It just so happened that while Reid did not himself belong in the supernatural world, his family had a history with supernatural creatures. In the distant past, Reid’s ancestors were affiliated with an auxiliary branch of an otherwise unbroken and influential line of warlocks.

The power Reid needed, the reassurances he sought, weren’t things he could obtain just by relying on the methods of the mundane. He needed power beyond what mortal men could muster, and by going back through his family’s history and what remained of the mystical knowledge it was once charged with protecting, he saw a potential path toward the fulfillment of his ambitions.

With little hesitation and no further research, Reid entreated one of the most powerful fey forces in the world: the Brogda Sídhe. When the fairy appeared, clad in his toga of purple and gold, Reid pled his case.

The Purple Fairy, seemingly interested in Reid’s proposal, agreed and struck a bargain with him. He gave Reid a polished ebony velvet-lined wood-paneled box which would, should Reid will it to, produce a lifelike replica of his cock.

Each such replica, the Purple Fairy explained, would be capable of three things. First, everything the dildo experienced would be transmitted to Reid’s cock, but only if he wanted it to. That way, it wouldn’t wake him up in the middle of the night if one of his desperate bottoms decided to give it a ride.

Second, any man who came while riding the dildo would have one of their deepest desires come true. Not any that would disrupt the fabric of the world if fulfilled, but anything minor like a night with a favorite celebrity was fair game.

Third, in exchange for fulfilling the man’s desire, the dildo would take away an inch of the man’s endowment. That inch would be added to Reid’s cock, for the price of a single IQ point.

A smarter man might have declined the bargain on the last point alone, but Reid was not such a man. He was not very smart, to begin with, and he didn’t think it was such a big deal to get a little dumber as long as his big cock got even bigger.

There was a caveat, of course, but Reid had already stopped paying attention by the time the Purple Fairy told him about it. Every deal had its price, and for Reid, it meant that if he got his ass fucked by anyone better-endowed than he was without the magic, every last inch he stole would be given back to the men he stole it from, he would lose his cock, and the man who fucked him would own him for the rest of his life.

Greed and arrogance would be Reid’s downfall.

No sooner had the Purple Fairy departed than Reid set about using his new-found powers for his own nefarious ends. He pulled a copy of his cock out of the wood-paneled box and went off to find one of his favorite hookups: a bodybuilder that had been convinced Reid’s cock wouldn’t fit in his ass until Reid broke it in and turned it into a muscle cunt.

Naturally, the muscle fag begged to be fucked. Reid was more than happy to oblige. He left the dildo behind as a present, departing with the swagger of someone with a big cock that was soon enough going to get bigger.

As he was making his way back to his apartment, Reid let the sensations from the dildo come through. Sure enough, the guy had hopped on it right away. Reid had to pull over for a second. Gods. He liked tight virgin assholes well enough but the feeling of a fat, broken-in muscle cunt sloppily sliding up and down his well-greased pole was something else.

Reid fished out his cock and fisted it with impunity by the roadside. Between the loose asshole bouncing on his cock and his own fingers pumping his erection, the pleasure was intense. He moaned and groaned, the inside of his car filling with the stench of a sweaty, horny man.

A police officer pulled up behind Reid and walked up to his driver side window. What he was doing was technically against the law, but what did he care? He’d already fucked half the local police to submission. He was king. He could act with impunity.

Sure enough, the guy who came up to his window was someone Reid had fucked before. The officer was all uppity when Reid rolled his window down, lecturing him about how he couldn’t just masturbate by the side of the road in broad daylight, but Reid could tell that the cop couldn’t take his eyes off his cock.

Reid stepped out of the vehicle when he was asked, but he turned the tables instead of surrendering like he was told. He pinned the officer against the side of his car with his weight and yanked down those tight blue pants.

The officer protested, but his struggles were half-hearted. The way he arched his back and pushed out his ass certainly told Reid that he wanted it. And who was Reid to deny anyone the pleasure of his mighty cock?

Luckily for the officer, Reid’s cock was still greasy and slick from his earlier conquest. He slid it in without much trouble. He fucked the officer long and hard against the side of the car, marveling at how good it felt to be fucking two asses at the same time.

Just as the officer was about to cum, Reid felt the other guy cum, too. His cock swelled, the inch getting added on to his endowment. It was enough to push the officer over the edge. Thick white globs of cum splattered on the side of Reid’s car, which he had the officer clean before handing the guy a replica of his cock as a reward.

This was a scene that repeated many times over the following days, and the results were readily apparent. Reid’s cock grew bigger. Slowly, at first, but faster and faster over time. The haze in his head grew thicker, too, with every inch that was added on to the heft of his already-massive endowment.

The speed of distribution was too slow, though. Even if Reid could make a hundred replicas of his cock a day, he could only deliver them one by one. It wasn’t enough and it would have stayed that way had he not realized that he could exploit the power of modern technology for his benefit.

Reid wasn’t going to have the brains to run a sex toy shipping and distribution operation for too long so he hired someone to do it for him. The young man, a shrimp by most standards, was glad for the job, and certainly wasn’t about to complain when the contract stipulated that he would get 30% of any profit after costs.

Since he didn’t want to do any of it himself and just bask in the rewards of his genius, Reid consulted with the Purple Fairy and asked if anyone else could use the box. He was told that he could authorize someone to use it in his stead, which he did.

With everything taken care of, including a source of profit to fund the rest of his life, Reid leaned back to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

With every day that passed, Reid’s cock got bigger. It got too big for his normal pants so he had to resort to sweats. It snaked down the pants leg, making the fabric strain to contain its girth.

Reid’s cock bigger and bigger and bigger as he got dumber and dumber and dumber. The haze around his head got so thick that it was nearly impossible to think of anything at all. He spent most of his days admiring his massive cock, the veritable third leg dangling from his crotch and the pair of juicy, pendulous balls that swung from underneath it.

The days and hours passed by, with Reid idly playing with his ever-growing cock. It got to the point where he could no longer close both hands around it and he loved it. He was too dumb to know otherwise. He loved the heft of his meat, the weight of his balls—now as large as softballs.

Larger and larger Reid’s cock grew until he could hug it and only just wrap his arms around its girth. It towered over him when he sat down, and leaked so much pre-cum his apartment flooded an inch-deep with it.

The comical size of Reid’s new endowment made self-pleasure practically impossible. All he could do was press his body against the meat of his cock, arms wrapped around it, sliding up and down. It felt good, but climax was beyond reach.

Reid grew more and more desperate to cum as the days went by. His cock only continued to grow, making it more and more impossible to pleasure.

At one point, the height of Reid’s perpetual erection brushed the ceiling of his apartment. Shortly thereafter, it pressed uncomfortably up against a light fixture as a surge of new inches flooded in and made it swell.

Reid’s cock leaned like a tree about to be felled. It swung down under its own weight and crashed to the floor with a loud thud, flattening anything that was in its way.

The movement catapulted Reid off the couch. He fell on top of his cock and beanbag-sized balls as his endowment continued to swell unabated.

Reid could not move from where he was. His cock was too heavy, too massive for a single man to budge. He laid there, on top of his own endowment, deliriously rubbing his body up and down his gigantic shaft to no avail.

How many days passed before anyone came to pay him a visit, Reid didn’t know. There wasn’t much that he did know, anyhow. There was a knock on the front door, and a familiar voice calling out. Reid could not place the name.

The backdoor of the apartment opened and into the ruined living room stepped the young twink that Reid had hired to take care of his business. The twink was shocked at the sight of the scene and aroused, too. So very aroused.

The twink had come to get Reid to sign off on something but his explanation was lost on the man. Reid’s mind was too far gone. All Reid could manage was blubber and beg about coming.

Naturally, the young man was eager to please his boss. One look at the situation, however, made it clear that playing with Reid’s cock would be futile. By now, Reid was more cock than man, and only a giant could truly pleasure a cock so large.

No matter. The twink knew other ways to make a man cum. He stripped off and clambered up Reid’s enormous balls. He positioned himself behind Reid and whipped out his cock, tapping it on one of his boss’ exposed ass cheeks.

The twink was well-endowed. Not so well-endowed as Reid was, now, but his cock was obscenely large, disproportionate on his slender, svelte body, and, though he did not know it, larger than Reid was, without the help of magic.

There was enough pre-cum on the floor to lube up a highway, and the twink had had the forethought to slick his cock before climbing up behind his boss. When it was time to slide his cock home, he did so with ease.

The last dregs of the old Reid resisted. His hole clamped shut against the invasion of the twink’s cock. He was a top. He fucked. He didn’t get fucked. But he was powerless to truly put up a fight.

Just like Reid had done countless times to countless guys before, the twink kept pushing until Reid broke. His hole gave up the fight and welcomed the cock inside.

Reid’s asshole stung as the twink’s disproportionate cock slammed into him. His back arched. He moaned out loud. The pain of being fucked open, split in half, was drowned out by the pleasure of a thousand, thousand asses sliding up and down the replicas of his old cock.

The twink fucked Reid like a beast unleashed. Though normally soft-spoken, the way he talked to his boss was vulgar and obscene. In and out. In and out. He pumped his hips and jackhammered his cock into Reid’s increasingly-eager hole.

Despite himself, Reid couldn’t help but enjoy the pleasure of his ass being cored out into a pussy just like he’d done to so many guys before. He moaned and groaned and rocked his hips—as much as he could—to meet the twink’s thrusting.

Over and over and over the twink’s cock pounded into Reid’s prostate, bringing him closer and closer to the edge until, with a loud, shuddering roar, Reid’s massive cock exploded.

As the torrent of cum erupted out of Reid’s cock, it shrank. Gallon after gallon of thick, musky, potent seed flooded the room as literal tons of cock meat was rendered down into jism.

By the time it was over, Reid was kneeling in a waist-deep pool of hot cum. His mind was broken, his ass cunted, and where his mighty, glorious cock once was, was nothing more than a smooth mound.

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