The True Endgame pt. 2

Now that he’s had a taste of just how immersive Ascendancy Online can be, Neil feels a strange mix of anticipation and anxiety as he heads to the manor of Brandt City’s Patriarch.

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I’m not sure what’s going on. But something’s not right… I think I used to have a wife… He—She left a couple of days ago, said that there was an emergency with his—her family… S-He came back yesterday o-only things haven’t been quite right since.

Like… I have this other set of memories… That I didn’t have a wife… That I had a husband… And he makes me want to do things. I’m scared. Do you know what’s happening?

Supporter Request by Anonymous
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The Three MUSKeteers

Pink Fairy, I live with loud douchebag jocks that are smelly and messy. Honestly, I don’t mind that. In fact, I wish that they would stop talking about banging girls so much and focus their attention on me.

Hell, I love my guys big and a bit dirty and perverted. But they’re all so fucking straight that it feels like my only college experience will be with my left hand. So I wish that my three messy roommates will become massive body builders with a dirty crush on me.

Alpha Patron Request by @welan
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Frathouse Fucktoy

“So it’s decided, then?” said the president of the Delta Sigma Nu fraternity, peering out the window of their frathouse office at the twerp standing on their manicured lawn, pissing on their grass. The rest of the officers were sitting in a semicircle around his desk, faces impassive, but clearly irritated.

“Well, he’s been evaluated,” said the secretary, waving around a sheaf of papers that had arrived from their biggest sponsor, Hierarch Industries, just this morning. “We know what he is. It’s just a matter of whether we want to teach him his place.”

“If you ask me,” said the treasurer, “for the sake of the Cause, we shouldn’t just pluck any random omega from the streets and educate them.” He rose from his seat and walked to the window. He stopped just behind the president and clenched his jaw. “But that little fucker is really getting on my nerves.”

The president turned around and winked at his partner, copping a feel of his treasurer’s Alpha ass. “You look cute when you’re angry, babe,” he said. The treasurer rolled his eyes. “But you know where my vote lies. So… How do we want to do this?”

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