Anniversary to Remember

I am in a relationship with a woman, but secretly the only way to get to an orgasm is imagining a hot dominant master with me as a submissive pup or sissy.

Can you please transform me so I embrace my position as submissive white boy (or sissy girl) who’s accepted by everybody?

Story Request by @Thomas

Ever since graduating college, life had been okay for Cole. He had managed to land a steady job working in IT, had gotten married to a wonderful woman, decided never to have kids in this state of the economy, and had gone on a few hikes in nearby national parks on the couple of weeks vacation he could put together every year. Life had been okay. But that was it. Perfectly mediocre. Not particularly exciting. Okay.

As far as Cole could tell, the people around him actually liked that. He was following the script, for the most part, doing what people liked to think successful, well-adjusted, happy individuals did. The only sticking point was the kids thing, but for the most part he and his wife just avoided the subject altogether. If those people knew the kind of thoughts that ripped through his head at a hundred miles an hour whenever he had sex with his wife, they would lose their minds.

Cole had a secret. He’d been holding it close to his chest ever since he saw a friend in high school get bashed for having the audacity to be out at thirteen. He liked men. He loved men. He lusted for men. He liked women, too, and maybe that was how he’d managed to survive the burden of his secret for so long, but recently it was getting harder and harder to deny that the other part of him, the less-than-milquetoast part of him, existed.

Maybe a more exciting life would have distracted Cole from his base desires, but as it was, mediocrity left a lot of time for fantasizing. The first few years after college hadn’t been so bad, but now he couldn’t even get it hard without imagining a hot, dominant man standing in the bedroom, ordering him to do his wife. He had to do something, but for all his inner turmoil, he genuinely loved his wife and didn’t want to see her hurt.

Cole had resigned himself to the notion that he would never get to explore the other side of his sexuality when he came across a small online community, almost entirely at random. It was the kind of message-board that he would have normally scoffed at, having a background in science. But everyone seemed so convinced of what they were saying; the photographic evidence looked too good for mere fabrications.

There couldn’t possibly be any harm in it, Cole told himself. If he was right, and it was all just an elaborate hoax, then he would have nothing but a small bruise on his pride. If, somehow, the nagging voice in the back of his head was right, and it was all true, then he had everything to gain. And if he managed to formulate his wish just right, it would mean that he didn’t have to hurt his wife to get what he wanted, either.

It took two days for Cole to figure out exactly what he wanted to ask for, and how he would ask for it. The next time that his wife was out of town, visiting family, he stripped down, put on gay BDSM, and stroked his cock. He edged for what felt like forever, until he could barely think. When he finally felt like he couldn’t hold back, he called out to the Cael Sídhe to grant his wish as he sprayed hot cum all over his chest and stomach.

Cole’s wife returned and a few weeks passed with no apparent difference. He had to admit that even though he wasn’t expecting any real success, he was disappointed that nothing whatsoever had changed. That was what he got for getting sucked into internet conspiracy theories. He should have gone with his first instinct and not gotten his hopes up at all.

On the day of the anniversary of Cole’s wedding, he woke up in a cold sweat. The sky outside his window only had the first streaks of dawn’s grey light. He had had a dream. He didn’t remember much, but he did recall that it was so vivid. He remembered being in a lifeless city, standing at the crossroads of two streets that shouldn’t exist, icy-cold raindrops splattering on his naked skin. He blinked the sleep from his eyes, and just like that, the memory faded.

Cole had meant to get up early, anyway. He wanted to make his wife breakfast in bed, and the strange dream was quickly pushed aside to make room for thoughts about what to make. They had both taken the day off so that they could actually celebrate unlike previous years, and in a way he was looking forward to the day.

Cole and his wife would have been more than happy to stay at home for the rest of the day, but on a whim, Cole decided that maybe it was time for them to splurge a little. His wife hadn’t been too keen on the idea, but they were still on the way to the mall a few hours before lunch. The topic of where to eat came up on the drive, but as per usual, his wife was quite indecisive about the matter.

They did a little bit of shopping before noon came around, and Cole was immediately reminded of why they didn’t do this very often. It wasn’t just that they didn’t have all that much income to throw around, there was also the fact that his wife just couldn’t seem to decide what she wanted, making things take much longer than they should have. On their way to the food court, though, his wife took initiative on something for a change.

There was a pretty well-known sex shop in the mall that the two of them had gone to, and when they passed by it, Cole’s wife said that she wanted to go in and take a look around. Cole had always been the one to initiate sex, so this was a pleasant change of pace. He didn’t think anything of it and accompanied his wife into the store, where she immediately seemed to gravitate to something on one of the shelves.

Once he caught up, Cole saw that his wife was holding a box with a dog collar and leash in it. She looked at him and said, "I want this." There was no uncertainty in her tone, and no vacillation whatsoever. It took Cole a moment to realize what she was saying. "I’ve been thinking of spicing things up, if you get my meaning," she said, walking two fingers up Cole’s chest. "I’ll be waiting outside."

As his wife was walking away, Cole stared after her with wide eyes. "Is this for you, or for me?" he said.

Cole’s wife looked over her shoulder at him. Her eyes were smoldering. "Guess you’ll have to wait to find out," she said, with a small smirk.

Cole had a chub in his pants by the time that he got to the cashier to pay for the collar. "Looks like you’ve got a keeper, boy," said the scruffy, middle-aged man currently in charge of the till. Cole blushed, his cock twitching as he made his way out of the store to meet back up with his wife.

"Sam," said Cole. "Sam, wait," he said, finally managing to catch up to his wife with the collar in hand. He gently grabbed her arm and she turned around to face him. He raised the box in front of his face. He didn’t really know why he hadn’t gotten it bagged. Only his thumb was keeping the receipt in place. "This… This is new," he said.

"Yeah," said Sam. She smiled, making Cole’s heart skip a beat. "I thought we could use new in our lives… Anyway, we should probably go eat. I was thinking we could go order from that new Thai stall at the food court," she said. She didn’t even ask for Cole’s opinion, and Cole couldn’t help but grin like an idiot. Whatever was going on, he liked it.

"E-Excuse me, sir, but what do you think you’re doing?" said Cole. He’d been watching the tall, buff, blond gentleman out of the corner of his eye and hadn’t noticed the beeline the man was making for his table. His wife had gone off to purchase their meal herself, had told him to take a seat because he deserved the break. "That seat is taken," he said.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny, Cole," said the man. The man hooked his foot on the back leg of the chair opposite Cole and slid it back away from the table with an easy confidence as he set the tray down. "Now cut it out. People are starting to look at us."

Cole blinked. That was not the response that he had been expecting at all. "Look, man, I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, but I don’t know you. Like I said, that seat is already taken. I’m here with my wife. And I’m going to have to ask you to leave," he said.

"Oh. Is that how it is? I’m the wife in this relationship?" said the man, with a raised eyebrow. "Definitely doesn’t feel that way when we’re in bed together. Why don’t you just drop the act already and eat your pho. I bet you’re just hungry."

A wave of dizziness washed over Cole. He clutched his forehead as the world seemed to spin around him. A strong hand gripped his forearm, helping to keep him steady. Once it passed, Cole looked up. The people that he could have sworn were looking at him strangely seemed to be absorbed in their own business, now. "Are you okay, honey?" said the man sitting in front of him.

"S-Sam?" Cole said, squinting at the handsome blond. He could have sworn he was married to a woman, not a man… But at the same time, the memories that he had of times spent with this beautiful Adonis couldn’t possibly all be wrong. "I—Sorry. I don’t know what came over me," he said.

"Like I said," said Sam, already eating his spicy pad thai, "I think you’re just hungry. Go on. Eat."

Seeing as it made about as much sense as anything else, Cole did as his husband told him to and dug in.

Even after lunch, while clothes shopping, Cole was still a bit unsteady and unfocused. He found it more difficult than usual to articulate what he wanted and ended up flipping back and forth on a few articles of clothing that had caught his eye in the first store that they visited. Sam was a saint, waiting for him to come to a conclusion before heading them off to the next store.

Sam wanted to buy a few things from the store that they had gone to, but he didn’t take nearly as long as Cole had in the first one. Sam seemed to know exactly what he wanted, and described as much to one of the associates on the floor. He went and tried them on and was out and paid in less than ten minutes total.

When it was Cole’s turn again, the pressure from seeing Sam go so quickly made it even more difficult to make up his mind. Sam was patient, again, but Cole could tell his husband was getting testy at his constant flip-flopping. But he couldn’t help it. Both the tops looked super nice, and fit great on him. There was always the option of buying both, but he didn’t want to seem greedy since Sam was paying for him.

Eventually, Cole managed to make up his mind and forced himself to walk out of the store despite having second thoughts after paying for the crop top. Sam went through the next store like a bolt of lightning, putting even more pressure on Cole to decide faster. Only, the additional pressure had the exact opposite effect.

At some point in choosing between two pairs of short shorts, Sam got fed up with Cole’s constant back-and-forth and decided to take matters into his own hands. He took Cole up to the clothes racks, told him to pick out ones that he thought looked cute, and said that he was going to make it easy and decide for Cole, which seemed like a reasonable compromise in Cole’s mind. It at least helped take the load of making decisions off his shoulders.

For the first time since lunch, Cole walked out quite happy with his purchases, even though Sam had been the one to decide what he would buy. The next shop that Cole went through, Sam completely skipped asking him what he wanted to wear and instead picked outfits out for Cole. Cole liked the clothes enough and was feeling quite good about Sam being so assertive that he didn’t complain.

Cole did have concerns that they didn’t have enough money to pay for this, given the fact that he didn’t really have much of a high-paying job. It wasn’t until Sam pulled out a fancy gold-plated credit card that Cole remembered that Sam had, in fact, managed to land a high-profile corporate job recently.

His arms laden with new clothes for him to put on for Sam’s pleasure, Cole practically skipped out of the mall with Sam close behind. He was looking forward to whatever Sam had planned for the both of them later that evening.

When they got back to their expansive manor by the beach, Sam excused himself to the home office while Cole went up to the master bedroom to try out his new clothes. He pulled his phone out from his pocket and stripped out of the silly jeans and shirt that he’d worn out with Sam. He didn’t even remember why he’d worn such basic clothes out to the fucking mall.

When Cole opened his phone, he saw that he had quite a few notifications waiting for him. For a moment, he was excited, thinking that his followers had liked and commented on his recent pictures. He was disappointed to find that they were just mostly alerts about "ticket" things that were about computers. He didn’t really get it, so he just deleted the notifications, signed out of the app that produced them, and actually even went and uninstalled the app altogether.

Cole actually had to uninstall quite a few apps from his phone. They were weird learn to code kinds of apps, that was just so boring. There were also math apps and logic puzzle apps. Maybe Sam put them there because Sam was super smart and all, but Cole wasn’t very good at either so he just tossed those apps, too.

When he opened his favorite photo-sharing social media app Pitcha, Cole was shocked to find pictures of this boring straight nerd on his profile. He looked like a basic lump of human, if Cole was being honest. The guy had no definition at all in his shirtless pics, and he didn’t really have an ass to speak of. He was kinda cute, but that was about it. His wife was a pretty woman, though, as far as Cole could tell.

Still, none of that changed the fact that all of Cole’s pictures and followers were gone! He sat on the bed and huffed, tears in the corners of his eyes. He phoned up Sam and waited for his husband to pick up. "Someone hacked my Pitcha!" he complained. "It’s full of these pictures of this straight loser… What do I do?"

"You called me for this?" said Sam. Cole sniffled. "Aw. Shit. Sorry, babe. I know this stuff is important to you. But think about it this way. There were some pictures that you didn’t like before, right? Just think of this as starting fresh. With new pictures that you like. I don’t think you’ll have a problem getting all those followers back since you’re so cute."

Cole sniffled again, but couldn’t help the small smile that worked its way onto his lips. "Thanks, Daddy," he said, "that helps." Just like that, the sadness evaporated, and Cole found himself almost singularly focused on taking the perfect first picture to capture the rebirth of his profile. He rooted through the bags of clothes that Sam had bought for him and pulled out a pastel blue jockstrap, bubblegum-pink booty shorts.

To bring it all together, Cole picked out this cute little bubblegum-pink crop top with a stylized, cartoonish "Bubble" printed in front in pastel blue. Cole stepped out of the weird boxers that he was wearing and pulled the jockstrap up his legs. It fit nicely around his thick bubble butt, the straps framing his perfect booty that the booty shorts he pulled on next struggled to accommodate.

Cole’s butt was so perfectly bouncy that the bottom half of his cheeks were practically dropping out the bottom of the booty shorts, showing off the pastel blue straps of the jockstrap, just the way that he wanted. The crop top also fit him quite nicely, fitting perfectly around his slender shoulders, showing off his tight, smooth tummy.

Cole held his phone out at arm’s length and made sure that he was posed correctly in the frame of the front-facing camera. When he was satisfied, he took the picture and uploaded it to Pitcha, adding a whole barrage of tags that included "#booty boi" and "#bubble boi."

Just before they were to leave for dinner, Cole was sitting naked on the edge of the bed, waiting for Sam to finish dressing up and tell him what he was going to wear. Sam came out of the closet wearing a wonderfully-fitted suit and tie. He looked absolutely like the model CEO that he was.

"I want to wear something sexy tonight," said Cole, knowing that ultimately, his preferences didn’t really matter since Sam was going to pick out all the clothes that he would wear for the evening, anyway.

Sam just smirked at Cole. He walked over to the nightstand and pulled something out. It was a leather bag. He unzipped it and dumped the pieces of a pretty pink chastity cage onto his palm. It was small, nice and cute like Cole’s little dicklet.

Cole didn’t fight when Sam locked the cage around his nub. In fact, he shivered in pleasure as Sam did so. Then, Sam tossed Cole what Cole assumed would be the rest of his outfit, a frilly pink collar with a bow in front and a pink leash attached. There was also a pair of practically-transparent pink lace panties that he distinctly remembered Sam picking out at the sex boutique that they’d visited earlier in the day.

Cole’s nub strained in its cage as he pulled on the panties, only then noticing that there was a hole in the back. "Oh. Let’s not forget this," said Sam, holding up a bright pink tail plug that made Cole’s asshole twitch. It went in without a hitch. When everything was said and done, Sam reached up around Cole’s neck and buckled the collar into place. By the time that they had made it downstairs and to the limo that was waiting, Cole was already leaking all over the place.

The place that Sam took Cole was every bit as fancy as all the places they’d eaten for previous anniversaries. There was a plush red carpet rolled all the way out to the sidewalk, which explained why Sam hadn’t bothered to give Cole knee pads or any type of footwear at all.

When Sam exited the vehicle, Cole followed close behind him on all fours. The maître d’ greeted Sam at the door and petted Cole’s head as they went in. Inside was a luxurious dining hall filled with all sorts of handsome men and pretty boys, just like Cole. He wagged his ass back and forth as Sam took him to a fancifully decorated table.

"Sit," Sam commanded, pointing to the plush cushion that was placed on the floor beside his chair by the server that had accompanied them in. Cole did as he was commanded, tingling with pleasure at being an obedient little pup. Once he was settled, Sam petted the back of his head and stroked his hair. "Good girl," said Sam, with a smirk, making Cole moan quietly.

Throughout dinner, Sam occasionally fed Cole from a bowl of sweet fruits that had been provided him by the servers while he ate a beautiful cut of meat that the smell of made Cole’s mouth water. "You’ll get your meal later," Sam would assure Cole whenever a new dish was brought out that made Cole’s stomach grumble. "But we can’t have you eating too much before the evening’s entertainment."

After dinner, Sam excused himself to the bathroom. He told Cole to stay, leaving Cole behind, confused, alone, and slightly scared. When Sam returned, Cole was so relieved that he was back that he scarcely noticed what Sam was wearing and where Sam was taking him until they reached the stage and he was tied down on the breeding bench.

By then, Cole was too turned on to complain. Not that he would have, anyway, as Sam’s cock, long, thick, and just the right shape for his ass, entered him. Sam fucked him long and hard to the cheering of the high society men that were present, and all Cole could think about was how good it felt.

Sam leaned over Cole and whispered in his ear, "You’ve been such a good girl, and it’s a special occasion, so just this once… You can come."

Cole let out a little squeal of delight and moaned as all the pent-up horniness, the arousal of his tight little body, dribbled out of his caged nub. His dicklet throbbed, but with the cage in the way, all that the cum could do was impotently drip out of him, soaking into the front of his panties.

As Sam pounded Cole’s hole, the last of Cole’s old identity leaked out of him, setting into stone the new reality that his wish had constructed.

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