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I am so tired of being alone… Is there some way that the pink fairy could turn me into a muscular faggot slut that all men want to fuck?

Story Request by @magasofshadow

When he was young, Philip’s parents had impressed upon him the vital importance of good academic standing. They said that it was necessary for a good future. Being a stupid, naïve kid who thought that adults were the wisest creatures on the planet and knew exactly what they were doing, Philip took the message to heart.

Philip focused on getting good grades nearly to the exclusion of everything else. It wasn’t until he graduated from college and floundered around between multiple part-time jobs that he realized that adults really had no fucking clue what they were doing for the most part.

The unfortunate thing was that to get there, Philip had sacrificed pretty much all social interaction in pursuit of a perfect GPA that ended up not mattering much, anyway. He was alone most of the time, and while at first it had been okay, as the years went by, the weight of loneliness on his shoulders became more and more of a burden.

Landing a job in the field of his choice helped Philip with the loneliness for a while. But even there, among people that liked the same things that he did, Philip had trouble making any friends at all.

It was there that, while interacting with a handsome coworker, Philip came to terms with his sexuality. He was a bit late to the party, in his late twenties, and it just made the loneliness more difficult to bear. At least before, sex and romance hadn’t played much of a part in his day to day life, now, they made the nights almost impossible to bear.

It was during one such lonely night that Philip made a vain wish that his life could change. He’d been watching a lot of porn and wondered what life would be like as one of those muscle-bound sluts that he always saw being gang-banged.

The very next day, Philip woke up as though he had been struck by lightning. There was cold sweat trickling down the curve of his spine, and there was a dream, faintly drifting at the corners of his consciousness, fading as he tried to blink the sleep out of his eyes.

Philip remembered the vivid neon-pink light of the sign above the door of a weird sex shop in a lifeless city. He remembered the sensation of ice-cold rain on his skin. But the more awake he got, the less he remembered of the strange dream that he had had.

When he got out of bed, Philip felt lighter on his two feet than he ever had in the last couple of years. He was energized. And when he looked at himself in the mirror, instead of feeling depressed, he felt inspired to do something about the couple of pounds of lard that he had put on since college.

Later that day, after work, Philip went to the gym for the first time. He was put under the care of a tall, green-eyed brunet named Zak. Zak, as it happened, had quite a strong personality. The first thing that he said upon shaking Philip’s hand was, "You’re not a fag, are you? Wouldn’t want to be dealing with that kind of shit."

Philip had struggled to formulate a response until Zak patted him on the shoulder and said, "I’m just messin’ with ya. I’d be glad to teach a fag a thing or two about men’s bodies."

Things got better once the two of them actually started on a workout, as Philip found it quite easy to tune Zak out while he was doing his reps.

Philip ended up liking the gym more than he anticipated. He came back the next day. And the next. He was assigned to a few other trainers during that time, but after a while, he started asking for Zak since he didn’t really get the same kind of rapport out of the others.

There was just something about Zak that got Philip’s engine going, and it certainly wasn’t intelligent conversation. Zak was the typical fratboy conservative, with the backwards red cap, American flag-themed apparel, and all. But he just did something for Philip that Philip didn’t understand at all.

The confusion was worthwhile, though. Philip made a lot of progress on his body. And he genuinely enjoyed the exercise, spending more and more time at the gym every week. He lost the flab, but seeming at the cost of productivity at work. Most days he sat at his desk wondering about his next workout.

Getting fired didn’t really matter much to Philip by the time that his work ethic caught up to him. At the very least he’d been saving up enough to have a little nest egg he could use while he looked for work that would be more accommodating of his gym schedule.

One more major change in Philip’s life since starting his bodybuilding was how horny he was in his day-to-day life. Usually he was horniest in the mornings and before bed, but now he felt a constant buzz of arousal. Much of his free time was being spent jerking off in his apartment.

One day, Philip stopped to take a look at himself in the mirror. He’d changed. A lot. He still wore his glasses, but his face was a lot more angular. His lips looked fuller. His body was swollen with muscle. His ass was nice and thick. Just like the guys in the porn that he watched.

Later, as he was doing his reps on the bench, Philip noticed Zak’s crotch hovering just above his head. The sight sent a shock of pleasure straight to Philip’s cock, making his gym shorts tent out, the pouch of his jockstrap barely able to contain his big cock.

"I knew it. You were a fag," said Zak, shaking his head. Somehow, being called that just made Philip’s cock harder. "Come on. We need to have a serious talk," said Zak, tapping Philip on the shoulder.

Philip meekly got up off the bench and followed Zac to a nearby supply closet. "Here’s how it’s going to be," said Zac, closing the door behind the both of them. "I like fags. But it’s a lot of work dealing with one. You’re going to need to pay up for all the extra work that I’ll be doing on you. And you’ll have to pay for lying to me all this time, too."

Every word just made Philip harder. He handed Zak all the cash that he had on him that night and promised that he would cough up more, nearly coming in his shorts as he did so. Zak just smiled at him and patted him on the head. "Oh, and just because I like you, I’d be willing to give you the privilege of sucking my cock for a good amount of cash." That pushed him off the edge.

By the end of the week, Zak had bled Philip dry of all the money that he’d saved. And with rent due around the corner, Philip was left with nowhere to go. It was miserable, and yet through the whole time, Philip was hard as a rock. And he didn’t miss a single session at the gym.

Zak came up with a solution once Philip asked if he could get some of the money back to make the rent payment. That was how Philip found himself living with Zak and a couple other like-minded bros in a building downtown. Since he couldn’t pay for rent, they found another way for him to pay them back, and Philip ended up being the building’s muscle fag.

There wasn’t a day that Philip wasn’t being fucked all over the place, and he loved every moment of it. He loved the verbal abuse, the insults, the degradation. He reveled in the subservience of it all.

Once he was settled, the guys forced Philip to put on a cam show to start making money. Not that he ever saw any of it. Every penny he made went back into paying the gracious straight guys that were letting him stay in their apartment.

Philip couldn’t be happier. It was far from the bright future he was supposed to have, the ambitions that he couldn’t even remember anymore. But at least he wasn’t alone anymore.

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