Pack of Protection

I know that this is a strange request, but I’ve been scared, recently. I’ve been able to live most of my life, thankfully, as my authentic gay self but lately, in my circle, a couple of people have just up and disappeared. The last thing anyone hears about from them is that they’ve gone straight.

I… I think there might be some… thing going around and doing this. On the one hand, I’m scared someone’s going to try and make me less than myself and that makes me want to be protected. On the other, I just wish I was stronger so I could fight this to help my friends and my people… Is there anything I can do?

Story Request by @Blake

ADVISORY: This story isn’t meant for a quick wank. If that’s what you need, then maybe it would be better if you read one of my other stories. This story touches on homophobia and uses language that might trigger more delicate sensibilities.

If, however, you’re up for a little bit of drama with erotic payoff at the end, then feel free to read this tale.

Blake wasn’t stupid. Unlike the others, he wasn’t so eager to dismiss what was going on just because it was uncomfortable to think about. Everyone in his friend group had to have noticed it. The weird goings on. The fact that Evan, Nick, and Paul just disappeared.

And yet, as Blake sat alone in his favorite corner of his favorite coffee shop, as he nursed a hot cup between his fingers, all he could think about was the way that none of them seemed to take this as seriously as he did. They all said that they had always suspected Evan, Nick, and Paul had something to hide, but Blake knew that was bullshit.

If his friends were scared, Blake wouldn’t have blamed them. But from his perspective, the stupidest thing to do when an existential threat loomed over you was to pretend it didn’t exist. His friends were rationalizing it all away to keep the status quo, and he just had to disagree with that.

Blake was terrified, but he wasn’t about to run away from the fear. He’d spent a lot of time thinking about what was going on. Even from outside his friend group, he’d heard murmurs. Going to the club, every day it was like there was another gay guy that went "straight" and disappeared. Or a gold star gay suddenly showing up with a girlfriend.

There was a time, long ago, that Blake might have welcomed it all. A time when he was convinced that he was wrong. He would have loved to get converted straight, turned "normal" back then.

But the pain and adversity of coming to terms with who he was had helped Blake realize that being gay was a beautiful thing. He learned that he had never needed to be anything more than true to himself.

In Blake’s mind, there was no question that the conversions were foul play. The guys must have been taken in against their will. And he was terrified that he would become one of those victims. He was even more terrified that all his friends would be taken in, and he would be left all alone."

Blake wished that there was something that he could do, anything at all. As it was, he barely had the courage, let alone the actual power to do anything. The best that he could do was hope that it would blow over before anyone else he knew got caught up.

Blake looked around the place. This particular coffee shop was very popular with the gays in the neighborhood. Business had been slowing down of late, though. Every day, there seemed to be another regular who didn’t show up. Every day, another couple’s favorite table would sit unoccupied.

There was a ray of sunshine in the shop today, though. Across from Blake, by the windows at the front, was a pair of men. They were two big guys, one sizably bigger than the other. They looked happy. They had the kind of relationship that he could only dream of.

The way that the two men looked at each other made Blake’s heart ache with envy. Their little touches, on the hand, on the arm, on the shoulder, on the cheek, it made his heart skip a beat. Especially those light little laughs that they hid behind their hands as they looked out through the window at the world around them.

Blake wondered how long it would be until that couple stopped coming in, too. He could hope that the crisis wouldn’t touch them, but he had his doubts. He felt like the world was falling apart around him.

Blake could only hope that he was wrong.

It was at times like these that Blake felt he really needed the support of his counselor. He hadn’t been in for a session in quite a while. Work had been keeping him busy, and he’d been relatively content with his life until all of this started to happen.

When Blake placed the call to his counselor’s office, he was surprised to immediately get booked into an appointment that day. He was glad. He didn’t really think that he could keep a handle on everything that he had been feeling. He felt like he was going to be torn apart by the paranoia.

Blake walked into the counselor’s office and smiled. It was just the same as ever. He’d known his counselor, Aaron, for a good few years now. He had come highly recommended by Blake’s friends, despite being a straight man, and had proven a staunch ally and supporter through the years.

The first time that Blake had arranged for a session with Aaron was during one of the darkest times of his life. He’d felt like he had truly hit rock bottom, and that he needed to get things in order if he didn’t want to go that one irrevocable step further down the dark path.

"It was actually a nice surprise to see that you had called in for a session today." said Aaron. Aaron was at the back of the room, preparing what appeared to be a cup of tea. Blake felt his cheeks heat up. He would have been lying if he said that he didn’t have a little crush on his counselor. "It’s been a while, Blake. It’s great to see you. Would you like some tea?"

"Oh, yes, that would be wonderful," said Blake, taking a seat on the couch as was customary.

Aaron came around and handed him a steaming cup before taking a seat on a chair opposite Blake. Blake took a sip. It was delicious. He could feel the tingling warmth spread from his stomach throughout his body as he relaxed into the familiar safety of Aaron’s office. "So, what brings you here today, Blake?"

"I’ve just… I’ve just had a lot of anxiety, recently," said Blake, with a sigh. He leaned back, letting his head rest on the back of the couch. "I feel like something weird’s happening out there, and it’s making my friend group fall apart…"

"Okay, why don’t you just take a deep breath and relax, Blake?" said Aaron. "Yeah, that’s right. Just like that. Deep breath and relax. Remember, you know me. You can trust me. I would never do anything to harm you. I will always tell you what’s best for you."

Blake nodded as his body relaxed. Aaron’s soft tone always helped him loosen up the knots in his muscles. The tea was helping, too. His whole body felt slightly warm and tingly and numb. It felt great. Though he was a bit concerned he might drift off.

"Why don’t you tell me what’s going on, with as much detail as you can, Blake?" said Aaron.

Blake felt a brief twinge of fear as he recalled what he knew. But then he remembered that he was in a safe place, with someone that he could trust, with someone that simply wanted the best for him. "Take your time, Blake. Don’t worry. Nothing can hurt you here. Just relax. Let it all come out when it’s ready."

With a quiet sigh, Blake exhaled and felt his thumping heart slow. When the jitters finally left, he started.

"About a month ago, something weird started happening… Evan was the first one… He stopped hanging out with me and my friends," said Blake. He sniffed. It was a painful memory. "I tried to text him. Call him. Nothing. I only learned from one of my coworkers, Jen, that she had seen Evan on a date with a girl."

Blake heard a click. Aaron had just clicked his pen on his clipboard. "Then it was Nick. I wasn’t there, but apparently he had gone with some of my other friends to a gay bar. They said he’d looked more and more agitated through the night until he said ‘I’m sick of this faggot shit!’ and stormed out."

Blake heard the rasp of Aaron’s pen jotting down notes. He ignored it, looked up at the ceiling, and continued. "Paul basically did the same thing as Evan. Just up and disappeared. Ghosted everyone until Mike told us that he’d gone to visit Evan. Apparently Evan is living with a girl now, and he’d thrown Mike out of his apartment because he didn’t want Mike getting any faggot germs over any of his stuff."

"I see," said Aaron. "It must be hard, losing three of your closest friends just like that."

Blake looked at his counselor. Aaron had one hand by his neck, rolling what appeared to be an onyx crucifix on a fine silver chain between his thumb and forefinger. "It’s been tough," Blake admitted. "Really tough… and I can’t help but feel like there’s a pattern."

"Let’s circle back to that in a moment," said Aaron. "You look a little bit tense, Blake. Are you alright?" Blake nodded. "Why don’t you take another deep breath for me. Yeah. Just like that. Then exhale. Deep breath. Exhale. Relax. You’re safe. You can trust me."

Blake was so glad that he had Aaron to turn to. He didn’t think he’d ever felt so at ease in the last few weeks as he did now. "What is it about your friends’ sudden departures that you find most distressing? Is it the circumstances about why they left your friend group, or is it just the fact that they don’t seem to be interested in maintaining a friendship with you anymore?"

"I mean… I’m upset that they’ve kind of put up a wall between me and them, but that’s not really it, I guess," said Blake. He looked a this hands. "It’s just, they seemed so happy with who they were… and then they just… suddenly changed, you know?"

"Who were they, Blake?" said Aaron.

"They were gay men," said Blake. "They were proud gay men. And they loved it. They loved their friends. They loved their lives. It’s just… It’s so sad that they turned their backs on all of that."

"But are you sure that they were proud?" said Aaron. "Are you sure that they loved being gay? Are you sure that they loved their deviant lifestyle?" he added.

There was something off about what Aaron had just said, something that didn’t quite sit right with Blake. But he trusted Aaron. He knew he was in a safe space. He didn’t have to worry about bigotry here. Aaron had always been one of his greatest advocates. "Of course," said Blake. "They said so themselves. And I’ve seen them with big smiles on their faces while guys flirted with them, and I saw how much they adored seeing gay couples on TV fall in love."

"Blake…" said Aaron. He almost sounded disappointed. "You should know better than anyone that sometimes people put on an act so that other people don’t suspect there’s something that’s bothering them."

Blake froze. It was true. He had done that, pretended to be happy when he wasn’t. He’d laughed and danced and put on the front of having a great time when really he was just dying on the inside. "I… I guess you’re right," said Blake.

"So don’t you think it’s possible that your friends were just simply hiding the fact that they weren’t satisfied with who they were? Because they were afraid that maybe you or your other friends might judge them if they let it on?" said Aaron.

Blake felt his heart sink. It was possible. Very possible. Like Aaron said, he knew it better than most. And now he felt guilty that he hadn’t been there for his friends when they were struggling. "It’s… It’s all my fault," whispered Blake, horrified. "I… I should have been there for them, no matter what."

Blake felt Aaron’s hand on his shoulder. "Breathe, Blake," said Aaron. "Yeah. Just like that. Relax. Just like that. You know it’s not your fault. You couldn’t have known. Besides, think about it. Is the change really so bad for them?"

"What… What do you mean?" said Blake. He tried to sit up, but Aaron’s hand on his shoulder kept him firmly in place. "Of course it’s bad for them. They’re gay! They’re going to make themselves miserable pretending to be something that they’re not!" he said.

"Breathe, Blake. Relax. Think about it," said Aaron. "When your co-worker Jen told you about seeing Evan on a date, did she say that he looked miserable? Or did she say that he looked happy?"

"I… I don’t think she said anything about how he looked… She just said that she saw him…" said Blake.

"That’s not true," said Aaron. "Are you just trying to change the narrative to suit your biases, Blake?" he added. There was an edge of accusation in his words. Blake looked at Aaron as Aaron referred to the clipboard and said, "Just a few minutes ago you told me that Jen said that Evan looked happy. That he was touching his girl and smiling and laughing, and that it looked like there were stars in his eyes whenever he looked at his date."

"No… That’s not true… She never said anything like that…" Blake muttered, though he was already beginning to doubt himself.

"Are you saying that I’m a liar, Blake?" said Aaron. "Why would I ever lie to you? You know you can trust me."

"I…" Blake didn’t really have anything to say to that. It was true. Aaron had supported him for the last few years, no questions asked. There was no way that Aaron would lie to him. "I guess I just forgot…" He hadn’t realized how happy Evan was with his change, now…

"What about Nick? Do you remember that you looked at his Instagram page and saw all the happy photos of him and his new girl?" said Aaron. Blake couldn’t believe that he had forgotten that, too.

"And what about Paul? Don’t you remember that Mike said that Paul was having sex with his girlfriend when he walked into the apartment? That Paul looked like he was really loving it, having the time of his life?" said Aaron. "The reason that Paul threw Mike out of his apartment was because he’d walked in on something that was supposed to be private and loving."

Blake gulped. All this time he’d thought that his friends were all suffering because of their change in life… But now that Aaron had helped him see it, he knew that they were much happier now. "I… Thanks… I think I needed that, Aaron… I thought they were sad and lonely…"

"Of course," said Aaron. "It makes sense. You were their friend. You would want them to be happy, and you thought that they weren’t… But I think from what you told me, you can rest assured that they’re happy."

"Which brings me to why you even thought that they weren’t, in the first place," said Aaron. "You’re not really upset that they changed, are you? You’re upset that they don’t want to be friends anymore. And you projected those feelings of hurt, of being sad, and being lonely on them."

Blake felt a pang of guilt. It was true. He hadn’t recognized it until now, but that was exactly what he was doing. He was glad that Aaron didn’t hold anything back. "The truth is that you just want to be friends with them again, right?"

"Yeah," said Blake. That was what he felt deep down. He could accept that his friends had changed, but he wanted them to be his friends again. "More than anything," he said.

"But that’s not all, is it?" said Aaron. "Normally you’re not the kind of person to begrudge your friends’ happiness. But it’s clear that this time something about your friends moving on to better lives has made you a bit bitter. And I think I know what it is. But I’ll give you a chance to tell me."

While it was true that he would never begrudge his friends’ happiness, Blake didn’t really know what Aaron was getting at. If there was another reason for why he had thought that his friends would be miserable, he couldn’t think of it. "I don’t… I don’t know," said Blake.

"I see. Then it might be unconscious," said Aaron. "But, I think that the truth is you’re envious of your friends. I know the last few years haven’t been the best for you, Blake, and I can see why you would envy your friends now that they’ve found happiness."

Blake chewed on his lower lip. Now that Aaron put it that way, it really did make sense. He had been content, but he hadn’t been happy. "I guess I just blocked out their happiness because it meant that I could be happy but I’m really not…" said Blake.

"You’re also envious of the fact that they’ve changed, aren’t you?" said Aaron.

That didn’t sound right. A small voice in the back of his head was telling Blake to stop listening, to get out while he still could. But this was Aaron. Blake trusted Aaron. He wanted to at least hear his counselor out.

"You told yourself that their change was going to make them miserable because you’re in denial, yourself," said Aaron. "But you don’t need to be, Blake. Remember, you can trust me. You’re in a safe space here. You can say even the things that you don’t want to say in public."

"The truth is that you’ve always known that being a faggot is wrong, haven’t you, Blake?" said Aaron. "You know that the reason you’ve been miserable this whole time is because you’ve managed to convince yourself that being homo is okay when it’s really not."

Blake struggled. Aaron’s words were poisonous. And yet, he had no reason to mistrust Aaron. Aaron had known him for years. If Aaron said so, then it must have been true. Even if Blake hadn’t been aware of it, himself. "And you got envious of your friends because you saw how much happier becoming normal made them," said Aaron.

Aaron placed a hand on Blake’s shoulder. "Don’t worry, Blake. You know you can trust me. You know that I only want what’s best for you. Let me help you become friends with Evan, Nick, and Paul again," he said.

"I’m telling you that this is the right thing to do," said Aaron. "And you know that I would never tell you anything that would hurt you. You know that I want what’s best for you. And I’m telling you that I want you to do this. I want you to let me change you back to normal."

"Believe me, Blake," said Aaron, squeezing Blake’s shoulder. "You’ve seen what it’s done for your friends. You know that straight Blake is the right Blake. Straight Blake will be happy. You know that faggot Blake is the wrong Blake. Faggot Blake will be miserable and pathetic for the rest of his life."

Blake swallowed audibly. When Aaron put it like that, he really couldn’t argue against it. He wanted to be friends with Evan, Nick, and Paul again. He wanted to be happy. He knew that straight Blake was the only Blake that could have those things. "Please," he breathed. "Please help me change," he begged.

"That’s a good faggot," said Aaron, a dark smirk twisting the corner of his lip. "Just close your eyes for me, Blake. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Just like that. And out. Relax. Let me take you deeper so that we can change you."

The loud bang of the office door smashing into the bits on the floor startled Blake out of his stupor of stoopid gooner lust. For nigh on three hours now, he’d been jerking his thick fuckpole to the playlist of straight porn that Aaron had put in front of him.

Blake was so happy that all the gross faggotry had been pounded out of his head by the subliminal track blasting in his ears, and by the glittering powder that Aaron had breathed in his face. He loved watching the tits bounce and the pussies squirt.

Two large muscular men were standing at the doorway. Blake faintly remembered them. He had seen them at the faggot café earlier that morning. He’d remembered being envious of their relationship back when he’d been wrong. Not anymore. The thought of being all lovey-dovey with another guy disgusted him. "Get the fuck out!" he screamed, angry that his jerkoff had been disturbed by a couple of fags.

"Stay there," said the bigger of the two guys that had burst into the room, pointing a finger at Blake. The guy’s hand glowed with a faint silvery sheen and Blake suddenly found that he was unable to move at all.

"Sic, boy," said the big guy, pointing at Aaron, who had taken a gun out of his desk. The other guy, a musclebound Asian, leapt across the room at Aaron before anyone could react. The gun went off with a loud crack, putting a hole in the ceiling, followed by a thump as the Asian guy pinned Aaron to the floor.

The big guy grabbed Blake’s teacup from where Blake had left it after drinking all the contents. He sniffed it and grimaced. "Nasty fucking shit," said the big guy, shaking his head as he reached for a pouch that was hanging by his waist.

The big guy retrieved a pinch of what looked like dried leaves from the pouch and crushed them between his palms. He opened his palm in front of Blake, showing the crumbled remains of the leaves, which caught fire after the big guy said a couple words. The big guy blew the smoke in Blake’s face.

As the strangely-earthy, strangely-sweet scent of the smoke filled Blake’s head and lungs, he suddenly felt quite clear and lucid. He didn’t feel nearly as horny, or as slow-minded as he had before. He still wished the fag would get out of his face, though.

"Hell, they really went overboard with you, didn’t they?" said the big guy, rubbing his thumb on Blake’s cheek. The big guy looked at his fingers and snarled. He reached for another pouch at his waist and pulled out a pinch of glittering pink-and-purple dust.

The big guy grabbed Blake by the chin and tilted Blake’s head back. He sprinkled the glitter over Blake’s eyes and took a step back, arms crossed over his chest.

As he blinked his eyes and gradually broke free of the spell and the conditioning that he’d been put through, Blake felt his cock go completely soft. He grabbed for the laptop and slammed it shut, tearing the headset from his ears. He was mortified. He had so gleefully accepted conversion.

Blake looked up at the big guy and croaked, "Thank you…"

The big guy sat down on the couch beside Blake. The cushion was so deformed by the other guy’s weight that Blake felt himself slide closer to him. "You’re welcome," said the big guy. "I just think it’s deeply offensive that they try to change someone who has fought so much to earn the pride that he has in himself."

Blake smiled ruefully. He still couldn’t stop thinking about how easy it had been to give in, how easy he had let himself get convinced that everything he’d learned was wrong. "I wish I was stronger," he said, trying his best not to go into a complete breakdown.

The big guy placed a hand on Blake’s knee. "You can’t call yourself weak when your enemy isn’t playing fair," he said. "But if you want… There’s a way that you can get stronger. There’s a way that you can make sure you have the ability to protect your friends."

Blake looked at the big guy, choking down the guilt. "Do you mean it?" he said. The big guy nodded. "How?"

"Join me," said the big guy. He gestured at the other guy, who was still on top of Aaron. "Join us."

"I…" Blake looked down at the floor. He hoped that the big guy wouldn’t be offended. He’d trusted Aaron and had gotten betrayed. He had no reason to trust a complete stranger. "I don’t even know who you are," he said.

"I’m Isaac," said the big guy, "That over there is my partner, Kevin. We’re what you would call werewolves. I’m the Alpha of our little pack. Kevin there is my omega. If you become one of us, you’ll have the power to put a stop to things like this."

Blake blinked. "Werewolves…" he muttered. "You’re shitting me, right?" he said. He looked at Isaac. Isaac didn’t look like he was joking. Not that there was much room for questioning the claim once Blake witnessed fur growing over Isaac’s arms and claws growing out of Isaac’s fingers.

Blake gulped audibly. "How can I join you?" he said.

Isaac smiled. "Oh, don’t worry. It’s not difficult at all. It might even be fun," he said, moving his hand up to Blake’s thigh. "All you’d need to do is sleep with me."

Blake felt his cheeks heat up. Not that he wouldn’t jump at the chance to sleep with such a specimen of manliness as Isaac, but he had concerns. "Aren’t you together with Kevin?" he murmured, as he saw a pair of torn pants fly up into the air from behind the desk.

Isaac grinned. "I am," he said. "Werewolves partner for life, but sex is sex is sex. It’s just plain good fun. And besides, he’s going to take care of your therapist right now."

"Please don’t let him eat Aaron," said Blake. Despite what Aaron had done to him, he still didn’t want any harm to befall his friend. "I’m sure he had a reason to do this."

"You’re right," said Isaac, as the necklace that Aaron had been wearing earlier sailed through the air from across the room. Isaac caught it. "This is their sign. The people who are going around converting gays straight," said Isaac, holding the onyx crucifix aloft before crushing it in his hand.

"They go after straight allies a lot, especially those in a position of authority like Aaron," said Isaac. "So you can rest assured that your friend didn’t do this of his own accord. But to protect him, we need to make him one of us, too. Otherwise they’d come back and just use him again."

Although it was a bit weird that Isaac was okay with turning straight people gay but not the other way around, the context of the situation made it a little bit more palatable for Blake. It made sense. If Aaron wasn’t handled properly, then even more gay guys could fall prey to it all, and Blake had experienced firsthand how easy it was to get pulled in.

"Also, what makes you think Kevin will eat him?" said Isaac. He seemed amused.

"Um, like, everything I’ve ever been taught about werewolves in movies and books?" said Blake. It was surprisingly easy to accept the supernatural once it was in front of him. But it was hard to move past the preconceptions that media had ingrained in him.

Isaac laughed. It was a very pretty laugh that made Blake’s cheeks heat up. "We’re not savages, Blake," said Isaac. "Well, if I’m being honest with you, Kevin might eat Aaron. But that just means deep-throating him. Alternatively, Kevin might eat Aaron out. He does love rimming quite a bit."

Blake looked at Isaac. For the first time in a while, he felt hope. And having seen the bond between Isaac and Kevin firsthand that morning, he could hope that he would find that, too. And if he did, he wanted to have the power to defend it.

"I’ve made up my mind," said Blake, having finally mustered the courage. He had no idea what was going to happen, or what his future was going to be like, but this felt like the right thing to do. "I want to be one of you. I want to be able to protect who I am. I want to be able to protect my friends."

"That’s the spirit," said Isaac, grinning. "Why don’t I take you home and we can do the ritual there?"

Blake shook his head. "Can we do it here?" he said. "I don’t want to spend another second afraid that someone will come in and take away everything that I’ve worked so hard for." He looked up at Isaac and saw what he could only describe as genuine admiration shining in the big guy’s eyes.

Isaac reached up with one large hand and threaded his fingers through Blake’s hair. The sensation of Isaac’s touch on his skin made Blake’s scalp tingle. "You are going to make a wonderful beta," Isaac whispered, as he leaned forward for a kiss.

When Blake’s lips met Isaac’s, the chemistry was immediate. There wasn’t a single heartbeat spent in hesitation. Blake leaned into the kiss and moaned as every nerve ending in his body seemed to come alight like fireworks. It was easily the best, most intense kiss that he’d ever had in his life.

Blake barely registered the sound of cloth tearing as Isaac removed the pants from his body. His shirt was the next to go. His underwear lasted a few seconds longer, but before long he was lying down on the couch, pinned under Isaac’s weight, completely naked.

When they broke apart, Isaac sat up and tore off his own shirt and pants. It occurred to Blake that this meant they would have to leave the office naked, but he found that he didn’t really care so much.

Isaac leaned in for another kiss and Blake just felt waves of pleasure crash over his body. This here was right. This was where he needed to be. This, he felt, was his destiny.

As they made out, Isaac and Blake grinded their crotches together, their hard cocks sliding against one another, pinned between them. The air was thick and heady with the smell of their lust, and every breath that Blake took was filled with Isaac’s intoxicating musk.

A gurgling moan from across the room distracted Blake from his sizzling hot make-out with Isaac. He could see Aaron’s head poking out from behind the desk, eyes squeezed shut, face contorted in a rictus of pleasure. Kevin’s head, in the meantime, was above the desktop, bobbing up and down as if he was bouncing on something. It took a moment for Blake to realize what was happening.

"Can you fuck me over Aaron’s desk?" said Blake, reaching up to cup the side of Isaac’s face. "I want you to change us both at the same time."

"As you wish, my beta," said Isaac. Blake’s arms and legs flailed as Isaac lifted him off the couch with little to no effort. He felt weightless for a second, and the next thing that he knew, he had been gently let down and bent over the edge of the desk.

Blake looked down at Aaron and Kevin. The other werewolf was riding Aaron’s rigid pole like his life depended on it, slamming his ass down on Aaron’s hips with every bounce. Meanwhile, Blake licked his lips and moaned as he felt Isaac’s hot breath on his ass cheeks.

Fingers pried Blake’s cheeks apart, and a tongue left a hot, wet trail up and down his crack. He squirmed as it swirled around his pucker, teasing him, making him twitch.

Isaac lapped at Blake’s hole for a good minute or so, truly loosening it up before thrusting his thick tongue, formed into a point, into the winking ring of muscle. Blake cried out, his hard cock thumping on the underside of the desktop as pre-cum dripped out of him.

Blake locked eyes with Aaron as Isaac’s tongue swirled around his insides, leaving him dizzy with desire. Aaron looked up at Blake, tears in his eyes, and mouthed "I’m sorry."

"It’s…" Blake gasped as Isaac’s tongue thrust deeper inside him. "It’s okay, I know it wasn’t your fault." Blake whimpered. "We’re going to be okay now."

Two large, meaty hands clapped onto either side of Blake’s hips as Isaac straightened up from his crouching position. Blake could feel Isaac’ sizable manhood rubbing up and down his crack, slicked with spit and the copious amounts of pre-cum practically streaming from the tip of his cock.

"This might hurt a little," said Isaac. "But I promise that it will get better."

Blake looked over his shoulder and grinned. "It’s okay," he said, though looking at Isaac’s endowment he could tell that it was going to split him in half. "I’m not a virgin," he said.

Isaac let go of one of Blake’s hips. He pushed Blake’s torso flat against the table as he lined up his cock with Blake’s hole. As he prepared to be penetrated, Blake reached down and grabbed Aaron’s hand, squeezing it as Isaac’s cock slowly pushed into him.

The buildup of pressure was agonizing, but it hurt even more when Blake’s hole finally gave way and Isaac’s huge cock popped into him. Blake’s whole body tensed. His toes curled. His cock shot a glob of pre-cum as he practically screamed.

"Shh. Shh. Shh," said Isaac, gently rubbing Blake’s back up and down. "It’s going to get better soon," he cooed.

After what felt like an eternity of his insides being rearranged around Isaac’s massive cock, Blake felt Isaac’s hips against his. He had felt like he would not live to feel the base of that cock resting against his hole, but here he was.

"This is where it starts to feel better," said Isaac, as he leaned over Blake and licked the crook of Blake’s neck. He started moving his hips, gently rolling them back and forth, pulling and pushing on Blake’s hole with his cock.

Slowly, the thrusts became longer, faster, and harder. The pain dwindled into pleasure. Blake squeezed Aaron’s hand not for help with the pain, but because he was powerless to do anything else as rapture built inside of his own body.

In and out. In and out. Harder and faster with every thrust until Isaac was openly rutting into Blake. Blake could barely handle it. He felt like he was going to explode. It felt good. So good. And he could tell that Aaron was close too, with Kevin riding him like a madman.

In sync, Kevin and Isaac leaned over their respective prey and bit down on that space where the neck met the shoulder. Blake’s entire body was filled with searing pleasure. He scarcely felt himself coming. It was nothing compared to the sheer rapturous bliss that he felt as Isaac’s teeth dug into his flesh and drew blood.

Isaac’s cock inside of Blake started to pulse and throb. It grew bigger. Impossibly harder. And then something at the base of it began to swell. Isaac stopped thrusting as much, mostly because the swelling was making it impossible to pull out.

A moment later, Blake felt it. Hot cum flooding into his insides. It was like a torrent of white-hot magma filling him up from his ass. There was so much of it he felt like it would overflow his stomach and bubble out of his throat, but eventually the flow dwindled to a trickle and stopped.

Isaac took a step back from the desk and Blake had no choice but to follow. They were tied together. Blake realized that he had been knotted. As he struggled to stand on his own two feet, Blake felt Isaac’s arms prop him up, Isaac’s hands rubbing his stomach. "Don’t worry little pup," said Isaac, "You’ll be strong enough to stand on your own very soon."

And just like Isaac had promised, within a minute, as the heat from Isaac’s cum spread through his body, Blake began to change. It started with his height. The room seemed to shrink around him as he grew a few inches. Then, he started to sweat.

Rivulets of sweat dripped down Blake’s body as fat melted from his flesh. For a moment, he looked somewhat emaciated, until his body swelled with muscle. It started with his hands and feet, which grew bigger, more masculine. Then, his arms and legs, which became thick and bulging with strength.

Blake’s chest soon followed, leaving him with firm, pillowy pecs. Then there was his abdomen, his stomach rippling until a set of tight washboard abs had appeared on his body. Down between Blake’s legs, he felt his balls drop low. Then, his cock started to swell. He could scarcely believe the erection that he was staring at. The huge cock jutting out of his crotch could not have been his. He grabbed it and moaned at just how sensitive it was.

Finally, even though he couldn’t see it, Blake felt his ass expand. It got bigger. Tighter. More muscular. His hole clamped tight around the base of Isaac’s knot.

But more significant than all the physical changes were the mental ones. Now, Blake felt powerful. He felt like he could conquer the world if he wanted to, but he didn’t. The most important thing was that he could now protect everything that he held dear against those that would take them from him.

Isaac stopped holding Blake up. The new werewolf was now strong enough to stand on his own. But Isaac’s hands didn’t leave Blake’s torso. They traveled up his cobbled abs and squeezed his firm pecs tight.

Blake shivered, his cock dripping with pre-cum as Isaac leaned in. "We made sure not to finish off Aaron’s transformation," said Isaac. "I could do it for you, if you want me to. Or, better yet, you could breed him. Make him your mate."

Blake’s cock jumped. It seemed to like that idea. Blake had to agree. "He’s going to be messed up by this whole thing for a while. He’s going to need a lot of care. A lot of support. He’s going to need to know that it isn’t his fault," said Isaac.

"I know," said Blake, as he looked at Aaron, who had seemingly passed out on the floor. "He’s taken care of me for so long. I think it’s just right that I return the favor."

Blake glanced over his shoulder at Isaac. "I’ll take care of him, now. Thank you for everything."

Isaac pinched Blake’s nipples. "You’re welcome," he said. "But no need to rush, little guy. We’re tied together for a while yet. And I want to play with you still. You’re okay with that, aren’t you, Blake?"

Blake leaned back and rested his head on Isaac’s chest. It was definitely bigger than his. "Yes, Alpha," he whispered, with a smile on his face.

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