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I was adopted into a Chinese family when I was young. I adore them, obviously, but for a long time now, I can’t help but feel like being the only white person in the family is restraining me from where I want to be in life…

I have always been very dedicated to my education, always choosing to study over partying… or exercising, for that matter. As a result I’ve become somewhat of a nerdy bear. Could you please help me out by making me a Chinese twink? I’m more than willing to give up my well paying job, my smarts… my “size,” anything!

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Adrift. Unmoored. Lost in a sea of uncertainty. That’s how you feel despite your relatively successful life and loving family. It’s more than a lot of people can say that they have, but you know for a fact that you can’t let the suffering of other people invalidate the very real problems that you suffer in your life. Still, it’s not like there’s any way that you can work toward the change that you desire. It’s simply not possible. At least under the purview of modern science.

You’ve all but given up hope when you hear about a peculiar entity whispered about on street corners by giggling, vapid himbos as they wait for the next guy to come along that will give them a good time. You put it out of your mind at first, but the more disconnected you feel, the more you realize that you don’t really have anything to lose. So you turn to this mysterious creature and make a wish, not expecting anything to come of it.

And you’re right. Nothing does. At least until one day you wake up in a cold sweat. You remember having a vivid dream, but not the dream itself. What you have is a collection of vague memories already slipping through your fingers like water through a sieve. A grey city soaked by a deluge of ice-cold rain. A neon pink sign over a sex shop. The ringing of the bell over the door. And then nothing.

You blink the grogginess from your eyes, but even as you awaken you feel that the fog in your head hasn’t lifted. You think it’s sleepiness for a moment, but you know it’s more than that. You don’t have time to worry about it before a wave of arousal and horniness washes over you. You toss the blanket off your body to notice two things: that you are intensely erect, and that you have abs.

It’s not just abs. You have pecs. Thick thighs. A muscled ass that deserves to be pounded. To say nothing of the biceps that you are now sporting. Your body feels lighter and stronger and tighter, and it only serves to accentuate the arousal that you feel. You can’t really resist grabbing your thick hose, pumping your fist up and down your length.

You moan at the intensity of the situation. With every glob of pre-cum that dribbles out the tip of your cock, the fog in your head gets thicker, making it harder to think, making the knowledge that you used to have fade more and more. Your skin is changing now, too, losing your pasty white complexion and giving way to something healthier and more radiant.

As your bodily changes settle, your mental ones pick up speed. You feel your mind melting, practically right out of your ears. It’s impossible to think. You don’t want to think. It’s too much work. You giggle to yourself, sounding as vapid and mindless as those himbos you’d seen on the street corner, and it just makes you hornier, makes you pump your big dumb cock harder and faster. Just because you’re turning Asian doesn’t mean that your cock shrinks. Everyone knows that Asian cock size is just a stereotype. But it’s not like you’re ever going to get to use that big dumb cock.

And yet as much as you try, you can’t get over that edge. Instead, the longer you spend trying to cum, the more intense an itch inside of you becomes. Your hole twitches and pulses until you roll over onto your stomach, propping up your ass by your knees, bucking it into the air desperately. You need something inside you. Something big. Something hot. Cock. You need cock.

At that moment you know that even if you have a massive cock, the kind that you would love to have shoved up your twunk pussy, you’re never going to use it like that. It’s a glorified clit, meant to flop around as you ride the older, more distinguished, wealthier men that you’re going to chase after from now on because it’s obvious that you can’t go back to your old job. And that fact just makes you hornier.

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