Toy With Me pt. 4

James finally breaks and accepts his new life as Erik’s living sex toy.

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James groped his ass and groaned. There was no reason it had to feel so good to just touch his big, round asscheeks but it did. He could scarcely keep his hands off them.

None of the transformations Erik had forced on him so far had been particularly unpleasant. They’d all felt good. So good, in fact, he was starting to have trouble deciding whether he wanted his old body back at all.

That was probably part of the game, if he really thought about it. His old self would probably have been mortified to know he’d eventually end up with a pair of soft tits and a big fat bimbo ass. But that was the thing—he couldn’t be sure.

He was convinced he would have hated it but he didn’t know. His changed body felt good. It felt right. In many ways, he wondered if this wasn’t the body he was supposed to have been born into.

Erik probably had something to do with that but James wasn’t about to complain. It was a mercy, anyway. He wasn’t dense enough to miss that. He couldn’t even begin to imagine how miserable the whole experience might have been if Erik hadn’t taken steps to ensure he’d be comfortable in his new body.

"Alright," said Erik, walking around to stand in front of James.

James didn’t resist as Erik grabbed him by the wrists. He didn’t think he had the strength to, anyway. He let the now-bigger man bring both of his arms to his front, pinning them in the space between their chests.

Erik chuckled. "I think that’s quite enough of that," he said.

"Aw, c’mon…" James whined. "But it feels so good."

Erik smirked. He pressed a kiss to James’ forehead. "Good things come to those who wait," he said, gathering James up in his arms.

James’ cheeks warmed. He’d shrunk, sure, but it was the first time he ever truly felt small in his new body.

He shivered. It was a kind of intimacy he was unused to being on the receiving end of but, honestly, he didn’t really particularly mind. It felt nice, actually.

There was a warmth to Erik. He made James feel secure and protected in a way James had never felt before. He felt cared for.

Granted, James was under no illusion that Erik saw him as an equal or a partner. Erik probably saw him more like a piece of property—a pet, at best.

He might have bristled at the thought in a previous life but not here, not now. He didn’t mind it at all. He enjoyed it, even. And he imagined that was probably part of the transformation.

As James rested his head on Erik’s chest, Erik leaned down to whisper in his ear. "Are you ready to continue? I promise I’ll have you feeling so much better soon."

A chill ran down James’ spine. There was something about the way Erik had said those words that made them sound more like a threat than anything else.

James hesitated, his cock twitching. Whatever it was that Erik wanted to do to him, it was bound to be depraved and perverted but he found he didn’t mind so much.

Regardless, the look in Erik’s eyes made him consider carefully what was going to happen next. Something told him this was going to be big. Bigger, even, than everything Erik had already done to him, combined.

Swallowing his reservations, James put on a brave face and nodded. "S-sure," he said.

Erik laughed. "Good," he said. He placed his hands on James’ hips and heaved him onto a table.

James didn’t think he’d ever be used to getting manhandled like that. It did, however, send a perverse sort of thrill through him, like the kind he got whenever he did something naughty and forbidden and got away with it.

No one was supposed to be able to manhandle him. That was the whole point of the size he used to be, the very role he was put on the team to play. And yet here he was, getting tossed onto a cold tabletop like little more than a half full sack of potatoes.

James looked down as Erik’s fingers splayed on his chest. He leaned back as they applied a gentle pressure to his sternum, pushing down on him until he was lying flat on the table with his legs dangling off the edge.

"Legs up," said Erik.

James complied without so much as a second thought. He didn’t even bother to suppress the moan that came to his lips when he felt the cool air on his exposed pucker.

Erik patted James on the ass before grabbing him by the hips and yanking him over to the edge of the table."Make sure to hold them out of the way."

"Y-yeah. Sure," said James. He wasn’t used to being so flexible. He wrapped his arms around the backs of his knees and pulled back. He didn’t feel any strain until he had pretty much folded himself in half.

"Good boy," said Erik. "Stay."

It wasn’t like James could go anywhere while positioned like he was. Still, the casual command, delivered like one would order a dog, just added to the indignity of the situation for James.

Erik walked off but returned shortly thereafter with the cup and dirty jock in his hands. "Hope you don’t mind," he said, picking up a bottle of poppers. "I’ll have to use this since my hands will be just as occupied as yours."

James’ eyes widened as Erik removed the wadded-up jockstrap from the cup and pressed the pouch down on top of the bottle. Erik turned both items over in his hands, letting the poppers seep into the cloth of the jockstrap.

Erik did it a few times, creating more than a few wet spots in the pouch of the jockstrap before he wadded it up again to stuff back in the cup.

James shivered. Just looking at it from a superficial level, he knew it would be an entirely different experience than before.

There wouldn’t be any escape from the poppers once the cup went over his mouth and nose. No matter how much he tried, he wouldn’t be able to get even the slightest hint of fresh air. Every breath would be filled with the mind-melting potency of Erik’s musk combined with the intense rush of the poppers.

James gulped audibly as Erik stood over him with a smirk. He held his breath as Erik pressed the cup into his face and looped the straps around the back of his head. His lungs were burning by the time Erik managed to buckle the gag in place.

"Enjoy, little slut, while I prepare you for your next step toward a new life," said Erik.

James shuddered as he took a breath. His eyes rolled back in his head. His legs trembled. His cock throbbed. The assault of the musk and the poppers on his senses was nothing short of mind-numbing.

It left him gasping for air, which only made the problem worse. He moaned as the scent surged up his nose and rammed straight into his skull. There was no resisting it.

He writhed on the tabletop, his hole twitching and throbbing and quivering in the cool air. He could feel his brain baking in the scent of the poppers and the musk—could feel it melting.

"Phugk!" he moaned, the exclamation muffled by the wadded-up jockstrap falling partway into his mouth as he said it. "Sho guhd!"

Erik chuckled. "I thought you’d enjoy it," he said.

James nodded, managing to somehow bite back a desperate moan as Erik grabbed his cock and gave his length a few strokes. His meat throbbed in the other man’s grip. A bead of pre-cum formed at the tip and dripped onto his stomach but the flow didn’t stop there.

A string of pre-cum leaked out of his cock, a steady stream that near doubled in volume every time Erik’s hand would lazily glide up and down the length of his shaft. It was so good.

Were he capable, James would have been thrusting his cock into Erik’s hand. He would have been rutting into those fingers, pounding them, trying with his might to breed and knock them up, but positioned as he was, he had no leverage.

He could move his hips but the best he could manage was a small wiggle. Erik was in full control of his cock and, if he was being honest, it was kind of a thrill to be so vulnerable, powerless, and exposed.

It wasn’t the kind of thing he ever imagined he’d be thinking but here he was. His thoughts scattered into static as he took another breath and invited more of the poppers and more of the musk into his head.

The scent was different from before. It was more natural. It was loamy. Earthy. Like the smell of soil after a spring rain with only the slightest hint of bubblegum thrown in there.

James cast his gaze over to where Erik had set the bottle of poppers down. It was slightly turned away from him but he could just about make out that the label said something along the lines of "pink putty."

He had no idea what that meant but all the poppers so far had had names that hinted at what they did. He couldn’t even begin to conceive of what "pink putty" was supposed to do, though. The only thing that came to mind when he thought of putty was silly putty and he was pretty sure Erik didn’t want to turn him into an undifferentiated blob of flesh.

At least, James hoped Erik didn’t want to turn him into a shapeless lump of meat.

Another breath and James’ lungs were filled with the musk and the poppers. Whatever anxiety he might have felt at the thought of being turned into a blob disappeared, pushed into the back of his head where it could be promptly forgotten.

It wasn’t a particularly strong scent by any means but it did one thing with remarkable effectiveness. Somehow, it enhanced the scent of Erik’s musk, which only drove James to new heights of horniness.

His cock throbbed and pulsed, leaking copious amounts of pre-cum that only increased the more he lost his mind to the musk and the poppers. It was almost as if he was leaking his brains out of his cock and oh, shit, why was that idea so hot?

James flinched at the sound of something snapping. He looked down between his legs and saw that Erik had popped open a tube of lube.

His eyes went wide. He was exposed. Defenseless. A quiet groan escaped him as Erik released his cock, and then he gasped as he felt the cold gel dripped into his ass crack from above.

Despite the fact he’d never had anything in his ass before, and that he’d never wanted anything in his ass until he met Erik, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of anticipation as the glob of lube trickled down his crack.

The gel was only cold at the beginning. As soon as it came into contact with air, it warmed. It left a trail of tingling heat in its wake, and made James’ entrance flutter when he finally felt it on his pucker.

"Look at that pretty pink pussy," Erik cooed. "So eager to be stretched open."

"Phughk!" James moaned, tossing his head back as he felt the tip of Erik’s finger brush over his hole. His asshole spasmed violently at the touch, throbbing, pulsing, quivering with a need he’d never felt before. "Phlss…"

"I know, princess, I know," said Erik teasingly as he swirled his index finger around James’ pucker. "But I have to be careful right now. I wouldn’t want to break your pussy."

James whined, taking another deep breath, and with it, another hit of the poppers. He moaned as he felt a flush of heat begin to spread throughout his body.

It wasn’t intense like before. It was comforting, if anything, tingling under his skin. It worked its way through his muscles and into his bones. He could feel it in his guts, even, and at the tips of his fingertips and toes.

His whole body was awash in a gentle warmth and he didn’t know quite what to make of it until he felt like he was getting softer. Not his cock—that was still as erect as it had ever been—but rather his whole body felt like it was becoming more pliable.

"There we go," said Erik, sending James’ thoughts scattering into the aether as he pushed his finger inside him with the help of the warmed lube to ease the way.

The pleasure of it exploded in James’ head, utterly obliterating whatever other thoughts he might have had. He moaned, pulling back harder on his legs to spread his ass cheeks wider for Erik.

If he’d known getting his ass played with could feel this good, he would have turned himself gay long ago. Hell, he might have even offered his ass up to all the other guys on the team. Because if a finger felt this good, then God. He could only imagine what an actual cock would be like.

"Nnngh…" James groaned as Erik slowly finger-fucked him. He could feel himself stretching around the finger, his hole becoming softer, more pliable.

Every thrust was easier than the last, pushing more and more of the warming lube inside of him. It made his insides tingle, eliciting quiet moans and soft sounds of pleasure from him.

James’ head was swimming in musk and poppers, his cock practically shooting pre-cum as Erik’s index finger sawed back and forth through his asshole. A second finger was added before long, and the pleasure he felt from the way it stretched his ring made him arch his back off the table.

A low, desperate sound escaped James as Erik worked his fingers together and apart inside of him. It stretched him open, gradually working him loose until Erik could slide a third finger inside.

James practically screamed, his cock burping a rope of pre-cum onto his belly. Erik was getting rougher. He plunged his fingers into James faster and harder, really forcing him to take them.

"Oh yeah," Erik grunted as he added a fourth finger. "Fuck. Such a sweet pussy, clinging to my fingers while I punch it open."

James was losing his mind. It felt so good. He could barely speak, barely think.

The more he huffed, the slower his thoughts felt. He couldn’t help but wonder if the poppers really were melting his brains because it certainly felt like it.

The only thing he could focus on was the sensation of Erik’s fingers working him open. It was rapture. It was bliss. It was unlike anything he’d ever felt before.

James pulled back on his legs until he could feel his knees touching his shoulders, his cheeks spread as wide as they could possibly be.

Erik took it as an invitation. He pushed his thumb into James, then the rest of his hand.

James cried out as he felt his pussy stretch around the widest point of Erik’s hand. It should have been painful but it wasn’t. It wasn’t even uncomfortable, just intense.

The sensation made his mind go briefly blank. He was being stretched open, having a loose cunt literally punched into his ass as he felt Erik’s fingers curl into a fist inside him.

He gasped and moaned and writhed until he felt his rim close tightly around Erik’s wrist. "Phughk!" he grunted, his insides fluttering as his inner walls caressed Erik’s fist.

It was only after a minute or so that the real stretching started in earnest. Erik’s fist was just as intense on the way out as on the way in, forcing James’ cock to spurt another rope of pre-cum onto his stomach.

Erik’s fist popped out with a lewd wet schlurp but no sooner had James’ hole begun to close than did he shove his fist back in.

And so, it began. James could do little more than writhe as Erik slowly fist-fucked his hole, punching his pussy open. In and out. In and out. Erik went faster, harder, and deeper with every thrust of his fist until he was plunging his entire forearm, nearly up to the elbow, into James.

Almost as abruptly as the brutal fist-fucking had begun, it ended. Erik wrenched his forearm out of James’ quivering, trembling guts and stood.

James’ hole made a pathetic attempt at closing after the brutal stretching it had just received and failed. His gaping asshole simply didn’t have the strength to seal up tight after all of that. He could almost feel the cool lab air in his guts.

"I think you’re ready," said Erik.

James could scarcely believe the whole ordeal had just been prep. He couldn’t even begin to conceptualize what else Erik had in store for him.

He watched as Erik walked around to the side of the table and pulled open the drawers and cabinets there. He brought out a box of nitrile gloves and a tub with a screw-on lid and a label that James couldn’t quite read.

Erik then set out two of the largest dildos James had ever seen. Not that he’d seen too many of those. Each one was as big as James’ cock—if not slightly bigger.

The last things Erik produced were a pair of rubber discs. They were like condoms, if condoms were made of thick, opaque material instead of being transparent.

Erik applied some lube on the dildos before unrolling the rubber discs—which turned out to be ribbed rubber sheaths—over them. The sheaths were open on both ends and Erik slid them down the dildo shafts until the rubber cock heads were peeking out through the hole at the other end.

Once Erik was satisfied with the positioning of the sheaths, he wiped his hands off with the dregs of James’ clothes. He did so looking at James with a small smirk on his face, as if to drive home the point that there was no longer any hope of going back to the way things had been.

After he’d sufficiently removed the lube from his hands, Erik pulled on a pair of nitrile gloves and carefully unscrewed the lid of the tub. Inside was a strange substance. It was translucent, gloopy, and incredibly viscous judging by the way it clung to Erik’s hands as he scooped some of it up.

With great care, Erik rubbed the slime all over the rubber sheaths. He took his time to coat every last nook and cranny and did a second pass just to make doubly sure he hadn’t missed anything.

"Here we go," said Erik as he picked up one of the dildos and reverently carried it over to James. "This is the masterpiece of my career. You should feel honored."

Despite himself, James couldn’t help but flush. Everything that had happened so far was utter madness and yet, for some reason that was beyond him, he did feel honored that Erik thought he was worthy of using his life’s work on.

"You want this?" said Erik, waving the dildo back and forth in front of James’ face.

James nodded.

Erik carefully lowered the dildo and unbuckled the gag, removing the cup from James’ face before retrieving the dildo. "Then repeat after me," he said. "I’m a pathetic little hole that lives to serve cock."

James’ mouth ran dry. "I-I’m a…" he trailed off, cheeks burning. Even thinking the words was humiliating and yet he found himself compelled to say them.

That small part of him still vainly struggling to resist what Erik was doing to him made him pause but Erik had long since deprived him of the willpower to resist. He swallowed thickly, licked his lips, and started over. "I-I’m a pathetic little hole that lives to serve cock," he said.

Erik smirked. "My purpose is to take cock."

James shivered, his cock throbbing. "M-my purpose is to take cock."

"I am not a man."

James flushed, heat coursing through his veins and blossoming across his cheeks. "I am not a man…" he repeated.

Erik slowly stroked the dildo in front of James’ face. "I am a cheap whore. A depraved slut. I’ll do anything for cock and cum," he prompted.

"I am a cheap whore…" James took a breath. His cock was throbbing, leaking all over his belly. "A-a depraved slut. I’ll do anything for cock and cum."

"I’m nothing but a fuck toy for men to use as they please."

James shivered. "I-I’m nothing but a fuck toy for men to use as they please…"

Erik grinned. "Good boy. Now open up."

There was only a hint of hesitation in James’ eyes as he opened his mouth as wide as he could. His whole body was vibrating with anticipation and arousal. The notion that he might regret any of this didn’t even occur to him, anymore.

Erik carefully slid the blunt head of the dildo past James’ lips. Then, he slowly worked it inch by inch into James’ mouth.

The girth of the rubber cock was such that James had to stretch his jaw to its very limit. His lips could barely wrap around the shaft, let alone the rigid ribs on the sleeve that had been rolled onto it.

And yet, somehow, James managed to take the dildo. Inch by inch it slid into him until the blunt head hit the back of his throat.

He gagged on the dildo but Erik ignored the way his throat constricted. Instead, Erik pushed harder on the base of the dildo, forcing it past the tightness in James’ throat with sheer brute force.

James choked and gagged and gurgled as the dildo went deeper and deeper but it wasn’t like he had any choice but to take it. Erik was simply too strong.

His eyes watered as he did his best to endure. Finally, after a minute or so of struggling, he felt the rubber balls of the dildo come to a rest against his chin.

It was an ordeal to try and swallow around the dildo in his gullet. Every time he did, he felt like he was massaging his throat on the ribs of the sheath, and he couldn’t help but let out a muffled, gurgling moan.

Like a condom, the rubber sheath had a stiff ring around the base, except unlike a condom, the ring on the rubber sheath was tough and inflexible. Maybe it was just the dildo but James somehow doubted it. He knew the feeling of hard rubber when he felt it.

Stranger still was the slime that coated the sheath. It didn’t taste of anything but it made his whole mouth feel oddly warm and tingly.

Erik patted the base of the dildo a few times once it was fully seated. "I hope you enjoyed saying those things," he said cryptically, "Because those are the last things you’ll ever say."

James had no idea what Erik meant but he didn’t have a moment to ponder because Erik soon returned with the second dildo in tow. This one went in much easier than the first. Erik had made sure of that.

The stretched and loosened lips of James’ fist-fucked asshole easily yielded to the thick blunt head of the massive dildo. It slipped into him, teasing soft muffled moans from him as the rigid rubber ribs entered him.

The dildo was smaller than Erik’s fist—after all, it was just a large cock—and yet somehow it made him feel more profoundly full than even Erik’s forearm had managed to. The dildo felt right in his ass—as if it were the missing piece in his life.

The back of James’ head hit the tabletop with a quiet thump as he groaned from the pleasure. The slime made the rubber sheath tingle where it made contact with his flesh, and the odd sensation made his insides flutter around the length of the rubber dick.

"There we go," said Erik with a smirk. "All set. All we have to do is wait for it to cure."

Cure? James thought to himself. That didn’t sound like a good word to use in this context. He might have asked Erik what he meant but the dildo buried down his throat made that difficult.

"Time for a few more tweaks and you’ll be ready," said Erik. He grabbed the wooden box from before, the one he’d gotten the nipple piercings from, and he set it down on the table next to James.

James raised an eyebrow when Erik retrieved what appeared to be a small square piece of plastic with paper backing from the box. It took him to recognize what it was but it looked a lot like a rub-on tattoo.

Erik placed the square flush against James’ upper arm. He rubbed the back, making sure to get rid of any air that might be trapped underneath.

Much to James’ surprise, he felt the bite of what felt like a thousand tiny needle pricks in his skin. He looked wide-eyed at Erik, who shrugged and said, "Don’t ask me. My friend has always been more interested in the more purely magical things."

Erik brushed his fingers over James’ new tattoo and nodded. "He does good work, though, I gotta admit that."

James craned his neck to look at his new tattoo. It didn’t have the characteristic shine of a rub-on tattoo. It looked like an actual one, which made no sense, but at this point, it wasn’t the weirdest thing he’d ever seen.

The design was odd, too. It was a feather resting lightly on a steel beam. If that was some sort of symbolism, he had no idea what it was about.

As Erik reached into the box for something else, the tingling in James’ mouth got worse. It made his teeth ache.

He tried to move his lips but for some reason, they wouldn’t move. They felt rigid. Round. Like the tough rubber ring they’d been sitting on for a few minutes, now.

James’ eyes widened. That wasn’t the weirdest thing. At first, he’d felt the reasonable thing: that there was a rubber sheath in his mouth. Now, he couldn’t even feel his mouth at all.

He tried to move his tongue but… he didn’t feel his tongue. For that matter, his teeth had stopped aching. Not because the tingling that had made them ache disappeared, but because he couldn’t feel them at all anymore.

"Mmph!" James grunted. He couldn’t tell where his mouth ended and where the rubber sheath began.

Erik seemed to notice his distress and laughed. "Looks like your face hole is ready," he said.

James whined softly through his nose. He didn’t know what was going on. Nothing made sense. Had the slime on the sheath turned his mouth numb, somehow?

It was a possibility, but it was too weird to just be numbness. He didn’t feel like his tongue was lying motionless on the bottom of his mouth. He didn’t feel like he had a tongue at all. Or a mouth for that matter.

The only thing he could feel was the smooth chute that the rubber sheath formed, the ribs that gave it structure and a bit of texture, and the dildo that was buried down his gullet. There was nothing else there, no throat, no teeth, no mouth, no lips. Nothing.

Erik reached over as James was having a minor moment. He grabbed the base of the dildo and tugged on it. It slipped out with ease, followed by a trickle of slime and spit that dribbled uncontrollably down James’ chin.

With the dildo out of the way, James tried to close his mouth. He failed. His jaw was stuck. His lips were immovable, frozen in a permanent O-shape.

If he could have freaked out, he would have. "Mmph?" he grunted, since that was about the only form of communication still available to him. "MMPH!?"

Erik chuckled. He traced his finger around the O of James’ mouth and smiled. "Perfect," he said.

James’ heart skipped a beat as the other shoe dropped. The dildo in Erik’s hand didn’t have the sheath on it anymore. Erik had converted his mouth and throat into a rubber fuckhole.

"MMPH!?" James grunted, eyes wide and terrified. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t detach the chute. It wasn’t just attached, it was part of him now. It had replaced his mouth and throat.

If the previous changes hadn’t already turned him into a freak, he certainly was one now. How was he supposed to eat? To drink?

He couldn’t even speak. How was he supposed to let Erik know what he needed? Did his wants and needs even matter anymore? Had they ever mattered?

James’ heart sank as the cruel reality of the situation settled on his shoulders. He wasn’t supposed to be able to verbalize. His wants and needs didn’t matter. They never had, from the start.

He whined softly as drool and slime trickled from his forced open mouth. Well, it wasn’t exactly a mouth anymore. It was more apt to call it a face-hole.

Erik chuckled as he pushed his fingers into the rubber chute that had taken the place of James’ mouth. "Nice," he said. "Tight. Hot. Wet. Perfect," he said, idly finger-fucking James’ face for a minute or so before moving on.

He retrieved another temporary tattoo from the box. This one was larger than the first and had the image of a fairly ornate heart with a cock ejaculating into it.

James shivered and groaned as Erik placed the tattoo film side down on his stomach, centering the heart on his navel. It felt cold on his skin, though that didn’t matter quite as much as the sudden sensation of needles pricking his flesh.

It was over in an instant and when Erik removed the paper backing, James had a new tattoo around his belly button. There was another sharp flash of pain as Erik quickly gave him another piercing as well: a small gold one on his belly button that showed off two pink gemstones.

"Looks like you’re about done on the other end too," said Erik, gently rubbing the piercing with his thumb.

James shivered. The tattoo had brought with it a gnawing hunger in the pit of his stomach. It clawed at his insides, spreading up his throat and down into his guts.

He could feel the hunger squirm about inside him. It filled him with a desperate sort of need, an itch in his throat and his ass. He wanted something. Needed something. And as the moments passed without satisfaction he found himself willing to do more and more depraved things for it.

Erik, if he noticed, didn’t seem to care. Instead, he grabbed the base of the dildo in James’ ass and pulled.

James groaned, his back arching off the table from the pleasure of the cock head hitting the ribs of the rubber chute in his ass on the way out. He collapsed back onto the table, panting.

Like his mouth, the rubber chute had merged with his asshole and his guts. It was inside him. Part of him.

The rubber had melded perfectly with his flesh. The rim of the chute had merged with his asshole, forcing him to gape helplessly as slime leaked out of his insides.

"There we go," said Erik.

James writhed on the tabletop as Erik fucked the dildo in and out of his new fuckhole a few times. It teased his insides, rubbed up against the ribs in the rubber chute. It felt so good he couldn’t help but make muffled gasps and grunts and groans of desperate need.

Erik smirked. "Only one thing left." He grabbed James by the hips and flipped him over onto his stomach.

James’ eyes widened in surprise. Erik had at least had to exert some effort to manhandle him earlier, but not this time. He might as well have weighed as much as a feath—Ah.

A chill ran down James’ spine as he lay on the tabletop. Erik had truly turned him into the perfect fucktoy. Even the physics of his body had been changed to make him easier to manhandle. He certainly didn’t feel any lighter.

The drool trickling out of James’ face-hole formed a bit of a puddle on the tabletop as Erik showed him another temporary tattoo. "The final piece," said Erik.

It was a simple design, just two words in provocative lettering: "Fuck Slut." And judging from the way Erik had positioned him on the table, James had a pretty good idea where it was going.

"Nngh…" James groaned as Erik pressed the temporary tattoo to the space just above his ass cheeks. It was a tramp stamp. And as soon as the pain began to fade, he felt an undeniable, uncontrollable need to have his holes filled.

James whined and writhed, bucking his hips into the air as he shoved his fingers into his drooling face-hole.

"Good boy," Erik laughed. "Now, let’s go and get you broken in, shall we?"

James nodded, his mind spinning with desire and desperate need.

"I know, baby. You must be hungry. Don’t worry. We’ll get you all sorted out soon." Erik retrieved a flesh colored rubber ring from the box before he picked James up and slung him over his shoulder.

James shivered. This was different to all the ways Erik had manhandled him earlier. There wasn’t any effort at all, and not even the slightest bit of strain.

He might as well have just been a towel slung over Erik’s shoulder from how little his weight seemed to affect the guy.

James blinked as Erik took him out of the lab and into what appeared to be a small lounge area. It was pretty well-appointed, with a full home entertainment system and a set of plush couches.

"Like the place?" said Erik.

James wasn’t sure how to answer that. The whole time, he’d thought he was in a research facility of some description but this place looked more like the average rich guy’s house than anything else.

Erik chuckled. "Don’t worry. You’ll feel right at home soon enough. But right now… I want to get my dick wet."

The lounge left James’ view as Erik turned and took him down a short hallway with stairs leading further down at the end. He heard the clang of what sounded like a heavy metal door being unlocked.

James’ eyes widened as Erik carried him into what appeared to be a proper dungeon. The walls were painted red and the floor was polished concrete. There were cells around the perimeter and racks of tools and whips and paddles.

He squirmed on Erik’s shoulder. "Mmph!" he moaned, his cock throbbing and leaking as the head rubbed against the fabric of Erik’s shirt.

The arousal was intense. Seeing all those things on the walls sent his horniness into overdrive. He drooled from his face-hole and his asshole, his insides churning and fluttering with a desperate need for cock.

Erik laughed. "I’m glad you like my dungeon," he said as he lowered James into a sling in the middle of the room. "You’ll be seeing it a lot more in the future."

James wriggled as Erik strapped him into the sling. He was positioned in such a way that his chest was exposed and his legs were spread. "Mmph…" he groaned, practically gagging with need.

Erik held the flesh colored cock ring he’d brought with him up to the light. He slipped it onto James’ cock and balls and watched as it tightened around them. "I’ll give you one last chance to escape, though," he said.

James went still.

"I’ll turn you back if you want me to," said Erik.

James’ heart hammered in his chest.

"On one condition."

Of course, there would be a catch. "Mmph?" But James had to know.

"All you have to do is not cum while I’m fucking you," said Erik.

James wasn’t sure he could do that. He was so horny. He was so hard. And Erik was so hot he didn’t know if he could hold back once he felt that fat cock plowing his fuckhole. But he had to at least try, right?

"If you cum, then you’ll become mine," said Erik, reaching across to caress the side of James’ face. "You won’t be James anymore. You won’t even be human, anymore."

James gurgled. "Mmph?"

Erik chuckled. "If you cum, you’ll forget all about your past life. Instead, you’ll know yourself as a Model Jimmy, a hyper realistic living fuck-doll with no will of its own and a desperate need to serve and pleasure men."

James shivered. It seemed like such a bleak fate but if he was being honest, there was something appealing to the idea of living as a kept thing.

It was probably easier, for one thing. He wouldn’t have to think or make decisions for himself. He wouldn’t have any responsibilities or worries. He’d just have to do what his master told him to do and think what his master told him to think.

Yeah, James thought to himself, that doesn’t sound too bad. The Model Jimmy would probably be happy if it got fed a cock or two now and then and that didn’t seem like such a terrible thing to him.

The sensation of something blunt and fleshy tapping on the bottom of the rubber ring that had replaced his asshole pulled James out of his thoughts. "Hope you’re ready," said Erik. "Because I don’t think I can hold back any longer."

"Mmph…" James groaned. He wasn’t ready, not really, but he was about as ready as he could be. It wasn’t like Erik would stop even if he’d said he wasn’t, anyway.

James’ back arched as he felt Erik’s cock slide into him. Erik was just thick enough that the rubber ring had to stretch ever so slightly around him and the sensation that resulted was mind-numbingly intense.

Little jolts of pleasure surged through James’ cock as Erik’s girth pressed against the ribs in the rubber chute inside of him. Each one was like a mini prostate and there were at least a dozen on the way in.

"Mmph…" James groaned as Erik bottomed out. He felt so full and so good he could scarcely think. Erik’s cock felt so hot and so big inside of him.

"Fuck yeah," Erik groaned as he moved his hips, slowly thrusting in and out of James’ rubbery insides.

James squirmed and writhed. He was strapped down. He was helpless to do anything else. "Mmph!" he moaned as Erik’s pace picked up.

In and out. In and out. James was losing his mind. Every time the fat head of Erik’s monstrous cock stretched out one of the rubber ribs inside him he felt like his prostate was getting pounded and the pleasure of it was unlike anything else he’d ever felt.

"Aw, fuck, baby, you feel so good," Erik grunted as he leaned over James and bit down on one of his nipples.

"MMPH!" James screamed, his body arching as a full titty-gasm shook through his chest.

Erik didn’t leave the other nipple alone. As he chewed and nipped and sucked on one, he squeezed and tugged and flicked at the other with his hand.

James’ whole body was awash in ecstasy. The only part of him that wasn’t being pleasured was his cock but even that was straining and throbbing and leaking like a faucet.

Erik increased the pace. He fucked James’ ass long and hard. He mercilessly rammed his cock into the soft, warm, slippery rubber sheath.

As the rut reached a fever pitch, the sling swung erratically from the force of Erik’s thrusts. James felt like he was going to explode. He felt good. So good.

His cock ached. Pre-cum dribbled freely from his piss slit. He was so, so close he knew the slightest provocation was likely to set him off and seal his fate but the only thing he could think of was how much he wanted Erik to grab his length and stroke him off.

He didn’t have to wait for too long to get his wish granted. "MMPH!" James screamed, half in protest and half in ecstasy as Erik’s fingers wrapped around his cock.

Erik tugged at James’ length, stroking him in time with his thrusts. What happened next was beyond James’ wildest imagination. The chutes in his face and ass moved of their own accord.

The ribs contracted one after the other, making the rubber undulate in waves. It was the weirdest sensation but also the most incredible.

James didn’t know what to do with himself. His throat rippled with motion. If there had been anything stuffed down his face-hole, the rubber chute would have been massaging it, like his ass was doing to Erik’s cock.

It was too much.

It was too much.

James tossed his head back. "MMPH!" he cried out, his cock twitching and swelling and pulsing in Erik’s hand as his balls pulled up tight against his crotch.

The closer he got to orgasm, the more he felt his mind melting. His thoughts were dissolving. His memories were fading. All the knowledge in his head floated away as his brains melted bit by bit.

James moaned and writhed, shaking in the sling as Erik ravaged every inch of his body. His balls grew full and heavy, swelling between his legs as his cock got harder and harder.

The last dregs of resistance in him tried to hold on but they too were swept away, churning into cum in his balls with the rest of his identity. Thick pre-cum shot from the tip of his cock, flinging glistening ropes everywhere as the orgasm built and built and built until the dam broke.

"MMPH!!!" James cried out, his cock shooting thick warm gobs of cum straight into the air. Shot after shot after shot pulsed through his cock and shook through his balls.

The orgasm felt like it was never going to end. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed through him, rolling together and building into a massive crescendo that slammed into him and made his mind go completely blank.

He stared at his cock, watching the texture of his skin change into something glossy and artificial. His balls were the first to go, becoming rigid and solid as they pulled against his body.

The rest of his cock followed suit. The transformation climbed his length, slowly turning the meat of his endowment to shiny rubber.

He kept coming. Spurt after spurt after spurt until at last, with a trembling groan, the last of his humanity shot out of his cock and the flesh of his endowment turned fully into rubber.

As if to signify the finality of it all, his rubberized cock, stuck permanently hard like a dildo, burped out one last trickle of cum. Only, it wasn’t cum at all, but liquid white latex.

James’ mind slowly faded away as an expression of utter ecstasy overcame him. He had no thoughts anymore. No will. His mind was empty, blank, and blissful.

If Jimmy had a mouth to smile with, he would have. Instead, he could only drool out of his rippling, undulating mouth-hole.

He bucked his hips and groaned, grinding his ass into Erik’s thrusts as his insides massaged the length of his master’s cock. He felt satisfied. He felt complete. This was the purpose he was meant to serve and he was fulfilling it dutifully.

Erik released Jimmy’s nipples and pulled back. He looked down at his creation and grinned, satisfaction gleaming behind his eyes. He pulled his hand off Jimmy’s rubberized cock and flicked the head.

Jimmy felt no pain, just pleasure. He groaned, lubricant leaking out of the tip of his rubber cock.

"Fuck. You’re such a good toy," growled Erik. "But I think it’s time I stop taking it easy on you."

Without pulling out of Jimmy, Erik undid the straps that held Jimmy in place. He pulled Jimmy out of the sling and slammed him against the wall.

Jimmy gasped. The impact didn’t hurt. After all, he was a toy, and toys didn’t feel pain unless their masters wanted them to. Instead, he felt pleasure.

Erik pinned him against the wall and fucked him hard. The rut from before was nothing compared to this. Erik was violent and ruthless, ramming his cock into Jimmy’s rubber pussy without quarter or consideration.

He kept it up for a few minutes before his thrusts lost their rhythm. "Gonna come," Erik growled. "Gonna fucking fill you up."

Jimmy quivered with excitement. He wanted it. He needed it. "Mmph!" he groaned, begging for Master to do it and breed his asshole.

Erik did just that. He gave Jimmy’s hole a few more erratic thrusts before shoving his cock as deep as it could go and biting down on Jimmy’s shoulder.

The heat of Erik’s cum shooting into his guts sent a wave of pleasure so powerful through Jimmy’s body so powerful that his rubberized cock shook and throbbed and pulsed like he was having an orgasm himself.

Since it was just a dildo attached to the space between Jimmy’s legs, though, nothing came out. It wasn’t a real orgasm. There was no relief. The only thing Jimmy could feel besides feeling fulfilled and honored to have his master’s cum inside him was horny.

Jimmy loved his life and he couldn’t wait for the next time Erik would choose to use him.

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