Personalized Sleeve pt. 4

The story reaches its conclusion as Harry and Edward are involved in a rather exciting reunion with some of the men that were touched by the sleeve’s magic. Harry’s transformation runs its course, too, sealing his fate once and for all.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

Clothes didn’t stay on for very long—not when the sexual energy in the room was so high and there was a naked bitch on all fours right in the middle of everyone.

Edward walked over to one of the guys that had fucked Harry while he was away. “Nice hefty pair,” he said, cupping Tay’s balls in one hand while he used the other to rub his fingers over Tay’s cobbled abs. “Harry told me you met in the supermarket. You still work there?”

Tay flashed Edward a grin. He pushed his hips out, giving Edward better access to play with his cock. His own hands wandered, wrapping around Edward’s girth to give it a few tugs. “You’re not so bad yourself. I can see why he likes you.”

He shook his head at the question. “Nah, man. Figured I could do pretty well for myself if I started charging the buckets that couldn’t get enough of me.” Tay chuckled. “I actually brought a couple of bottles. Thought they might help spice things up.”

Edward glanced at the wicker basket in question. He had to hand it to Tay, the presentation was spot-on. It looked like a proper basket of milk bottles, even though they all knew what it was, in actuality.

He moved on to the next guy, a familiar face he’d been hoping would show up. “Maxxie,” he said, coming up behind the “Coffee Twink” so he could push his stiff cock into the cleft of the young man’s ass cheeks. “You’re gonna let me get a turn at that sweet hole, right?”

Maxxie chuckled. “Why not take it now?” he said, pressing his ass back against Edward’s cock as he reached over to grab one of Tay’s milk bottles.

He took a sip of it, eyes widening in surprise. “Oh, shit. That’s great,” he said as he licked his lips. “You and I gotta talk later, man. I might have just found a new creamer to use at the shop,” he said to Tay as Edward moved on to greet the other guests.

Edward grabbed the next guest by the back of the neck and planted an aggressively possessive kiss on his lips while simultaneously grabbing a palmful of the man’s ass. “Enjoying the view?” he said.

Zimmy nodded, his hand wandering up to Edward’s chest to pinch and tweak a nipple. Zimmy used to be Francis’ secretary, which Edward supposed meant that Zimmy was his secretary now.

Either way, Zimmy was the first guy in the office to learn that Edward was taking over for their boss. He was also the first one to make use of Edward’s fucked-gaping sloppy seconds.

The last two guests, Amir and Raph, had hit it off and were talking amongst one another. Amir was the pilot of the flight Edward had taken back home, while Raph was the ex-fiancé of the upset woman Edward had encountered at the front desk of his hotel.

Edward grabbed both men by the waist and planted a kiss on each. “Enjoying yourselves?” he said.

Amir nodded. “Oh yeah. Being up there’s great, but it’s got nothing on this view,” he said as he inclined his head toward Harry on the floor.

“Gotta say, man, you’re a lifesaver. You really helped me dodge a bullet with, you know,” said Raph, his hand wandering down Edward’s torso, fingers dipping into the ridges and crevices of his abs.

“It was my pleasure,” said Edward with a little smirk. He released both men and cleared his throat. “Take a seat, gentlemen. Let’s get started.”

The faint murmur of conversation settled, followed by the scraping of chairs being drawn up in a circle around Harry.

“You boys probably don’t believe in magic,” said Edward. He stepped away from the circle for a moment to retrieve his sleeve. “But what if I tell you I can prove it’s real?”

Maxxie snorted. “I didn’t know we were here about a sex cult,” he said.

Edward winked. “It’s only a cult if you want it to be,” he said. “But believe it or not, this sleeve is special. It’s magically linked to my boyfriend’s ass. He experiences everything sexual that happens to this thing.”

From the skeptical looks he was getting, Edward knew he’d have to do better. “Let me demonstrate,” he said. He removed the cap on the sleeve and rubbed his finger in slow circles around the rim of the slightly dilated hole."

Harry visibly tensed, a low moan spilling from his lips as he arched his back and pushed his ass higher into the air.

“You certainly know how to put on a show,” said Amir.

“It’s not just a show,” said Edward with a little smirk. He uncapped a tube of lube and squirted a considerable amount into the channel of the sleeve. “Someone put their cock inside,” he said, holding the sleeve up.

“Don’t mind if I do,” said Raph. He had the quickest hand of the bunch and saw the others looking. He shrugged. “Just saying. If it really is a magic sleeve, is it really so weird to want first ride?”

The explanation seemed enough to satisfy the others. There was a wet squelch followed by a lewd moan from Harry as Raph lowered the sleeve onto his rock-hard cock.

The lube made it easy but the sleeve itself was so accommodating there was barely any resistance. “Fuck,” Raph grunted. “This feels like the real fucking thing.”

“Holy shit!” said Tay. “Look! Its hole is opening up!”

Zimmy got up from his chair and walked around to take a look. “Wow. You’re right. Hey. Raph, right? Can you pull out?”

Raph gritted his teeth. “Harder than you think, man,” he said. “It feels so fucking good. I wanna fucking mount the stupid thing already.”

Edward watched the scene play out with a wide grin. He was right to invite this bunch. It was already so hot and they hadn’t even started properly yet.

Amir reached over and grabbed the plastic shell of the sleeve. “Let me take care of it,” he said, pulling the sleeve off of Raph’s cock.

“Look, it closed up!” Maxxie exclaimed. His voice was giddy with excitement.

“Put your cock inside again!” said Zimmy. The energy, it seemed, was infectious.

“It opened!” Tay said with a laugh. “Holy shit, you were right, it is magic,” he said.

Edward grinned. “What did I tell you?” he said.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuuuck,” Raph moaned. He was gripping the sides of his seat with white-knuckled fists and he’d thrown his head back. ‘I’m gonna fucking come!"

Amir grinned. Once they’d established that the sleeve was magic, he’d pounded the tight rubber channel up and down Raph’s cock.

His efforts were already bearing fruit as Raph thrust his hips, lifting his ass a good couple of inches off the chair to bury his cock as deep into the rubber sleeve as he could. “Fuck yeah! Take that fat load, you freaky rubber bitch!” he cried out.

The part of Raph’s cock that wasn’t buried inside the sleeve pulsed visibly. His balls, too. Cum began leaking out past the sides of Raph’s dick around the same time that it started leaking out of Harry’s hole, too.

Fuck, that’s hot,” said Maxxie.

Harry was a mess. He was surrounded by cocks—large, juicy cocks he wanted nothing more than to ride or choke on—and yet he couldn’t have any of them.

He whined, arching his back and pushing his ass further into the air. At least he got to feel them slamming inside him while they played with the sleeve.

It felt every bit as good as being fucked by a real cock but what was missing was the feedback. The only part of him linked to the sleeve was his hole. He could feel the cocks pounding in and out of him, stirring up his guts, but he wouldn’t feel the grip on his hips, or the force of those thrusts slamming into his ass.

With so many hot men around him, the only thing he wanted was for one of them to grab him and use him like they were using the fleshlight but Edward had made clear that no one was going to be touching him until later in the evening. All he could do was whine, mewl, moan, and buck his hips into the air like a desperate little whore.

“Please!” Harry whined, his fingers curling against the tufts of the rug Edward had placed in the middle of the space. “Fuck me. Harder. Please.”

“Yeah, bitch? You want more? You want fucking harder?” said Maxxie. He was the one with the sleeve in hand at the moment, and the rubber channel was just about stretched to its limit around the coffee twink’s considerable girth.

“Yes! Please! Oh, fuck. Destroy me with your cock, please!” Harry moaned. He turned so that his ass would be facing Maxxie and shook his hips, hoping that the show would inspire Maxxie to go even harder.

“You asked for it, cunt,” said Maxxie. He practically growled as he tightened his grip on the plastic shell and went to town.

The other guys cheered and egged him on. Edward, in particular, joined in when he heard the creaking of the plastic shell of the sleeve. “Fuck yeah, Coffee Twink! Think you can break that sleeve with that fat dick?” he said.

Maxxie grinned at Edward. “Wanna bet?”

Edward chuckled. “Hundred quid says you can’t,” he said.

“Hundred quid says I can!” said Maxxie. He walked around his chair and braced the sleeve against the backrest. The plastic shell creaked and protested with every violent thrust of his hips. It was little wonder, given how much use and abuse it had received all night long.

Harry, at the same time, felt a strange sort of pressure building up in his groin and thigh. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it was intense. It flared every time he felt Maxxie’s cock slide inside him and only continued to build from there.

It got to the point that Harry wasn’t sure he was going to be able to take it anymore, and then there was an almighty crack. Just like that, the sensation vanished—and all feeling in Harry’s legs along with it.

Harry’s eyes widened. A moan escaped him. He couldn’t feel or move his legs and instead of being terrified, all he was, was turned on. It wasn’t just the sleeve itself that was connected to his body. The shell was, too.

“Holy shit, I think you broke it,” said Tay. And from the way he said it, Harry didn’t think Tay was talking about the fleshlight.

“That’s so fucking hot,” said Edward. Normally, he would have been beside himself with worry that Harry had been hurt. Not so, this time. And indeed, in the days leading up to this visit, Edward had been decidedly less thoughtful and more forceful, instead.

Edward grabbed the sleeve from Maxxie and said, “My turn.” He slammed his cock—substantially bigger than Maxxie’s, as it was—and the crack on the shell only grew. At the same time, the numbness in Harry’s legs traveled halfway up his torso.

Looking over his shoulder, Harry saw a grin splitting Edward’s face as he rocked his cock back and forth into the sleeve, each time widening the crack in the shell.

“Let’s wreck this hungry little fucktoy!” Edward declared.

Judging from the round of cheers that came from the others, they were all eager to contribute.

A final resounding crack marked the demise of the sleeve’s plastic shell as Amir delivered a particularly brutal thrust into it. Left behind was the sleeve itself, which looked rather the worse for wear.

The sleeve was stretched to its limits. A little more, and Edward wouldn’t have been surprised to see it tear.

“Fuck yeah, Amir!” said Edward. The other men joined him, congratulating the eager pilot who fucked like a jackrabbit.

The damage to the sleeve genuinely came as a bit of a surprise. When the night had started, he was the only one that had to cram his cock inside the sleeve.

As he stared at his cock, Edward realized that he was bigger than when the night had started. Looking around, the same was true of the other men. Little wonder, then, that the sleeve had suffered.

The whole party of tops had packed on an extra couple of inches—in terms of length and girth—and the sleeve had borne the brunt of their attention. It would have to endure a little bit more punishment before the evening ended but at least it would be able to share some of the burden with the other toy that was in their midst.

Harry was on the floor. The shell breaking must have robbed its body of the ability to hold itself up. It made about as much sense as the fact that the sleeve was connected to its ass so Edward figured it wasn’t anything to question.

Edward clapped his hands and stood from his seat. “It’s time for the main attraction, boys,” he said as he walked over to fish the sleeve from Amir’s hands. “Who wants to see how many cocks we can stuff in my sex doll?”

In the back of his mind, Edward was aware that Harry was a person—was his boyfriend. But it was really difficult to think of the human-shaped silicone toy in the middle of them as a person. He couldn’t even bring himself to use ‘he’ to describe it.

“I call the mouth,” said Raph. “It’s just got such a fuckable face, I wanna be able to look into it while I fuck its throat.”

“You know what, I think I’ll join you,” said Tay. He got up and walked over to stand in front of Harry, next to Raph. “Always gave it its milk up the other end. Seems as good a chance as any to try the other side,” he added with a grin.

“I’ll go for the ass,” said Amir.

Zimmy laughed. “Haven’t you had enough?” he said.

Amir shook his head. “Are you kidding me? I don’t think I could have enough,” he said with a laugh.

“Shit. When the man’s right, the man’s right,” said Zimmy. He looked at Edward and cracked a grin. “Lemme jump in on that,” he said.

Edward chuckled and walked over to Maxxie. He shook the limp sleeve in his hand and said with a wink, “Looks like it’s you and me in the sleeve, Coffee Twink.”

Though Harry still didn’t have full control over his arms and legs, he had regained sensation all over his body at least. If anything, sensation had returned to him with a vengeance. He was feeling a lot more sensitive and aware of his body.

He could move about, but it felt jerky and forced, at least for the time being. At least he was able to support himself, though it took the men posing him to get him where he wanted to go.

When the men were done with him, Harry was straddling Amir’s hips with his knees. His upper body, on the other hand, was leaning up just far enough that Raph and Tay’s cocks were at about eye level.

As he regained more and more control over his body, the stiffness began to fade. He moved his hand up, slowly, and placed it on Raph’s hip to help with his balance. He used the other one to grab Tay’s cock and give it a few good strokes.

What was happening to Harry should have been impossible. People didn’t just transform into silicone. But before he could truly consider the ramifications of his dramatic change, Amir’s cock head pressed up against his hole.

Just like that, his train of thought completely derailed. It skidded off a cliff and burst into static. Amir slid inside of him and his mind went blank, his entire awareness focusing solely on the one thing that was untouched in his head: that deep-seated craving for cock that was only growing worse by the minute.

Harry wanted more. Harry craved more. Needed more. He wanted Amir’s cock to fuck him harder and wanted to cram every last cock he could manage inside of him, besides.

Luckily for Harry, Zimmy slid into him right next to Amir. Both men groaned and didn’t waste any time thrusting against one another.

Although the two were out of sync to start with, they quickly developed a counter-rhythm to one another. Amir thrust into Harry as Zimmy pulled out and vice versa, ensuring that Harry’s hole was never wanting for fat dick.

“We shouldn’t let them have all the fun,” said Tay.

“Fuck yeah, man,” Raph agreed. “Open up, bitch!”

Harry’s whole body flushed with heat. Not that it was apparent to the men. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, his moan muffled soon thereafter by two juicy cocks being stuffed in his mouth.

Fuck. I think this might break,” said Maxxie.

Harry couldn’t see the Coffee Twink but from what he’d heard of his and Edward’s intentions, he was sure the sleeve was hovering over their rock-hard cocks. Part of him was afraid that the sleeve might indeed break and what the ramifications would be for him, but at the same time, he wanted those cocks.

“Only one way to find out,” said Edward.

Harry’s eyes flew open as he felt his asshole stretch around two more cocks. Instead of any pain, pure bliss flooded through his body. He felt as if he were floating on cloud nine, his whole form wracked with pleasure.

“Mmph!” Harry moaned. Even had he had the faculties left for words, he wouldn’t have been able to manage anything beyond unintelligible, muffled gurgling. Instead, he used the returning control of his body to be the best sex toy he could be, rocking his hips and bobbing his head, fucking himself on the cocks stuck inside him near as enthusiastically as they were fucking him.

“It’s close, bro!”

Edward glanced over. He’d switched places with Amir to make use of Harry’s mouth. Over by the side, Amir and Maxxie were both holding onto the sleeve, fucking it like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh, shit!” Maxxie cried out.

“More!” said Amir.

“Harder!” Maxxie yelled.

“Faster, bro!”

Edward had to laugh. The two were hell-bent on fucking the damn sleeve to pieces and it looked like they were on the brink of it, too.

The silicone was stretched to its limits around their two cocks, which had somehow grown again. Where before they only mostly filled up the sleeve, now their cocks peeked out of the hole at the end with every thrust.


Amir grunted, sweat dripping from his forehead. His muscular ass flexing as he rutted like there was no tomorrow was a sight to watch. “So close.”

“Come on. Come on. Come on!”

“Yes!” said Amir. “Yes, yes, yes! It’s going!”

Both men pulled out of the sleeve and jammed their cocks in together. There was an almighty tearing sound and the sleeve, stretched beyond its breaking point, split into two halves.

“Fuck yeah! Good job, boys!” said Edward.

At the same time, Maxxie and Amir came hard. So hard that their first spurts hit the ceiling overhead and showered everything nearby with cum.

The two tattered halves of the sleeve had barely hit the floor when Edward felt the wet heat of Harry’s mouth leave his cock. He looked down and saw, in the sex doll’s glazed eyes an intense cock-craze.

“More. Please! More cock. Need more cock. Please! More! Harder! Bigger! Please!” Harry whined.

“Quit your moaning, slut!” Edward growled. He grabbed the base of his cock and smacked Harry across the face with it.

The moment the sleeve tore itself to shreds around Maxxie’s and Amir’s cocks, something had shifted inside Harry. It realized that it was a toy. Nothing more. Nothing less. A hole for men to use and abuse.

In fact, it might have been a toy all along. The life it remembered, being human, having a boyfriend that loved him, might have been nothing more than a delusion.

Not that it mattered. Toys didn’t care about those sorts of troublesome things. The fact that it might have been human once didn’t have anything to do with being fucked, so there was no point thinking about it.

As long as it focused on the fact that it was a toy, and nothing else, those troublesome and confusing thoughts would go away before long. It could already feel them fading away.

In the place of those memories was something that felt more appropriate, something that felt more right. A desperate, overwhelming need for cock. An overriding compulsion to serve, to be used and abused.

So it had begged. “More. Please! More cock. Need cock! Please! More! Harder! Bigger! Please!” it had cried, but its owner hadn’t liked the noise and had slapped it across the face.

The world went black. Something had come loose. It tried to say something but couldn’t, unable to make anything more than guttural noises from its throat.

In the back of its mind, it recognized that something important had been removed from it, but it couldn’t quite put a finger on what. Not that it particularly cared.

It still had a hole in its face. Where its mouth used to be was just a rigid rubber ring. It wasn’t particularly fancy, but it didn’t need to be. It was a place to put cocks in and that was all the doll needed.

“Holy shit you knocked its face off,” said Raph.

Edward was stunned for a moment. He hadn’t expected that to happen. He stared at the doll, which had lost all distinguishing features on its head when the face had fallen off of it. “Well, it stopped whining didn’t it?” he said with a laugh.

He snatched the face off the ground and turned it over in his hand. Part of him felt as if he should have been more alarmed, but he didn’t particularly know why. It was just a part of the doll, after all. He could always put it back if the mood to fuck a doll with a face struck him.

Raph shrugged and stuffed his cock into the doll’s face-hole. “Guess it is less annoying this way,” he said with a laugh.

Edward stepped back and took a moment to consider the toy. If the face had come off, maybe other parts were detachable too.

In the back of his mind, he had the faintest inkling that something was wrong. That faces weren’t supposed to come off of people. That parts weren’t supposed to come off of people.

He found the thought odd, though. He wasn’t sure when he’d started thinking of the toy as a person but it was pretty clearly nothing more than a silicone doll.

Edward shook his head to clear it. It was a fantastic sex doll but there was no reason to get attached. Nor was it justified to go so far as to think it was a person. It was just a toy.

He grabbed the doll’s arm and tugged. It took a little bit of effort, but eventually, the limb popped off. Grinning, he realized he could make the doll a lot more convenient to use.

Edward went around, popping the doll’s limbs off until nothing was left but the torso. His cock throbbed. It was so hot. He’d always wanted one of those full-torso silicone toys. It was perfect.

There was only one more thing.

Edward reached under the torso and wrapped his hand around its cock. He tugged on the decently-sized rubber dick, which resisted more than the other limbs, but eventually popped off like the rest of the parts and left behind only a smooth mound where the doll’s cock and balls used to be.

“There. Much better, isn’t it?” said Edward.

Edward had just finished tossing the removed limbs and face in a cardboard box when he heard the doorbell ring. He frowned. He wasn’t expecting anyone else. “I’ll just get this, guys,” he said.

Without bothering to get dressed or cleaned off, Edward went over to the door. A delivery guy in a weird pink-and-purple hi-viz jacket was standing on his doorstep.

“Edward?” said the delivery guy. He was carrying a cardboard box that looked pretty high-end in his arms.

Beside the delivery guy on the ground was a large suitcase. It was about the size of a person’s torso. The perfect size if he ever needed to take his new sex toy with him while traveling.

Edward leaned against the doorframe. “Yeah, that’s me,” he said, his cock dripping a strand of clear pre-cum as he took the clipboard from the delivery guy and signed. “What’s this?”

“A couple extra accessories for your toy,” said the delivery guy. “And a custom carry-on case for the fuck toy, since you seem to be well-traveled.”

Edward grabbed the suitcase and set it down inside the door. Next, he took the box from the delivery guy and said, “I didn’t order these.”

“These are complimentary,” said the delivery guy. “Bosses like what you’re doing and wanted to help you have a bit more fun.”

Edward blinked. It didn’t even occur to him to question how the aforementioned “bosses” knew what he was up to. “Thanks, I guess?” he said.

The delivery guy tipped his cap. “Have a great evening, Sir,” he said.

Edward gave the guy a small smile and returned to the others. He set the box down and took possession of the doll. He slid it onto his cock and groaned, reveling in the realistic heat of the thing’s hole. It was, hands-down, the best sex toy he’d ever owned.

“Sir?” said Maxxie.

Edward looked over. Coffee Twink had opened the box. “Yeah?”

“These should fit it perfectly,” said Maxxie with a grin as he held up a face module for the toy that had a pup hood and collar attached. “Can we try these, Sir?”

Edward laughed. “I’m not done with it yet!” he said.

Harry felt its owner’s eyes watching it from the corner of the room. It had its face back but its owner had clapped the mouthless attachment on it, making its face featureless and smooth from the nose down.

It supposed its owner didn’t want to hear what it had to say. Not that it was questioning its owner’s decisions. It was not a toy’s place to do such a thing. Nor did it have particularly much to say, either.

There was a small voice in the back of Harry’s head that seemed to have a lot to say. The voice wanted to rip off the muting attachment but Harry knew it was impossible. A sex toy just didn’t do that sort of thing.

The voice also seemed to be delusional, telling it that it wasn’t a sex toy, that it was a person. But it was made of silicone. It was meant to take cock. There was no way that it could be anything but a sex toy.

Just talk to Edward! He’ll know what to do! I’m not a sex toy! He’ll fix this!” the voice screamed. Sex toys didn’t really feel anything besides desperate for cock or happy to be used, but Harry was very close to feeling something akin to annoyance at the little voice in the back of its head. Luckily, the voice was getting quieter and quieter, so it didn’t have to worry about feeling an emotion that sex toys weren’t supposed to feel.

Harry continued the task that its master had given it. The other men that had fucked it tonight had left, which made it feel empty and desperate for cock as a result.

It was just glad that they’d chosen to plug it. It could feel the loads sloshing around inside it. Whenever it bent down it felt the thick, slimy cum coating the long, single tube that went from its mouth to its asshole.

Harry cleaned up after the party while its owner watched. It hoped that its owner would make use of it again before the end of the night.

The bed shifted under Harry. It couldn’t tell, exactly, but from the sounds of it, morning had come.

It felt a kiss on its cheek. “Good morning, babe,” said its owner.

Harry would have said good morning back if it could, but it still didn’t have a mouth. Nor had its owner thought to return its limbs to it yet.

Not that it had any opinions on the matter. It was just happy to be touched. Especially in the place where its cock had been, once. And more than anything, it was excited to be used.

It squirmed helplessly as it felt its owner grab it by the hips. It gurgled from its throat as its owner’s cock pressed against its asshole, and keened appreciatively once that cock slipped inside it.

“Fuck, babe,” its owner growled under his breath. “You feel so fucking good.”

For what felt like an eternity, the dark and the faint hum vibrating up from the bottom of the molded suitcase were the extents of Harry’s awareness. And then, without warning, it heard the click of the suitcase clasps opening.

The lid popped open and Harry saw that it was in an airplane. The hum must have been the vibration of the engines. Not that it mattered when it saw its owner and it was overcome once again by a desperate need for cock—a need to be used.

They were in the first-class section of the plane and its owner was already naked and hard. “Fuck,” its owner grunted as soon as it was pulled free of its suitcase. “Couldn’t fucking wait any longer.”

Harry’s brain went blank as it was lowered onto its owner’s cock. Its insides trembled with relief and pleasure. It wriggled its stumps, squeezing around the thick shaft as it was bounced on its owner’s lap.

The small voice in the back of its head—which had finally faded away weeks ago—had always seemed unreasonably terrified, as far as Harry was concerned. It didn’t know what was so bad about its life. It was a sex toy. It existed to serve cock. It fulfilled its purpose. There was nothing to complain about.

Harry’s silicone body jiggled and shook as its owner leaned forward in his seat to rut into its ass. It felt so good it couldn’t help but wriggle with happiness.

It didn’t get the voice’s negativity at all. This was the life, as far as it was concerned. It would have had it any other way.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This story was written as a paid commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own story from me, please see the [Commissions] page for more information!

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