The True Endgame pt. 4

After a marathon session with the Patriarch of Brandt City, Neil receives his first proper quest. It takes him to a valley in the frozen north of the continent of Novraya where dangers—and unexpected pleasures—await.

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Super Sucker pt. 14

Corey has a warm reunion with the demon lord Melthazadaan, to whom he’s been entrusted by his master for an entire day, in his dreams. However, when he is forced to return to the land of the living, it seems that everything has gone to shit.

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Addictive Ass

So, I’ve never been completely satisfied with my ass. My body in general isn’t what a lot of people would consider attractive. I can accept that, but I hate, hate, hate my flat ass…

I want a booty that could even bring in straight boys and alpha males to pound me all night long. I know that getting this will cost a heavy price, but whatever it is, I’m willing to pay it.

Story Request by @double-te
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Strapping in For Europe

There’s this guy at college who I’ve been wanting to ask out. He’s this adorable little Asian twink with a cute, ditzy lisp and whenever I’m near him, I can smell his sexy musk.

I was planning on finally going to him this semester when I learned he’s going to Europe to study abroad! I wanna be with him forever and I don’t want to lose my chance. Can you make me into his jockstrap so I can never leave his side?

Alpha Patron Request by @willowonthelake
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Nothing but a Toy

Hi Pink Fairy. My boyfriend said he was getting tired of me always talking back and that I should just be there for his pleasure and to clean up after him.

Would it be possible to give him the ability to turn me into his own personal fleshlight? And when he needs someone to clean up after him, or provide two fuckable holes, could he turn me from the fleshlight into an obedient suited slave?

He said that I looked best in a nice grey suit and tie with a nice crisp white shirt and shiny black shoes.

Story Request by @havingagoodtimw
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