Stage Shenanigans

Hey Pink Fairy, I’m stage managing a college production of The Boys in The Band but the actor playing the closeted guy came with early symptoms of the Bubble Boy Virus…

How am I supposed to keep him in line and keep the others from getting infected until after closing night?

Story Request by @qkinktalestold

Author’s Note: It’s a common misconception, but no, the Pink Fairy doesn’t necessarily exist in the same setting as the Bubble Boy Virus. Still, this one’s a fun one to write, so I’ll let it slip (I won’t be mentioning the Pink Fairy, though).

You say that he’s already symptomatic? Well, you have my sympathies, man, but the fact of the matter is, there’s really nothing that you can do. I would be surprised if, at this stage, he can even remember all of his lines still. But soon enough he won’t be able to. And then what would you do? Of course, there’s always the option of pulling out the understudy… Only, he’s probably started exhibiting symptoms of his own, correct?

Yeah… See, certain types are a lot more susceptible to the Bubble Boy Virus. The intellectual ones most of all. And while none of these actors might be the next Newton, nor even are any of them particularly good at advanced mathematics, fact of the matter is, they’re pretty intelligent in their own way. You might only have one cast member that’s currently symptomatic, but trust me, once this thing hits a theatre troupe, there’s practically no stopping it.

So, you have two choices: isolate your main actor, check if the understudy is doing okay, and let the show go on, or pivot on your marketing while you still can. Sure, it won’t be the highbrow audience you were looking for, but I’m pretty sure there are still going to be a lot of men out there who would pay a pretty penny to watch a couple of bubble boys slutting it up on stage. Everyone loves a good orgy, and if you charge extra for every load they want to deposit in one of the boys, I’m sure that you’ll make a particularly good killing.

Oh. Here they come. Break’s over, I suppose. I hear a lot of giggling, which probably isn’t a good sign for you. Looks like the lead and a couple of the main cast have come down with the virus already. God. Look at him. He already looks so empty-headed. Do you think he realizes that he doesn’t have any underwear on? Well, to be fair, that’s probably the point.

Like I said, you have a couple of choices here. But judging from the way that your cock is tenting out your pants, I’m pretty sure I already know which one you’re going to pick. I mean… Your actors are already getting started with the new piece, after all. Looks like your leading man is enjoying getting his hole rimmed by his rival.

Oh… And between you and me, I’ve noticed that you’ve been taking notes this whole time. I don’t think you’ve noticed how many typos you’ve made. Silly little slut. Didn’t even realize that the virus had already activated in yourself. Don’t worry. Let me take over the play. You’ll be in good hands.

Why don’t you join your other actors on stage. It’s not going to be long before you’re as mindless and horny as the rest of them. Might as well get started now. It’s only going to get easier and feel better the more you accept that you’re going to be nothing but an empty-headed cock-hungry whore in no time.

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