Jock Desserts

Sean’s served up a platter of just desserts to his tormentor, Spencer. But a little omission made by his friend quickly turns everything upside down for the promising warlock.

Source: Pietro Boselli

After a grueling month of preparation, Sean had finally done it. The spell had worked. He could scarcely believe it, even if he had been fully confident that he would be able to pull it off. The body that he now inhabited, Spencer’s, was beyond even his wildest dreams.

Sean made sure to pose in front of the mirror. Wow, was the only word that he could think of to describe the near-perfect specimen of masculinity that was staring back at him. Sure, he’d always stolen furtive glances at the hot jock in the locker room at the gym, but damn if there wasn’t something different and just so intimately satisfying about getting to look at that cut body at his own leisure.

With a grunt, Sean flexed his biceps, doing the traditional "guns" pose. Goddamn, he thought to himself. He was fucking ripped as hell, now.

Sean grabbed his phone off the sink counter and took a picture of himself in the mirror. This was definitely one that he would remember for the rest of his life. And none of it would have been possible if not for his best friend in the world, Chris, who had come through for him with the final component he needed for the spell.

"Look the fuck at me, brah!" Sean boomed, excitedly. It occurred to him that there was something strange about the language that he had just used, but he was still riding high on the adrenaline of being able to possess Spencer’s body that he didn’t give it too much thought. "Fuck, dude. This was, like, the actual fucken’ best idea ever."

Sean turned back to the mirror and whistled at the sight of his new body. He reached up and squeezed his bulging biceps. They felt so firm and so good in his fingers. Just the sight of his new rock hard abs was enough to put a chub in his pants. He would definitely be jerkin’ that pole for weeks to his own reflection.

"Dude, like, seriously. I fucken’ owe you one," said Sean, turning back to Chris and holding out a fist to his best friend. For all his natural talents, none of it would have worked out if not for the page from the Codex Masculus Mysteriorum that Chris had provided for him.

Sean picked up the fine gold chain necklace that was lying on the counter, with its onyx teardrop pendant. He looped it around his neck and got Chris to help him with the clasp. He looked closer at the teardrop. Its interior shone with what looked like a starfield. "How does it fucken’ feel, Spencer, brah? Get used to it. I’m you now, bro," he whispered. Not that Spencer would hear it.

None of this was what Sean had started out wanting, at all. He had gone to college, just like every other warlock in the Arch-Coven was required to do. He had just wanted to be left alone to finish his mortal studies in peace, but he couldn’t even have that.

Spencer had had to come along and ruin it for Sean. Just Sean, in particular. He had no idea why the jock had developed a sudden hate boner for him, but that was what happened.

Homophobic, about as entertaining and interesting to talk to as a brick wall, and a perennial man whore, Spencer had apparently made it his mission to make Sean’s college life a living hell. And all this torment had gone on for the better part of a year, until Sean got sick of it.

There were strictures against using magic against mortals, especially as an initiate to the Arch-Coven, but against those rules and even his own better judgment, Sean set out on the path to revenge. He fully intended to serve up some just-desserts to his jock tormentor, and finally figured out what he wanted to do after a couple of sleepless nights thanks to the banging of the neighbor’s headboards as the guy next door fucked the lights out of some big-titted broad.

The spell that Sean had wanted to do was complex, but it wasn’t beyond his capabilities as a warlock, even as an initiate. He had always been ahead of the curve when it came to his warlock studies, books like the Codex Masculus Mysteriorum kept from him only because he’d not finished the requisite trials to earn the privilege. But thanks to Chris, who had passed those trials, Sean was able to put together and enact his domination spell.

Sean chuckled. His voice was low, and instead of sounding particularly sinister, he just sounded a little bit dull. "Could you fucken’ imagine, man? Imma be top dog on campus, brah. Hot bod. Ace smarts. Gonna rule this school, brah," he said, grinning broadly as he faced Chris.

With another low chuckle, that made it sound like Sean had just lost another couple IQ points in the last few seconds, Sean grabbed his package. "Fuck, brah, I can’t fucken’ wait to take this bod out of a spin, yea? Betcha ten bucks I can land a hot twink to smash tonight," he grunted.

There was a moment of quiet in the bathroom as Sean’s mind, which had been struggling to catch up with what was happening over the last few minutes, finally got there. "Oh, god, brah," he said, clapping a hand over his mouth as his eyes widened. "Why am I fucken’ speakin’ like this, brah?"

Instead of looking at all concerned, Chris seemed amused by the alarm and horror that Sean was experiencing. Sean didn’t get it. His mind struggled to put two and two together. Literally. He couldn’t even remember what two plus two equaled.

"Oh," said Chris, a small smirk playing on the corner of his lip. "I suppose I might have ‘accidentally’ left out a part of the incantation that was important… I think it might have been the part that let you keep your cognitive capacity when you dominated the other person’s body…"

"Cogni-whatnow, brah?" said Sean, his eyebrows furrowing. Somehow he knew that he should have understood what Chris just said, but no matter how much he struggled to figure it out, it just made no sense whatsoever to him. "Fuck, brah, speak in fucken’ American!"

Chris laughed. And laughed. It took him a good thirty seconds to stop. "I mean, I might have forgotten to have you include the part that would have let you keep your smarts when you changed bodies," said Chris. "Without that part, you’re kinda stuck with the body that you got… And that one’s hot, but it’s got pretty limited equipment upstairs, if you get what I mean."

"You tryina say I’m dumb, brah?" said Sean, puffing out his chest. Now that was just insulting. He wasn’t that dumb. He was just having a little trouble thinking, that was all. It was probably just a side-effect of the incan… of the incat… of the spell that he’d done.

"Fuck, brah!" said Sean, slamming the side of his fist on the sink counter. "How do you forget sumthin’ like that? Fuck! I want my smarts back, brah. My head feels so fucken’ fuzzy. How can we fix this?"

"I’m afraid we can’t," said Chris, raising his hands, palms facing forward. "Well, maybe you could, but I certainly don’t have the talent to do it myself. So… I dunno, I’m afraid that it might be permanent once the sun goes down."

"Permanent?" said Sean.

"Means forever, big guy," said Chris, patting Sean on the shoulder.

"Fuck, brah! Can’t let that happen to me! We need to get this fixed now! How long until sunset, brah?" said Sean.

"Five," said Chris. Sean thought he meant hours, and was about to say that it was good they had more time, until Chris cut him off and said, "Four."

Sean blinked. "Three," said Chris. Sean’s eyes widened. "Two. I didn’t actually forget. One. I deliberately kept it out,"

The hurt, the betrayal, the fury, the anguish, it lasted for little more than a heartbeat. As Chris said "Zero," Sean blinked. The only thing he could feel was that he fucken’ needed a workout, and that he fucken’ needed to get his rocks off.

"Ugh, bro," said Sean, stumbling back a step, hitting his ass on the edge of the sink counter. "The fuck are we doin’ here?"

Chris smiled. "You said you wanted to get changed before you hit the gym, big guy," he said.

"Oh, fuck," said Sean. He looked down at himself. He was naked. "The gym. Come on, brah, what are we standing around for? We gotta go! I gotta get bigger and shit, yea?"

"Sure you don’t want to hit the library instead?" said Chris. He was smirking, which Sean just didn’t get at all. What was so funny?

"Yeah, right," Sean scoffed. "Library’s for those losers that are like, smart and shit. You callin’ me a loser, brah?"

"No," said Chris. "Just checking to see you’re still you. You never know. You might get possessed by the spirit of a nerd one day."

"Like that could ever happen, brah," said Sean, flexing his muscles. "No nerd ain’t got the balls to walk around in this body, brah."

"You know, I heard that there’s another way to get testosterone if you want to get bigger," said Chris. Sean was all ears. Lectures were shit and he never paid attention to them, but he was ready to listen to whatever advice he could get on getting bigger. "If you don’t know, testosterone’s the stuff that they put in dope."

Sean scoffed. "’Course brah, I knew that," he said. Of course, it was a lie. That was news to him.

"Well, apparently there’s a lot of testosterone in cum. And apparently the best way to absorb that testosterone is to have the cum injected into your ass. Like, not your ass cheek. Your asshole. And it’s best when fresh from the tap," said Chris.

"Wait, so I just gotta get my jockpussy fucked to get bigger?" said Sean, with a broad grin. "Shiet, you shoulda told me that earlier, brah! Fuck, man, help a bro out! Let’s go up to my room. You can gimme summa that tetsostertone or whatever."

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