A Not-So-Unpleasant Surprise

Hey Pink Fairy… I’d love to have my sexy bearded otter friend take me out for drinks and then decide to turn me into his chastity dog boy and then show me to all my friends and husband.

Story Request by @footdoggy
(Source: @radz92)

The request to go out to dinner comes almost entirely out of the blue. It’s early in the morning when your phone buzzes on your night stand, the screen drowning out the dim grey light of the pre-dawn. You’re still groggy, and there’s a pleasant, half-horny haze in your head. In the back of your mind is the fading dream of a sex shop at the corner of two streets that should not exist.

The rest of the day goes by in a blur. Not in the least because you find yourself zoning off a lot. At work, you hardly get anything done, and at the end of the day when you check over what you did manage to accomplish you find a ton of simple mistakes that you would have never thought you’d make. But the more that you look at them, the less you can bring yourself to fix the mistakes. The less you understand why they’re mistakes to begin with.

By the time that your friend shows up to take you to dinner, you’re a bit of a giggly mess. You feel drunk even though you haven’t had a drop of alcohol all day, and your head feels like it’s stuffed full of bright pink fluffy cotton-candy that’s pushing all of those stupid smarts out of the way, making you horny, making it impossible to think of anything other than cock and cum.

At the restaurant you order the creamiest dish and for some reason, you don’t know how, you manage to get the cream all over your face. It makes you giggle, and makes your little dick twitch, your hole quivering as your horniness rockets up. Your friend just smirks at you throughout dinner, and when the waiter comes and sees the mess you’ve made and offers you a napkin, he steps in and says that he’ll take you to the bathroom to clean you up.

You don’t complain. You follow him meekly, feeling like this is exactly the right place for you, that this is what you should be doing. When he gets you in the bathroom, he pats you on the head and tells you to strip and get on all fours. You do so. You don’t complain when he locks a chastity cage around your cock. You just nuzzle his hand and yip cutely.

You’re not sure how he gets you home, but he does. You bound into the living room, naked and on your hands and knees. Your husband jumps up out of the couch, and if you had the presence of mind you would notice that your other friends are there, too. But you don’t. On the ride over, your new pup mind took over and pushed out all of those silly little brains that you didn’t need in your head.

Your friend declares that he’s turned you into his cute little pet, and while your husband doesn’t look too happy about it, you can tell that at least some part of him is enjoying it. You can see his hardon through his pants and you pad over to him to nuzzle and mouth at the head of his erection. Your friend just laughs as you whine and wiggle your butt, your locked cock swaying between your legs.

You’re horny. You want cock. You want cum. You’re not sure why Master hasn’t bred you yet, but all you can do is hope that he’ll let you play with all of the nice people in the room with you.

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