A Worthy Offering

Purple Fairy, I know this might be outside of your realm and more like the Pink Fairy’s, but I want to submit myself to you. I’m tired of my life and smarts, and I just want to be your slave. I want to have no control or decisions and just be around your power, and get lost in all that you represent.

Story Request by @Natty

One would be surprised to learn how many humans regularly offer themselves up to the Fairies. Their prayers resonate across the cosmos until they reach the ears that they are meant for. But more often than not, those people don’t really mean what they say. They say that they want to offer their lives, that they’re ready to leave the world behind, but very few of them truly understand what they are saying.

Many of them have this fantasy of being a collared slave at the foot of the Fairies’ thrones for eternity, and that’s just not right. Movies and Christianity are to blame, setting certain expectations for cosmic entities.

The Fairies are nothing like the gods that humans have conjured to explain the aspects of the universe that they did not and could not explain otherwise. The Fairies are mercurial. Capricious. They change form as easily as they change moods, and they like to cause more than a little bit of mischief.

Jon, though, understood this. He was a scholar of folklore, especially the more occult parts of it. He had spent the better part of a decade chasing down whatever information he could about these entities that shaped the world from behind the curtain.

When he turned his eyes to the sky and uttered his heartfelt plea, Jon knew exactly what he was getting into. He understood what he was giving up, and that there was no guarantees that he would get what he anticipated. In fact, it was more likely that he would get something that he had never asked for.

Jon didn’t care. He knew that this was what he wanted. This was what he craved. Since childhood he’d been burdened with a towering intellect and it had only caused him more pain than anything.

And yet the Brogda Sídhe still said "No." Not because he didn’t have the conviction. Not because he didn’t understand what he was asking for. Not because his sincerity wasn’t tempting. Rather, he was denied because in his pursuit of this arcane knowledge, he’d let his body go. He wasn’t a worthy offering.

In the following months, Jon threw himself into turning himself into a man worthy of the Purple Fairy’s attention. He followed the strict diets he had always hated. He worked out on the tight schedules that he had always struggled to accept. The only thing that kept him going was the knowledge that if he did this, if he improved himself, he would finally become acceptable.

On the other end of his strict body-training regime, Jon petitioned the Brogda Sídhe again. This time, his prayer was answered. However, instead of being borne to heaven on the backs of angels, nothing seemed to happen.

That was, until Jon fell asleep. As soon as he drifted off, he found himself in a different place. A temple in the style of ancient Greece. He walked in and was guided to the throne room, where he saw them. The Fairies.

The Purple Fairy motioned for him to come forward, and every step that Jon took toward that dais, toward those thrones, filled him with joy. When he was kneeling in front of the Purple Fairy’s throne, he felt like his heart was going to explode as he looked up at the face of his benefactor.

"You wanted to be around my power, didn’t you, boy?" said the Purple Fairy, tracing his thumb down the side of Jon’s face. "I know the perfect place for you," he said, drawing his toga aside to reveal his massive, erect phallus. "Take me."

Without hesitation, Jon leaned forward and opened his mouth, taking the Purple Fairy into his throat with no difficulty whatsoever. He had been practising. When he wasn’t working his body out, he was training his hole and his throat to take the biggest cocks that he could manage. And now, it was clear that all that hard work had paid off.

As he bobbed his head up and down the Purple Fairy’s erect cock, Jon felt his body get hotter. His mind was getting fuzzier, almost like the thick head of the Purple Fairy’s cock was pushing out all the human thoughts that he had in his skull.

Jon quickly lost himself to the pleasure and was mostly unaware of the other changes going on in his body. He grunted and moaned until he couldn’t anymore, feeling the Purple Fairy’s cock growing thicker and longer in his throat.

Eventually, the Purple Fairy’s cock got so big that Jon could feel it poking out of his asshole. Except, he wasn’t exactly in a human shape anymore. Jon had changed form, to something more fitting to be "around" the Purple Fairy’s "power." Jon’s old human body had been replaced by a gleaming gold cock ring now affixed to the base of the Purple Fairy’s cock.

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