Corrupted Co-Dependence pt. 16

With Brother Cathas now in Vayne’s pocket, the magical wards that protect the Fort from the influence of the hellborn are compromised. Upon his return, he runs into Edric, who is much changed since the last they saw each other, in many ways that are more than a little appealing for Vayne.

Vayne closed the door to the Runemaster’s lodgings with a small smile. It had been a few days since he’d seen more of the outside world than he could see through Cathas’ window. And though the time he’d spent learning runelore had been fruitful, he was glad for the fresh air.

He had seen Cathas to bed, spent from the day’s exertions, and positively stuffed. He would not have pegged the man for such an eager butt slut, but perhaps it shouldn’t have been such a surprise.

Once Vayne managed to extricate Cathas from the repressive grip of Church scripture, all it had taken was a tiny push to awaken the slut within. It was some of his best work if he was being honest.

A new passion had been sparked in Cathas, one that could rival even his deep, abiding love for runelore: ass play. He could hardly sleep without something shoved inside him now. It was remarkable how angelic he could look, sleeping on his stomach with his ass spread around the base of a plug.

Vayne could have stayed with Cathas until morning but it was about time that he returned to the fort. He had never intended to spend more than a day with Cathas and his absence was unlikely to be overlooked for much longer.

Such a delay to his plans should have been unacceptable. Every day, every hour spent was a risk that his machinations would be discovered and rooted out. On this occasion, however, the results were well worth the effort.

The wards of the Radiant Fort were a major obstacle to Vayne’s plans. He could hardly deliver the Order to Master Azzagg if they were allowed to stand intact. In that sense, Cathas was a liability, a threat that he had now managed to take off the table.

And Cathas’ confidence was hardly the only prize Vayne had managed to win in the past few days. His time with Cathas had been an investment, one that had already paid considerable dividends.

"I imagine the plans for the fort’s wards have been lost to time," said Vayne. So much knowledge had been lost in the millennia since the Order’s founding. That much had become clear during his time with Cathas.

"Hm? What was that, Brother Vayne?" said Cathas, lifting his gaze from the artifact he was working on to meet Vayne’s eyes.

"I suppose that something as ancient as the original plans for the fort’s wards has been lost. Like so much else. Would I be wrong to say that, Brother?"

Cathas set the shaping tool down and turned toward Vayne. A small smile tugged at his lips. "Are you interested in them, Brother?"

Vayne got the sense Cathas knew something he didn’t. He nodded. "Well, the wards have stood since the fort was built… I simply thought that perhaps the original plans might offer insights into the wisdom of our forebears."

Cathas’ grin was practically blinding. He stood, abandoning the ridged, phallic object he’d been shaping until then. "Those plans have survived the ages, believe it or not. They have been indecipherable for a long time. But if it’s you, Brother Vayne… If it’s you, then perhaps… perhaps there’s a chance!"

Cathas walked over to a bare section of wall and pushed a sequence of buttons disguised among the cobblestones that comprised it. A section of the wall about the size of Cathas’ torso hinged open, revealing a metal vault door behind it.

"Contained within are secrets meant only for the eyes of the Order’s Runemasters. The very existence of this vault is a secret only we are meant to know."

Vayne’s heart raced in his chest. He had imagined that he would have to reverse engineer the wards himself, but if the plans were intact, then he had to have them. "Why have you shown me this, Brother?"

Cathas smiled. "How could I not?" he said. "You are more accomplished in runelore than I."

Vayne fought the urge to lick his lips. If he could convince Cathas to take the plans out, it would make things so much easier.

He could see that the vault was protected with wards of its own. They were horrifically intricate and interwoven, layer upon layer upon layer. He had no doubt he could untangle them, it would just take him time he didn’t have.

"Would you show me the plans, Brother?"

Cathas grinned. There was a glint in his eyes, an avaricious hunger Vayne had seen only hints of thus far. He retrieved a key from his robes and pressed it against the vault door. "I was hoping you would ask, Brother. I cannot even begin to imagine the wealth of wisdom locked in those pages."

A small smirk tugged at the corner of Vayne’s mouth. "I shall surely share with you everything that I find, Brother."

Greed was a sin. The Cathas of a few days ago would have been mortified at the mere prospect of violating thousands of years of tradition for the merest nugget of deeper insight into the secrets of runelore. The Cathas of today was far less meek.

The vault’s protections went dormant one after the other. "You must, Brother. Do not even entertain the thought of hiding a single scrap from me. I will know everything that you discover or this vault will remain closed to you."

Vayne chuckled. "You drive a hard bargain, Brother… But how could I say no?"

Vayne had thought to outright sabotage the fort’s wards, in the beginning. But the opportunity to study the original plans led to him changing course.

He’d devised a way to alter the wards to his benefit. The changes would be subtle enough to largely pass muster. As only Cathas had the tools and ability to truly notice, and given that he’d already solved that particular problem, the risk of discovery was minimal.

The flaws his alterations would introduce would be minor. They wouldn’t be enough to permit hellborn incursion, but the tiniest stream of Hell’s influence would be able to seep through the cracks. As long as he continued working to corrupt the roots of the order, it would be enough. And when the time came to bring things to a head, a little push in the right place would be enough to bring everything crashing down.

The best part in all of this was that Vayne wouldn’t even have to lift a finger. He’d managed to convince Cathas that he meant no harm to the Order. That the changes to the wards would be for the better.

Vayne had always thought that he would have to alter the wards himself, but with Cathas under his thumb, there was no need to go so far. The Runemaster could weaken the wards for him without arousing any suspicion.

All it had taken was an appeal to Cathas’ better side. Was he not happier, having experienced the pleasures of the body? Did he not feel freer, unburdened by the shackles of scripture? Did he not want his Brothers to feel the joy of indulging their carnal desires?

The corner of Vayne’s mouth curled in a little smirk. When he’d put things into perspective, Cathas had been all too eager to cooperate.

His thoughts were interrupted by the realization that he had arrived at the fort’s doors. It was well past curfew. Most of the Brothers would be asleep or in silent contemplation. The squires and novices, likewise, would have already retired for the evening.

Only a few windows were still bright with candlelight. Knights-Captain like Vayne, and anyone higher-ranked, were exempt from the curfew rules. Their duties required that they remain awake later than most other members of the Order on occasion.

As he entered the fort, Vayne noted that the corridors were deserted. It was a rare enough thing. The fort was usually quite lively.

Part of him found the solitude somewhat… arousing. There was a temptation in the back of his mind to do something perverse. Hardly anyone was still up and about, and they were unlikely to be roaming the hallways. Getting caught wasn’t a major risk.

Vayne bit back a moan. His cock twitched in his breeches. The temptation was strong but he held back. There would be time enough to do something deviant later. For now, there was no reason to risk anything. The plan came first.

Without further delay, Vayne made his way back to his chambers. He stopped before the door. He could see candlelight flickering through the gap underneath.

It was a curious sight. It had been days since he last returned to his chambers. The candles should not have been lit. Unless he had a visitor.

Vayne tensed. He was unarmed at the moment, but that didn’t mean he was defenseless. He took a deep breath, ready to fight if he had to. He couldn’t think of who might be waiting for him at this hour of the night.

He tried the door. It was unlocked. He stepped in, stopping just past the threshold at the sight that greeted him.

It was Edric. The squire was sitting on the edge of Vayne’s bed, wearing nothing but his smallclothes. His breeches, tunic, and tabard were folded neatly on a nearby chair, his shoes placed carefully atop the pile. He was looking toward the window, his dark eyes seeming to dance in the candlelight.

Vayne closed the door behind him. He wasn’t sure what to make of the squire’s presence. A part of him was excited, but he was also quite curious. Something seemed to have changed with Edric in the handful of days they were apart.

As soon as the door closed, Edric turned to look at Vayne. He didn’t seem pleased. When he spoke, there wasn’t a hint of the deference that a squire would usually have for the Brother he was assigned to. "Where have you been, Sir Vayne?"

Vayne’s cock twitched. The casual disrespect sent a frisson of arousal through him. He took a moment and schooled his expression, quirking an eyebrow at Edric. "I think I should be the one asking you questions, Edric," he said. "For instance… Why are you here? Is it not past curfew? Your Rector is bound to notice your absence."

Edric scoffed. "The other squires would have covered for my absence"—the corner of his mouth turned up in a little smirk—"and even if the Rector did find out, I doubt he would make trouble for me."

The implication intrigued Vayne. "What do you mean?" he said.

Edric sat up straighter. "It’s simple, sir. He and I have come to an… understanding."

Vayne saw it now. He’d been so surprised to see Edric at first that he couldn’t make out what was so different, but without the distraction, it was plain to see in the flickering candlelight.

The simple linen chemise Edric wore draped over broader shoulders than Vayne remembered. The boy had been lean before, not slight but still lacking the tone, bulk, and definition that would come with training and time. Such was no longer the case.

Edric had not grown so monstrously huge as to be alarming, but he filled his shirt better than before. As unflattering as the standard-issue smallclothes were, they could not hide the burgeoning musculature underneath. They were meant only to preserve modesty—it was still imprudent to be seen in only one’s smallclothes.

"An understanding?" said Vayne, his gaze taking in the tantalizing hint of underlying muscle that he could see in the way that Edric’s shirt draped over his body.

"Yes. An understanding. We… discussed our respective… roles at length."

Vayne caught Edric’s gaze for only a heartbeat and saw a dangerous glint in those dark eyes. His breath caught in his throat in the next moment as the squire grabbed the bottom hem of his chemise and tugged it up, exposing a tantalizing bit of skin.

"W-what are you doing?" said Vayne with an audible gulp. He could not tear his gaze from the exposed Adonis line that peeked out past the waistband of Edric’s underbreeches.

A smile slowly crept along Edric’s lips. "I was feeling warm, so I decided to get more comfortable, sir. Should I have asked?" he said. His words were respectful, but his tone was a challenge.

Vayne’s cock throbbed. "I… I will permit it for now. But… but I should like it if you gave a word of warning. I-in future."

Why he spoke as if he had any real authority, he wasn’t sure. He knew a power play when he saw one. But perhaps, deep down, he knew it was the answer Edric wanted to hear.

Edric smirked. "That so, sir?" he said as he pulled one arm out of its sleeve before rolling his shirt up and over his shoulder.

Vayne’s mouth watered at what the shirt revealed underneath. Edric’s abs could have been cut from a slab of granite. Presumably, the same one that his pecs had been hewn from. His smooth skin shone in the candlelight with what must have been sweat—or perhaps, oil.

"Y-yes." Vayne swallowed the lump in his throat as Edric placed a hand on his own stomach, fingers splayed over the cobbled abs. His gaze swept up along Edric’s arm, practically devouring every inch of muscle he could see.

Edric’s forearm was corded and toned, his biceps large and rock hard—Vayne could tell with just a look. Edric tugged his shirt the rest of the way off, and there were his shoulders, bulging with muscle and sturdy beyond a doubt.

"Light," Vayne hissed. "How hard have you been training, these past few days, Edric?"

There was that smirk again. Edric leaned forward, planting his elbows on his thighs. His back was just as honed as the rest of him, just as strong. Somehow, in the few days they hadn’t seen each other, Edric had gained muscles that should have taken him years to develop.

Edric wove his fingers together and rested his chin on them. He looked at Vayne. He knew he was desirable. He knew he had authority. He might have just been a squire on paper, but his steady, self-assured gaze belonged to at least a Knight-Captain.

"I threw myself into my training, sir," said Edric, the corner of his mouth turning up into a confident smirk. "There was hardly anything else for me to do."

Vayne’s cock strained. Just the way Edric looked at him made him want to drop to his knees. "You should be proud of yourself," he said in a low voice. "The results are truly rem—"

Edric cut Vayne off with a sharp exhalation. Just a breath and the words had died in Vayne’s throat. There had been danger in Edric’s gaze before, but now his stern eyes held the hunger of a predator.

"Let’s not stray into further digressions, sir," said Edric. His voice was soft, but there was an edge to his words that made Vayne’s knees tremble. "I asked you a question and so far you have avoided it."


"I wasn’t finished, sir."

There was a casual contempt in the way Edric said the word "sir." It shut Vayne up and made his cock ache.

Edric’s gaze met Vayne’s. "Scripture teaches us to be direct, honest, and forthcoming, does it not?"

Vayne’s heart skipped a beat. He could only nod. He remembered the passage well.

"And as a Brother of the Order, are you not called to serve as a sterling example to your juniors? To show them what it means to live a virtuous life?" Edric’s voice had dropped in register.

"Y-yes," Vayne managed to squeak out.

"Then answer the question, Sir Vayne. Where were you?" said Edric.

The words spilled out of Vayne as if he’d been compelled. "I saw Brother Arthur and then visited Brother Cathas."

The look Edric gave him was intense. "And you did not see fit to leave a message about where you had gone?"

"I did not mean to—"

Edric stood halfway through Vayne’s flailing attempt to defend himself. His fingers went to the laces of his underbreeches, tugging them loose with practiced efficiency. He saw Vayne looking at him and smirked. "I still feel hot," he said simply.

Vayne gulped. "A-as I was saying…" He could not look away as Edric hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his underbreeches. "I… I did not intend to disappear without warning."

Edric must have known the effect he would have on Vayne. There was a mischievous glint in his eyes, an impish curl to his lips.

"That you did not intend to do so does not change that you did, sir," said Edric as he worked his pants down his legs. His endowment was as large as ever—larger, even. The coarse linen draped over it, leaving a tantalizing outline of its considerable heft.

Vayne could not look away. "I had only meant to visit with Brother Cathas for a few hours," he said as if pleading for leniency.

The waistband of the underbreeches caught on the end of Edric’s cock. Edric had pulled them down far enough that the root of his cock was visible, along with the first few inches of his shaft and the top of his sack.

Vayne licked his lips, his mouth watering.

"You had every opportunity to send word, sir," said Edric. His voice remained even. Stern. Even when his cock sprang free, whipping a clear strand of pre-cum into the air, there wasn’t even a hint of a quaver in his voice.

"Day after day. Hour after hour. It would have taken no more than a few minutes to make your whereabouts known." Edric stepped out of his underbreeches one leg at a time. His thighs were thick with meat and sculpted, as if by the hand of a master craftsman. His calves were rock-solid, bulging with muscle.

Vayne wanted to say something, anything to defend himself. But he couldn’t find the words. The very sight of Edric’s naked body stole the breath from his lungs.

"Did it not occur to you, the consternation your disappearance would cause?"

Vayne felt as if Edric’s dark eyes were boring into his very soul. Part of him wanted to look away, to avert his gaze and run from the shame that that single look filled him with. But he couldn’t.

"The Order expended no small amount of effort to bring you back to the fold. The Brothers toiled for weeks to find you!"

There was an unfamiliar intensity in Edric’s voice. With every measured syllable, he seemed less a squire and more a Rector. In this case, Vayne would be the novice getting a dressing down for carelessness. And somehow, the very thought made Vayne’s cock strain.

Edric’s brow furrowed. "You spit on their sacrifice when you disappear without a word, sir. And even if you were so callous as to disregard them, I should like to think that you would have spared a thought for your loyal squire."

Vayne swallowed the lump in his throat.

"Did you, Sir Vayne?" said Edric. "Did it ever occur to you that perhaps I might worry for your wellbeing, having seen neither hide nor hair of you in days? Having no notion of where you could have gone?"

"I-I…" Vayne couldn’t speak. He was so aroused he was going cross-eyed. Every word that Edric spoke made his cock pulse.

Even so, he could tell there was a genuine anger in Edric’s voice. The boy was sincere in his concern.

"I could think of no reason why you could not have undertaken such a minute expenditure of energy, sir. Not unless… you were…"—Edric grabbed his cock by the base and smacked the head against the palm of his free hand—"distracted."

Edric did not stop. His cock left a glistening smear in his palm and it grew bigger with each smack. The sound sent shivers of pleasure up Vayne’s spine and made him wish it was his face that was being slapped with that deliciously fat cock.

"I see." A smirk tugged at the corner of Edric’s mouth. Having expressed his grievances, the harsh edge in his voice was replaced with something more playful. "So that was what it was."

Vayne’s cheeks warmed. It was true that he had been distracted. But not with cock. Not entirely with cock, anyhow. And yet he couldn’t say a word in his own defense.

"It must have been big. So big you forgot about mine," said Edric with a little smirk. "In that case, I suppose it’s no surprise that you disappeared, sir. After all… I can’t expect a slut like you to retain any thoughts when a big cock is involved."

Vayne shook his head. "Of course." The first words out of him weren’t words of denial. They weren’t even a half-hearted attempt at self-defense. They were a concession. An acknowledgment of the truth in what Edric had said. "I see a big cock and my thoughts just dissolve into nothing."

Edric shook his head. "Light. One would imagine that an esteemed Knight-Captain of the Radiant Order would at least try to deny the allegation."

"Is there any point?" said Vayne. His breeches were tight, his cock straining against the coarse fabric. He hadn’t taken his eyes off of Edric’s cock the whole time they’d been speaking and every passing moment only made him hungrier for it.

Edric chuckled. "I suppose not, sir." He took a step closer, his fingers curling around the girth of his cock as he languidly stroked himself up and down. "But don’t think that confessing to your perversions will earn you any clemency tonight. Strip."

A single word, but so, so forceful. His body complied before his mind had a chance to process the command. Had he not known better, Vayne might have thought that Edric was using magical compulsion. On this occasion, it was nothing more than an instinctive response to an authoritative man—one of the many lessons Master Azzagg had taught him while they were together.

Edric watched with a growing hunger in his dark eyes as Vayne pulled off his breeches and underpants. The moment he was naked, Edric barked "Kneel."

Vayne hit the floor with a quiet grunt. But the pain shooting up his knees was nothing compared to the arousal making his cock drip. He looked up, heart racing as Edric approached him, cock in hand.

Edric reached down and lifted Vayne’s chin, forcing him to tilt his head back to meet Edric’s gaze. "Your lack of consideration has caused me no small amount of worry these past few days," said Edric. "Were I not aware of your capabilities, I might have feared something untoward had happened to you, sir."

A smile tugged at the corners of Edric’s mouth. "Make no mistake, Sir Vayne. I am glad that you are well. But such behavior cannot be countenanced. You must be punished."

Vayne closed his eyes and shivered at the solid thwack of Edric’s cock smacking into his cheek. He could feel the heat of it, the stiffness. And the smear of quickly cooling pre-cum it left on his face brought a moan to his lips.

"And perhaps you might need a reminder of what will await you upon your return should you ever depart," said Edric as he slapped the other side of Vayne’s face with his cock.

The humiliation was almost too much. He was supposed to be a Knight-Captain of the Order, dignified, virtuous, and a picture of devotion. And yet he was on his knees before his squire, being slapped like a common whore, with nary a word of protest, while erect and dripping with anticipation. There were few ways he could have more profaned the teachings of the Mirellian Church.

"Up," said Edric as he pulled Vayne off the floor by the chin.

Vayne did not resist in the slightest. He looked into Edric’s eyes, cheeks flushed. He leaned in for a kiss, but Eric blocked him with a single finger placed firmly on his lips.

"I don’t think that’s a privilege you’ve earned back, sir," said Edric with a smirk. He released Vayne’s chin with a light push and moved his hand down to Vayne’s chest.

"Perhaps it would be unfair to punish you for being such a gluttonous pig when your body is clearly"—Edric found a nipple and squeezed, tugging sharply on the rigid little nub—"made to serve cock."

Edric’s fingers glided over Vayne’s chest as he walked around to stand behind Vayne. His free hand found Vayne’s other nipple, eliciting a low moan from him as he squeezed and mercilessly twisted both.

The sharp pleasure-pain surged straight to the tip of Vayne’s cock and made him see stars. Edric was strong. The agony was eye-watering. But that was what made it so good.

"But I can’t have you disappearing without a word, not knowing if you’ve been captured or worse. That would reflect badly on me as a squire." Edric leaned in, the heat of his breath ghosting over the sensitive skin just behind Vayne’s ear. "And should you never return, I think I would miss this sweet ass of yours, sir."

The reprieve when Edric released Vayne’s nipples was short. Soon thereafter, he was picked up by a pair of strong arms. They hooked under his knees, forcing his legs apart.

The position wasn’t unfamiliar to Vayne. Master Azzagg had enjoyed using it when he felt like demonstrating his superior strength to Vayne. The mere reminder brought him to the edge of orgasm and the sensation of Edric’s stiff cock poking at the underside of his heavy sack took him nearly the rest of the way.

"So I think it would only be right that I show you what you would be missing," said Edric as he walked Vayne through the room.

At first, Vayne thought that Edric was bringing him to bed. Such wasn’t the case. The bed was simply between them and their destination—the window beside his desk.

Vayne’s eyes widened. His heart raced. A low moan spilled out of him before he could stop it. "W-what are you doing, Edric?" he said.

"Your punishment."

Vayne could not see it, but he could hear the grin in Edric’s voice. He was brought to the window, and when he thought Edric would stop, he didn’t.

Edric pressed him up against the window. He had to hold his arms out and brace them against the wall on either side; if he hadn’t, he would have been dangled out past the wall.

Vayne would have survived a fall like that between his augmented physique and the Order’s healers, but such heights nevertheless inspired a primal sort of terror. His heart hammered in his chest from the scare. And yet instead of diminishing his arousal, the fear only seemed to enhance it.

"What if you had dropped me?" said Vayne almost breathlessly.

Edric chuckled. "I wouldn’t have, sir," he said, murmuring the words in Vayne’s ear. He perched Vayne’s legs on either side of the window, too, and used his weight to pin Vayne in place. With his hands free, he grabbed his cock and guided it into the right position.

"I will fuck you so hard your ass remembers the shape of my cock every time you are away from me, sir," said Edric, his voice dropping an octave as he whispered the words right into Vayne’s ear. "I won’t presume I could dissuade you from being a cock-hungry pig, Sir Vayne, but I should like it if you remembered me even when you’re having your sweet cunt cored out."

Vayne tilted his head back against Edric’s shoulder and moaned as Edric pressed against his entrance. "H-hardly a punishment, don’t you think?" he said.

Edric laughed. "Is that so, sir?" he said. "I know I can make you sing on the end of my cock. The night is dark and quiet."

A low groan escaped Vayne as the head of Edric’s cock slowly spread his hole apart.

"I wonder how long before I make you scream," said Edric, hooking his arms under Vayne’s knees now that his cock was positioned properly. "How much would it take before the Brothers wake to the sound of the distinguished Sir Vayne wailing like a cheap whore?"

Vayne was never particularly restrained when he was getting fucked. He knew enough to be discreet but Edric’s scheme was devious. It was a delight. "W-wait!" he said.

Against his protest, Edric dropped him on his cock, impaling him on the boy’s considerable endowment and sending a shock of pleasure so powerful through his body it brought an involuntary moan to his lips.

The noise echoed out across the grounds. No one seemed to have noticed yet, but if Vayne got any louder, there was no guarantee things would stay that way. And if anyone managed to figure out where the noise was coming from, they would see the silhouette of Vayne’s figure impaled on Edric’s cock, framed by the flickering candlelight behind them.

Though the risk of discovery was a threat to Vayne’s plan, he couldn’t help but concede that Edric was right. He had forgotten how full Edric’s cock made him, and it was a sensation he wasn’t keen to soon forget.

Nothing could compare to the way that Master Azzagg’s infernal cock filled him, of course. But Edric was a good second. The length and the girth were just enough to scratch most of the itches Vayne felt inside.

"That’s it, Sir Vayne. Sing."

Vayne had thought that Edric might give him some time to adjust, but no. The younger man bounced him on his cock, hips thrusting up to meet his ass and drive his cock deeper inside.

"E-Edric!" Vayne moaned. The pace only quickened, each thrust more powerful than the last.

Edric was merciless. He plundered Vayne’s ass with wild abandon. He slammed his cock into the velvety heat over and over and over again.

"Oh, Light!" Vayne gasped, his teeth clattering from the force of Edric’s vicious rut. Every time that fat dick slammed into his ass, stars would swim before his eyes, and pleasure would crash over his body.

Matters were only made worse when a subtle shift in Edric’s angle of attack put Vayne’s prostate right in the path of his cock. The blunt head slammed into that special button and all the thoughts fled from Vayne’s mind.

"More, Edric! Please! Harder!" Vayne blubbered with full-throated desperation.

"Yeah?" Edric hissed in his ear.

Vayne’s time in hell had corrupted his body, turning him into the perfect receptacle for cock. His lofty plans were nothing to that single, primitive drive that had been instilled in him. "Please. Fuck me. Wreck me. Break my hole, Edric. Please!" he said, every syllable higher and more desperate than the last.

"You want my big fat cock, sir?"

Sweat trickled down the sides of Vayne’s face. His toes curled. His fingers scrabbled uselessly at the masonry that framed the window. "Yes!" he wailed, his voice echoing out through the open window, "I want your cock, Edric. I want your big fat cock. Fuck my hole. Split me open. Please! More! Harder. Please!"

Edric nipped at the lobe of Vayne’s ear. "You want me to breed you, sir? Want me to knock you up? Make you my bitch?"

"Oh, Light, yes!" Vayne gasped, his hole spasming around the girth of Edric’s cock. "Fill me up with your seed, Edric. Paint my guts white. Shoot your babies in me!"

"Say it," Edric rasped, his voice low and strained, his cock pulsing in Vayne’s guts.


Edric bit Vayne’s shoulder. The sharp pain was like sparks cascading over the pleasure Vayne was experiencing as Edric brutally rearranged his innards. "What you are," said Edric.

"I’m a whore," Vayne moaned.

Edric bit him again. The frisson of pain made his cock jump. "Tell them."

Vayne’s cock strained. Tension coiled in the pit of his stomach. He was close. So close. "Them?" he asked breathlessly.

"The night watch. The Lord Commander. Anyone who would listen."

The risk was too great. Vayne knew he shouldn’t. But he couldn’t resist. The command had been given. "I’m a whore!" he moaned out loud, his words echoing across the grounds.

Vayne was almost there, and by the ragged, uneven thrusts slamming into him, he knew Edric was, too. Just a little more. One more push. He was so close.

"No." Edric kissed Vayne’s shoulder and shook his head. "More. Louder. Tell them who you are."

"I’m a whore!" Vayne shouted, louder this time. "I’m Vayne Avenor! Knight-Captain of the Brighthand Regiment! And I’m a filthy, perverted, cock-hungry whore!"

That was it. That was the push. His hole clamped around the base of Edric’s cock as he was given one final thrust.

Vayne’s whole body tensed. His toes curled. His knuckles turned white. His balls pulled up against his body, his orgasm surging up the length of his cock.

With a low, keening moan, he came. Shot after shot of cum sprayed out the window into the darkness as waves of pleasure wracked his body.

Edric came too. His cock pulsed and swelled, pumping copious amounts of cum into Vayne’s eager channel.

Vayne’s walls fluttered around the length of Edric’s cock. He milked every last drop the squire could give him. And when he came down from the high of the orgasm, he reached over his shoulder to cup Edric’s cheek and said, "You were incredible."

Edric laughed. "I hope I haven’t made you think this ends here, sir," he said. "We have a lot of catching up to do."

Vayne’s cock twitched. Arousal coiled in his belly. "I should hope so," he whispered.

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