The True Endgame pt. 4

After a marathon session with the Patriarch of Brandt City, Neil receives his first proper quest. It takes him to a valley in the frozen north of the continent of Novraya where dangers—and unexpected pleasures—await.

[★Consummate Zakhar] Pioneer ★ Title Earned!

Congratulations! You are the first player to experience the pleasures of zakhar mating to their fullest extent.


  • +5% bonus Affinity growth rate with zakhar NPCs and zakhar NPC factions
  • [Scion System] unlocked

Pioneer Bonus:

  • +10% bonus Affinity growth rate with zakhar NPCs and zakhar NPC factions

Neil wasn’t sure if the heat he was feeling on his skin came from the fireplace the Patriarch had dragged him in front of to curl up after their marathon lovemaking or the distinct possibility that his face was on fire from embarrassment. The text he was reading from the translucent blue panel hovering in front of his face was unbelievable. And it was only the first of many.

[Scion System] Unlocked!

Congratulations on experiencing physical and emotional intimacy of the deepest, most immersive degree possible in Ascendancy Online. From this point forward, you will be able to produce offspring with NPCs with whom you have greater than 90% affinity.

Your offspring will represent your line and legacy in the world of Eiras. As the progeny of a Chosen, they are likely to possess abilities beyond the reach of mere mortals and their actions will influence the fate of the world.

Upon conception, offspring will be assigned a [Pedigree] based on the prestige of both of its parents. [Pedigree] determines the offspring’s potential, growth rate, and various other vital statistics, making the prudent selection of breeding partner greatly important.

While a Chosen may have as many offspring as they desire, only a limited number may be designated as a [Scion]. A [Scion] inherits a greater proportion of its parents’ stats, more skills from its parents, and gains the potential to learn its parents’ signature skills provided proper care and education.

Current [Scions]: 0/1

The maximum number of [Scions] can be increased by completing quests or raising your prestige.

Beware! Your offspring will mature to be their own people, with values, beliefs, and ambitions that may not necessarily align with your own. Their loyalty and obedience to your will is not guaranteed.

Neil stared at the information before him. He wasn’t sure what to think. He didn’t think he could think about it without his brain short-circuiting.

He was half tempted to just…dismiss…the window. If it went away, he could pretend that it didn’t exist, that he hadn’t even seen it in the first place. If only it were that easy.

“Wow… That’s heavy… Fuck,” Neil muttered under his breath. All of a sudden, the Patriarch’s earlier comment about pumping him full of eggs weighed very different in his mind.

He wondered if the Patriarch had known this was a possibility but he doubted it. The Patriarch’s knowledge about the System seemed perfunctory at best, which begged the question of whether the Patriarch had said those words out of genuine desire or just the heat of the moment.

Neil tensed up for a moment as the Patriarch stirred. He’d thought that the larger zakhar would be deeper in sleep after the marathon they’d just been through but clearly, that wasn’t the case.

“Mm…What was that, little lizard?” the Patriarch murmured. “Did you say my arm was too heavy?” he said as he nuzzled the nape of Neil’s neck.

For someone who had seemed so brutish during their lovemaking, the Patriarch was surprisingly tender in the aftermath. When the larger zakhar tried to remove his arm from where it was wrapped around Neil’s middle, Neil gently brushed his fingers over the Patriarch’s knuckles and shook his head. “No, my lord. I’m sorry, I hadn’t intended to disturb you.”

The Patriarch chuckled, pressing a kiss to the base of Neil’s neck. “Ah. Then I imagine you’ve been perusing your ‘windows’ with your ‘revelations’ from the Goddess?” he said. “Pray, how much did your affinity with me rise in the aftermath of so…much…lovemaking?”

Neil flushed, his hole clenching involuntarily around the base of the Patriarch’s cock. A groan came to his lips as the Patriarch’s body responded in kind. That infernal knot at the base was so big and so thick that even the slightest twitch pressed up against his prostate. It felt so good.

“I-I hadn’t quite gotten around to that yet, my lord,” he said. It took him a moment to respond. He needed the time to recover from that brief flash of pleasure through his body.

The Patriarch perched his chin on Neil’s slender shoulder and hummed, the vibrations rumbling through his chest. “Mm…Then might I know what sort of revelation has you so rapt?” he asked playfully, extending the index finger of the arm he had draped over Neil to trace circles around Neil’s navel.

“Well, my lord, that’s what I’m trying to figure out at the moment,” said Neil, briefly licking his lips as he browsed to the in-game guide. He had to do some more research into this [Scion] system and since he’d already unlocked it, he was certain the guide would have some more in-depth information on it.

One thing struck him as odd right off the bat: the guide said nothing about which of the parents had to bear the child. The NPC didn’t necessarily have to be the pregnant one.

It made no sense, at first. Neil struggled to believe that a game studio would choose to allow player characters to get impregnated. But then again, this was the same company behind Valtyria. Verisimilitude was the name of their game. Ascendancy Online was meant to be as real as the world outside of the game.

Chosen weren’t exclusively male. There were female players as well. And if the game was meant to reflect real life as closely as possible, then allowing them to get pregnant just made sense.

The deeper implications weren’t lost on Neil, though, especially when it came to his situation. He hoped that being a male meant he wouldn’t have to face the possibility of being impregnated but he hadn’t read anything about gender restrictions in the [Scion] system primer in the in-game guide.

His mind spun at the prospect. He wasn’t even sure if he had the right biology for that sort of thing, although it didn’t seem out of the question. He was self-lubricating, after all, and his ass was stretchy enough to take the Patriarch’s frankly obscene endowment.

Neil had just gotten his ass railed for hours. The Patriarch’s well of stamina had seemed utterly bottomless and yet he managed to keep up pretty well. His ass wasn’t even sore. An egg, as long as it wasn’t as big as his head, didn’t seem like it was such a huge deal after all of that.

He was silent for a long minute as he struggled to digest everything he’d read. After a while, he sighed and relaxed into the Patriarch’s embrace, groaning under his breath as the motion jostled the Patriarch’s cock still firmly buried inside him. “It’s about children, my lord.”

“Children?” said the Patriarch, the warmth of his breath ghosting over the lobe of Neil’s ear.

Neil nodded. “Apparently, we Chosen can bring offspring into this world,” he said.

The Patriarch chuckled. “I could have told you that, little lizard,” he said, the tip of his tongue tracing a narrow wet stripe along the side of Neil’s neck. “Why? Did you want to try for a clutch?”

Neil flushed. He had to admit, the image of himself swollen with the Patriarch’s eggs was an incredible turn-on. Part of definitely had to do with his preferences. Part of it, he owed to his zakhar body’s instincts. As if he’d needed any more proof that his avatar’s body was built for breeding.

“I… I don’t think I’m ready for that, my lord,” he said. It was embarrassing that this was the topic of their conversation. He was a man, for fuck’s sake. He wasn’t meant to have the equipment for this sort of thing. This wasn’t supposed to be a consideration he had to make.

The idea of having children was oddly daunting, though. On an intellectual level, he knew it was just going to be an NPC. It was just going to be a bundle of incredibly complex code, but that was all it was, a bit of digital data in a digital landscape that didn’t actually exist no matter how true to life the simulation was. And yet, the responsibility somehow felt real to him, especially after reading that warning about the children growing up to be their own people.

The Patriarch chuckled. “There is no great hurry, little lizard,” he said. “Should the time come that you desire it, I will be happy to fuck. you. full.

Neil groaned. The low, growly tone in the Patriarch’s voice sent a shiver down his spine, and the way the Patriarch thrust against him to punctuate his last three words made him arch his back and clench around the knot buried deep inside him. “I-I should be so honored, my lord,” he gasped.

“Good. You should be,” said the Patriarch with a low chuckle.

There was one other thing that perturbed Neil about the information in the guide. Well, it was more the stuff that wasn’t in the guide. There was nothing in there about whether the Chosen could control when or even if they had children.

The more that he thought about it, the more he was convinced the omission wasn’t accidental. If the ethos of the developers was to make Ascendancy Online as realistic as possible then it wasn’t so outlandish to imagine that even the risks of sex in the real world would translate into the game mechanics.

Neil cradled his stomach with one hand, a knot of dread coiling deep in his gut. He could still feel the Patriarch’s cum inside of him. Hell, he was still swollen with it. Suddenly, he was keenly aware of the Patriarch’s knot buried inside him—not that it was possible to ignore the way that it stretched him out.

“You’re tense, little lizard,” said the Patriarch as he gently placed his hand over Neil’s.

The possibility that he was currently bearing life inside him weighed heavily on Neil’s shoulders. That was why he was tense. He just couldn’t bring himself to say it. It felt like putting the thought out in the world was inviting it to manifest and he definitely didn’t want that.

He wanted to tell himself that he should have been more vigilant—that he should have taken precautions. He’d grown up being told to always practice safe sex, after all.

Then again, there wasn’t any conceivable way he could have known this system would exist in Ascendancy Online. He was just trying to play a game. And besides, he was a man. He wasn’t supposed to be able to bear children. That was one of the perks of being gay!

It was surreal that something so outlandish had suddenly turned into not only a possibility but a very real and valid concern. Neil didn’t think that Plan B existed in Eiras. Given the general time period of the setting, he also had his doubts that contraception would be as simple as going to the pharmacy and buying a pack of condoms or taking a pill.

The sensation of the Patriarch’s claws drawing thin lines across his bulging belly brought Neil’s mind back to the present. “Are you perhaps worried that with so much of my seed inside you, you might soon quicken and bear my young before you are ready to be a brood mate?” said the Patriarch with thinly veiled amusement in his voice.

“It is a valid concern, my lord,” Neil said to defend himself, his cheeks warm with embarrassment at how easily the Patriarch seemed to be able to read his moods. “Where I come from, such accidents are possible.”

“The same is true in this world,” said the Patriarch. His laugh rumbled through his chest like dull thunder. “But it is also true that our circumstances are quite different from the norm.”

“Hm? In what way, my lord?” said Neil, quite interested in what the Patriarch knew that he didn’t.

The Patriarch chuckled and he nipped at the lobe of Neil’s ear. “To make children between zakhar men is a deliberate undertaking, rife with ritual and custom. You may be Chosen but I am confident that you needn’t worry about the pitter patter of little accidents’ feet.”

A quiet moan came to Neil’s lips as the Patriarch’s hips ground into his. When the Patriarch spoke again, it was with his mouth next to Neil’s ear and his voice low and sultry. “Though if your concerns about this matter persist, I am more than happy to fill you up enough times until you are convinced.”

“I-I’m not—” Neil was about to say that he wasn’t just a socket for the Patriarch’s cock to be fucked and filled up whenever the larger zakhar wanted but the feeling of that fat knot grinding against his prostate was so good the only other thing that came out of his mouth was a low, desperate moan.

Had there been any bushes around, Neil would have been hiding in them. He wasn’t above showing a bit of skin. He was confident enough in himself to flaunt a bit of his body and there was a reason he’d visited the Patriarch’s residence wearing what he did.

Besides, Neil used to be a streamer. He knew better than most that being good at the game wasn’t enough. Being skilled and sexy, though? That was the good shit. Spending so much time in front of a fickle audience didn’t leave much space for shame.

Even so, this was going a bit too far. The Patriarch had given him a quest and promised him equipment to help ease his way. He’d been so blinded by the fact that the Patriarch’s personal private blacksmith would be making his gear that he forgot to consider what kind of man the Patriarch was.

He really should have been more suspicious. With the benefit of hindsight, it should have been obvious. Even if he was a Chosen, he’d only just started on his journey. The fact he was being sent to the Patriarch’s personal private blacksmith should have tipped him off.

[Patriarch’s Favored Warming Subligar of Protection]
Aspect: Consort
Rank: Magic

Crafted to suit the discerning tastes of Brandt City’s Patriarch by his personal, private blacksmith, it confers unmatched comfort and protection from both the harsh climate of Novraya and its many wild threats while making sure not to obscure the best parts of its wearer’s body.

Armor: 300
Resistance: 300
Scaling Stat: Appeal (Charisma)


  • +100% resistance to cold damage
  • +100% resistance to Frozen condition
  • +100% resistance to Chilled condition
  • +100% resistance to cold climate environmental hazards
  • +20% damage reduction against beasts native to Novraya

Patriarch’s Favor. Armor and Resistance rating increases according to the wearer’s [Affinity] with the Brandt City Patriarch. This bonus stacks multiplicatively with other Armor and Resistance rating increases.

“Subligar my ass,” Neil muttered under his breath as he flicked his wrist to dismiss the item status window. It was worse than a chainmail bikini. It was a thong. He could feel the string riding up between his ass cheeks.

The only part of it that offered even a modicum of protection was the metal cup that went over the pouch in the front. Going off of appearances, it wasn’t going to protect him for shit unless he encountered an enemy that solely went for nut shots.

The [Armor] and [Resistance] ratings on the item were, for lack of a better term, unhinged, though. The thong was flatly overpowered, just going off of its basic stat line. The traits and bonuses that came with it took things to another level entirely.

Neil wasn’t even level 5. He would have been lucky to see an armor rating of greater than 5 on any random piece of level-appropriate gear. A 10, at this level, was the equivalent of a legendary piece. 300 was obscene.

To put it into perspective, even if every single NPC below level 5 in Brandt City put together their stats to attack him, they wouldn’t leave a scratch. And then, there was the trait.

The thong required high [Affinity] with the Patriarch to even get, which meant that anyone who did manage to obtain it would have a 50% bonus on top of the 300 [Armor] and [Resistance] rating to begin with. With those stats, anyone that equipped the thong would be practically immortal.

The tradeoff, he supposed, was being practically naked despite being the most well-protected noob in the game. It wasn’t a stat in the game—that Neil knew of—but he was pretty convinced that the item had a hidden condition of requiring some level of [Shamelessness] to put on.

Hell, the only reason Neil could think of that it wasn’t just a metal cup hanging off of his junk was the fact that the string going up between his ass cheeks was being used to hold another “important” piece of equipment in place. He wasn’t even sure anymore why he’d agreed to wear that second piece in the first place.

[Patriarch’s Favored Seal of Protection]
Aspect: Consort
Rank: Magic

Crafted to suit the discerning tastes of Brand City’s Patriarch by his personal, private blacksmith, this seal provides guaranteed protection from unauthorized access to the Patriarch’s cherished property and keeps the wearer clean and ready to serve at any moment.

Armor: 50
Resistance: 50
Scaling Stat: Appeal (Charisma)

Patriarch’s Seal. This piece of equipment cannot be removed or unequipped unless authorized by the Brandt City Patriarch.

Patriarch’s Favor. Armor and Resistance rating increases according to the wearer’s [Affinity] with the Brandt City Patriarch. This bonus stacks multiplicatively with other Armor and Resistance rating increases.

Perpetually Prepared. Magically eliminates bodily waste and maintains cleanliness of the wearer’s hole to keep them ready to serve the Patriarch’s pleasure at a moment’s notice. When rubbed by an authorized entity, stimulates the wearer’s channel to ensure preparedness for imminent mating.

It was a plug. A buttplug. With a jeweled base. Was the string of the thong thick enough to cover up the fact that there was a dainty little buttplug buried between his cheeks? Certainly not. Perish the thought. That simply wasn’t going to be humiliating enough.

The “seal” even had a vibrating function. At least, that was what he assumed it was. He hadn’t asked to have the last line of the [Perpetually Prepared] trait to be elaborated to him.

“I should have known that big old pervert would do something like this,” Neil muttered under his breath. The one silver lining was that he couldn’t complain about the stats on the gear.

He’d walked away from the Patriarch’s private, personal blacksmith with two other pieces of gear. The first was the [Patriarch’s Favored Warming Harness of Protection].

The item was pretty self-explanatory. It looked exactly like the kind of chest harness he’d have expected to see at a kink event. The only difference was that it was made of genuine high-quality leather.

Neil was loath to admit it but the harness actually sat pretty well on his chest. It had been custom made so it followed the contours of his body almost perfectly.

The last piece of gear was the [Patriarch’s Favored Mark of Ownership]. It was a choker made of white scales—the Patriarch’s, he had to imagine—and despite its relatively simple design, the way it glittered in the light was nothing short of gorgeous.

The harness had the same stat line and traits as the thong. The choker, on the other hand, had the same stat line as the plug. It just had an additional trait that temporarily boosted his Affinity with Brandt City NPCs as long as he was wearing it.

In effect, Neil was advertising that he belonged to the Patriarch. This was a bit out of his comfort zone but if he honestly didn’t mind. He did feel kind of proud that he’d managed to attract the Patriarch’s attention. And the hungry looks that he got from some of the more attractive men he ran into were a bit of a bonus.

He brought up the quest window again.

Valuable Medicine ??? Rank Quest

The Patriarch of Brandt City is intent on having you prove your mettle outside of the bedchambers. What better way to test your skills than by killing two birds with one stone?

Brandt City is running low on stocks of a valuable medicine. While most of the ingredients are readily available, the most important reagent for the creation of this medicine is somewhat more difficult to obtain.

The Patriarch is entrusting you with this vital task. With this medicine, the prosperity of Brandt City will be secured for at least the next month or so. Set out on your first journey and don’t disappoint. The Patriarch and the loyal citizens of Brandt City will be awaiting news of your success.

Quest Objective:

  • [ ] Journey to the [Dragonsbreath Gorge]
  • [ ] Find the [Pallid Sovereign Blossom]
  • [ ] Extract the [Essence of the Pallid Sovereign Blossom]

Quest Reward:

  • +100 [Brandt City] reputation
  • +5% [Brandt City Patriarch] Affinity
  • x100 [Valuable Medicine(?)]

The task seemed fairly straightforward but Neil had played these games long enough that he knew to gather information beforehand. From what he could tell, the average minimum player level to survive in [Dragonsbreath Gorge] was 18-20.

With the stats from his gear, he could comfortably walk into the zone and live. Any combat encounters would just take forever since he still had a low-level weapon.

The important bit, as far as Neil was concerned, was in the last line of the quest rewards. 100 units of [Valuable Medicine(?)]. The question mark indicated it was an unappraised item. He wasn’t going to find out until he finished the quest but he was confident it was going to be good since he had to go through all this trouble for it.

He looked out across the landscape. The desolate expanse had a raw sort of beauty to it, but there was also danger oozing from every pore. He was standing at the “entrance” to [Dragonsbreath Gorge], so named because the zone was a gigantic volcanic fissure.

The way in was through a narrow trail leading down into the gorge. It was dangerous to navigate but not impossible. It just required a little bit of finesse.

Neil slipped through a crack in a stone wall and emerged on the other side, overlooking the open expanse of [Dragonsbreath Gorge]. It was jarring to see the dense greenery down at the bottom of the fissure after spending so much time on the desolate, icy surface.

The volcanic gases and steam vents scattered throughout the zone provided enough heat to sustain a rainforest at the bottom of the gorge. It was there that he’d find the objective of his quest.

Neil knew exactly where he had to go and what route to take. There was even a marker on his map for where the [Pallid Sovereign Blossom] was. He just had to get there, and the journey was going to be long.

Experience Threshold Reached!

Level Increased!
5 -> 8

Monster density in [Dragonsbreath Gorge] was manageable. Combined with the innate mobility of the [Bloodhawk] class and the finely honed control he’d developed from playing VRMMOs at a high competitive level for years, he could pick and choose fights he knew he would win.

The problem was that even the lowest-level creatures in [Dragonsbreath Gorge] were tough to kill. Their patterns weren’t difficult to learn or deal with. They just had a lot of health.

Had Neil been any other class stuck with a level 1 weapon, he’d have languished forever trying to get even one kill. This was where [Bloodhawk] shone. Since they used specialty weapons, it was a pain in the ass to get new ones, which meant a [Bloodhawk] was often stuck with the same weapon for a much longer time than most other classes.

To make up for this drawback, [Bloodhawk] weapons got stronger as the [Bloodhawk] gained levels. Weapon upgrades weren’t pursued for their improvements to the basic stat line. Instead, a [Bloodhawk] would get a new weapon when they needed to increase the amount that their weapon would scale in power off of their level.

Right now, Neil was still gaining multiple levels from every monster kill. His weapon was going to get stronger, making each monster easier to take down than the last, but the flow of experience was eventually going to slow down.

Depending on how hard he wanted to go, he estimated that he’d reach level 12 before his hunting efficiency started slowing down—15 if he pushed things as far as he could.

It was quite a few levels lower than the lower bound of the suggested levels for [Dragonsbreath Gorge] but for a player of Neil’s caliber, 6 levels was a doable gap. He’d just have to be careful.

For now, he had a different problem. The shadows were growing long. Night was falling in [Dragonsbreath Gorge].

There were a few hours of daylight left according to Neil’s in-game clock but the fissure was cut so deep into the earth that the walls blocked the sunlight long before the sun dipped below the horizon. It didn’t help that the rock was so dark that not much indirect light was reflected down from the rim of the gorge.

He had to find a place to camp for the night while he still had some light to rely on.

It took a short while but Neil eventually managed to find a small clearing that would suit his purposes just fine. It was a bit of a ways off the path but it was the best option available.

He opened his inventory and pulled out the [Cradle of Fondness], the last of the rewards from his first quest. It was a smooth stone that just about fit in the palm of his hand. It was the same color as the Patriarch’s scales and shone with a very similar luster.

Neil wasn’t sure what the item did. It had the [Camping Supplies] tag but didn’t specify how it was supposed to be used. The description was unhelpfully vague, bearing only a single line that said, “Plant me.”

He took a breath and knelt. He was prepared for anything, at this point. The soil was soft and loamy, easy enough to dig a small hollow into with his hands. When he was satisfied the hole was deep enough, he slipped the [Cradle of Fondness] inside and brushed some of the displaced dirt on top.

Nothing happened immediately after, but he held his breath anyway. Sure enough, the pile of loose soil began to tremble after a moment. He took a step back, brow furrowing as he stared at the spot where he’d buried the stone.

It was a good thing that he’d put some distance between himself and the stone as without warning, a fully furnished campsite sprang from the ground. Not a tent. Not a hammock. A campsite. The ornate firepit, made of the same sort of rock as the stone he’d buried, only missed his foot by a hair.

Every single station that Neil could have wanted as part of his campsite was available to him right from the get-go. There was even a small fountain for fresh, clean water, and an outdoor kitchenette. Where he would have expected a tent to be was instead a small cabin made of the same stone as the firepit.

This was the kind of thing he thought about when he heard the word “glamping.” It was incredible.

Missing from the cabin was a proper bed but Neil liked to think he’d done pretty well for himself. He’d piled a bunch of furs and pillows in front of the fireplace to make a bit of a nest for himself. It was the zakhar instincts inside him, he was sure of it.

Neil sighed as he curled up in his makeshift bedding. It was warm and cozy, perfect for unwinding after a day of travel. He could almost forget that he was out in the wilderness.

Once he was comfortable, exhaustion caught up to him faster than he thought it could. He was so tired it barely even registered when he felt the plug vibrating in his ass.

He closed his eyes and groaned. He bucked his hips against the finger rubbing the base of his plug. He stuffed one pillow between his legs and ground his rapidly stiffening cock against it.

It took a good few seconds before Neil remembered that he was supposed to be alone. The shock and terror that shot through him the moment he realized someone else was inside his cabin jolted him wide awake.

In the blink of an eye, he had whipped out his [Bloodhawk] weapon and was training it on the invader. “I don’t know who the fuck you are but you have two seconds before I shoot you in the face,” he growled as he pointed the crimson hand crossbow at the unwelcome guest’s face.

He got no response but upon further examination, it became pretty clear why. His intruder was a statue, though he supposed it would be more accurate to call it a golem. And as if he needed any further proof as to whose doing this was, the golem was the spitting image of the Patriarch, except hewn from the same stone as comprised the cabin walls.

The golem was very realistic. Even though it was made of stone, its sculptor had captured even the most minute details of the Patriarch’s visage. Not only that, but the golem was quite anatomically accurate.

Neil sighed and put his weapon away. He should have known the Patriarch would be up to something like this. The golem seemed largely harmless, at least. “Hey, why don’t just go out and keep watch or something? Make sure monsters don’t come near the camp.”

He shouldn’t have let his guard down. It was his fault, really, for underestimating the golem. The moment he turned his back to thing, he suddenly found himself on his stomach with his wrists pinned together against the floor.

Neil gasped as the golem returned to its earlier task. His thighs wobbled as he tried to endure the buzzing of the plug in his ass but it was just big enough and seated just deep enough that it rubbed against his prostate the whole time. Within the minute, he was as stiff as a steel rod but perhaps more embarrassingly, it took all of five seconds before he was so sopping wet that his slick was squeezing out past the sides of the plug.

Suddenly, he felt a tug. There was little trouble with the neck of the plug, but he couldn’t help but groan as his hole stretched around the fattest bit of the plug’s bulb. He’d thought only authorized entities could remove it but he supposed this golem cast in the likeness of the Patriarch was one such authorized entity.

The plug came free with a lewd wet pop and a gush of slick that got all over the furs that Neil had painstakingly arrayed in front of the fireplace. It had been bothering him all day with how much it pressed against his insides every time he moved but now that it was gone, he felt empty.

He wasn’t left that way for long. Only moments later, he felt the blunt head of a stone cock at his entrance.

The golem didn’t bother to wait for permission. It curled the fingers of its free hand around Neil’s hips as it sank its stone cock into him.

Neil, for his part, just threw his head back and moaned as he felt himself getting stretched out by the golem’s big, fat cock. It was just like the Patriarch’s, except maybe a hair more slender.

He wasn’t sure whether to be proud or mortified that he was now so intimately familiar with the Patriarch’s cock that he could tell the golem didn’t quite live up to the standard. In the end, he decided it didn’t matter. As long as it was the Patriarch’s cock, he was good.

The texture was weird. The golem’s cock didn’t have the give or the warmth of a real man’s dick but Neil’s inner walls fluttered around the length of it all the same. His body hadn’t quite gotten the memo that this was one cock that couldn’t be milked for even a single drop of cum.

Neil groaned as he felt the swollen knot press up against the rim of his hole. He figured the golem would stop there. He was stretchy, but he didn’t think he was so stretchy as to be able to take the knot.

His whole body tensed when the golem instead pushed down on his wrists and pinned his hips against the floor. He couldn’t do much else besides writhe as the knot mounted more and more pressure on his entrance.

Neil genuinely thought he would break as his hole gradually began to yield. It burned as he stretched around the fat bulb of the golem’s knot. His shoulders strained. His toes curled. He wanted to fight free of the golem’s grasp but not only was it incredibly heavy, it was impossibly strong, too.

There was a bit of pain as the knot forced him open. It was more of a harsh edge to the burn of it, an intensity that bordered on uncomfortable but never quite got there.

Neil clenched his fingers, clutching the furs under him. His tail rose of its own accord, his knees spreading wide as his hips tilted to give the golem a better angle. He mewled as slick flooded into his channel but couldn’t make it out because of the plug the knot made.

He yowled as he stretched open around the widest part of the knot, his thighs shaking from just how overwhelming it felt. By all accounts, he should have been in agony, but his body was desperate for this.

The pressure built and built and built until, finally, with a desperate moan, Neil’s hole gave up the fight. The thickest part of the golem’s knot pushed past his rim and then, all at once, what remained was swallowed up as the golem’s hips slammed into Neil’s pelvis, driving every last inch of literally rock-hard cock into him.

Neil’s hole clamped tight behind the knot as waves of pleasure washed over him. Without touching his cock even once, he came spurt after spurt of thick, warm jism splattering onto the furs under him while his inner walls fluttered all along the length of the stone cock inside him.

The golem released its grip on Neil’s wrists, then, and scooped him up to spoon him from behind as he was coming down from the high of his intense full-body orgasm. The golem’s stone chest, which he’d anticipated to be frigid was instead unexpectedly warm.

It was weird, but as he settled into place against the golem, Neil couldn’t help but yawn. Being in the golem’s arms felt oddly warm and secure. Having its fat cock buried inside him gave him such a profound sense of satisfaction he couldn’t quite describe it in words.

He had to wonder if it was just zakhar instinct, or if his relationship with the Patriarch had flourished into something more than just carnal.

As he fell asleep in the arms of the golem modeled after the Patriarch’s likeness, Neil couldn’t help but think to himself that he really wouldn’t mind if there was something more between him and the Patriarch. Though he’d need to have words with the old pervert about the sorts of things that he dressed him in.

Neil wasn’t giving up the golem or the camp, though.

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