Toy With Me pt. 3

James begins to succumb and take on a more active role in his transformation—especially after Erik reveals just how powerless he truly has become.

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"Come on," said Erik, extending a hand toward James.

James stared listlessly at the proffered assistance for a moment before accepting it and clasping Erik’s arm in his. As if to ad insult to injury, Erik heaved him back onto his feet with seemingly no trouble at all.

If he had been his old self, Erik might well have dislocated his arm in the attempt but alas. James was diminished. Literally.

For all the pain he felt at his body being changed so drastically, he was still comfortable in his skin. It didn’t feel like someone else’s body even if that was the way his brain perceived it.

Had he not had the memories of being a bigger man, he might never have believed he used to stand significantly taller than Erik. Or, for that matter, that he had a dense, muscular physique that could have put most amateur bodybuilders to shame.

Now, though, he looked like a twink that had managed to put on a little bit of meat. Just enough to give him the appearance of lean muscles but not enough to really qualify him as "muscular."

And the only indication he had been anything but the twunk he’d turned into was that he remembered being bigger. His body certainly didn’t seem to think he used to be bigger. He moved smoothly and easily, as if he’d been this small and lean his whole life, as Erik led him over to the table with the poppers.

James made a quiet noise of protest as Erik grabbed him by the hips and heaved him onto the table. The low grunt Erik had given while he leveraged James onto the tabletop was a minor comfort. At least it still took some effort to manhandle him.

Erik smirked. "Wow," he said, reaching behind him to turn the lights back up. "You look so much better like this. So cute."

James’ cheeks flushed. He would have loved to stay in his old body. At the very least, though, a man as hot as Erik still found him cute. It was a small consolation and it did help him feel a bit better.

Even if it was Erik that had put him in the predicament in the first place, he just couldn’t be bothered to be angry anymore. It was pointless and he didn’t really have the energy.

His whole life had been turned upside down and there wasn’t going to be any turning back. So he figured he might as well roll with the punches and try to cling on to the positives—however small they might be.

A quiet moan spilled from James’ lips as Erik’s fingers wrapped around his shaft. They felt hot on his skin and, oddly enough, they made his meat tingle.

He didn’t even bother to resist anymore. He chewed on his lower lip and planted his hands against the tabletop as he rolled his hips and fucked his cock into Erik’s hand.

His hard cock leaked. Pre-cum rolled down the underside and dripped over the backs of Erik’s fingers. "Fuck…" he muttered under his breath. "Fuck. Why does that feel so good?"

Erik chuckled. "When does it ever not feel good to play with a cock?" he said.

Point taken, James supposed.

Erik smirked as he moved his fingers up and down along James’ length. "Fuck, baby. Those little noises you make are so goddamn cute. Wanna see mine hard?"

James gulped audibly. Did he ever? He’d been thinking about it from the moment he met Erik, and especially after the madman had stripped off his jockstrap to show off his fat, flaccid hog. "Yes…" he croaked.

"Yeah?" said Erik, grinning up at James. "Seems pretty gay to me."

James shook his head and licked his lips. "Just a bro curious to see what another bro’s packing, you know?" he said.

Erik laughed. "Alright," he said. "If you say so."

He grabbed himself with his free hand and squeezed a few times. It didn’t take long for him to chub up as he worked himself over and not even a minute later, he was at full mast.

James’ mouth felt dry at the sight of it. It wasn’t as big as his but fuck if it didn’t look juicy. He couldn’t stop staring at the tip, the clear droplet of pre-cum beading at the end of Erik’s piss-slit.

"Wanna taste it?" said Erik.

James struggled. Did he? Did he really? Well, the answer was yes. "S-sure," he said. "But, uh… But not in a gay way or anything."

Erik laughed. "Sure. Not in a gay way. I’ll let you have a totally straight taste of my cock… bro," he said, scooping up the pre-cum with his index finger.

"Ah…" James groaned as he watched the whole thing play out.

"Open up, baby," said Erik, pressing the pre-cum coated index finger into James’ lips.

"Mmh. Phuuuck…" James groaned as he parted his lips and wrapped them around the tip of Erik’s index finger. The taste of pre-cum on his tongue was explosive. Revelatory, even.

He squeezed his eyes shut and sucked on Erik’s pointer finger as he swirled his tongue around the tip over and over. The taste was divine. It was like nectar on his tongue, salty-sweet and inexplicably delicious.

Combined with the scent of Erik’s musk, which had only intensified with Erik’s arousal, the taste was downright orgasmic. James had to squeeze his thighs together and clench his asshole tight so that he wouldn’t come then and there. It was that good.

The pleasure wasn’t to last, though, since Erik took his finger back. Far too quickly for James’ liking, if he was being honest.

Now that he thought about it, it was kind of rude, actually. Erik should have let him suck on his finger until all the delectable taste of the pre-cum was gone.

Honestly, it was the least Erik could do. James felt the guy owed him for changing his body so drastically. He couldn’t do anything about that at this point, but Erik could at least make it up to him.

He tried to suck harder to keep Erik’s finger in his mouth for longer but that didn’t work out too well for him. He could have tried to stop Erik physically but he doubted his new body had the strength to do that, especially after Erik manhandled him so easily.

James’ disappointment must have shown on his face because Erik laughed and said, "Aww. Does my little faggot-to-be want more?"

Heat bloomed across James’ cheeks. Faggot-to-be. It was so humiliating. And yet, the epithet made his cock throb regardless.

At this point, he believed Erik could turn him gay. If the man could change his body this much, his sexuality was probably a trivial thing.

James supposed there were worse men to get turned out for. At least he wasn’t getting fagged-out by a disgusting, gross, and sleazy pervert. Erik might well have been a gross and sleazy pervert but at least he was hot.

"I’ll give you another taste if you promise to be good," said Erik.

James was resigned to his fate by this point. He didn’t have the fight left in him. He could only go with what Erik wanted and hope that it wouldn’t go too poorly for him.

He nodded. "Alright, bro…" he said, trailing off.

Erik didn’t say anything though, electing to just cock an eyebrow.

James sighed. "Ugh… Fine… I promise," he said.

"Good," said Erik. He picked up the next bottle of poppers and handed it over to James. "Take a couple of hits of that and I’ll treat you to another taste of my cock. How does that sound?"

James gulped audibly. The offer was too tempting to resist. He turned over the bottle in his hand. "Milk and Honey," said the bright yellow label.

"Alright," he said, unscrewing the cap off the bottle and setting the plastic down on the table beside him.

"Cover it with your—Good boy."

James wasn’t dumb. Well, not too dumb, anyway, regardless of what people thought. He knew how to watch people to figure out what to do. He’d spent enough time not listening to lectures to develop the skill just so he wouldn’t look like an idiot if when a professor told the class to do something.

He’d been observing Erik the whole time. He knew to cover the bottle with his thumb. He didn’t know why it was a thing but since Erik did it whenever the bottle wasn’t getting shoved up his nose, he figured it was important.

"Hold it against your nostril," said Erik, instructing James on how to use poppers the right way. "Now use your other hand to shut your other nostril. And take a deep breath…"

James didn’t even hesitate. He took a deep breath when Erik told him to. "Ohh, fuck," he moaned, his cock throbbing in Erik’s fingers, "That never fucking gets old. Fuck."

Erik smirked. "Yeah. Just like that. Make sure to hold it. Good boy."

James’ head swam in the intense scent of the poppers. He felt like his brains were melting, getting rendered down into cum that dripped down his body into his balls.

"Fuuuck…" he groaned, finally giving himself the permission to get into it as he opened his mouth in a wide grin and drooled onto himself. "So good…" he moaned, bracing himself against the table as he fucked Erik’s hand in earnest.

"Another hit, baby," said Erik.

James didn’t need to be told twice. He’d already started feeling the buzz of the first hit begin to fade.

He brought the brown bottle up to his nose and sniffed the scent. Past the initial acrid, tangy sting, the scent mellowed out into something sweet and creamy. If he had to put a name to it, the poppers smelled like milk and honey. Just like the label suggested.

The musky undertone was still there, too. It was stronger than last time, and a lot more forward. The scent went straight to his dick, making him leak even more.

"Enjoying yourself, baby?" said Erik.

James nodded. "Yeah," he moaned, pumping, pumping, pumping his hips, fucking his big cock into the tight, slick ring of Erik’s fingers.

"Good boy," said Erik. "Another hit. You should feel the effects right about now."

Oh yeah.

Oh, yeah.

James moaned as he felt "it."

He hadn’t known what it was when Erik said something about it but as the bitter acidity in the front of the poppers faded to give way to the milk and honey, he felt heat blossom across his chest.

Unlike before, it didn’t spread out to the rest of his body. It stayed there, growing more intense until the milk and honey began to fade. By then, Erik didn’t even need to remind him. He took another hit all by himself and moaned as the heat returned with even more intensity.

Then, the heat began to shift. It concentrated into two spots: his nipples. And they began to itch like the devil.

James moaned. "Erik…" he whined. "Erik, my nipples!"

"Play with them, baby," said Erik. "Give me the poppers and play with those juicy nubs."

James’ fingers trembled as he passed the poppers over. He could feel his nipples. They burned. They itched. He pinched them between his thumb and forefingers, squeezing them, rubbing them, and moaning because everything he did sent pleasure straight to his cock.

"Another hit," said Erik.

James opened his eyes and leaned forward to help Erik properly place the bottle of poppers. He took a hit. A big hit.

It was intense. His thoughts scattered into nothing. He played with his nipples as his body became awash in the pleasure of the poppers, but the itch in his nipples wasn’t going away. Not one bit.

Pinching, squeezing, and rubbing weren’t making the cut anymore. He didn’t know what to do until he tried to tug on his nipples. That did something.

James cried out, his cock twitching and throbbing and pulsing in Erik’s hand as his balls drew up against his body. The orgasm hit but nothing came out of his cock.

Instead, he felt like he was coming from his chest. His nipples surged in his fingers. They grew firm. Hard. Erect.

He gasped and bucked and moaned as the muscles in his chest spasmed. By the time the sensations passed, he was gasping for air and panting. It was the most intense thing he’d ever experienced.

And he wanted more.

Erik gave him another hit just in time. He swallowed all the air he could with it. He kept it in, cheeks puffed out as he refused to release the hit of the poppers.

James’ face flushed red as he tugged on his nipples again. He came. Not from his cock, but from his chest. His nipples got harder. They pulled out further from his chest.

He did it again. And again. Every time he tugged on his nipples, they got bigger. Harder. The way his pecs swelled as a result was little more than a bonus.

He clamped his fingers hard on his nipples. The pain was intense but the pleasure was even more overwhelming.

He pinched so hard his mind blanked out for a moment and by the time he regained his senses, the high of the poppers had already faded. Fortunately, the buzz was still there in the back of his mind, a low-grade haze of pleasure that seemed to blanket all of his thoughts.

As he panted hard, trying to catch his breath, his new pair of titties bounced on his chest. He looked down at them in wide-eyed wonder.

There was horror in the back of his head, still, but he didn’t think it was worth the energy. It wasn’t like he knew how to reverse the changes. The best thing he could think to do was just go along with them.

The tits felt good, anyway. And, if he had to admit, they kind of looked good on his slim body, too.

They weren’t breasts like the kind that went on a woman, or anything. But they weren’t firm like pecs, either. They were an in-between sort of thing. Shaped like pecs but soft and jiggly like tits.

Another point in the favor of the new chest was the look of hunger in Erik’s eyes. James got it, if he was being honest. He could scarcely resist putting his hands on them.

Indeed, he didn’t last too long before he reached up and cupped them in his hands. They were nice and soft. Squishy, almost. And touching them felt so good he couldn’t suppress the moan that spilled from his lips.

"Wow," he breathed, shivering as his fingers brushed against his nipples.

The nubs hanging off his new tits had changed, too. They were bigger than before. Much bigger.

His areolas were about the size of a ring made up by his thumb and forefinger. His nipples were the size of dimes and protruded about an inch out from his tits.

The nubs were firm. Hard, even, when they were this erect. Most of all, they were incredibly sensitive and even the slightest brush of his fingers against them made his cock jump between his legs.

"Nice," said Erik, slapping his hands on James’ chest. "Better than I could have ever imagined."

There was an almost feral grin on Erik’s face as he squeezed the pillowy bits of flesh, eliciting a loud and unrestrained moan that seemed to come from the very depths of James’ being. James’ tits were so soft they sort of squished out through the gaps in Erik’s fingers, too.

Erik laughed. "Look at you, just got a rack and you’re already moaning like a cheap whore," he said.

James’ cheeks turned scarlet. "S-shut up," he stammered, embarrassed at the utterly humiliating sound that had escaped him when James squeezed his tits.

Not that he could have stopped himself even if he wanted to. It had just felt so goddamn good.

He was holding up pretty well but the truth was that he was trembling on the inside. Getting his new tits treated so roughly had resulted in a sensation so intense it bordered on the orgasmic.

It was only by sheer force of will that James managed to remain composed. He didn’t think he would be able to do it again if Erik decided to keep playing with him.

Erik placed his hands on either side of James’ chest and squished his tits together, forming a soft cleavage down the middle. "Fuck," he breathed. "Hey. Baby. You wanted a taste of my cock, right?" he said somewhat hoarsely.

James chewed on his lower lip. "Y-yeah…" he said, hesitantly. He didn’t know if he was going to like whatever was going on in Erik’s devious, handsome head but he was pretty sure it had something to do with his new tits.

"What do you say about getting a taste straight from the tap?"

James froze. He swallowed thickly. His throat was suddenly dry, his mouth parched like he’d gargled a mouthful of sand. "F-fuck, yeah!" he blurted out before he could even think about what he was agreeing to.

"Good boy," said Erik. He grabbed James by the hips again and set him back down on the floor. "Lie down," he said.

James acted on instinct. He did as he was told. He lowered himself to the floor, lying with his back on the cold concrete as Erik knelt down on top of him, straddling his stomach.

Oh, shit, he thought to himself. Erik’s cock was even bigger from this close up.

"Fuck, baby. You’re such a pretty sight like this," said Erik, shuffling forward on his knees until his cock was hovering just over James’ tits.

Erik pushed his cock into the space between James’ tits. Like before, he placed his hands on either side of the soft, pillowy muscles and pushed them together.

James groaned. Erik groaned. It was the filthiest thing James had ever let someone do to him but he wasn’t about to complain because holy shit, having Erik’s cock sandwiched between his tits was something else.

James couldn’t help himself. He moaned as Erik slowly fucked the space between his tits, coring out a tunnel between the soft muscles with his hard cock.

Erik was leaking so much it didn’t take long for everything to get all slick and slippery with his pre-cum. And it only got better from there.

James was having his mind blown. He never thought it could feel so good to have another guy using his body like this. If he’d known, maybe he might have given up on insisting he was straight much sooner.

Fuck me, he thought to himself. It was definitely a unique treat, getting to watch the fat head of Erik’s cock rhythmically fucking itself in and out of his tits.

More than that, the look in Erik’s eyes was incredible. There was a wildness behind the the soft blue, a predatory glint expressed not just in his gaze but in the way his teeth were bared.

James shivered. He’d never had anyone look at him like that and it was kind of, actually, really hot.

Combined with the low, guttural grunts and groans spilling out of Erik as he picked up the pace and titty-fucked James in earnest, James had never felt more wanted in his life. It felt nice, despite the fact that a total psycho was the one wanting him.

Erik made a hot psycho, at least, James thought. As he watched the sweat drip from Erik’s brow onto his chest he couldn’t help but think how Erik would probably be one of those serial killers with a fan club had his craziness gone in that direction instead.

As it was, James was slowly starting to become a fan, if he was honest. God. He couldn’t believe that thought crossed his head but at this point it wasn’t really all that surprising.

Erik’s cock made him feel so good. It was so hard between his tits. He didn’t even know it was possible to be that hard.

It was as if Erik was repeatedly jamming a hard iron rod down the middle of James’ chest. Only, this iron rod was made of flesh. He could feel the heat of it, and the way it throbbed with every thrust.

Erik growled as he squeezed hard on James’ tits, prompting what James, at this point, had decided to dub a "tittygasm."

The muscles in his chest spasmed around Erik’s cock. His tits shook, and soon so did the rest of his body. He writhed under Erik, his legs kicking out as he squeezed his thighs together and moaned.

"Fuck, baby," Erik grunted. "You feel so good."

"T-thanks," said James, almost bashfully.

"Here…" Erik smushed James’ tits together as hard as he could and thrust his cock as deep into the space between them as he could manage.

The end of Erik’s cock slipped out the top of James’ cleavage just enough that Erik could lean up, extend his tongue, and touch the piss slit with the tip. He did just that and moaned as a wave of pleasure coursed through his body.

James tilted his head back and rested it against the floor as he savored the taste of Erik’s cock on his tongue. It was even better straight from the source. Mouth-watering, if he was being honest. He couldn’t help but want more, and this time, Erik at least had the grace to give him a second taste.

While he was lying back, enjoying his second-ever taste of cock, Erik slid down his body. He didn’t know what was going on but he didn’t really care. He was too busy enjoying the pre-cum on his tongue.

He did feel Erik’s cock resting against his leg, though. He could feel it slowly grinding against him, leaving a smear of pre-cum on his skin.

It was genuinely hot. "Fuck…" he moaned. "Keep humping my leg."

Erik laughed. "I don’t need your permission, baby," he whispered.

At that moment, James felt it. His whole body locked up, his muscles tensing and his back arching off the cold concrete floor. He could feel the warmth of Erik’s breath ghosting over the hard, sensitive nub of his nipple.

He cried out soon thereafter, his tits quivering and trembling and shaking at the powerful tittygasm that followed the sensation of Erik’s teeth sinking down on his nipples. "Holy fuck!" he moaned, unable to help but grab his free nipple and play with it to at least balance the pleasure a little.

Erik wasn’t gentle. He didn’t just nip at James’ nipple. He bit it. He chewed on it. Tugged on it with his teeth.

And the whole ordeal felt like one long tittygasm that sent James’ brain spiraling into the abyss. His thoughts scattered. Language escaped him. The best he could consciously manage was to grind his chest into Erik’s face but even that was largely an instinctual thing.

Erik kept at it for a minute and by the time he was done, James was so far gone it took him a bit to come back.

James was a flushed, sweating, and trembling mess by the time he regained awareness. He never would have imagined how good getting his nipples played with could feel.

Scarcely had James recovered from the ordeal when Erik reached up and retrieved the small wooden box he’d brought in with him. He opened it, revealing a pair of gold horseshoe nipple piercings with small pink jewels on either end.

James felt a brief surge of existential crisis. Erik’s teeth on his nipple had felt so good already he couldn’t imagine what his nipples would feel like when they were pierced.

He didn’t have to imagine long as, with a devious little grin, Erik touched both piercings to James’ nipples.

There was a flash of pain followed by an intense, all-consuming wave of pleasure. James’ mind blanked out as his body shook, his tits trembling and heaving with every shallow breath.

"So pretty," Erik cooed, flicking at James’ nipples once James had regained his composure somewhat.

"Nnnh…" James groaned. It was like a shock of lightning straight through his tits to his cock.

His lower lip quivered. He couldn’t believe he was about to say what he was about to say but he didn’t think he could stop himself. "Please…" he gasped, as Erik tugged at the other piercing. "More…" he whined.

Erik chuckled. "Later, baby," he murmured. "We’ve got some more work to do on you."

More work? James thought to himself. It was enough of a struggle to process what Erik had already done to him and there was yet more to come?

God, if the thought that he was going to be changed even more didn’t terrify him. He couldn’t even conceive of what else Erik could possibly want. That said, even he had to admit that part of him was looking forward to it.

His new body might have been nowhere near as strong as his old one but it felt a lot better. He was overall just a lot more sensitive and that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

"O-okay," said James, after mulling it over a bit more.

Erik patted him on the cheek. "Silly slut. It’s not like you get a say," he said.

"R-right." James blushed. Fuck. He didn’t know what it was but being called a silly slut, being manhandled, being titty-fucked was bringing out a submissive part of him he’d never even realized he had.

"Stay there," said Erik. He went off and rummaged in one of the cupboards, returning a minute or so later with a pretty designer jockstrap in his hands.

The waistband and straps were black but the front pouch was a very bright shade of pink. Patterned across the cotton pouch was a motif that sent the blood rushing to James’ cheeks: it was the sign of Mars, the symbol of masculinity, except it was being penetrated by another Mars symbol.

"Here," said Erik, tossing the jockstrap onto James’ chest. "Wear this," he said.

James blushed as he picked up the jock. He worked his old one down his legs, still on his back, and pulled the new one on.

He pushed his cock and balls into the pouch but he was so hard the cotton was stretched to near its limits and left gaps on either side for his juicy balls to fall through.

"Fuck…" James mumbled to himself as he stared at the obscene sight of his hard cock tenting out the jockstrap.

"What’s on your mind, baby?" said Erik.

James flushed a deeper shade of red. "N-nothing," he mumbled.

Erik quirked an eyebrow.

"Alright, alright," James muttered. "It makes me feel slutty."

Erik laughed. "Good," he said. "You should feel slutty."

James whined softly at that, his cock throbbing.

"Alright." Erik grabbed another bottle of poppers off the table. "On your stomach."

James did as he was told, hissing as the tender skin of his belly hit the cold concrete floor. It was warmer since he’d been lying on it for a bit, thankfully, but it was still significantly colder than the air.

Once he was in position, Erik handed the bottle of poppers over to him and knelt behind him in the space between his legs. He looked at the label. "Bubble Shine."

James quirked an eyebrow. "What is this supposed to do?" he said.

Erik chuckled. "Take a couple of hits and find out," he said.

"Alright…" James shrugged. There was no point pressing the issue. If Erik wasn’t willing to give him a straightforward answer, he didn’t think any amount of effort on his part would convince Erik to.

James uncapped the bottle and huffed deep, eyes nearly rolling back in his head as the scent of the poppers drew a line straight from his nose to his brain. "Fuuuck," he groaned as the scent of bubbles and aromatic oil filled his senses.

He couldn’t help but grind his cock against the floor as the musky part hit him. These poppers made him so goddamned horny. He couldn’t help himself.

He took a second hit before the first one had even finished fading. He could feel it in his head, smothering his thoughts, suffocating his brain. "Guhh…" he grunted dumbly, panting and drooling as the pleasure worked its way through his body.

He started feeling warm around the third hit but the heat was particularly focused around his ass. After the fourth hit, he felt like he was starting to burn up again, his asscheeks particularly.

He bucked his hips into the air, grinding his cock against the concrete while also mindlessly humping the air with his ass. It didn’t help the heat at all.

Just as he was taking the fifth hit, Erik grabbed his ass cheeks and squeezed them. He collapsed to the ground, gasping for breath. The pleasure was intense.

His ass cheeks trembled. His pucker shook. It was like a titty-gasm, only centered on his ass and at least ten times as intense.

"W-what the fuck?" he moaned, bucking his ass back into Erik’s hands as they slowly kneaded and squeezed and rubbed his ass cheeks.

"Another hit," said Erik firmly.

James didn’t even take a second to think about it. He took the hit. "Holy fuck!" he screamed as he felt the heat surge.

He squirmed against the floor, sweating all over as Erik mercilessly played with his ass. "Oh, God," he moaned. "Oh, God!"

At first, he didn’t realize what was happening but as he felt Erik’s fingers digging into the meat of his ass over and over again, he began to notice a change. There was more meat with every squeeze. His ass was swelling.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck. My ass is growing. Oh, fuck, my ass is growing," James moaned desperately.

He bucked his hips into Erik’s grip. He tried to push as much of his ass into Erik’s hands as he could but Erik’s fingers covered only so much of his rapidly-swelling ass.

"Fuck me," James breathed. "Oh, Fuck. Fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck my fat ass, please!" he begged as the heat reached his asshole and made his entrance tremble.

"Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. Give me a fat pussy," he growled as he huffed the poppers again. It felt so good, and even better once he abandoned all of his reservations.

"Give me a big round fuckable pussy, please!" he begged.

"Okay," said Erik, letting go of one of James’ ass cheeks to reach forward and pluck the bottle from his hand. "I think that’s about enough of that."

James whined as Erik replaced the cap on the bottle of poppers and put it out of reach. As he slowly came down from the high, the buzz in his head thicker than ever, he realized that he hadn’t quite stopped sweating.

Come to think of it, he wasn’t sweating at all. He held his arms out in front of him. They were glistening as if they were covered in a thin film of oil. He tried to rub it off but he couldn’t. He supposed that was where the shine part of the label came in.

"Up," said Erik, heaving James back onto his feet.

James teetered unsteadily for a moment, reaching out to brace himself against a nearby table and found out that the shine on his skin didn’t make him slippery at all. That was a plus, he supposed.

The next thing he did, once he was on a bit more of a steadier footing, was reach around to his back. He felt up his ass, trying and failing to bite back a moan at the pleasure of just getting touched back there.

"Want to see how you’ve turned out?" said Erik.

James hesitantly nodded. He didn’t know if he was ready for it. He knew he’d become a grotesque mockery of who he once was but at the same time, his body felt so good he didn’t think he could possibly not look good.

"A-alright," he said, stumbling briefly on his words. "I-I’d like that… I think."

"Wait here," said Erik.

James watched as he left the room. The thought of escaping through the door as it closed behind Erik crossed his mind but he didn’t think there was anywhere he could go.

He certainly couldn’t go back to his old friends, to his family. They wouldn’t recognize him and even if they did, they’d laugh at what he’d become.

His best bet was to stay with Erik. The man was a psycho but at least he was hot. And if he was being honest, his hole had been itching to take Erik’s cock ever since his ass cheeks started swelling.

Erik returned some time later, wheeling in a floor-length mirror. It was turned away from James until Erik spun it around for the big reveal. "And voila!" he said.

James looked at himself in the mirror. He was certainly nothing like his old self but he kind of liked it. The first thing he noticed was the sheen that covered him.

He didn’t even look like a flesh and blood human anymore. He looked like he was made of plastic or something. Rubber, maybe. One thing was for sure: he looked like he’d been dunked headfirst into a vat of oil.

Unable to help himself, James placed his hands on his chest. He squeezed his tits, bounced them slightly. Fuck. They looked good on him. He never would have thought he would say it but they did.

The only thing that could make his tits look perfect was probably Erik’s dick between them. Oh yeah. Definitely. His tits were made for fucking and squeezing and sucking. That was for sure.

He ran his hands down the rest of his slim, lean body, admiring the way the light shone off his skin before doing a half turn and looking at his ass in the mirror.

"Like it?" said Erik.

James was speechless. Erik had given him the kind of ass that he’d only ever seen on porn stars. It was huge, but not obscenely so. Just about at the edge of what would have looked appropriate on his body.

He had gained a soft, round bubble butt. And to watch it bounce and jiggle as he rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet, the sight made his cock twitch.

"Y-yeah…" he breathed. That was an ass the old him would have loved to fuck. God. But the only thing he could think of was getting it split open by Erik’s fat hog. He couldn’t stop thinking of sinking his fat bubble butt on that pole and riding it into tomorrow.

"Good," said Erik. "I figured you might enjoy getting a pussy worthy of the cheapest, trashiest whore this side of the country."

James flushed, the humiliation making his asshole twitch. "Y-yeah…" he mumbled, reaching around and flicking at his new bubble butt to make it jiggle a bit more. "Fuck… I look so hot…"

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

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