Cultural Exchange

I’m small and twinky but I’ve always wanted to be a huge, muscular Asian. I still want to be a bottom to an Asian alpha, too, but I feel that’s a bit of a contradiction. Two muscular guys can’t be in a top/bottom relationship, can they?

Story Request by @dynatosantras

This is a rewrite of a story request previously received and responded to on Tumblr.

Keith chewed on the hem of his shirt and moaned through it. His slender body writhed on his office chair as he roughly fisted his cock. He’d been at this for the better part of an hour, eyes transfixed on the video of a hot Asian bodybuilder posing for the camera.

With a low grunt, Keith came. He spilled all over his hand, thick ropes of cum shooting out of him and splattering on the desktop in front of him.

Face flushed, Keith reached for the handy nearby box of tissues and cleaned up. He could only hope that no one had heard him. Ever since the pandemic started, he’d been living with his parents again, and the walls were notoriously thin in his childhood home.

Had he had any choice, Keith would have decided to weather the crisis. Unfortunately, he had been one of the first to be laid off from his job. Consequentially, he lost the ability to pay his own rent and had to move back home.

It was really the worst thing Keith could have imagined to be stuck at home for months on end with his conservative, evangelical, stereotypically racist Southern parents. It was bad enough that Keith was gay; if his parents found out that he got off to hot Asian guys with big muscles and big cocks to match, he was pretty sure he would be dead within seconds.

Feeling guilty in a way he hadn’t ever since going to college, Keith crept into bed and pulled his blankets over himself. He didn’t typically like feeling bad for himself, but the situation warranted it.

Part of the reason Keith had tried so hard in high school was so he could get a scholarship for college, move out, and be out. He’d been so high on living the free life that it had never occurred to him the pandemic his parents so vociferously denied existed would kick him right back into the closet.

Keith closed his eyes and sighed. If only he’d been born to different parents, ones who would love him and accept him whatever he turned out to be. He wasn’t sure what he was willing to give for that chance but if somehow, someone out there decided to give him the body of a hot Asian bodybuilder, he felt he might just give anything and everything he had.

Kaito woke up the next day to bright sunlight streaming in through the blinds. He had a strange, faint awareness that something had changed irrevocably about him but he couldn’t put a finger on what.

As he stretched his arms over his head, Kaito cast his thoughts back to the strange dream he’d had last night. He didn’t remember much, and what he did recall was slipping away from him like water through a sieve, but the image of a sex shop with a bright pink neon sign, at the crossing of two roads to nowhere, in a city that shouldn’t exist, was vivid in his mind.

Kaito had the strangest sensation of not being at home in his body. It was weird because he’d been like this ever since he started working with a local builder in his junior year of high school.

Somehow, though, Kaito felt as if his entire body was heavier than he remembered it being. His head felt heavier, too, and duller. He faintly recalled being smart and having good grades but that made no sense. Despite the stereotype of Asians being quite intelligent, Kaito had never been.

Kaito tried to figure out what was going on but it was difficult to think. He scratched his firm, muscular chest as if it would help. It didn’t, and he gave up trying pretty quickly after that.

It was just too difficult. Kaito’s thoughts felt like they were caught in molasses. He didn’t have the mental energy to try and fish them out. They weren’t even all that sophisticated, to begin with, so it wasn’t like the effort would even get him anywhere.

Kaito was pretty slow on the uptake. People used to mock him for it but ever since he left high school—he couldn’t actually remember if he’d graduated or if he’d dropped out but if he was being honest, the latter was more likely—hardly anyone had done so to his face.

It probably had something to do with how built Kaito was, now. His muscles were huge. Not just from the hard labor he did on most days but also from his nigh-religious devotion to going to the gym. His biceps alone were so big that it looked like they took up most of the blood in his body, depriving his head of it.

Kaito moaned. Most of the strange memories of another life were quickly forgotten when a wave of arousal washed over him. He reached down, ready to stroke his cock when he realized that he wasn’t even hard. That he had a tiny cock that looked comical juxtaposed with his swollen, muscular body.

The soft little nub leaked against Kaito’s thigh. He didn’t even know why he’d thought he had a cock he could stroke. At best he could probably play with it with two fingers but there wasn’t a point to that.

No. No. Kaito’s horniness was coming from elsewhere. His ass was feeling empty. There was an itch deep inside that needed scratching.

For some reason, Kaito felt as if rolling over onto his stomach and hiking his ass into the air was something that he hadn’t done a lot but that made no sense. This was a common position for him. His ass was always so goddamn hungry he could scarcely go a few hours without shoving something up his eager hole.

Kaito reached behind him with both arms. He palmed his ass cheeks and squeezed them. They were substantial. Firm and muscular but also fat, supple, and smooth. He couldn’t help but moan into the bed as he played with his cheeks, kneading and squeezing and pulling them apart to let his slutty muscle cunt twitch in the cool morning air.

A low groan escaped Kaito as his fingers dipped into the cleft of his mountainous ass cheeks. He pressed them against his entrance, teasing his quivering pucker with the tips of his fingers.

For a moment, Kaito wondered why his hole was wet but the answer quickly came to him. He couldn’t believe he’d forgotten. His master had ordered him to be ready at all times so how could his asshole not be wet? God. He was such an airhead, sometimes.

Kaito slipped a finger inside. When it wasn’t enough, he slipped another one in. And then another. They just didn’t go deep enough. He needed more.

The door opened and Kaito was afraid for a moment that his parents had discovered him playing with his muscle cunt but quickly realized the thought made no sense as the only person he lived with was his master.

Master. Kaito moaned. His little dicklet shot out a weak spurt of pre-cum at the thought as his hole clenched around his fingers. Finally. Someone who could take care of his needs.

"Eager to see me today, boy?" said Kaito’s master.

Kaito nodded, looking over his shoulder at his hot, muscular Asian master with a dick that more than made up for what Kaito didn’t have in that department, and then some. He pushed his ass higher into the air and waved it from side to side.

It was strange. Kaito felt oddly slutty. Like he wasn’t used to offering his body up so freely, but that was pretty much half of what he did for the construction firm he worked for. He did help out with jobs a lot, but sometimes he was used to satisfy some of his coworkers’ needs.

"Alright, alright," said Kaito’s master, eliciting a whimper as he slapped one of Kaito’s muscular ass cheeks hard. "No need to get so pushy.

Kaito’s heart raced as he felt the mattress shift under the weight of his master clambering on behind him. Master’s hands on his hips make his cock twitch and his hole flutter.

In the moments before his master’s cock breached his lube-slicked hole, Kaito remembered, with striking clarity, the life that he had lived before this, and the wish he had made that let it all happen. He didn’t even have a moment to feel nostalgic before his master’s cock slammed home, drilling into him hilt-deep in one stroke and pushing out all the memories of that past life, of that other reality, out of his head for good.

As Kaito’s muscle cunt gripped his master’s cock like a vise, he knew that he was exactly where he belonged. He was exactly who he wanted to be. As far as he was concerned, the nerdy little twink named Keith had never existed in the first place.

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