Hey there! So, I’ve got this friend who, while a good friend a lot of the time, can be really critical and judgmental about stuff—especially appearances. What do you think about making him a sex-crazed guy who falls somewhere between man and pig?

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Braydan wasn’t always like this. In the past, he was one of the most liberated, most sex-positive people that Paul knew. But then a tough breakup happened, a tough breakup that neither Paul nor his husband nor their mutual friends really understood to this day.

After the breakup, Braydan started changing. Slowly at first. Then, faster as the weeks went past. He stayed a good friend. Then, he was only a good friend a lot of the time. Then, only some of the time. Then, only occasionally. Now, it was almost like he couldn’t stand being around Paul, and that the only reason he was even around was out of some sense of obligation to the time that they had already spent together.

And it wasn’t like Paul wanted to be around him too much anymore, either. He was rude. Judgmental. Especially about appearances. He liked to act like he was above everyone else when really, he wasn’t. It was a sense of moral superiority and entitlement that Paul had never really thought Braydan could ever have.

When Paul made his plea to the Pink and Purple Fairies, Braydan hadn’t been as bad as he was now. But so much time has passed since then that Paul was beginning to wonder if his request had been ignored. He was beginning to think that nothing could be done, and that eventually, he would have nothing left but to accept that the friendship was over. And for reasons that he didn’t really understand at all.

Paul was ready to abandon hope when an unexpected visitor showed up at his home. "Greetings," said the man, his voice a deep baritone that sent a shiver up Paul’s spine. His amber-colored eyes glimmered with a strange, ancient wisdom. "I am called Liam, by some, a visitor to your doorstep from the land of the Celts. A friend of the Étrad Sídhe sent me to find you."

Taken aback by the formality and strangeness of the visitor’s words, Paul shook the man’s hand after a moment’s hesitation. Before he could get a good look at Liam, the smell of Liam hit him. His head swam in the earthy, musky, masculine scent. It brought a flush of heat to Paul’s cheeks as the visitor smelled like the sweat of a hundred workouts concentrated into a single intoxicating aroma. "Might I come in?" said Liam, still holding on to Paul’s hand.

Paul nodded, his foggy mind unable to find the words to speak. The only thing he could think as Liam entered the house was that his visitor was big. Liam towered over Paul by as much as a foot and a half and he was proportionally rotund. His stomach led the way in front of him, pushing his shirt to its limits. Even the sleeves of his leather jacket and the legs of his jeans seemed ready to come apart at the seams.

"Your domicile is quite pleasing to the eye," Liam commented. "Might we sit for a while and talk? There is much I would like to know about your situation."

Paul nodded again, finally managing to put together the words to speak to his guest. "We can sit here," he said, motioning toward the living room.

Liam responded with a grunt and a nod of his head. "I hope you do not mind that I make myself more comfortable," said Liam, sinking down into the couch. The seat squealed in protest under his weight as he slung his arms over the backrest. As Liam shifted in his spot to find a more comfortable position, his shirt rode up his belly, revealing a muscled gut instead of the soft paunch that Paul might have otherwise expected.

"Not at all," said Liam, watching the man with growing fascination as his mind began to clear, his nose and lungs getting used to the powerful scent. "Were you sent here by the Fairies?"

Liam snorted. The sound was frighteningly similar to the snort of a boar. "Officially? No," said Liam. "But I am here to determine whether or not your friend is one that I can help."

Paul nodded. "Tell me about him," said Liam. "What was his name? How did he change?" Paul sat down on another nearby chair and provided the information that Liam had asked for. Liam nodded, a thoughtful expression on his face.

"I have yet to decide whether I am willing to help, or whether your friend can be helped. If this change was, as I suspect, brought about by the mystic arts then I can help him. If not, then I am afraid that I have wasted your time." said Liam. Paul didn’t understand, but he didn’t have much of a choice anymore. "Tell me more about him. Tell me about your happiest memories."

Paul looked at his hands. He steeled his resolve and launched into the story of how he came to know Braydan, all the happy times that had been had over the years. He recalled a time when Braydan embarrassed himself at a leather bar a few years ago, and the visitor laughed heartily at the story, snorting every now and again much like a boar.

By the end of it, Paul felt somewhat emotional, raw, and vulnerable. But there was a kindness in Liam’s eye that helped him feel better. He couldn’t help but smile when Liam finally said, "It seems that you are in luck. I can indeed help your friend. All that you need do now is get him to come over."

Paul waited for Braydan to turn up anxiously. His head snapped up in the direction of the door as soon as he heard the doorbell ring. Liam looked up at him and smiled. "Do not worry," said Liam. "Everything will be alright. I daresay you might enjoy what I must do to fix your friend. Let him in, if you would be so kind."

Paul nodded. He stood from his chair and walked to the front door. He pulled it open. Braydan was standing outside, looking annoyed. It had taken ten minutes straight of badgering before Braydan had even agreed to come over, and it looked like he was eager to get out as soon as possible.

"The fuck is this about, Paul?" said Braydan, exhaling irritably through his nose.

"Just come in," said Paul. "There’s someone I want you to meet."

Braydan rolled his eyes and walked into the house. He shouldered past Paul, not even trying to hide his aggression. "Fine," Braydan breathed. "Let’s just get this over with."

When Paul took Braydan to the living room, Liam was standing in front of the couch, arms crossed over his chest, perched above his muscular gut. Braydan took a step back at the sight of the big, imposing man. "Jesus, you’re big," Braydan breathed. "What, do you eat whole fucking pigs for every meal?"

Liam seemed unfazed by the comment. He didn’t appear amused, either. "You will learn respect, one way or another" said Liam. He briefly unfolded his arms and held up his hand. His thumb was placed against his middle finger, as though he was poised to snap. "Our cousins the wolves get all the screen time, but they are a but one of the many races of werefolk."

The sound of Liam’s fingers snapping echoed through the room. "My people are more than happy to let the little pups take the spotlight as we are older, wiser, and more powerful than they in any case," said Liam.

When he finished speaking, an immediate pall of fear descended over Braydan’s face. Braydan bolted, pushing Paul out of the way with such speed and such force that Paul didn’t even realize he was falling until he was halfway to the floor. Liam caught him and pushed him back onto his feet before mentioning for him to follow.

"Right now the magic embedded in his psyche is attempting to preserve itself," said Liam, patting Paul on the back. "But it is a paltry enchantment. Hardly a match for one with such experience as I."

The two of them caught up to Braydan at the front door. He was struggling with the lock. It was refusing to budge. Glimmering with some sort of mystic energy.

"Come here, boy," said Liam, his authoritative voice thundering through the entranceway. "Let me take a look at you."

Paul shivered at the energy of the command. But since it wasn’t aimed at him, he felt no compulsion to obey. Braydan, on the other hand, appeared to be fighting tooth and nail against it. He was clearly losing as his body slowly turned to face Liam, a trickle of sweat dripping from his brow.

Liam took a step forward and caught Braydan’s chin between his thumb and forefinger. He tilted Braydan’s head to the left, and then to the right. He breathed through his nose. It came out sounding like a quiet snort. "You have much potential," said Liam. "Now, strip."

Braydan’s fingers flew to his collar as Liam took a step back. Braydan was shaking from the strain of trying to resist, but he was clearly losing. Before long Braydan’s shirt was sliding over his torso. Then, it was falling the floor. A pair of pants followed suit as Liam said, "All the way." There was only a moment’s hesitation as Braydan gritted his teeth, but then the boxer shorts fell to the floor moments later.

"Step out of your clothes, get on your hands and knees, and follow me to the living room," said Liam. He placed an arm over Paul’s shoulders and took him to the living room. Behind them, Braydan shook, sweat glistening all over his body, as he dropped to his hands and knees.

Once they arrived at the living room, Liam gestured to one of the love seats and said, "Take a seat, Paul." Paul followed the command without a second thought. He watched as the big man turned to Braydan as he slowly crept into the living room.

"You," said Liam. "Come here. Now." Liam pointed to the space at his feet. Braydan whimpered, but complied. If Paul wasn’t mistaken, there were tears on Braydan’s cheeks.

"Look me in the eye," Liam commanded. His voice echoed in the living room. After a moment, Braydan craned his head up to look at Liam. "How much do you remember of the person that you used to be? You do not need to answer. I can read your soul through your eyes. Do you remember your old happiness? Do you remember the old happy, liberated Braydan?"

Braydan struggled, grunted as he tried to wrench his gaze away from Liam’s. His head shook. The vein in his neck bulged. But no matter how hard he gritted his jaw, he could not break his eyes away from Liam’s. "Do you long for the old days?" said Liam, pursing his lips.

Then, Liam looked at Paul. "Look at your friend," he commanded. Braydan looked at Paul. His eyes glistened with tears. Paul felt a tightness in his chest. "Can you see the anguish that you have caused? The hurt?"

Paul felt bad for his friend, but he didn’t think it would be appropriate to meddle with what was happening in front of him. "I suppose it is not fair to use accusatory language," said Liam. "For you are not at fault. At least, not entirely. However, what you are to blame for, is being weak."

Liam continued, his voice low and gravelly. "Rise," he said. Braydan’s legs trembled as he stood, Liam towering over him. "Remove my jacket." Braydan’s fingers shook as he slowly worked the leather off Liam’s broad shoulders.

"You need not worry," said Liam. "Today I shall fix you. I shall give you strength. From this day forth you shall no longer be weak. And you shall once again taste the freedom that you have lost."

Liam raised his arms and grabbed Braydan by the wrists. He guided Braydan’s hands to his waist. "Now remove my shirt," he commanded. Braydan did so, peeling the tight cotton shirt off of Liam’s swollen, muscular body. "Then, my pants," said Liam.

Braydan’s fingers fumbled at the button at Liam’s waist. He popped it open. Then, he unzipped Liam’s pants. As he worked them down, Paul sucked in a breath at the sight of the thick piece of meat that swung freely between Liam’s legs.

"Stand back and behold the strength of my people," said Liam, raising his arms and flexing them. His muscles bulged even larger than before. Veins popped on his biceps and quads. His stomach shook. Thick bristly hair grew all over his body as his nose was swept upward, flattening to imitate that of a pig’s.

"Look at me, little piglet," said Liam, punctuating the end of his sentence with a quiet snort, his eyes burning with mystic fire. Braydan squirmed, trying to avert his gaze. But he couldn’t fight the command. He whimpered as he beheld Liam’s true form.

Liam took a step forward and grabbed Braydan by the back of his head. He pulled Braydan to his chest, shoving Braydan’s nose between his meaty pectoral muscles. "Breathe deep the elixir that shall break the chains of darkness that bind your true self."

Braydan squirmed, his face turning red, then purple. He ultimately lost the battle and he drew in a deep breath. Liam smirked and pushed Braydan’s face deeper into his chest. "That’s it little piglet. Know that I shall change you and give you strength to resist the sinister magics of ancient foes."

Liam let go of Braydan’s head. Braydan stumbled backward, drawing short, ragged breaths. Each one sounded like a piglike snort as he fell to his hands and knees, every inch of skin glistening as he sweated profusely.

From his position, Paul could tell that Braydan’s nose had flattened like Liam’s. And as he watched, Braydan looked up at him, mouth open as though to say something. No words came out, only a loud, porcine squeal that made Paul’s cock twitch in his pants.

Braydan let out another distressed piglike squeal as his hands flew to his throat. He took a deep breath and coughed to clear his throat. Then, he tried to speak again, but the only sound that came out was another squeal. Liam snorted, laughing heartily. "Do not fight it, Braydan. Let the chains break."

Braydan groaned falling forward onto his hands and knees as muscles all over his body swelled like Liam’s. His arms and legs became meaty, his ass bubbling outward. His stomach inflated, hardening into a tight muscle gut, with a pair of thick, firm pecs to match.

He squealed and snorted and grunted as his cock first grew hard, and then got bigger and bigger. He reached between his legs to paw at his erection, snorting getting louder and higher-pitched with every stroke. His mouth fell open, jaw hanging loose as tusks protruded from his lower lip.

The look of horror in Braydan’s eyes was replaced with a glassy, lustful expression as he leaned over, still pumping his cock, to lick Liam’s feet. "You are ready, little piglet," said Liam. Braydan looked up and saw Liam’s massive cock hanging over him. "Take me in your mouth."

Paul groaned as Braydan choked down Liam’s meat. He could see the way that Braydan’s throat bulged around it, could hear the wet, slurping, snorting sounds as Braydan worked his throat up and down Liam’s shaft.

"Show your friend how much you’d like to have your other hole filled, little piglet," said Liam, addressing Braydan. Braydan shook his ass in Paul’s direction and snorted. "What do you say, Paul? Would you like a taste of the new and improved Braydan?"

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  1. Damn that was a fuckin’ HOT story!!! Your stories get better and better with each one!!
    Would love to see a story about a all male prep school that is church based. Where the students and staff are corrupted into big dicked,gear wearing, big,fat maduro cigar smoking, NASTY,sexpigs

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