Slutty Schooling

Does the Pink Fairy have any advice on how to become out-of-control slutty for those of us who wanna become very naughty musclefags?

Story Request by @buffonlooker
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Well, advice only goes so far. Words come in one ear and then go out the other. Doesn’t matter if it’s good advice, or bad advice. That’s just how human beings are. The best way to learn is by doing, so why don’t we have a bit of a practical demonstration of the best ways to be a slutty musclefag for the real men around you?

Of course, the first thing that you really have to do is focus on your body. It doesn’t matter if you have the constitution of a stick, or if you have a belly the size of a basketball. It’s all about effort, and dedication, and a little bit of Fairy dust if you need a little bit of help. You need to start prioritizing eating healthy and going to the gym. It helps in more ways than one — not only does it help you lose weight if you need to, it also makes sure that your hole can always be ready for some action.

So forget about putting in 60-hour work weeks for that promotion. That’s worthless to you. You don’t want to be smart. Or successful. You want to be a slut. So be content with a dead-end job to pay the rent and the gym membership and just make sure that you work out like it’s your religion! Trust me, by the time that we’re done with you, you’re never going to need to work a boring desk job for the rest of your life. Not that you’ll be able to, anyway.

The next thing that has to go is that brain of yours. I mean, the fact that you’re asking for advice about how to be a musclefag is an indication that you’re probably not the sharpest tool in the shed to begin with, but that still makes you a bit too smart for what you’re supposed to be. For what you’ve always been meant to be.

So instead of worrying about money, or putting food on the table, or making rent, just try to think less. Work out more. It will help. The mindless repetition is bound to make your skull thicker and your brain number. And when you get home, make sure that you spend all your time jerking off and gooning. Spend every moment thinking of sex and cock and cum and sucking and getting fucked. That’s how you prime yourself. That’s how you melt that brain right out of that empty little head.

When you inevitably get fired for being so incompetent as to be unable to do basic math in your head, you’re going to start to have troubles with the land lord. This is where your training as a slut should start. So far we’ve been working on making you attractive to men, and making you super horny.

When your landlord comes to collect the rent and you don’t have the money, be a good little slut and offer him your ass or your throat for payment. I doubt that he’d pass on the offer by this point. If you have a landlady, find the richest guy in your apartment block and whore yourself out to him for rent. And if none of that doesn’t work, well you can always put yourself on the internet, choking down dildos and riding fuck machines for the entertainment of the masses.

Gods know your horny little hole needs it. It shouldn’t be long before you find a daddy, or maybe a group of fratboys who need a cumdump at their home. Doesn’t matter what you think of that. Not that you should be thinking at all by this point. The last lesson that you need to learn is to not be picky.

A cock is a cock is a cock. As long as it’s long, thick, and able to pound your silly little head to mush and make your hole flutter, you should be grateful you get to play with it. That’s what being a slut is about. And you know what they say… beggars can’t be choosers!

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