I’m not sure what’s going on. But something’s not right… I think I used to have a wife… He—She left a couple of days ago, said that there was an emergency with his—her family… S-He came back yesterday o-only things haven’t been quite right since.

Like… I have this other set of memories… That I didn’t have a wife… That I had a husband… And he makes me want to do things. I’m scared. Do you know what’s happening?

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The Three MUSKeteers

Pink Fairy, I live with loud douchebag jocks that are smelly and messy. Honestly, I don’t mind that. In fact, I wish that they would stop talking about banging girls so much and focus their attention on me.

Hell, I love my guys big and a bit dirty and perverted. But they’re all so fucking straight that it feels like my only college experience will be with my left hand. So I wish that my three messy roommates will become massive body builders with a dirty crush on me.

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