Fathers’ Day

Drew’s dad gets an unexpected Fathers’ Day gift thanks to an inadvertent wish.

Drew was a bit of a daddy’s boy. Not that he had much of a choice in the matter. His mom ran out on them when he was 7, and he was totally not bitter about that at all.

In any case, Drew’s dad was his hero. His paternal grandparents and extended family were right bastards and there was no chance in hell that his dad was going to get anything from his mother’s side, so the task of raising him had fallen solely on his dad’s shoulders.

Now that he had graduated from college and had started pursuing his own career, Drew understood how difficult life could be as an adult. He couldn’t even begin to imagine how hard it would have been for his father, who had been 26 when his mother left.

When Drew had moved away for college, he’d hoped that his dad would finally start dating again. He’d sworn that he was always going to be there for his dad, like his dad had been there for him, but he’d also hoped that his dad would find someone to spend the rest of his life with. It never happened. At least, not to Drew’s knowledge.

It had been two years since Drew graduated and moved back to his hometown. Despite his sometimes not-so-subtle encouragement, his dad still refused to meet anyone. He supposed it was understandable. His dad probably still wasn’t over his mom’s betrayal.

While Drew was happy to be living near his dad and working in his hometown, he’d always had dreams of doing something bigger with his life. He finally had a chance to do just that. An opportunity had presented itself. The only problem was that he would have to move half the country away from his dad.

Drew explained as much to his dad, who had been supportive and happy for him. He’d been reluctant to accept, but once his dad gave him the blessing to do so, he ran out of excuses not to. He wouldn’t have to move out for a while yet, but he already felt as if there was a gulf between his dad and him.

Since he was leaving in late August, Drew decided that he would make this upcoming Fathers’ Day the best Fathers’ Day his dad had ever had. It was the least he could do. It was going to be a blast.

As Drew was planning his big Fathers’ Day blowout, he realized that there was one thing he needed to figure out before anything else: a gift. The only problem was that his dad was neither materialistic nor sentimental. It made picking gifts for him particularly difficult.

As he hopped on Amazon to try and find something, Drew uttered a few words to himself that would change everything. "I wish I had the perfect gift to give him. Something that would make him happy. Something that he would never forget. Something simple so he doesn’t have to worry too much about it. Something he can use whenever he wants for the rest of his life…"

Little did Drew know that someone was listening, ready to grant precisely the wish that he’d just made.

As Fathers’ Day approached, Drew found it more and more difficult to concentrate on work. At first he thought it was just excitement over the day that he’d planned for his dad, but as the days wore on he realized that it wasn’t just that. He was messing up, even when he was trying to focus. Work that had been second-nature started requiring more and more brainpower just to comprehend.

Drew had no idea what was going on, but his focus was shot. His productivity declined sharply. It was hard to think. About anything. He was losing time, spending what felt like hours staring blankly at his computer screen at work.

When he wasn’t zoning out, Drew was rubbing his cock through his pants. He was so fucking horny and he didn’t know why. No amount of jerking off at home seemed to take care of his semi-permanent erection, which made it even more difficult to concentrate on work.

The only thing that even seemed like it helped was working out. Pumping iron lifted the fog in Drew’s head, but even then only briefly. Since he worked out in the mornings, before work, he was at least able to squeeze out some productivity early on in the day.

As the week wore on, though, even the workouts couldn’t clear the increasingly-thick haze in Drew’s mind. The Friday before Fathers’ Day, he forgot to go to work entirely, staying at the gym all day while doing squats and other glute-focused exercises. He only realized what he’d done when he got home. By then, it was too late.

Drew tried to call in, but when he caught sight of his body in the mirror, the thought fluttered out of his grasp. He grinned to himself and chuckled as he felt up his muscles, especially the big round butt that he’d somehow grown overnight.

A small part of Drew was worried about what was going on but it quickly faded away when he accidentally brushed a finger over his hairless pink hole. He could only moan as a lightning bolt of pleasure shot through him, and he spent the rest of the evening hunched over the edge of his bed, shoving fingers up his ass.

Fathers’ Day rolled around and the furthest thing from Drew’s mind was the day he’d planned for his dad. He remained in bed, ass up in the air, fingers plunging in and out of his sloppy hole.

Drew had spent the last couple of days shut up in his room. The musk of his arousal and the loads that he’d shot in that time permeated the air. It barely registered in his head when someone knocked on his door. If anything, the sound of the knob turning only made him spread his legs further and push his ass higher into the air.

"What the f—" Drew’s dad said.

Drew giggled. He waved his muscular ass in the air. "Happy Fathers’ Day, Daddy!" he moaned, shoving three fingers knuckle deep in his boypussy.

"W-Why do you…" Daddy stumbled forward. Drew practically squealed when he felt rough, calloused fingers clap onto his ass cheeks. "Why do you smell so fucking good?"

Drew shivered when he felt Daddy’s breath wafting over his hole. He pulled his fingers out with a wet pop and spread his legs. Daddy’s hands pulled his ass cheeks apart as Daddy buried his nose in his crack.

"Eat up, Daddy!" Drew moaned, as he bucked his hips backward onto Daddy’s face. It felt so good. He could feel Daddy’s tongue wriggling into him, slurping up his insides. "I-I hope you like my gift!" he stammered.

Daddy was messy and sloppy as he ate out Drew’s hole. He attacked it with the gusto of a starving man. He fucked his tongue in and out of the quivering pucker, slurping and slobbering like it was the best meal of his life. "O-Oh, D-Daddy!" Drew screamed.

A quiet whine escaped Drew when Daddy pulled away. He felt so empty all of a sudden, but the disappointment he felt quickly faded away when he heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down.

"Fuck, baby… W-Why can’t I stop myself?" Daddy moaned. "T-This is so wrong, but…"

Drew moaned when Daddy’s fat cock slid up between his cheeks. "It feels so fucking good…" Daddy whispered.

"Aw, fuck, Daddy. Aw, fuck!" Drew moaned. He rocked his hips back and forth, rubbing his ass cheeks against Daddy’s thick monster-cock. "Please use my hole daddy. Fuck me. Fill me up. Wreck my pussy!"

Daddy leaned over Drew’s body. He was breathing heavily as he reached down and guided his cock into the right direction. "Fuck, baby. I love your present. I love it so much," Daddy moaned, as he snapped his hips forward, slamming his meat all the way in with one stroke.

There was no mercy in Daddy’s thrusts. He fucked Drew hard, just like he’d asked for. Every time Daddy’s hips slapped against Drew’s ass, more and more of his intelligence drained into his balls until, with a low moan, Daddy flooded Drew’s ass with cum, and Drew’s cock spilled all over the bed sheets.

It was the perfect Fathers’ Day gift.

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