Fall Rush

After a wild night with his boyfriend, Chris has to take a step back to process everything that’s gone down so far. He has no idea what kind of shit he’s gotten into, but he’s not about to let that stop him. Jason is the most important person in the world to him, and he needs to get to the bottom of what happened at Camp Wild Rush.

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Chris was shaking. Holy fuck. His whole body was still buzzing in the places that Jason had touched him. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. He’d been too caught up in the afterglow until just now but holy shit.

Jason had changed so much. Chris had thought the abundance of confidence and jacked new body had been the extent of it but he’d really only scratched the tip of the iceberg. To say nothing of the fact that Jason’s transformation was the least mind-blowing thing he’d realized tonight.

Magic was real. There was no other way to put it. The wishful entreaty Chris had made to the Purple Fairy had produced results. It was nuts.

If not for the fact that Chris’s ass still hurt from having to take Jason’s baseball club of a cock a few hours earlier, he would have thought he was dreaming. Since they were apparently dating now, he was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be the last time.


Chris didn’t think he’d be walking right for a week, and that had been Jason taking him gently. He was usually the plans guy between the two of them, but he just had no idea what to do next.

There was still the matter of Jason’s invitation. Chris had wanted to experience college life, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to do that without Jason. Then again, it wasn’t like Jason was asking him to not go to college, and a gap year wasn’t the worst idea.

Maybe Chris would have been able to convince the old Jason to skin the fall session of Camp Wild Rush but he was pretty sure he’d get further trying to bleed a rock than trying to convince the new Jason to do otherwise.

Camp Wild Rush. It seemed like a pretty upstanding institution at a glance but its connections to old magic were made apparent by the changes in Jason. Credit where credit was due, the camp had made Jason a lot happier and a lot hunkier, but Chris couldn’t help but be suspicious about it.

If magic was real, then the things Chris had read about the fairies were probably also real. Everything seemed to have turned out positively for him and Jason but that wasn’t how stories that involved the two usually ended.

The Purple Fairy was said to have a better nature than his counterpart but he was fae. Even a complete idiot knew that the fae were never good. Not even the allegedly "righteous" and "honorable" Seelie would be considered "good" by human standards. All of which begged the question: what was the angle?

Chris shuffled over to his desk, wincing as he sat down. He flipped his laptop open and pulled up all the research he’d conducted about the Étrad Sídhthe. Surely, he thought, an ancient deity like the Purple Fairy had to be getting something out of it.

Apart from the changes that Chris had asked for, Jason had returned as mostly the same guy that he’d grown up with. Usually, the Fairies exacted a price for the changes that they wrought but so far the deal seemed thoroughly one-sided. On top of that, he couldn’t even begin to comprehend why the magic had somehow given him abs.

There was still time for something to go awry, but if it didn’t—if Jason didn’t turn into a total meathead or if Chris didn’t turn into a cock-brained slut—there would be only one possible explanation. In that case, whatever the Purple Fairy’s plan was for Jason, it had something to do with Camp Wild Rush.

Chris absentmindedly rubbed his fingers over the abs that weren’t even half a day old. He picked his phone up and stared at it blankly for a moment. He set it back down. He picked it up, stared at it, and set it down, again.

"Ahh!" Chris groaned, shaking his fingers through his hair. He had no idea what to do. He was at a loss. Entirely out of his depth. He didn’t even know where to start.

For a while, Chris agonized over the matter. No matter how he looked at it, there was no way that he, as a mortal, would figure out the Fairies’ plot unless they wanted him to.

Chris sighed. He did at least still have one thing: Jason. Jason had never steered him wrong before. If Jason wanted him to attend the fall session of Camp Wild Rush, then maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. If he agreed, then he could try and get some answers.

God. Chris couldn’t believe he was doing this. He picked up the phone and dialed Jason’s number. "Hi," he said.

Chris couldn’t help but blush at the low, sensuous tone of Jason’s reply. His asshole twitched—even if it was still sore.

"Hey, um… I thought about it and… Yeah. I’m in for the fall session," said Chris. "Yeah, no… I, uh… I realized you wouldn’t put me at risk and that I was worrying for nothing…"

Chris nodded, even though Jason couldn’t see him. "I-I love you too, J-Jase," he stammered, cheeks burning hot. "Y-Yeah. I-I’ll see you t-tomorrow. G-Goodnight!"

When the call ended, Chris clutched his phone to his chest. Goddamn. His heart was hammering against his ribcage. He was nervous, yes, and yet he couldn’t help but smile. He was sure everything would be alright as long as he had Jason.

Chris sighed. He wasn’t looking forward to the fun conversation he was going to have with his parents tomorrow. Ugh. He normally slept fully clothed, but just for tonight, he thought he could try something new. As he crawled into bed, he stripped off his shirt. It was warm enough for it.

As he lay in bed, Chris stared at the ceiling and scratched his stomach.


He had abs.

"Hey. We’re here."

Chris blinked. What the fuck? "Uh, where?" he said. Not that he didn’t trust Jason, but there was nothing in front of them save yet another stretch of forest that he was sure they’d passed by at least three times, now.

Over the last month, Chris had been steadily growing more confident and at ease with himself, but that still didn’t help when an enormous wolf with silver pelt appeared out of nowhere on the path and headed toward them. "H-Holy shit," he said. He almost pissed himself at the sight.

"Calm down," said Jason. His hand on Chris’ shoulder was warm and reassuring. "You don’t need to be afraid. You got me."

Chris nodded. He wasn’t sure how that was supposed to help while a monster of a wolf was looking at them like they were dinner, but it did. Somehow. Steeling his resolve Chris looked into the wolf’s amber eyes and stared it down.

Jason raised an eyebrow at Chris as if he’d grown a second head before turning his attention back to the wolf. What he did next, Chris didn’t expect.

"Hey, Con," said Jason, with a little wave. "Looks like you’re stuck on front gate duty again, huh? What did you do this time, old-timer?"

The wolf shook its body. Its form seemed to shimmer and blur. Chris winced at the sound of bones cracking and rearranging as the creature in front of them went from all fours to standing on its two legs as a very handsome, very well-hung man who seemed to be around their age. The guy, the werewolf, looked very unimpressed.

"Oh ha-ha. Keep saying that, bitch. I’m only a year younger than you," said Con, folding his thick, muscular arms over his thick, muscular chest.

Chris’s emotions must have been written all over his face because Con looked at him and smirked before saying, "And how come you’re assuming I’m on front gate duty because I made trouble?"

Jason rolled his eyes. "Because you hate it and find every excuse to avoid it or pawn it off to someone else but you can’t do that if it’s part of a disciplinary thing?" he said, as he slung his arm over Chris’ shoulder.

What seemed like a spark leaped between the two men as Jason pulled Chris tight against the side of his body. "Now are you gonna let me and my mate through or are we supposed to stand here all day?"

"Ugh. Fine. Come in," said Con. He turned around, presenting his tight, muscular ass to the pair. He raised his hands and drew a circle with his index fingers, one for each half. Then, he put his hands up, palms forward, index fingers together. He twisted his wrists, swinging his hands away from one another so they formed a V, joined at the wrists.

Sparks of golden light leaped from the tips of Con’s fingers, illuminating the outline of an iron fence gate. He pushed and the gate swung open. Beyond, where there had only been a bare forest path, was an entire camp that stretched to shores of a beautiful lake.

"I’m not even surprised, anymore," said Chris, scratching the back of his head. "…wait a minute."

Chris looked at Con, and then at Jason, then back at Con. "If he’s a werewolf, then…"

Jason frowned. "I thought you’d figured it out."

"You’re a fucking werewolf?!" said Chris, blurting out the words before he could think about what he was saying.

Jason shrugged.

"Wait. Am I a fucking werewolf?"

Chris couldn’t help but blush as he and Jason entered the campgrounds, leaving Con behind to guard the front gate. He’d made a fool of himself. He could still hear the sound of Con laughing at his outburst.

"Not exactly," said Jason, once the gate closed behind them.

"Huh?" said Chris.

"You’re not exactly a werewolf yet," said Jason.

Chris stared at his boyfriend. This would have been a useful conversation to have before he agreed to attending Camp Wild Rush for the fall session. "What the hell is that even supposed to mean?" he said.

"Oh, sorry," said Jason, scratching the back of his head. "I’m not particularly good at explaining things…"

Chris chuckled. Wasn’t that the truth? "Try, anyway," he said.

"Okay. Yeah. Uh… You are already sort of a werewolf, but like, a baby werewolf. Please tell me you’ve at least noticed that your body has been changing?" said Jason.

Chris nodded, rubbing his stomach through his shirt. "Yeah, I noticed that."

"If I understood correctly, that’s your body ‘evolving’ to handle the power of a werewolf. And that process takes time. Too much time if you ask me. It took me until halfway through July before I became a fully-fledged werewolf," said Jason.

"Right… Okay… That’s…good…I guess?" said Chris.

Chris’s ears twitched. He thought he’d heard something. He stopped so abruptly Jason had to take half a step back.

"There. Do you hear that?" said Chris.

"Hmm?" said Jason. A quiet moan drifted to them from nearby. "Oh, that. Don’t mind it too much. They told me to expect stuff like that during the fall session."

Chris resisted when Jason tried to pull him away. "But someone could be hurt!" he said.

Another, louder moan came from the same area. This time, it was clearer just why that person was moaning.

Chris’s face turned a deep scarlet color. "Jesus Christ. You were told to expect that people would be fucking out in the open?" he said, under his breath.

Jason shrugged. "You never know. We might end up joining them at some point," he said.

Chris was mortified.

The administration building was a large log cabin with some modern design motifs in the middle of the camp. The entire west wall and a good portion of the front wall adjoining it was taken up by large floor-to-ceiling windows that opened toward the lake. In that corner of the building was a small cafeteria.

"Damn, that’s nice," said Chris. He’d seen the pictures online, but seeing the place in person was something else.

Jason’s hand on the small of Chris’ back gently steered him away from the tables bathed in natural sunlight toward the reception desk directly across from the front entrance. "Good afternoon, Ty," said Jason, as they came up to the desk.

"Ah, Jason! Welcome back," said the extremely hot DILF of a werewolf sitting behind the desk in a suit that was straining at the seams.

Chris tried his best not to drool in front of the super-attractive man. Damn. The place was full of hot men and he couldn’t stop looking. He didn’t recall ever being such a horn-dog.

"I was hoping you would join us for the fall session," said Ty. He was wearing a pair of thin-rimmed glasses with a dark leather cord draped over the back of his neck. He leaned forward, over the desk, and looked closely at Chris. "I take it this is your mate?"

Jason nodded and puffed out his chest. "Yes, indeed!" he declared, proudly, to a couple of appreciative hoots from diners in the nearby cafeteria and a small smile from Ty.

"Well-chosen," said Ty, eyeing Chris up and down.

Chris blushed hard. "T-Thanks."

"Ugh. My heart. He is adorable," said Ty, as he sat back down and pulled his chair up to the desk.

"Isn’t he, though?" said Jason, with a grin.

"H-Hey, I’m standing right here!"

"Of course you are, babe," said Jason, patting Chris on the head.

Chris didn’t know what it was, but the feeling of getting petted, by Jason, made his cock instantly rock hard.

"Give me just a moment and I shall have you assigned to a cabin, boys. I imagine you have had a long journey and would enjoy some privacy to take in the environment," said Ty.

"Oh, something will be taken in, alright. It just won’t be the environment," said Jason.

Chris swatted his boyfriend in the arm. "Jason!" he hissed.

Ty laughed. He reached over to a group of keys hooked to a board behind the reception desk and looked through the wooden tags attached until he found the one that he wanted.

"Here you go," said Ty, handing the key and the wooden tag to Chris. "Cabin Three. You are quite fortunate. It is right by the lakeside. I hope you enjoy your time with us at Camp Wild Rush!" he added, cheerfully.

What Ty said next sent a shiver up Chris’ spine.

"I look forward to becoming better acquainted with you during your stay."

The cabin was luxurious, to say the least. Chris and Jason had passed by most of the other cabins on the way down to theirs, so he knew that the others were just as big as this one, but damn.

Chris had decided to come on a mission but it was hard not to get carried away in all the amenities and the eye-candy. Camp Wild Rush was less a camp and more like a cushy getaway in the mountains. It was nuts.

After taking another deep breath of fresh, crisp mountain air from the front porch of the cabin, Chris came back in to find Jason raiding the refrigerator. "Holy shit," he said, marching straight over to the couch and flopping down on it. "I thought you were roughing it out over the summer. This just isn’t fair!"

"I know, right?" said Jason, as he shut the fridge. He moved on to the pantry, jostling a couple of cans around as he rummaged. "You want something to eat?"

Chris rubbed his stomach. He’d been trying to ignore the rumbling all day. "Yeah, actually. I’m starving," he said.

Jason emerged from the pantry with am armful of chips. It wasn’t exactly what Chris had been thinking about, but it was free and he didn’t have to exert any effort to have it so he wasn’t about to complain.

"What do you think?" said Jason, sitting down on the couch beside Chris.

Chris fished a bag of chips out of his boyfriend’s arms and said, "It’s pretty great, not gonna lie," he said.

Jason set his spoils down on the coffee table and, after some deliberation, picked one up. He tore the package open with relative ease whereas Chris had to bite the corner of his to do so. "Think we can make this a regular thing?"

Chris hummed under his breath. "I don’t know," he said. "Maybe if we came during the summer…"

"Oh, we can’t do that," said Jason. "We’d have to come either during the fall or the winter session."

Chris looked at Jason. "What? Why?"

Jason shrugged. "Summer’s for the newbies," he said. "And besides, we’ll have things to do starting next summer."

"Things to do?" said Chris, raising an eyebrow as he nibbled on a chip.

"Don’t worry about it. They’ll tell you during orientation," said Jason.

"Wait. Aren’t I a newbie?"

"It’s different," said Jason. He reached for Chris’ chips but had his hand slapped away. He looked at Chris with a mock-hurt expression, but Chris just rolled his eyes. "You’re not, like… normal, anymore."

"Jesus Christ, Jason, you don’t just say that," said Chris, eyes wide. "Also, since when have either of us been normal?"

"Touché," said Jason.

"Anyway, if that’s the case, then we definitely can’t make this an annual thing," said Chris. "We gotta go to college, man!"

"But that’s the thing, babe! I wanted to keep it a surprise so I didn’t say anything, but there’s actually a college on the grounds!" said Jason.

Chris looked at his boyfriend flatly. "You’ve gotta be shitting me," he said.

"Nope. Cross my heart and hope to die, there’s a campus right across the lake. We can go to normal college for half the year and come back here for the rest!" said Jason.

Chris pinched the bridge of his nose. He had a headache. "You’re telling me this now?" he said. "After I spent a month stressing about going to college?"

Jason coughed. "Soo…anyway…what did you think of the guys?"

Chris punched Jason in the shoulder. He wasn’t getting to let his boyfriend off the hook, but he didn’t mind changing the subject. "What did I think of the guys?" he said. "What kind of stupid question…Of course, I thought they were hot! It’s almost a shame I’m spoken for."

Jason laughed. "It’s fine," he said. "I don’t mind."

Chris stared at Jason. "What do you mean?" he said.

"I mean I don’t mind if you want to go have fun with others. I think they’re all pretty hot, too, so I’d probably want in on the action, but I don’t mind if we aren’t exclusive," said Jason.

Somehow, Chris thought he should have been angrier at that but he wasn’t. "Huh," he said. "Food for thought…"

Who was he kidding, though? Chris had already made up his mind. And he knew just who he wanted to bed first.

"Woah. Slow down there, sailor," said Jason, pressing a kiss to Chris’ cheek. "How about we save the sleeping around bit for after your wolf matures? Wouldn’t want to disrupt our mating bond."

"Again," said Chris, exasperated. "You could say these things before they become relevant."

Jason shrugged. "It’s not a big risk," he said. "But apparently, the mating bond is at its weakest when one of the two partners’ wolves is still maturing."

"I see," said Chris, quietly. Even if the risk was small, as long as it was non-zero, he wanted nothing to do with it.

"Yeah, I’m not gonna let anything get in the way of this," said Jason, gesturing at the two of them before going in for a kiss.


Chris had to admit. He was impressed.

"That’s…a lot… I wasn’t expecting that…" said Jason.

In front of the two, the couch in the living room of their cabin was completely destroyed. The large gashes in the upholstery created by Jason’s claws digging into the cushions aside, the whole thing was drenched in cum.

Chris’s cheeks were burning. Everything that was on the couch either came from him or came out of him when his ass started overflowing because his beloved boyfriend came like a firehose.

Chris wasn’t even sure how it happened. After they talked about keeping it exclusive at least until the mating bond matured, they got to talking about the hot guys in camp. It turned into a really hot makeout session, he shoved his hands down the back of Jason’s pants, and then what came next was quite blurry.

All Chris knew was that his asshole felt nice and satisfied, there was cum dripping down his thighs, and there was a ruined couch in their cabin, now.

"So…" Chris started.

"Meh," said Jason. "Leave it. I’ll go report the damage to admin while you’re at orientation and they’ll get someone out to fix it before you get back."

"Seriously?" said Chris. He had to admit, he felt a little bit bad, but if there were no consequences to damaging furniture… He shook his head. He needed to not get sidetracked from his mission. Orientation was probably the best place to start gathering information.

"Wait," said Chris, his train of thought screeching to a halt. "While I’m at orientation? Won’t you be there with me?" he said.

"You’re a big boy. You’ll be fine," said Jason. "Besides, it’s orientation for all of the new mates. It’s not really meant for the ones that brought you in, exactly. Our thing together will come later, when the bond’s matured."

"To put it simply, this is our enemy," said Ty, flipping to the next slide of the orientation program. "Yes? Chris, was it not?"

Chris shrank in his seat as the rest of the class turned to look at him. He put his hand down and said, "Y-Yeah. Sorry. Is…is that a Catholic Priest?"

Much of the orientation up until that point was stuff that Chris already knew—like the fact that magic was real because apparently, it needed to be pointed out. Apart from that, Ty had only talked about what Camp Wild Rush was, why it was built, and how it was built.

The fairies had a hand in it. In exchange for the wereclans’ loyalty, they’d carved out several pocket dimensions where the werefolk could live out without fear of persecution. Chris supposed it was a noble enough goal but he had his doubts until Ty started talking about their duty as werewolves to fight "the enemy."

"Yes, well, in a way I suppose you can say that," said Ty. "To be precise, this is His Eminence, Cardinal Johann Gallow, Archbishop of Portland in Oregon and commander of the enemy in our local area—the northern United States."

Ty clicked the remote. An obsidian cross came up on the projector. "This is the symbol of the Enemy. If you see—Yes, Chris?"

Chris shrank even deeper into his seat as everyone turned to look at him again. "U-Um… H-How are they our enemy?"

Ty chuckled. "I was getting to that, pup," he said. He turned back to his presentation and continued. "As I was saying, if you see this symbol anywhere, it means keep your guard up. If you see it on a person, be wary of that individual. If you see it in a location, know that you are unwelcome."

Moving on to the next slide, Ty continued. "Now, on to young Chris’ question: the Black Fairy is our enemy because he is the enemy of the Pink and the Purple Fairies."

Chris raised his hand again.

"That is the simple answer, and while it might suffice for some of you, let me explain for those to whom it does not," said Ty.

Chris sheepishly pulled his hand back.

"The full answer is that while yes, the Black Fairy is our enemy because he is the enemy of the Étrad Sídhthe, the Black Fairy is our enemy because he is a threat to our very existence," said Ty.

God. It was worse than Chris thought. He and Jason had been drafted to serve in some supernatural army. He didn’t want to fight in a war that had nothing to do with him.

"As werewolves?" someone asked, mercifully, because Chris had just been about to raise his hand to ask the same question.

"No, as homosexuals," said Ty.

The gears in Chris’s mind ground to a halt. What? That was not the answer he’d been expecting.

It must have sufficiently confused the rest of the class because a quiet buzz rose around the room as people talked amongst themselves.

"Excuse me," said Ty. Everyone was quiet as he continued. "While the Pink and Purple Fairy are very much supporters of having sex and loving whoever you want, the Black Fairy, on the other hand, not so much."

Ty clicked on to the next slide. It was the male and female symbol tied together, which people used to represent heterosexuality. "The Black Fairy is the incarnation of suppression and repression. If he had his way, everyone would be heterosexual, have sex strictly to procreate, and follow his will with no deviation."

The next slide came. It showed a place that had recently been on the news. It was one of the few holdout conversion camps that were the subject of a frenzied legal battle. "This is one of their bases of operation, and unlike what science would have you believe, it is very effective on normal humans," said Ty.

Chris gulped. That wasn’t terrifying at all. He couldn’t imagine being forcefully converted against his will.

The next slide had the image of a naked human male and a naked werewolf male in the half-transformed state that Chris had seen a couple of people walking around in. "Normal humans have no protection against the magic that the Black Fairy and his followers use. Once you mature as werewolves, however, you do by the nature of the Pink and Purple Fairies’ blessing."

Chris understood the gist of what was going on, now. Werewolves, and he guessed, other werefolk too, had a duty to fight the enemy because they were the only ones that had the power to. The enemy was forcefully converting gay guys straight, but since werefolk could convert other people into werefolk, they could ‘cure’ the ones that had been converted.

Chris supposed that the thing they had to do during the summer, that Jason had been talking about, was going around and fighting the enemy by either converting the enemy’s agents or by de-converting the enemy’s victims.

Sure enough, Chris’ suspicions were confirmed by Ty shortly thereafter.

It was enough. Chris knew why there were no consequences to his wish to the Purple Fairy. It was pretty simple, really. The Purple Fairy fixed his friend’s confidence problems and, in the process, got two willing soldiers out of it.

Even if it wasn’t Chris’ first choice of summer fun, now that he knew about what was going on, there was no way he could just stand by and watch. Ty had made it pretty clear that participation in the war was strictly voluntary but there wasn’t any way Chris would stay in the sidelines. He was sure Jason would feel the same way.

"Chris? Would you mind staying behind for a few minutes?"

Chris turned beet red. He’d been passing in front of Ty’s podium when the older werewolf called out to him. The last few of the newbies that were still in the room giggled and made haste to leave, closing the door behind them.

"Y-Yes, Ty?" said Chris, as Ty came out from behind the podium and stepped into his space.

"I should like to take this opportunity to become better acquainted," said Ty. He gently took one of Chris’s hands in his and pulled it to his crotch.

Chris fought down the urge to moan as he felt the obscene outline of Ty’s cock pressing up against those tight dress-pants. As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t.

"I-I’m sorry. J-Jason told me I shouldn’t—at least until the mating bond is mature," said Chris.

Ty chuckled. "Very prudent, pup," he said, his voice dropping to a dangerous bass rumble. "But there need not be any penetration when getting to know one another. If you’d like, I could just take care of this for you. Figuring out what sounds you make and how to make you make them counts as becoming better acquainted, wouldn’t you say?"

Fuck. There was no way Chris could say "No" to that. He nodded, cheeks burning.

Chris cried out in surprise as Ty grabbed his pants and pulled them down. Chris bit down the urge to moan as his cock sprang free, bobbing up and down between his legs in the cool air for a moment before Ty picked him up by the armpits and set him down on top of the podium.

When Ty’s large, calloused hands wrapped around his cock, Chris couldn’t keep it in anymore. He moaned. It felt so good.

Ty gave Chris a few experimental tugs before he started pumping in earnest. Every stroke was like an electric bolt of pleasure that surged up the length of Chris’ spine, spilling out of his mouth in a wordless moan.

Chris raised his hand to his face and bit down on his index finger but it was no use. He whimpered and whined and mewled as Ty worked him over with masterful skill.

Five minutes in, Chris was sweating profusely, bucking his hips to no avail as Ty edged him without mercy. He was close. So close. But every time he was about to cum, Ty let go of him and made him tumble back from the edge.

Chris had no idea how long it had gone for, only that by the end he was crying and begging for release.

"Have a bit of mercy on my boyfriend, won’t you, Ty?" said a familiar voice from nearby. It took Chris a moment to register that Jason had come into the room and was watching with an amused smirk as Chris pleaded for the privilege to cum.

"If you insist," said Ty. He pumped his hand up and down the length of Chris’ cock, except, when Chris was on the verge of coming, he sped up instead of stopping.

Chris moaned as he came. The first shot arced right over his head and spilled onto the ground behind him. The rest splattered across the bottom of his face, his chest, and his stomach, drenching him in thick, musky cum.

"F-Fuck," Chris panted, as he drifted down from the orgasm. Then, he felt it. There were fingers around his cock again. Jason’s, this time.

"W-Wait—!" Chris didn’t say no.

"Wait. Please." Jason cocked an eyebrow.

"I-I’m still—" Jason tugged at him. Chris jerked.

"A-AHH!" Chris tossed his head back and shrieked as Jason picked up right where Ty had left off, pounding his fist up and down the length of his cock.

"See you around, Ty!" Jason called back, as he helped Chris out of the presentation hall.

Chris was a mess. He was drenched in cum, his cock was raw, and his legs refused to work. Worn out as he looked, he had the stupidest grin on his face. In truth, his cheeks were starting to cramp but he just couldn’t stop smiling.

"Have fun?" said Jason.

Chris bonelessly lifted his hand and made a thumbs-up gesture.

"F-Fuck, yeah…"

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