To Be His Pet

Hey, so I got this chastity cage in the mail the other day. I didn’t order it or anything, but it was perfectly sized to me, and came with a business card for some company called Hierarch Industries. On the back there were written instructions telling me to put the cage on, go to a listed office building, walk into a lobby, and ask for someone called the Pup Trainer. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to see.

Story Request by @natty

"Oh… Wow… That’s awesome!" crowed Jesse’s roommate of three years. For his part, Jesse wasn’t quite sure what he was looking at, yet. Well, he knew what it was—he’d seen it enough times in porn—but he didn’t know why it had been sent to him.

The package had arrived shortly after Jesse left home for work. His roommate had been hounding him to open it since he got back, but since there wasn’t anything to eat for dinner yet, he refused until they had had a meal. "I’ve always wanted one of those," said Jesse’s roommate.

"Uh-huh… I bet you did," said Jesse. He plucked the ornate wooden box from the foam peanuts that it had been packaged in. He stroked the velvet lining of the interior and marveled at the quality of it. Inside was probably the fanciest-looking male chastity cage that he’d ever seen.

Jesse had a hard time believing that there hadn’t been a mistake, but his name and address were right on the shipping label, clear as day. He had to admit that the toy somewhat stirred his interest, but he still couldn’t think of who could have sent him such a thing. He turned to his roommate. "You’ve always been a freak, though, Wayne," he said.

"Hurtful," said Wayne, pouting as he clutched the back of the chair that he had perched on. He was probably resisting the urge to make grabby hands at the box. "Well, are you going to try it on?"

"None of your fucking business," said Jesse, protectively clutching the box to his chest. He had his own kinks, but Wayne was definitely the more perverted of the two of them. It was a good thing they were both bottoms, otherwise he was sure that Wayne would have tried to get into his pants at some point in the last three years.

"Pfft," Wayne scoffed, raising an eyebrow at Jesse as he dismounted from his chair. "You’re totally going to try it on, aren’t you?" he said. "Man… I’m so fucking jealous. You have a secret admirer!"

Jesse retreated to his room soon after. Wayne was right, but he wasn’t about to admit that to his roommate’s face. He pulled the cage out of the box and saw that there was something at the bottom, hidden from sight by the cage. A pristine white corner was peeking out of the lining.

The lining was surprisingly easy to peel away. It revealed a beautiful business card belonging to one "Alpha Wren Conley, Senior Manager, Recruitment & Training Division." The company name, Hierarch Industries, was familiar. They were everywhere these days, and Jesse wasn’t enough of a hermit to have never heard of it.

Jesse flipped the card over. Contact information for Hierarch Industries as well as Wren Conley was printed there. There was something else; written in bright blue ink, that smelled faintly of elderberry, with neat, precise handwriting, were what appeared to be instructions.

Even through the written word, Jesse could feel the authoritative tone behind the commands. "Put on the cage and lock it with the provided key. Do not read further until you have done so." said the business card. Jesse glanced at the box and saw that the business card had been on top of something shiny. The key.

Jesse’s fingers trembled not so much with anxiety as with excitement. His cock was getting hard in his pants, which would prove a bit problematic for the cage. There was something weird about taking orders from a business card and trying on a cage from an anonymous benefactor, but there was also something so titillating about it.

By the time that he had stripped off his clothes, Jesse was already hard as a rock. He wasn’t the biggest, downstairs, but given how small the cage was to begin with, there was no way he would fit.

Taking a deep breath, Jesse sat on his bed and waited for the erection to die down. The ring that went around the base of his cock was easy enough to get on, but it didn’t help the erection. He tried to think of anything that wouldn’t turn him on and ended up distracting himself with a math problem that he’d recently come across.

When he was finally soft enough, Jesse slipped the cage onto his cock before it got any other ideas. He had to hold it up against the locking mechanism because he quickly started getting hard once he felt the cold metal locked around his shaft.

With his other hand, Jesse grabbed the key, slipped it into the hole, and twisted the locking mechanism shut. His cock strained impotently inside the cage. He glanced at the business card and it said "Clench your fist around the key and keep it there while you place a call to Alpha Wren’s office."

Jesse’s face flushed with heat as he picked up his phone and typed in the number on the card. With it being so late at night, he had his doubts that he would actually get to talk to the man who’d sent him the cage, but he could hope. This was all so fucking hot.

The line rang three times before the call was picked up by an answering machine. Jesse almost dropped the call when the robotic voice on the other end said, "I hope you’ve been a good boy."

"Report to the Hierarch Industries office indicated on the card tomorrow. Do not worry about calling in to work. Your superiors have already been notified that you will be missing a few days. Ask for the Pup Trainer when you get there. If your roommate wishes to come, let him."

A heartbeat later, the call dropped. Jesse’s heart was thumping in his chest. He had no idea what he’d gotten himself involved in, but it was making his cock strain hard against the metal bars of his cage. A quiet moan slipped past his lips.

It took a moment for the sensation of fluid trickling from between his fingers to register for Jesse. He looked at his hand, the one that had been holding on to the key and watched as liquid metal dripped from his palm onto the bed. He opened his fingers and the rest of the liquid metal that had once been the key spilled onto his sheets.

At first, Jesse was concerned that it was mercury. Then again, mercury didn’t keep a solid shape at room temperature. Besides, the metal had already solidified again on top of his sheets.

The implications didn’t really hit Jesse until he’d stared at the misshapen blob of probably-gallium on his bed. Just like that, he’d completely lost control of his cock. There was no key anymore, just a lump of gallium that would be no more useful for opening locks than a potato. The thought nearly made him cum.

"The Pup Trainer?" said the receptionist, a cute frat-boy type jock, with the added twist of a pair of glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, whom Wayne had been making eyes at since the moment he and Jesse walked into the lobby. His nametag indicated that his name was Dan.

"I’m afraid the Pup Trainer only sees clients with appointments, but I might be able to do something for you if you really want to see him today," said Dan, pursing his lips as he typed something into the computer that was in front of him. Dan blinked. "Ah. I see. You must be Jesse Dale. Someone made an appointment on your behalf. The Pup Trainer will see you. Let me just give him a quick heads up."

Dan briefly held up a hand and picked up the landline. He quickly said something under his breath that Jesse couldn’t quite make out before putting the phone down. "Please head down the hallway to your right and follow the signage from there," said the receptionist.

The receptionist smiled at Jesse briefly before turning to Wayne. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and said, "I was informed that Jesse might come in with a friend today and that I should send you over to intake. Would you mind coming with me?"

"I wouldn’t mind coming with you at all, if you get my drift," said Wayne. Jesse rolled his eyes at the blatant flirtation. Wayne wasn’t even trying to act like a normal human being, but then again, that was really to be expected.

The receptionist got up from his seat at the front desk and placed a folded piece of card stock with the words "Receptionist will be back in a few minutes" on the front. He then gestured to a hallway opposite the one that Jesse was supposed to go to.

Taking a deep breath to steel himself, Jesse followed the receptionist’s instructions. The place had a healthy amount of people walking through, and the signs were thankfully quite clear. Before long he found himself in the Recruitment and Training Department and in front of a pair of doors with the words "Pup Trainer" painted on them.

Jesse had a choice to make. He could walk away, find a locksmith that would get him out of his cage, and never come back again. This was his last opportunity to turn around. But his mind had been made up since he first saw the commands neatly written onto the back of that business card. He was going to see this through to the end, wherever it went. And his cock couldn’t help but strain against its cage at the possibilities.

The pair of doors swung open on well-oiled hinges as Jesse walked into the room. It was bigger than he expected. The doors swung shut behind him, echoing in the large, empty chamber. The walls were smooth, a neutral grey color but bare and windowless. The floor and ceiling were much the same, save for the lights above that interrupted the monotony.

Facing the door, some thirty feet in front of the entrance, was a man. Jesse’s eyes bulged at the sight of him. He was beautiful. His blond hair was short, cropped tight against his skull. His eyes were a stormy gray color, and his gaze felt like it was piercing the depths of Jesse’s soul.

Two leather armbands were cinched around the man’s tight biceps, while a leather harness caressed his thick chest and those firm, bulging pectorals.

As the man breathed, his sculpted abs seemed to ripple. Jesse felt the strangest urge to slobber all over them, his face flushing at the thought of tracing his tongue across the ridges between those tough lumps of muscle. To say nothing of the sizable bulge nestled in the pouch of a sleek black jockstrap, between two powerful thighs.

"Strip," the man commanded, his voice deep and authoritative as it reverberated against the bare walls. There wasn’t a single drop of hesitation in the word. The man’s deep bass tone was filled with the expectation of obedience.

Jesse gulped, the sound almost too loud in the silence that followed. He grabbed the hem of his shirt. "Faster," the man commanded. He shivered, his face flushing even hotter. He pulled his shirt off his back and let it drop to the ground next to him. His pants were the next to go. He didn’t stop until he was standing there, barefoot, in just his chastity cage.

The man leaned forward. The rasp of his heavy leather boots sent a shiver up Jesse’s spine. His clothes were in a rumpled heap on the ground beside him. The man slightly inclined his head toward the pile. "Fold those."

Jesse was already moving before the man was even done talking. There was no space in the command to even think about what he was doing. He just had to follow, and he did. He folded the clothes. All of them. And he put them into a neat little stack with his shoes on top.

"Bring them to me," said the man. The words had scarcely left his lips when Jesse was picking up the clothes and walking to the man. The man pointed down at his side, at the foot of the chair to his left.

"Do you hold any particular attachment to any of these pieces of clothing?" said the man. Jesse glanced at the clothes. "When an Alpha is talking to you face to face, you will look in his eyes. Do you understand?"

Jesse shivered. He quickly corrected his behavior and looked the man in his intense grey eyes. "I understand," he said.

"I understand, sir," said the man. He didn’t raise his voice, and yet he somehow managed to make the words sound like the most scathing rebuke. "You will address Alphas with proper respect unless they have done something worthy of revoking that respect,"

"Yes, sir," Jesse said, meekly. He fought the urge to lower his head.

"Good boy," said the man. "Now, answer the question. Do you hold any particular attachment to any of these clothes?"

Jesse nodded. "Yes, sir," he murmured. "The shirt was a gift from my best friend."

"I see," said the man. "That is nice, but I did not ask you to explain. When you are asked a question, answer only the question that is asked unless, in your best judgment, you think that more context is required. Do you understand?"

Jesse murmured a quiet "Yes, sir," in the affirmative.

"Addressing an Alpha with due respect means addressing him with clarity and conviction," said the man.

Jesse shivered. "Yes, sir!" he said.

"Better," said the man, as he opened the gym bag on the floor next to him. "Would you like the shirt to be washed or not?"

The instinct was to answer that it didn’t matter either way to him, but that didn’t really answer the question. "Yes, sir," said Jesse.

"Put it here," said the man, holding out a small paper bag just big enough to fit the shirt in when rolled up into a bundle. He stowed the package in the gym bag.

"The rest go in here," said the man, taking a garbage bag out of his gym bag. "They will be disposed of. From now on, any property that you own will be property given to you explicitly by your Alpha."

Jesse gulped as he slid the clothes into the garbage bag, which was set aside. "For now, my name is not relevant. You will address me as Trainer if you feel the need to use a name, but otherwise Sir will do."

"As I am sure that you have figured out by now, Hierarch Industries is more than what we show the world," said Trainer. Jesse figured he might as well start calling the man that in his head to get used to it. "We are building the foundations of a new society. One of order and mutual respect."

"You have been screened as a viable candidate for our omega program," said Trainer. "And if Matchmaking is to be believed, you are a 5 sigma match for the Alpha that initiated contact with you: Alpha Wren, who also happens to be my direct superior."

"So let me tell you what this means for you," said Trainer. "We will spend the next few weeks together, for the most part. Your Alpha wants a well-trained pup, and as such you will be trained as one. When you are not with me, learning the ropes, you will be at my kennels, where you will be socialized with other pups to help retention."

"When all is said and done and you have progressed far enough to pass muster, your Alpha will come to claim you," said Trainer. "Now, do you have any questions?"

Jesse gulped. His mouth was a bit dry. It was all a little too much to take in. "When do I start, sir?"

Trainer smiled. "Right now."

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